The Greymon is one of the strongest Fighting Digimons alive. His body is protected with a beetle armour, which protects it in fights, and it's weapon is huge balls of fire, toasting almost any opponent. He is the healthiest Digimon, and he requires a fair amount of care. The Greymon can only become a Metal-Greymon and to become this nearly unstoppable creature, you have to fight, and win alot!


The Tyranomon is like the cousin of the Greymon. It too is a dinosaur like creature and shoots fireballs as well. The Tyranomon is protected by the spikes and sharp claws which are located on his hadns and on the spine. Tyranomon can become a Memamon only, and to get this creature, you have to win alot of fights. The Tyranomon requires care and if trained properly, can win fights very easily.

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