Metal - Greymon

The Metal-Greymon, one of the most powerful foes you will ever encounter. This once organic creature has made himself into the ultimate cyborg. Armed with powerful nuclear bomb, which fly out of his chest right at his enemies, the Metal-Greymon slices, dices, and explodes his opponents. He requires little care, and is the easiest Ultimate Digimon to get. You just have to know how to get this TERMINATOR!


This Mamemon looks small, cute and harmless right. WRONG! His body is made of steel and his arms are armed with bombs, giving blasting upercuts to his opponent. The opponent laughs and soon he will cry after meeting this creature. It is said that he evolved from a harsh environment. The Mamemon can destroy nearly anything. A real good challenge for all the trainers to get this cure destructomaniac.


Once again, Bandai has made us laugh. This Teddymon is the most powerful foe, in the Digimon world. His weapon, LOVE!?! Ture, he loves his opponents until they cannot take it anymore. Even the cyborg Metal-Greymon, cannot keep this teddybears love waves out. He shoots lovable hearts. He is the hardest creature to get. It is said that inside this cure Teddymon is a large unstoppable beast. Something that if loose, could destroy everything and anything!!!

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