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Episode Four: Weak Substitution

" Hey Adit, where were you yesterday?" Sina asked seeing Adit the next morning.

" I was at school." Adit replied wondering why Sina would ask such a thing.

" What about 5th period…I didn’t see you. Were you kidnapped?"

" You idiot! I have music then! So does Michelle and Rama, Chrissy has french and you have lunch…I mock thee." Adit laughed.

" AND I MOCK THE FURTHER!!! I have 5th AND 4th lunch!" Jon said appearing out of nothing.

Sina made fists, " Oh yeah…well, I HAVE PHYSICS! INCREASING MY BRAIN!!!"

" While I increase my stomach." Jon pointed out. Sina turned away but bumped into a prefect person.

" OH, we do apologize! How have you been? We have been fine…would you like to vote for Jibran as SAC president?" The prefect asked.

Sina blasted the prefect away with his energy. " These prefects have overrun the school! Where is everyone I know? Why have these prefects dressed in monk like clothing? Where is my fruit to go? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"

" VOTE JIBRAN!" A prefect said popping out of nowhere.

A ball of energy glowed in Jon’s hands, " I vote for NO ONE!" And with that, the prefect was blasted away.

" Thanks Jon. Listen, I have to go to computer." Sina said.

" So do I!" Jon said.

" Wow, what are the odds." They waved goodbye to Adit and walked up to the computer room. While going up the stairs, Sina bumped into another Prefect.

" Oh, I am sorry." The prefect said floating down the stairs. Sina stopped.

" Did that not sound like Graham? I didn’t get to see his face." Jon shrugged and replied,

" I doubt it. Graham wouldn’t join the prefects." Jon said. Sina nodded and they proceeded to computer class.

" Well, I am glad someone decided to join this class!" Ms. Young yelled as they walked in. Sina and Jon looked around, the class was all empty except for Jia who waved at them.

" Where is everyone?" Jon asked.

" IM A PERSON!" Jia yelled. Ignored by everyone, Jia was ignored and Sina continued the train of thought,

" Hi Jia, you don’t count though. Where is everyone ELSE?"

" I have no clue! They all vanished, but that doesn’t mean we cant go on! LOG ON NOW!" Ms. Young yelled.

Sina and Jon did as they were told. Sina typed in his password but he heard Jon scream with frustration.

" IT WONT ACCEPT MY PASSWORD!" Jon yelled with his head on his hands.

Sina immediately typed in his own login and password but he got one error,

" Cannot log in, the user does not exist…YOU DO NOT EXIST AND YOUR PASSWORD IS INCORRECT!"

Sina sighed, " Bill Gates, thank you very much! BASTARDO! Let me try again." Sina tried it several more times and still could not log in. Then suddenly the screen became fuzzy and a warped Max Man’s face showed up.

" SIIIINNNAAA!!!" The face yelled. Jon fell out of his seat. All over the computer lab, Max Man’s face appeared.

" Oh my god…" Sina said as he saw that Max Man looked slightly more orderly than he should.

" Sina! Cad Man has escaped! The cyber space world is in ruins! Everything is-" The message flickered for a bit and Sina slammed the monitor, " escaped! Overrun by Cad armies, 3d Studio performed illegal operation…must not-" more flickering. By now, everyone was looking at one screen (3 people since that’s all) staring with awe at the beaten up shape Max Man was in. Behind him, bits of data of ones and zeros started to convert into different shapes and numbers as sounds of explosions could be heard. " Be careful! Must not trust-" more flickering, " DANGEROUS!!! DO NOT TRUST HIM! I know what he will do! Whatever you do, DO NO EVER POSITIVELY EVER DO-" but the message flickered a final time and all the screens went black.

Jon and Sina turned to one another with the same look on their face. Horror. But Ms. Young was very angry about the whole situation as she said,

" I knew I should have phoned that peel computer fixer guy."

In Science class, everyone was missing except for Rama, Jon, Sina and several other people. Their teacher that day was one of the kids from the Mcbride school on recess, but of course they received the same amount of knowledge as a regular class.

When Sina reached Math class, he was tired. It was time for his fruit to go, but he didn’t have it. But he had a substitute. As he entered the class, he saw Jibran laughing his head off.


Sina noticed that the class was half-empty, then it hit him that the class was only 9 people, only Graham was missing. Not many people in other words. He took out his mini-twix and yelled at Jibran.

" TWIX TO GO!" He shoved the chocolate bar in his mouth, swallowed and flew around the room to show he still had power. The look on Jibran’s face made Sina laugh.

" BWAHAHAH!!! I still have power!" Sina said laughing loudly. Suddenly Jibran said,

" Mr. Monetta, I have to go to the bathroom really badly."
" Well go on ahead, but if it takes more than 5 minutes…" Mr. Monetta warned and Jibran nodded. He stomped out of the room making tight fists.

" Lets learn graphing!" Mr. Monetta said.

::insert Darth Vader Music::

" DAMN HIS TWIX!!! DAMN!" Jibran yelled in his domain in the toilet stall. "I cannot proceed as I wanted too, but no matter." He pressed a button and two shadowy figures appeared on the screen,

" Hey Bill." One said.

" Hey Dan." The other replied.

" Are you going to the Boo Boo Q?"

" Sure am Bill, are you?"

" WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!" Jibran yelled.

" Hey sir." Dan said.

" Hey sir." Bill copied.

" Stop that." Dan said.

" No, you stop, you ruined my," But Bill was cut off.

" SHUT UP!!! I have summoned both of you here to tell you to shut off the SAC elections. Sina has his energy back and I cannot win dominance of this school when he has that power. Postpone it until I tell you. There must be a weakness or something. In the meantime…how are things going on with the domination of the SAC?"

" Very good, we bribed the drama students with a cake…" Bill said.

" The one with a bomb in it?" Dan asked.

" NO YOU IDIOT! That one I ate, the other one!"

Dan started to step away upon hearing that. Bill had only one word to say as he slowly realized what he had done, but he couldn’t say it. He was blown up and the reformed into a crater.

" Damn it Bill, always exploding. He’ll be fine sir. He always explodes and feels better the next day."

Jibran was slightly confused but pushed the confusion aside, " MAKE THE ANNOUNCEMENT! I have to return. Keep me posted."

The screen flickered and Jibran pressed the flush and his domain was flushed once more.

" The SAC elections will be postponed until a later time." A voice on the announcements said.

Sina rubbed his chin, " Hmmm, I wonder why?"

" No reason." Jibran said walking in. Sina and Jibran shared a violent glare at one another and at that moment the bell rang.

" TWIX TO GO!" Sina said eating his second serving of twix for the day.

He walked out smiling into the very empty halls and proceeded to Physics.

" Hey Adit." Sina said entering the class.

" Hey Sina." Adit said looking around. " Look at that, no other students…other than Roddy, but he doesn’t count."

" I RESENT THAT!" Roddy said standing up.

" You sure do. You sleep now." Adit said. Roddy nodded and went back to sleeping.

" Is it not odd that the school is overrun by Prefects, and our classmates are gone?" Sina said.

" Yes…it is…TO THE BEE MOBILE!" Adit said pointing upwards to the roof.

" You mean, lets walk to the office?" Sina asked.

Adit lowered his head and said, " Yes. Roddy, keep the fort up."

Roddy raised his hand and went back to sleep. As Adit and Sina proceeded to the office, several Prefects bumped into them.

" Oh! You cannot go in there! Top Secret!" A familiar voice said.

" Hey Dan, tell them our plan!" Another body inside the cloaks said.

" Ok Bill. Well, first we will," The second Prefect slapped the first.

" You idiot! I meant that sarcastically!"

" Ah, I see. You cannot get past us." The Prefects said. Sina and Adit stepped to the side, but the Prefects did the same. They stepped back and the Prefects followed. For the entire period, Sina and Adit kept shifting to try and get past the Prefects, but they failed. The bell rang and the halls were suddenly crowded by Prefects.

Adit and Sina were pushed around for several moments before finally meeting up with Jon.

" This is turning odd." Jon said.

" It’s Woodlands!" Adit said.

" True…but something about this…doesn’t feel right." Sina said.

Jibran walked up to them. " Hello friends, I hope this lunch hour is treating you well." Sina noticed he was chewing something.

" YOU VULTURE!!! My FRUIT TO GO!!!" Sina yelled pointing at Jibran.

" Yeah, you lost it…too bad, now you have Twix." Jibran said.

" YEAH!!! TWIX GIVES ME MORE ENERGY!" Sina bluffed. He tried to hide the fact that although it prevented him from starvation, it did not replenish his energy and strength much. After all, it was chocolate…

" Well, I must be leaving for my class." Jibran said.

" You have lunch." Sina pointed out.

" Ah yes…well…HEY, WHATS THAT?" Sina turned around and when he turned back he saw Jibran had vanished…there was smoke everywhere. When the smoke cleared he saw Jibran run up the stairs.

" He isnt worth me chasing." Sina said.

Nurdin swooped in on them at that moment, " Hey, who are you guys voting for?"

" No one! Our current president is good!" Sina said.

" Yeah, I agree. Anyone have some bird seed? The computer in the lab went haywire yesterday while I was eating seeds, now I have no seeds." Nurdin said. Sina pulled on his collar,


Nervously, Nurdin replied, " No, other than the fact the screen went all fuzzy for a moment…why?"

Sina lowered Nurdin. " I don’t know what’s happening. Boy, am I fatigued…that Twix to go isn’t very nutritious." Sina and the others sat down to eat their lunch.

::insert Darth Vader music::

" BLAST!!! Twix to go! How could I have been so foolish!" Jibran yelled as he watched over and over again what Sina had said.

" YEAH!!! TWIX GIVES ME MORE ENERGY!" Sina was saying on the reply button. Jibran had it on constant reply. " YEAH!!! TWIX GIVES ME MORE ENERGY!" Sina said again and again. Jibran cupped his head in his hands, something had to be done or he would never become supreme. Then something caught his eye. "Wait a minute!" Jibran said. He placed the reply and zoomed in to Sina as he said " YEAH!!! TWIX GIVES ME MORE ENERGY!" Sina said. But this time, Jibran noticed something…Sina was breathing heavily! He was very tired! He seemed out of breath! A light bulb flickered over Jibran’s head.

" Thank you Tom." Jibran said as Thomas Edison ran away with the light bulb.

" HE WAS BLUFFING!!!" Jibran laughed. " Twix only keeps him from starving! Look at how disoriented he is! His eyes look out of focus! His breathing irregular! The twix doesn’t give him enough energy! BWAHAHHAAHAAHAAA! Bill, DAN!!! ARRIVE HERE AT ONCE!"

Two Prefects appeared on the screen, " Hey sir." They both said at once.

" The SAC meeting will take place as planned…only it will take place tomorrow…and the election must give me victory before 5th period! Because after that, Sina gets his lunch again, can I trust you two to execute the plan?" Jibran asked tapping his fingers. Bill and Dan nodded at the same time causing their heads to hit one another.

" Ow." They both said at the same time. Jibran laughed and switched the screen. On the screen, Cad Man’s face appeared.

" Jibran sir, I have located Bill Gates’ computer, you may speak to him directly through this advanced thing called…INTERNET!" Cad Man said.

" Excellent, put him through." Jibran said.

The screen split and on the other side, the face of Bill Gates appeared. " Hello William." Jibran said. Bill Gates nodded.

" Hello Jibran, long time no see. Does Windows Millennium Edition work?"

" You know the answer as much as I do…NO!" Jibran said. " But that is not why I called you two here. Cad Man, you continue with your destruction of the eastern world, Gates, remember when I helped you develop the idea for selling Windows? Well, now it is time to call in my favor." Jibran said villainously.

Bill Gates sighed, " My resources are down. The last battle with Sina and his chaos weakened me…I only have 51 Billion left…Larry Ellison is now the richest man. How much of my wealth do you need?"

" All of it…get me all of the Fruit to Go in the world…if this works, the world will be MINE!!! WBAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!" Jibran laughed.

" Ours you mean." Gates corrected.

Jibran laughed slyly, " Yes…ours…BWAHAHAHA!!!" And with that the three of them laughed and laughed.

Nurdin was confused as to why three guys were laughing in the toilet stall.