ENTRIX'S Page of Insane Things that have nothing to do with anything!

Here you will find edited pictures which obviously have been edited, followed by a little synapses of whats going on...

If worse came to worse in the web, Bob might look like the above.

After Bob was sent to the web, Dot decided to get a BAD makeover, so that no male sprite would fall in love with her... and the eye, well, she accidentaly poked her eye out when yelling BOOOOOB!!!, OUCH, MY EYE!!!

Poor Enzo. After Bob left, he poked his eye out, and forgot to shave for a while...

WHATS HAPPENED TO HEX? After Bob was sent to the web, she decided to get a new look for when he came back. Now she looks HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!!!

Mouse was very devestated when she realized that Bob was gone, that she got long hair in order to attract male sprites. Opposite to what Dot did.

Yes this is Phong. The command.com. After he told Megabyte that he would fight him to the last "We will fight you to the last Megabyte!" quote. He realized Bob could be gone, so he decided to reveal his true self, COOL PHONG!!!!, the coolcommand.com!

By now your wondering WHAT HAPPENED TO MEGABYTE??? Don't worry, i will have a picture of him up soon....


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