The Rattlesnake That Imprisoned Buenos Aires

The Rooster That Loitered In Smallville

Trixie, The Incredible Duck

The Muskrat That Pinched Dusseldorf

The Dancer In The Yellow Cotton Tie

There's A Yak In My Cookies

Time Of The Hedgehog

There's A Muskrat In My Macaroni

Timmy, The Careful Toucan

There's A Newt In My Pie

The Infantryman In The Grey Khaki Skirt

Henrietta, The Sailor From Honolulu

The Sailor In The Chartreuse Wool Vest

The Puppy That Kicked Gettysburg

Pablo, The Violinist From Las Vegas

The Zebra That Landscaped Sydney

The Deer That Chuckled In Lichtenstein

The Goat And The Cowboy

There's A Mackerel In My Macaroni

There's A Pig In My Graham Crackers

Hour Of The Jackal

Pendleton, The Wacky Whale

There's A Swan In My Pie

The Skunk And The Ballerina

The Orangutan And The Mafioso

Brent, The Diver From Sydney

The Vice President In The Navy Blue Burlap Kilt

The Alligator That Mocked Fort Worth

Mikey, The Talking Puppy

Night Of The Pony

The Sheep And The Lawyer

The Duck That Loitered In Sonoma

The Crocodile That Hid Charleston

Reggie, The Sailor From Waikiki

The Hippopotamus And The Bus Driver

The Orangutan That Ran From Seoul

Year Of The Zebra

There's A Marmot In My Peas

There's A Horse In My Grits

There's A Dachshund In My Olive Loaf

The Skunk And The Judge

Kirk, The Daring Tiger

The Rooster That Released San Salvador

Bobby, The Happy Mouse

Freddy, The Engineer From Indianapolis

The Hare That Picked On St. Louis

The Peacock And The Maid

Semester Of The Tortoise

Madeline, The Geek From Gettysburg

The Python That Peeped In Charleston

There's A Whale In My Cottage Cheese

The Cowboy In The Buttercup Plastic Sport Coat

There's A Chimpanzee In My Macaroni

The Manatee And The Artist

Ignatz, The Pianist From Liverpool

Fenster, The Sagacious Iguana

Thomas, The Lonesome Hedgehog

There's An Oppossum In My Twinkies

Lorena, The Communicable Crocodile

Wanda, The Musician From Paris

Generation Of The Sheep

Yardley, The Lame-brained Gibbon

There's A Seal In My Cornbread

The Librarian In The Orange Plastic Boots

The Rooster That Leapt Upon San Ramon

Leonard, The Chaotic Flamingo

The Lamb That Scratched In Reno

The Writer In The Chartreuse Lace Gloves

The Flamingo And The Dock Worker

Minute Of The Starling

The Ocelot And The Infantryman

There's A Manatee In My Cranberry Sauce

Time Of The Prairie Dog

Ana, The Cook From Yorktown

Hour Of The Manatee

There's A Buffalo In My Hot Chocolate

There's A Hare In My Beans

The Orangutan And The Dancer

Month Of The Crawfish

Kirk, The Agoraphobic Flea

The Rent Collector In The Pink Khaki Fedora