The purpose of this page is to make note of funny things said throughout the school year so we can remember them and laugh about them until we are old and gray and in the middle of a heart attack...

" Who are you?" -Jibran in the halls being flashed by a laser in the hands of some complete stranger (and we thought he knew him)

" Top of things..." -I need not expand on this one

" THIS IS NOT A FISH MARKET!" -Mr. Shaikh to Issaque in Physics when Issaque laughed at the carrying the decimal

" Yeah, but I get those socks for free." -Aaron to Jon regarding his applesause IQ

" Traitors!" -Sina's paranoia on how everyone is a traitor (that shortened day where you guys turned his words against him in sick twisted ways)

" I'm glad I wasnt there, and if i were, I wish I had a sniper rifle" -Sina regarding the Britney Spears concert

" Is that what you call it these days?" -Graham to Sina regarding the above statement

" Rhoody." -What Mr.Shaikh calls Roddy (along with Rudy)

"FRRRRFFFSSSHHHHH!!!" -Sina nearly being burnt to a crisp in chemistry

" The perfect square." -Math class of only 9 people (until Nelson came along)

" Camel" - Need i say more?

" I am not a fish so i wouldnt know. You know, sometimes at a refraction of 90 degrees in fishtank, the fish can see you...but you cannot see the fish!" - Mr. Shaikh regarding refracting light rays at 90 degrees

" If she doesnt come, please dont die!" -Mr. Shaikh on the missing group member in Physics

" Poo on the wall, by Who Flung Dung." -Grahams joke

" I am a warrior! Not a variety of flowers!" -Vegeta wearing pink (laughed my ass off since he was wearing pink with flowers!)

" Man who fart in church sit in own pew!" -Issaque's joke

" Fine with a capital PH!" -Issaque on everything is fine

" Physics is PHUN!!!" -Issaque on physics being fun

" When I grow up, I want to be an old man..." Sina on growing old

" FRUIT TO GO!" - Sina's method of survival with 5th period lunch

" And as the Olympics come to a close, the people are clapping and playing with the giant inflatable chicken." -CBC reporter reporting from the end of the 2000 olympics

" Cut them off." -Mr. Shaikh regarding what Adit should do with his hurting legs

" Miss MAAACFARLAN!" -Rama calling Miss MacFarlane

" Your looking sharp! Better not cut myself!" -Gordon S. joke

" Rooody, what have you been drinking?" -Mr. Shaikh to Roddy on why he gave the wrong answer

" Lies!" - Jon confuses Sina horribly

" Mrrraaaa" -sound effect made by Jon in math class (dont ask, im still confused about it too!)

" I can NEH no more!" -Sina in math

" 2 wrongs make a right, three rights make a left!" -Roddy's Philosophy

" Roddy, why are you soooo rowdy." -Mr. Shaikh regarding Roddy's Philosophy

" Hey bozos...SHAT AP!!!" -Mr.Shaikh silencing everyone

" I am the absolute power in the class...WHO WILL STOP ME???" -Mr.Shaikh regarding why he can say shut up to the class

" If you cant see, you need glasses, OR TELESCOPE!" -Mr.Shaikh on what Roddy should do if he cant see

" James is vibrating..." -Roddy on James in the motion detector test

" Adit exploded..." -Issaque on the graph of motion that Adit did

" Roddy, set GO!" -Mr.Shaikh starting the motion detector

" Digicam, digicameras, digicams use flash RAM!" -Issaque's new song

" The APES OF TIME!!!" -The amount of time for dinner

" Killer siezure lights in physics" -the killer siezure lights in physics

" I am not ahead of the game...I AM THE GAME!!!" -Adam in CompSci

" What happens when a girl gets her period while in a coma? SHE BECOMES A SEMI COLON!! HJAHA!!" -another Issaque joke

" Who died?" -Jibran appearing out of nowhere in drama

" Adit, dont laugh! Because people who laugh for no reason are no longer in school...THEY GO TO MENTAL HOSPITAL!" -Mr.Shaikh

" Buh?" -Sina confused in drama

" Jeh?" -Jia confused in CompSci

" Nef, BUH?" -Rama confused in chemistry

" Jubjub" -Ewak from star wars return of the jedi

" He will fill it with cream" -Jibran saying a sick joke which caused Graham to get massive ow on funny bone causing sina to fall out laughing for several minutes

" You do not tell me fuck you!" -Jerky boys (soooo funny!)

" It's pretty damned cold...in the field!" -Drama song

" ASS SLAP!!!" -what went on backstage (and on)

" ASS CAM!!!" -Gordon holding the camera in drama

" ALL MY LIFE EVERYBODY'S BEEN CROSSING ME! EVERYBODY EVERYTHING, ALL OF YOU!!!.......line..." Jon forgetting his lines in the very angry scene of Skin of our Teeth

" All of this hate is bad for your kharma..." Wendy to Sina regarding his hate for Mrs. MaAACFARLAN!!!

" Look, all the people in this room have the same homeform!" - Sina in first period.

" But if you did know what would you say?" - Mr. Brace regarding a question that someone doesnt know the answer to.

" The answer." - Nurdins response to the above.

" It is a contravesy!" - Mr. Knapp in Ancient Civ

" Igloos." Ke Qu's answer for everything in English.

" 2001 a space odessey is about an odessey in space!" - Rama in English

" That will be enough of that!" - Mr. Young to the hammering man upstairs

" I woke up and my parents were gone!" - Sara in Math

" Me feet hurt...WITH DESTINY!" -Jon found at www.sluggy.com

" Alabama....12000 people...9 last names." -Nurdin joke

" To learn how to learn how to learn HOW TO DIE!" -Ke on education

" All your base are belong to us!" -Bad translation of Zero Wing

" Why use a period, when you could use a comma?" -Sina's philosophy on writing

" VOOLLY MAMMOOF!" -Mr. Knapp in history

" Japanese drivers, they think that just because they make the cars, they own the road." -Nurdin

" Hit my fish market one more time!" -scary Mr. Shaikh Britney Spears mix

" Why is the pizza calling?" -Isaque in math regarding the pizza man ringing (it wasnt the pizza man)

" Ruler go in other room." -Jon placing his ruler through the holes of the wall into the other room and quickly pulling it out causing confusion

" Ive riden every sort of camel, white camel, brown camel, black camel...IVE EVEN EATEN A CAMEL!" -Jibran in math

" Im going to kick you...wanna come with me?" -Isaque on the first day back from march break

" WITH AN ACCENT SO BAD, IT KILLS PEOPLE!" -Ambrose on an Indian on the X-files

Dani Devito eating carrots at the oscars (just very funny)


"You must talk about it very much long time." -Nurdin immitating something

"Its a deep story...THAT DOESNT EXIST AT ALL!" -Isaque on his cyberrobot thingy drawing

"People who laugh for no reason are not in school...THEY GO TO FISH HOSPITAL!" -Sina misquoting Mr. Shaikh

" The legendary sunboat of.....KUUFUUU!" -Mr. Knapp in ancient civilizations slides

" I'm sorry, did you just say 'Get out of my travel wear'?" -James mishearing Jon's GET OUT OF MY DRRAMA WING

" I fell up the stairs." -Thanya retelling the interesting story

"STOP BREATHING!!!" -Ke snaps at Jibran in English

" I'll do it in the last minute so its fresh." -Hiro regarding the math review

"I'm sorry, did you just say, 'I am starting to love your man?'!" -Sina to Nurdin (forgot why)

"Each group must have the same members." -Mr. Knapp on the building the size of pyramid day

" I did it right by mistake!" -Jon's math test

" NO!" -Ke's response to Mr. Ellis's taking down the attendance

"Jibran sit down! I cant see the announcements!" -Jon to Jibran in math

"x2(1-e2)-2x(c-e2k)+y2=e2k2-c2" -Mass conic equation.....no


Dave16 = bob

x10 = Base16" -Jon's mathematical proof that Dave=bob

"Jibran Flakes." -Sina's crappy rip off of Bran Flakes

"Best dressed homeless people in Toronto!" -Jon regarding the Drama students in Toronto

"I will stop asking when you stop being interesting." -Jon to Thanya making odd noises

"Contains smaii parts small child might cause suffocation." -Warning on Isaque's action figure

"Kneel." - Ms. Le Riche to Kristen regarding sitting down

"The bus got there earlier than I did." - Craig's excuse for being late in English

"Its a cyclops with one eye." -Mr. Knapp in slides

"I would like to congratulation...uh...congratulate." -Mrs. Brayman on the announcement

"Head on truck." -the slide with a head on a truck (Michelle)

"Hippopotimus demon." -Ancient Civilization presentation

"It feels like a Monday, but it tastes like a Tuesday." -Sina on Monday

"So their fed for one meal, then they just starve again." -Rama on spending money for ones self instead of feeding 3rd world countries

"They look in the mirror and see old people eyes." -Mr. Ellis regarding old people

"Bill Gates hasnt been to India." -Mr. Knapp regarding why he is luckier than Bill Gates

"Doesnt look like Anubis to me." -Mr. Knapp on the slide presentation (thinking it was Anubis, but it wasnt)

"CONCRETE!" -Mr. Knapp obsessed with concrete....(its a drawing sir)

"I didnt have to piss." -Jibran standing in the urinals, not going

"Chipdullah." Jon's Abdullah Chip Mix

"KALAMARIES!" -Mr. Knapp scaring the class when he talks about what the fishermen are fishing

"Home of the retard from Texas." -Randy's motto for the states

"Due to lack of Patriotism, the national anthem will not be played." -James joke

"The world is our football, go long my friend, go long..." -Chris on the announcements

"And that will seriously hurt your mark...DAH...I mean..." Mr. Brace regarding what happens if we dont come to grad breakfast

"Happy Birthday Christine, why are you late?" -Mr. Brace in math

"It was a fire...caused by...flames..." -Sam in English regarding the death of Donnie in Stone Angel

"I got 3 row in a wrong!" -Graham forgetting how to speak english (on the topic of the chem competition)

"Excuse me... would teachers please excuse all students who are going coocoo." - Mr. Jull on the announcements

" Have you seen my toilet?" -James in surprise

" Old men still sit in the shade and tell stories..." Anc Civ movie (but it works anywhere)

" It is a palm pirate!" -Graham mistaking Palm Pilot

" Mr. Ellis, please get well, because you're swell, even though you smell..." -Jordan's futile attempt to get Mr. Ellis on his side

" What is this beast here?" -Mrs. Le Riche regarding Thanya's 6 foot snake (dispose of Jibran thoughts here...)

" Oh...its...uh....THING!" -Sina's answer for a math problem

" That's a different B!" -Mr. Brace in math causing Jon massive ouch!

" Where's waldo?" -Isaque searching Sina's massive math equation

" Everyone of us are equal...especially you!" -Isaque quote

" Women like phone sex, men like porn!" -Ke Qu's automatic response on the quote "a man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears" (by Wyatt)

" YOU CAN ROLL AROUND IN IT!" -Jibran regarding a massive ball

" You hurt me with your muscular bone..." -Thanya to Jon in Drama

" Maybe he was laughing at something Gordon has..." -Sina when Thanya laughed behind curtains in drama

"How is saying the second property of concyclic quadrilaterals to the tune of the Leave it to Beaver theme making fun of Mr. Shaikh?" -James to Jibran in math class regarding concyclic quadrilaterals.

" vos....OW!" -James causing himself a massive Graham ouch (Graham ouch being doing something and slamming funny bone)

" In order to deflate it, you must inflate it..." Isaque's quote on why Sina solved a math problem by first making it beastly long...then really simple

" Bongo King..." -Jon with hate towards the person who didnt let him sleep

" If you worked any harder you would be a MAN!" -Gordon to Laura in their exam play

" I shall be gone...for precisely 22 minutes and 3 seconds..." -Gordon dashing off stage

" It is my nemesis..." -Mr. Knapp banging his leg on a desk for the 4th time in a row (during Anc Civ exam)

" Im going to be a father..." -Sina with joy over how he "raped" (common term used when an exam is done very well) all of his exams really badly

 " INSERT GORDON, LAURA, KRISTEN's MELODRAMA SCRIPT HERE" -the whole thing was brilliant!

" INSERT JENILEE, JON, SINA ABSURD SCRIPT HERE," -it was soooo.......JEH??? (go to main page to read the script)

" AH!" -Shaloo getting massive mustard over everyone at the Drama Party

" AH!" -Thanya falling into the pool at the drama party

" BEES!" -Thanya's fear of them resulted in many tales that made no sense involving bees...


LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, this is all the quotes for the school year 2000/2001! MAY THE QUOTE BE WITH YOU!