The Darkmon is one of teh toughest foes any Digimon will ever meet. It is a fallen angel, who joined the dark side and became powerful. The Darkmon is very loyal to his master, and shows no mercy when in a battle. He punches his opponents with his long arms hardly ever missing. And the sharp claws on his hands make it even more painful. The Darkmon can only become a MetalGreymon and you must defeat many opponents to get the Metal-Greymon. The Darkmon requires the same amount of care as the Greymon.


The Meramon is one of the coolest (hard to believe?) Digimons around. His weapon, a flaming fist headed towards any opponents path, burning his opponents. The Meramon can only become a Memamon. He requires a fair amount of care, and to be successful with this burning creature, you must train it regularily. This creature has been know to turn against it's master in a few situations, and when that happens, WATCH OUT!!!

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