Strange Appearances: A What if Story by Entrix.


" Oh dear. I must have embarresed myself infront of the virals." Phong thought, " I should make a note, when returning from the waste drive, always remember to close your cabinet. I only wish i had thought of this before." The principal office began to shake, the virals were attacking...

Outside, Megabyte was staring with joy at his new principal office. " I do wonder how I should redecorate. Perhaps a pink wallpaper for the system. I do like pink!" He thought to himself. " Fire when ready." he said.

Hexadecimal stared at megabyte, and with a sparkle in her eyes, said: " READY!!!" She fired the weapon and a large beam of energy was headed towards the principal office.

Inside the principal office, Enzo had just gotten his finger out of his eye when the ground shook beneith him. He tripped jamming his finger in his eye once again. " WHY ME?" He yelled. " IF BOB WERE HERE HE COULD AT LEAST PULL THIS OUT!!!" 

" Our shields are collapsing." Phong said. Now Phong began to think: " Would it have sounded better if I said, YO! Our Protection is like, failing maaaannn! This is sooo bogus maaaaan!" he shook the thought off and focused on raising the shields.

Mouse stood up, " I am not just standin here while our virals out there fire at us." She tapped on her icon, and her clothing changed. Dot and Enzo looked at her.

" Whats with the hair?" Dot asked.

" Well I figured Sugah, a new look would be nice. To show off to our virals friends." Dot thought about this for a moment and replied: " Im coming too." She tapped on her icon and changed into a really strange outfit. The place where her finger had been was replaced by an M logo, her hair was different and her lips looked as if she had just finished an energy pop.

" New look sugah?" Mouse asked staring at Dot as if she was crazy.

" New look would be nice. To show of too our viral friends? Eh Mouse." Dot said.

" But you look UGLY!!!" Enzo cut in.

" I loved Bob, now he is gone" (insert sad music) " I will never fall in love again. AND TO MAKE SURE, I WANT TO LOOK UGLY SO THAT NO MALE SPRITE WOULD WANT ME!" Dot yelled in tears.

Suddenly Phong cut in. They took a while recognizing him because of the shades and the hair, but it was him.

" You guys like need to simplify maaaan!" Phong said in a strange voice. " The hair, the outfit, the eye ball MAAANNN!!! Whats with the eyeball. They all say to me, HEY! I am working for my codes MAAAANN!!!!! SIMPLIFY!!!!" Phong said waving his hands up and down.

Mouse stared at him in disbelief. If Bob did ever come back, what would he think.

MEANWHILE..... uh..... IN THE WEB!!!!!

(insert Darth vader music here)

" MAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAAHAA!" said a voice in the web.

" Who are you?" Bob asked. He couldn't believe the events which had happened.

" I am, uh, BILL!" the voice said.

" Bill. What kind of reboot name is that?" Bob asked floating in nothing ness.

" ITS MY NAME!!! You don't talk to users much do you?" the voice asked.

" USER?" Bob asked.

" User." The voice replied.

Bob shook his head: " USER?" He asked louder.

" USER!" the voice replied back.

" User?" Bob asked again.

" USER!!!! USER I AM!!!! USER USER USER!!!!" The voice said yelling.

Bob shook his head. " USER?"

" Ok you know what, just pretend I never said I was a user!"

" YOU'RE A USER??" Bob asked.

A loud sigh was heard. " Look, I am just somevoice in the web, i want to help you Bob."

" A users voice?" Bob asked.

" IM OUTAH HERE!" the voice said. Footsteps were heard and a door slammed.

" What did I say?" Bob asked.


" You will not destroy my system." Megabyte replied. He lunged at her, she used her energies and pushed him away.

" GO AWAY! It's my turn to play." Hex made a move on her checkers board and said: " I WILL DESTROY YOU! IT WILL BE GLORIOUS!!!" She aimed the weapon at the principal office. A loud familiar voice was heard.


Back in the principal office. "  OH MAAAAN!!!!" Phong complained. " This is doom MAAAAAN!!!! THE VIRALS HAVE LIKE AIMED THEIR GUN AT US MAAAAN!!!! They need to like say HEY, SURRENDER TO US MAAAAN! OH MAN ON MAN OH MANN!!!!" Phong said non stop.