Chapter One: The Assention of Terminus

       Celine looked down at the blue white planet that turned below her. She didnt show much interest in the planet, and Seth who was with her could sense it.
        " This planet is too boring! Lets go somewhere else and blow up a planet or something!" Celine said. She was the youngest member of the multiversal council and the most irresponsible. Seth was usually with her to insure that she didnt go off and blow up a planet.
        " Wait Celine. Have patience, soon, something interesting will happen." Seth said looking with interest at the planet.
        Celine shook her head. " Soon? How soon?" She asked in a whining tone.
        " A few seconds." Seth replied hoping to shut her up.
        " A few seconds??? Thats too long. I want something to happen now!" Celine said in a very annoying voice. Seth shook his head.
        " You have to learn to be patient! An immortal has to be patient. Or you will go crazy living forever." Seth said.
        " Why don't we just leave, and come back in a few seconds?"
        Seth snapped at her: " BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS!!!" Celine drew herself back of asking any more questions. She looked away without any concern. Behind her, a light grew. This got her attention and she turned her head. The planet below them was glowing bright yellow. Then suddenly it vanished.
        " Hey, cool! Where did it go?" Celine asked with joy.
        " It never existed." Seth replied.
        " Are you calling me a liar?" Celine snapped. She was a very quick tempered being. Once, she nearly blew up a universe just to get rid of her anger. The council said it was unwise to store all the emotions. She was one of those people, who if they didn't get what they wanted, would go on a rampage destroying everything in their path.
        The emptiness of the planet began to fill up with energy. There was a loud crackle in the space, and Celine jumped. Because they were higher beings, they could hear all the sounds lessers could not hear. There was a light, and suddenly, everything in the solar system began to fall towards the planet.
        " OOOH!!!" Celine said.
        The planets in the system flew one by one into the emptiness, vanishing into nothing. This happened for several millenium, and Celine finally said: " What a greedy planet!"
        When it was all over, there was nothing left in the system. All the asteroids, all the planets, and even the sun, were gone. From the hole they had all flown into, a figure flew out. Celine began to laugh.
        " TERMINUS!" She said with joy.
        " Celine, good to see you again! How did you like the deleting of a planet. No more planet, it no longer exists. It is my favorite thing to watch. The wrath of the universe when it realizes, that there is nothing there! That was fun! Lets go and mock some humans in another reality." Terminus said.
        Seth gave him a dangerous look: " Terminus, I don't think it is a good idea to go to Earth." Terminus began to swing his hands in the infinity of space.
        " How about this reality?" Terminus asked Celine.
        " OF ALL THE REALITIES, YOU PICKED THAT ONE??? You know you can't go there!" Seth yelled.
        " Awww, come on Seth, it will be fun! Besides, i want to see the humans again!"
        " Terminus, the council banished you from going there since you nearly saved the dinosaurs. I dont think you should do this." Seth said in a worried tone.
        " The council won't know! We won't tell them! Come on! Its fun to mock lesser beings! Lets have some fun!" Terminus said laughing.
        Seth began to remember when Terminus was banished. The council had decided that the life on the planet was evolving too slowly. So they hit an asteroid at the planet killing all the dinosaurs. But Terminus jumped in the way of the asteroid, and changed time, so that it never happened. Because of his actions, the council banished him for several million years. But recently, he was back up to his old tricks.
        " Celine, lets leave Seth to his thoughts. I want to mock some lessers!" Terminus said grabbing Celine's hand. He opened a rift in time, and flew into it.
        " Here we go again." Seth sighed. He flew into the portal after them, and it closed....