Everything was in utter chaos. Not the good kind of chaos Sina inflicted upon the world, but the bad kind, the kind that causes people to trip with no reason and a mockative voice laughs behind them.

In a universe full of options, one option had taken its toll and caused its damage. They dragged him away kicking and screaming in a white suit with long sleeves.

" I tell you! Heís a vulture! Let go of me!" Sina yelled as he was dragged into a ferris wheel.

Jibran stood and watched with a tiny glint of joy in his eyes as Sina was dragged away to the nut house for the insanely interesting kicking and screaming. Behind him, the bodies (quite living may I add) of Jon, Aaron, Adit, Rama, Graham, Michelle and Chrissy (not Nurdin because he was too slow at arriving at the story) stared in confusion as Sina was dragged away.

" What is he trying to tell us?" Jon asked the others.

" IM TELLING YOU!! JIBRAN WILL END US ALL!!!" Sina yelled being dragged further and further away.

" Something about sig figs?" Aaron asked shrugging violently.

" NO!!! JIBRAN!!!" Sina yelled louder at them.

" Oh, so it isnt the sig figs?" Jon asked with confusion in his eyes.

Sina nodded violently and shook his head at the same time, " YES AND NO!!! Its all about the sig figs and all and Jibran!!! He has an ultimate plan that only I know! You must stop him! Stop Jibran!!!"

Jon looked at Graham who smiled. " I got it! The camel must cross the desert with-" But Graham was interruped with Sinaís screaming.

" JIBRAN!!! NOOO!!! GET JIBRAN!!! LEAVE THE CAMEL!!! JIBRAN IS THE MAIN CONCERN!!!" Sina screamed being thrown into the ferris wheel. " Ow, watch my head! I hold all my secrets in there!" He said.

The farris wheel started to spin.

" Who is the main concern?" Michelle asked.

Jon shook his head. " Why wont he tell us! Sina, TELL US!"

Sina stared at them, and using his last ounce of strength, found a megaphone from out of nowhere and pointed at Jibran yelling, " HIM!! HE IS THE CONCERN!!!" The Prefects ran up and grabbed Sina again dragging him back to the wheel.

" OH!! I see now!" Adit laughed.

Tears of joy came into Sinaís eyes as he knew that Adit had understood the treachery Jibran would cause. He nodded in appreciation. " I get it, Sina is still angry about that whole first War of Chaos and how he died in the story only to be replaced by his clone!"

Sina started to cry, " NOOOO!!!" They threw him once again in the truck but he continued to yell, " JIBRAN!! JIBRAN!!!" They closed the doors behind Sina and the ferris wheel started to drive off to the tune of the ice-cream truck music.

" Jibran?" Chrissy asked, " What about Jibran?" But by that time it was too late. Sina was already dragged away in the spinning ferris wheel (which was the method of transportation at the time) and was taken to the Nut house for the insanely interesting. There was a moment of silence as they could all feel the chaos within them slowly fade away.

The music faded away and they could only hear the whistling of the wind. Jibran started to laugh.

" BWAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!!!" Jibran laughed, his hands waving back and forth in a display of victory. Over the laughter, in a small corner, the other people stood outside the Woodlands School saying nothing, not even moving.

" Wanna get something to eat?" Jon asked.

" Yeah, lets go to the café." Graham added. All of them walked into the cafeteria and started to eat.

Outside, Jibran continued to laugh, and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh and- SLAP!!! Sorry, record skipped, thanks for hitting it.

HOW THE HELL DID ALL THIS HAPPEN??? READ THE STORY!!! (yes, it is weird to have the prologue take place after the actual story but hey!!! ITíS A SINA STORY!!! THINGS DONíT HAVE TO MAKE SENSE!!!)