A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Five: Collapse of an Empire

" Hey watch out!" Sina yelled as he bumped into many, many prefects who were walking down the hallways. " Stupid swarm of prefects!" Fed up with the line up on the stairs that didn’t move, Sina decided to fly to his first class. Unfortunately for him, other Prefects had already thought of that and were also floating in the air.

As Sina was about to blast the prefect in front of him, Adit, Jon and Nurdin floated up to his level. Sina turned to them and yelled, " What the hell is going on in this school?"

A Prefect spun around and answered before either Jon, Adit or Nurdin (not that they had the answer) could answer. " They are handing out profiles of our mighty leader Lord Jibran of the UN club." The Prefect said.

Sina and Adit gasped, " LORD Jibran???" Nurdin nodded and said,

" Have you not seen those annoying posters all over the school? You know, the ones that have Jibran in a cloak zapping away Luke Skywalker, who has your face on him, like in Return of the Jedi?" Nurdin asked.

Sina, Jon and Adit looked at one another in confusion, they started to think at the same time. " What do you think it symbolizes?" Adit asked.

" Maybe it represents that last time you battled someone and was zapped. Like in WAR OF CHAOS 1 where Gates zapped you with his windows power." Jon said.

Adit shook his head and said, " No, that was Rama who got zapped, Sina pied Gates at the last moment ending his reign, until Episode 10."

" So for only less than an episode Gates’ reign was lost?" Jon asked.

" Yep…what do you think Sina?" Adit asked.

Sina said nothing, and then said: " I’m thinking how the hell Nurdin knows about Return of the Jedi if he doesn’t have a TV!"

Adit and Jon nodded with realization, " Yeah! How do you explain that Nurdin?" Jon asked eyeing Nurdin suspiciously.

Nurdin started to shake with nervousness, " I, uh, Jibran, uh…Mr. Ellis’ class!" And with that, Nurdin flew through the wall in a fit of nervousness.

Sina said, " Hmmm…something was suspicious…perhaps Nurdin is Jibran’s secret agent!!!"

" No." A voice said behind them, " We did see Star Wars in my class." Mr. Ellis said. A tear came into Sina’s eyes as he remembered the time when he walked out of Ms. Ticknor’s class after a boring reading to pass by Mr. Ellis’ room and hear,

" I will never join the dark side!" followed by several light saber sounds. He wished at that moment that he was in Mr. Ellis’ class in Grade 9.

" Wait a minute, I had you last year…and next semester!" Sina said suddenly.

" Damn you!!!" Adit yelled.

" Yeah, just because I have 4th AND 5th lunch doesn’t mean you can have him 2 times in a row like I am…" Jon said smiling proudly.

" Don’t mock me like that…" Sina said making fists.

" What are we going to do about the Max Man computer in ruins thingy?" Adit asked.

" I bet it was an April fool’s joke." Sina said.

" Uh, its November." Jon pointed out.

" So it is…so it is…HEY!!! QUIET YOU!!!" Sina said angrily. " Well that does it, lets blast our way through!"

And with that, Sina, Adit and Jon started to blast their way through the line of Prefects.

That day was a very odd one. In every class rows upon rows upon columns of Prefects sat around Sina, Jon and Adit in every class. They seemed to be the only ones who had not joined prefects. It was like something from out of a War of Chaos story…wait a minute…its been a loooooong day.

Sina ate his Twix to go in math just before walking out of Math class. " TWIX TO GO GOOD!" Sina said proudly.

In math, Jibran had an evil grin on his face, the grin of ‘I know something you don’t want me to know…’ but Sina wasn’t sure why. Once he had swallowed his Twix to go, Jibran blocked his way preventing him from walking out of the math class.

" Sina, you look a little pale…" Jibran said grinning.

" How could I be?" Sina bluffed, " I just had Twix! Supreme power!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAH, cough, cough."

Jibran shook his head, " And you are coughing too…what’s the matter, not eating your vegetables? And what ever happened to your Fruit to go?"

" I ate it all." Sina lied trying to walk out, but his weakened state was no match for Jibran’s which was powered up by something.

" And your not as strong as you once were…BWAHAHAHAH!" Jibran laughed.

Suddenly, a hand came from out of nowhere as Jon grabbed Jibran by the mouth and threw him across the hall. " How dare you prevent me from my long 2 period lunch!!!" Jon yelled with fury.

" Thank you Jon." Sina said walking out. Michelle walked by as Sina was about to go down the stairs and she was frantic about something,

" Jon, Sina, something bad has happened! Something really bad! This is not good! You have to listen to me!" Michelle yelled. Jon grabbed her shoulders and said,

" Calm down, what happened?"

Michelle spat out something about someone that neither Jon nor Sina could make out. " Was that Japanese?" Sina asked.

Isaque walked by and mumbled something in Japanese, " That’s Japanese for hurry up, lets go to Physics class."

Sina stared at Isaque, " No, that was English for hurry up, lets go to Physics class."

At that moment, Isaque did something with the cosmic powers and… INSERT JAPANESE FOR hurry up, lets go to Physics class… " There, I modified the story, you happy?" Isaque asked.

Sina nodded, " Much better. Listen Michelle, Jon, I have to go to Physics class before I get locked out again. Tell me what is so important that I cannot be told later, later." Sina walked away while Michelle still said stuff really fast as Jon tried to get her to slow down.

Sina and Isaque walked up to Physics class and found the door was closed. After minutes of trying to open the door with hands, drills, and even keys, Sina decided to blast the door open. But his strength was nothing compared to the mighty locks.

" Door’s locked…we are trapped outside." Sina said.

Isaque turned the handle and the door swung open.

" Oh, looks like I forgot to lock the door again." Mr. Shaikh said in a Prefect robe as Isaque walked in. Sina stared at the door and thought to himself,

" I really need my Fruit to Go back…" With that, he walked into the Prefect dominated room.

Everyone except for Roddy, Isaque, Adit, Rama, and Sina were wearing Prefect cloaks. It was really weird. None the less, Sina sat down.

" Today’s lesson is about Jibran, the maximum Vector and leader of our school." Sina sighed…and collapsed his head onto the desk.


::Insert Darth Vader Music::

" He has proceeded to his 4th period class and has collapsed due to lack of nourishment." Bill said.

" Yeah, Bill, he sure has. Lord Jibran, Sina has proceeded to his 4th period class and has collapsed due to lack of nourishment." Dan said.

Jibran yelled, " I heard that first bumbling idiot the first time! Very good though. We must now make our move." Jibran pressed a button on the toilet and two more screens came up with Bill Gates and Cad Man on them.

" Is he dead yet?" Gates asked.

" No, just asleep." Jibran replied.

" Good enough. We should now proceed with our plan, should we not?" Cad Man asked.

" Yes, we should." Jibran said. There was an awkward silence for several minutes until finally Gates said,

" Well…proceed with the plan."

" Oh, I was waiting for you." Jibran said.

" Oh no, by all means, you proceed." Gated replied. The two of them made offers to one another to go and proceed with the plan but no one did. Finally, Cad Man yelled at the two of them,

" Shut up, both of you! We must go and do this now while he is weak!" Cad Man pressed a button on his side of the screen and said, " Ms. Spears…"

Jibran jumped up from his seat, " Why the hell is she here?" Jibran yelled angered by the presence of Britney Spears.

" Oh please Jibran, you cant do this without me! You need me." Spears replied grinning deviously.

" We need her to insure all the votes of those people awake are given to you Lord Jibran." Cad Man said.

" Ah, very well…do I get some sort of ear phones, because I cant vote for myself." Jibran said.

" No you don’t. Just go to the cafeteria, in a moment all of our minions will join us, all except the foolish sleeping Sina! BWAHAHAHAHHA!" Gates said.

Jibran nodded, closed the toilet and walked out. Nurdin was out there waiting for him, " Why are you always in there? And how come it takes such a long time for you to take a dump?"

" I have my reasons." Jibran said walking out towards the cafeteria.

" Would all students head for the cafeteria for the speeches for presidency." Britney Spears’ voice said on the announcements.

Everyone walked out of their classes and headed in single order file to the cafeteria marching evenly in some orderly evil. Adit had tried to wake Sina up, but had failed and decided to stay along with the others just in case Jibran or someone decided to attack.

" My minions! Who would you rather have for President of this domain?" Jibran asked when the entire school was crammed into the cafeteria. " Would you rather have this person?" he pointed to Nimesh who was standing there half asleep, " Or would you rather go corrupt and vote for me?"

The crowd said Jibran’s name at the same time. " That is all. Nimesh, you may now give your speech." Jibran said sitting down.

Nimesh walked up to the stand took a deep breath and with confidence said, " Let us all decide on the choices we have! The only one we have is to vote for Jibran! So let us all vote for him!" The crowd cheered for Nimesh and he sat down. Jibran stood up angered by the fact that they had favored Nimesh more than him.

" But voting is not enough! We must stop the chaos in the school! RAISE TAXES! Decrease crime! A vote for Jibran, is a vote for destruction! VOTE JIBRAN!!!" The crowd cheered as Jibran said down. Nimesh stood up again,

" Yeah, WHAT HE SAID!!!" The crowds cheered for Nimesh even more. Jibran was angry. " You win this round Nimesh." He said.

Three figures in dark red cloaks walked behind Jibran. Hidden to the audience, Gates, Spears and Cad Man released their votes for Jibran. Immediately, the others in the cafeteria did the same and the votes were cast in… The fate of the school had been sealed in a box…of votes, and not apples, which are soooo much fun.

Sina woke up from another boring Physics class and yawned. The class was surrounding him once again and Sina grinned at seeing that he had not traveled to a reality where Jibran was in control.

" So Adit, did we learn anything?" Sina asked.

" No, but people went to the cafeteria for some odd reason." Adit replied.

" Probably to get some food." Roddy said.

" Yeah." The bell rang and they all walked outside and went to their separate classes, or lunches in the case of Sina.

Sina walked out and smiled, " FOOD TO EAT!" He went to where the group usually was and noticed that there was no one there. " I wonder where they all are." Several Prefects walked by and Sina overheard them say,

" Our master has won, we need to make the announcement to the school." Sina took a big bite out of his sandwich and said,

" Maybe the American votes have finally been cleared…good for them." He gulped down his drink and the rest of his food and feeling empty he sat and stared at the telephones for several minutes. Why wasn’t his food making him unhungry? He still felt as if he had eaten nothing…an odd feeling for 5th period.

Suddenly, Jon and Adit and Michelle and the others ran up to Sina yelling franticly, " JIBRAN!!! JIBRAN HAS WON!!!"

" Yeah, the being the bigger annoyance contest." Sina said. " I should have won that."

Roddy tripped and slid all the way to Sina while the others walked on him. Jon spoke really fast,

" Nosinayoudontunderstand! Jibranwontheelection! Wehavetodosomething!" Suddenly, a familiar voice spoke on the announcements.

" Ladies and Gentlemen, the votes are in, the election is now closed! OUR NEW SCHOOL PRESIDENT IS LORD JIBRAN!!! ALL HAIL LORD JIBRAN!!!" Through the school a unified sound of hundreds of students yelled,

" Hail Jibran, our leader!" Sina fell down hard on the ground. His legs had suddenly given away and there was nothing he could do. His strength had suddenly reached its minimum and he had collapsed.

Suddenly, three cloaked figures walked up to the others and zapped their brains with something. On everyone’s face was a kind of forgetfulness as if they had all forgotten what had just happened.

Sina crawled back away from the figures as he saw who they were. The first cloaked figure said in a very evil tone,

" Good afternoon Sina. I do hope you are well…"

" GATES!!!" Sina yelled.

" I see you remember him, but do you remember me?"

" BRITNEY SPEARS!!! NOOOOOO!!!" Sina yelled crawling further back.

" Well, your memory is good, so I see no reason for you not to remember me!"

" CAD MAN!!! BAKASHNITZEL HEIMTOOGALAMANARA!!!" Sina yelled as he reached the end of the wall. From behind them all, a final cloaked figure walked up to Sina wearing a cloak that said, " Emperor of all that is and isn’t." Sina heard a laugh from that person, a laugh that he knew all too well.

" JIBRAN!!! JIBRAN YOU VULTURE!!!" Sina yelled. He tried to get up but he couldn’t. Suddenly he witnessed something that sent shivers down his spine. It was a Fruit to Go in Jibran’s hand…but it was sooooo compressed! The energy it was radiating was amazing! It was ALL THE FRUIT TO GO IN THE WORLD!!!

Jibran unwrapped the God to go and ate it all. Suddenly, a yellow glow came around Jibran as his power increased indefinitely. Sina shook his head with fright.


Jibran started to laugh as did the others. Jon and the others were frozen with confusion as to what was going on. Sina yelled,

" Jibran!!! He’s going to take over this planet! Someone stop him!" But suddenly, hands grabbed his arms and forced him up.

They wore white jackets with, " Nut House for the Insanely Interesting" written on them. Sina stared with horror,

" NO!!! YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME!!! NOOOOOOO!!!" They dragged him outside where Sina was helpless to do anything else other than shout about Jibran…it was all ending before his very eyes



Everything was in utter chaos. Not the good kind of chaos Sina inflicted upon the world, but the bad kind, the kind that causes people to trip with no reason and a mockative voice laughs behind them. Yadee ya…so on, so forth…you read this part already, so why should I re-type it…I WONT!!!

Sina was thrown into the ferris wheel and it rolled off into the horizon. Jibran continued to laugh outside the Woodlands School…

" Everything has fallen into place…everything that was out of place is now in…out is in, and in is now mine….SINA WAS OUT…I AM IN!!! WBAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!"

Nurdin fell from the sky…


Nurdin walked away cautiously looking at the sky in case anvils would fall on his head…Jibran laughed on…