The Agumon is a teenage dinosaur like creature which breaths fire to burn his enemies. He can fight, and in this stage he requires attention if you want a healthy digimon. If you ignore him, he could become the Numemon. In this stage, if he is trained well, you could get anyone of the Strongest Digimon: including the Airdramon, Darkmon, and Greymon. The Agumon may look cute and weak, but they have been known to defeat the powerful Teddymon! The Agumon is in the Rookie stage for about three days.


The Betamon is a fish like creature. For defence, it strikes it's opponents with large volts of lightning, bringing most of his opponents to a crisp stage. Of course this Betamon has hardly any armour and can also be injured very easily. The Betamon requires more attention than the Agumon, and if you treat and train him very well, you could get the Darkmon or Meramon. Treat him wrong and this cute creature could become the ugly Numemon. The Betamon is able to fight, and just like the Agumon, may look cure, but when he gets mad, RUN AWAY! The Betamon is in the Rookie stage for about three days.

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