A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Seven: Chaos Erupts

Jon shook his head slowly as he finished reading the last lines of up to where War of Chaos II was. " I don’t get one thing…why did the policeman arrest the cat for eating the cheese?"

Max Man shook his head, " WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???"

Jon grinned, " Everything…BWAHAHHAHAAA"

Max Man stepped away slightly, " Ohhhkaaaayyy…you do that now…BUT DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING??? Do you understand the importance of defeating Jibran?"

Jon nodded and got up, " I have to go downstairs and tell everyone!" Jon got up and ran out of the room. Max man yelled behind him, " HEY!!! You didn’t log off!" But it was too late, Jon was gone (hey it rhymed).

::Insert Planet of the Apes Music::

" I hate every ape I see, from chimpan A to chimpan Z, no you’ll never make a monkey out of me-" NO YOU IDIOT!!! THE OTHER ONE!!! THIS ONE COMES ON LATER ON IN WAR OF CHAOS II!!! Insert Planet of the Apes music where things are in chaos

::Insert Planet of the Apes Music::

" HEEEEEEELLLLP!!!" Nurdin squalled as he flew past the window. Giving no attention whatsoever to Nurdin’s near death situation everyone in the cafeteria watched Jibran laugh and laugh.

" I really wish he would stop, its getting on my nerves." Chrissy said.

" Yeah, gimme a second, HEY JIBRAN!!! SHUT UP!!!" Rama yelled. Jibran’s eyes turned to Rama and Rama saw that they were filled with god like anger (and some fruit to go).

" What did you just say to me?" Jibran said making a fist.

" I said shut up…" Rama said quietly.

" YOU DO NOT TELL ME SHUT UP!!!" Jibran yelled with anger. A red glow surrounded him and Jibran said, " Say it to my face."

Rama got up the stairs and stared directly into Jibran’s eyes and said, " I said, as in told you in a form of direct communication to SHUT UP!!!"

Jibran stared at Rama and for several hours a staring contest was in session. Finally, Jibran spoke, " you will pay for that insufferable comment…prefects, take him away!"

A group of five prefects started to surround Rama. " Hey! You cant just take someone away like that!" Adit yelled.

" I do whatever I WANT!" Jibran yelled back.

" Over my dead body." Aaron said defiantly. At that moment, there was silence in the cafeteria. There was a rebellion going on and finally things were starting to collapse.

Jibran grinned, " That’s the whole idea! Take him away too!" Jibran said pointing at Aaron. At that moment, Bill Gates ran up to Jibran and said,

" You have to learn restraint…if you take away everything that irritates you, you wont have anything left to throw away!" Gates said pushing Jibran slightly.

" YOU DO NOT TELL ME ANYTHING! TAKE HIM AWAY AS WELL!" Jibran said loudly. More Prefects swarmed everyone who was said to be taken away and grabbed at them. Nurdin flapped by the window once again screaming,


Adit stood up on the desk and said, " Nurdin’s right! I saw we all rebel against Jibran!" Adit rose his fist and started chanting down with Jibran. The group surrounding Adit started to chant as well and Jibran shook with fury,

" Take him away! Take all of them away! Dispose of them somewhere torturous…SEND THEM TO THE OFFICE!!!" Jibran yelled pointing at everyone in Adit’s direction.

Rama kicked at the Prefects in an attempt to escape. " LET ME GO!!! NOW!"

" Don’t listen to him! Take him away!" Jibran yelled. At that moment, Roddy and Chrissy also stood up on the desk,

" Quiet Jibby!" Chrissy yelled. Michelle was next in standing up,

" Yeah, its Jibran’s fault Jon disappeared!"

Jibran rubbed his chin and said, " Nono, that was something else…TAKE HER AWAY!"

Rama yelled, " And if u bug yourself, are you going to send yourself to the office??? HUH???"


Nurdin flew by the window again, " HEEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP!!!"

Adit picked up a chair over his head and said, " Yeah Nurdin, we hear you…I SAY DOWN WITH JIBRAN!!! BUT FIRST…down with this chair…" And with that, Adit threw the chair right at the prefects causing them to fall. In that one moment, total chaos took over everyone’s mind and they ran here and there trying to kill one another.

Roddy ran through the crowd yelling and swinging a table over his head, Rama kicked at the Prefects, Adit threw more chairs, and someone released an army of flying monkeys…

::Insert wicked witch of the west music::

" FLY MY PRETTIES!! EHHEEEE!!!" A voice yelled overhead.

" OH MY GOD! IT’S THE BITCH!!!" Rama yelled.

" No, I’m right here." Britney Spears said.

" Oh, my bad." Rama said. In the cafeteria, crowds of people were shoving and pushing one another as chairs and tables and flying monkey’s flew around in the air colliding with many things in the ground sea and air.

" HEEEEEEELLLLLLP!!!!" Nurdin yelled running past the window once again. High above the chaotic high-school, helicopters flew around trying to make reports.

" As you can see here, the Woodlands school has been completely overrun by chaos and corruption…it has slowly spread to several other schools in the Peel area as well. OW!!! GET YOUR FINGER OUT OF MY EYE YOU STUPID APE!" The reported said swinging his arms at the monkey.

" Ape, I resent that!" The ape said, " I come from a fine line of chimpanzee!" The ape poked at the reporters eyes and he fell down and landed into the chaotic school below.

Jibran watched with worry on his face as he saw below him crowds of people fought for a cause that was really corny. " Blast this infernal school…I shall have to take care of this rebellion myself. MY PREFECTS! Spare no rebel! Destroy them all!" With that yell of encouragement, Jibran flew out of the cafeteria looking for Cad Man. He tried to fly through the halls but they too were filled with fighting people and pecking birds.

Britney Spears and Bill Gates followed Jibran through the halls yelling, " How dare you leave us behind!"

Jibran turned back slightly and said, " Oh I dare, NOW GET AWAY FROM ME! I am supreme ruler of all now! I can do whatever I want!" Jibran blasted some energy out of his hands and it hit Bill Gates shattering his glasses. Jibran pointed his hands at Britney and said, " Don’t make me blast off your silicon!" Britney took a step backwards and Jibran nodded and flew away into the school.

" Bill, are you all right?" Spears asked running to Gates.

" I cant see, I am blind…OH MY GOD!!! IM BLIND!!! AHHHH!!!" Without hessitation, Bill Gates started running through the chaotic halls of the school blindly bumping into all sorts of things in a mad run.

Britney covered her eyes and sighed, " What a bunch of idiots…" She took out her microphone from War of Chaos I and started to sing in it. The Prefects that were fighting in the halls covered their ears and fell to the ground allowing her to walk through the halls easily.

Jon fell down the stairs… " EH!!! Do that again and I will kick you!" Jon yelled. Several monkeys flew overhead and Jon ignored them.

" Go ahead!" The stairs replied, " KICK ME!" Jon did as he was told and the stairs roared with anger. Realizing it was the best time to escape, Jon ran away and gasped when he saw the chaos in the halls.

" I leave for half an episode and this is what happens? SMACK SMACK!" Jon ran through the halls smacking the fighting Prefect’s faces. He had to get to the cafeteria and tell everyone what had happened and how things had ended up this way. Jibran would not be allowed to get away with this. Jon ran through the halls and finally reached the cafeteria which had become a battleground of flying feathers and chair parts.

Jon noticed that for some odd reason, Adit was stuck to the ceiling yelling for help, Nurdin was outside still alive, Roddy was actually beating the Prefects, and everyone else was flying around the room like they were caught in a hurricane. Several cows flew overhead and fell on one of the Prefects rendering them useless.

" SUPER SMACK!!!" Jon yelled at the chaos he was witnessing. At that moment something caught his eye. On the stage, Bill Gates was jumping up and down like a maniac yelling things that no one could understand. Jon shook his head and mumbled to himself, " Bah…" He got up on the stage and started yelling,

" EVERYONE! STOP THIS FIGHTING!!! JIBRAN IS THE REAL ENEMY!" At that moment a Prefect yelled,

" HE SAYS HES THE ENEMY!!! GET HIM!!!" Dozens of Prefects lunged onto the stage and after Jon. Jon had no choice but to run away from the storming Prefects. As he ran out the back doors of the stage he heard a voice yell,

" GET OFF THE STAGE!!! ITS FOR CAST AND CREW OF SKIN OF OUR TEETH ONLY!!! GET OFF!!! NOW!!!" Jon didn’t need to think who it was, he already knew. I smiled appeared on his face as the sound of trampling feet were heard. Jon ran out the music wing doors where a flood of flying monkeys met him.

" A human! From the inside! Get him!" One of the monkeys yelled.

Jon stopped for a moment, " Wait, weren’t you Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks?"

The monkey nodded and said, " I get two paychecks this way." Jon nodded and ran away heading for the gym doors to get back inside. The army of Prefects and flying monkeys ran after him causing the Earth to shake.

Just before they caught up to him, Jon jumped 20 feet into the air landing on one of the monkey’s backs. " NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME!!! TAKE ME TO WHERE JIBRAN IS!" The monkey tried to shake Jon off but only managed to shake off some dandruff, fleas, watches, hats, people and elephants. But not Jon. With nothing more to do, the monkey rammed itself at the school wall. Jon jumped off just before the collision. The sky was now black ( a color Jon adored, but this wasn’t pure black, IT WAS MONKEY BLACK!). Jon rose a fist and yelled,

" DAMN YOU!!!! DAMN YOU ALL!!!" He ran into the gym doors and up the stairs into the exercise room. Behind him, the storming Prefects and flying monkeys followed him. " Blast! Everywhere I go, they will follow me…" Jon ran to the back of the exercise room and into a door. But he realized too late that it was the storage room and that he was now cornered. The Prefects and monkey’s advanced on him…

Jibran flew through the school looking for Cad Man. Cad Man was the only other person who could once again restore the Jibrainian order and he had been missing for a few episodes. " Blast your AutoCad hide…" Jibran said. He landed beside the office doors and entered to find to his surprise that even the staff of the school were at one another’s throats.

Jibran ran to the announcing microphone and said, " Would Cad Man please report to the office…Cad Man, report to the office…" Jibran was about to put the microphone down, but quickly he picked it up again and said, " Oh, and would someone remove that damned Honda that is parking in the no parking zone??? EEESH!"

Adit stared below the caf and saw a flurry of black birds and red cloaked Prefects fighting below. " I really should get down now..." Adit said to himself. He let himself fall and he fell towards a group of Prefects. " BELLY FLOP!!!" Adit yelled. He landed on the Prefect’s hard and started punching at those around him.

" AHHHHHH!!! DIIIIIIIIEEEE!!!" Roddy yelled running past Adit using a table as a sword and swinging it at the monkeys. Through the wave of chaos, Adit could see only a mix of red and black, nothing more. Adit rubbed his chin and said, " Hmm, maybe I’m going color blind?" He shook his head.

Sina was dragged to his cell in the Nut House for the Insanely Interesting. " This is where you will recite for the time you are here with us." The man in the white coat said.

Sina shook his head and ran towards the man clawing at him with all his might. "I am giving you…gasp…the thrashing of a lifetime!" His efforts were too weak due to lack of energy and fruit to go and the man in the white coat shook his head with pity. The guards came and dragged Sina inside the cell, Sina yelled,

" You know, I used to be stronger!"

" Sure you were Sina…sure you were…" The man said. The guards went out the door leaving Sina in there and went to deal with their next patient. As they left, Sina heard,


" Yes Mr. Sherman, everything stinks."

Sina ran to the corner of his cage and looked around in the unfamiliar territory. With utmost realization Sina yelled,

" WAIT!!! THIS IS A NUT HOUSE!!!" But he had been a few hours too slow at realizing that…