The Airdramon is one of the hardest creatures to get. It is a very powerful creature, who's wings can create high winds, tearing apart nearly every opponent! He is rarely seen, and this is because of how hard it is to get him! He can only become a Metal-Greymon, and only by winning can he become the Metal-Greymon. This loyal beast, requires little care and lots of training. His body is covered with a skeleton like substance which protects it from dangers.


The Seadramon is a distant cousin to the Airdramon. This cousin evolved in the sea, and his weapon is a powerful torpedo which is launched from it's mouth. The Seadramon relies mostly on it's instinct and may turn on it's master. It requires lots of care and training to become as powerful as his Air cousin. He can only become a Memamon, and that is one task which is a challenge for all Digimon trainers.


The Numemon. The poop shooting slug like creature. He is what you get when you don't take care of your Digimon. The Numemon looks goofy and his weapon is ever worse. HIS OWN WASTE PRODUCTS. Now you can kill your opponents just by blasting this brown wave of poop at their faces. The Numemon requires the most care, and he gets hungry very easily ( I guess he needs the food to make all those waste products!). Their is said that one the Numemon becomes angry, he uses a secret weapon. He can only become the Teddymon.