A short time ago in a galaxy right here… A short time ago in a galaxy right here… HEY THAT'S MY LINE!!! NO IT'S MINE!!!!! DAH YOU STUPID CLONE!!!! YOU STUPID REAL NARRORATOR!!! War of Chaos!!! Episode 11: The War of CHAOS!!!

:: Insert Star Wars Music::

After loosing to the rebels, Gates HEY STOP THAT!!! NO YOU STOP!!! IT'S MY LINE!!! I AM THE CLONE, GIVE ME A CHANCE TO TALK!!! AH!!! YOU SHUTUP!! I have been telling the story, AND I WILL NOW!! NO YOU WILL STOP NOW!!! MY TURN NOW!!! I'LL KILL YOU!!!! ::lunges at the clone narrator:: DAH!!! DIE!!! ::lunges at the real narrator:: YOU GO SQUISH NOW!!! NO YOU MUST SQUISH!!!

The rebels stared in horror as their clones ran towards them. The clone Sina had his chaosaber out, and headed this way. " AHH!!!" Sina yelled. He took out his own chaosaber, activated it just in time to block the chaos driven clone. " HEEHEE!!! YOU DIE!!!" the clone yelled smashing his saber on Sina's. Sina had trouble blocking the shots, because there was sooo much chaos in them. Sina looked behind him, and saw Adit also in trouble with his clone. " MWHAHAHAHAH!!!" The real Adit laughed. " MWAHAHHAHAHA!!" The clone laughed back. " OH YEAH!! ,HWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" " YEAH!!! MWHAHHAHAHAHWAHHWAHWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAHWAHWHWAHWAHWAHWHWHAWHWHAHWAHW!!!" the clone laughed back. To his left, Sina could see Rama, and the Clone, also fighting with chaosabers. The clone just like his own, was beating Rama, slowly. To his right, Sina saw Jonathan and his clone launching apples at each other, fighting for the true Mac. " HOW DO YOU LIKE MACINTOSH APPLES!!!" Jonathan yelled. " I LOVE THEM!! HOW ABOUT YOU!!!" The clone yelled, throwing apples. " I LOVE THEM TOO!!! YOU DIE NOW!!" Jonathan yelled back. And far off in the distance, he saw two pair of people, not fighting, but doing something else. IT WAS GREG and Nurdin, and their clones!!! " My CBC for kids calculator is better!" The real Greg said. " NO!! Mine is!" The clone replied. Then the two placed their calculators down on the floor, and began laughing at each other. Nurdin and his clone were pecking each other with their beaks. Sina couldn't help but laugh! " I'll show you a rooster!!" Nurdin yelled. " YEAH!!! ME!!!" The clone yelled back. The pecking continued. " YOU DIE!!!" The clone Sina yelled. " NO YOU!!!" Sina replied. The two of them continued fighting with their sabers, with more power in each shot, more chaos in their minds. Sina had met his match, and his clone also. " DIE!!!" Rama yelled. " FIRST YOU!!!" the clone replied. Above, Sina could see Max Man also battling himself. The chaos, and insanity, all because of clones. Sina blocked another volley of saber hits, he was getting tired. His clone on the other hand, had a sick twisted grin of chaos on his face. It was scary. It was himself!!!

Meanwhile, above all the chaos Bill Gates, the two Britney Spears, and the two Cad Men watched below as the clones and the real people destroyed each other. " I really am a genius!" Gates laughed. The two Cad Men floated above each other, trying to seem better than the other. " I AM BETTER!!!" Suddenly the real one yelled. " SHUT UP!!" The clone replied. Then the two of them launched all order at each other causing a massive explosion. The explosion pushed the two Spears close together. " AHH!!! YOU TOUCHED ME!!!" The real one yelled. " NO YOU TOUCHED ME!!!" The clone yelled. " OH THAT'S IT!!!" The real one said. Her microphone flew out of her sleeve, as did the other one, and the two began to sing loudly. " THE TWO OF YOU!!! STOP IT!!!!" Gates yelled. The loudness of the two Britney Spears was too loud for Gates to be heard. Then Gates felt someone coming up behind him. He turned around, and gasped. " Hello William." The person said. " YOU!!!" Gates said. He looked in his own eyes. The person was HE!!! " Yes me." The clone Bill Gates yelled. The real Gates took out his converterapier, as did the clone. " This will determine who is better!" The real Gates said. The two clashed their rapiers together causing a loud BANG to happen.

Below, still fighting with his clone, Sina, and everyone else looked up wondering what the BANG was about. They all saw Cad Man, VS Cad Man, Britney Spears VS Britney Spears, and, something they never expected, Bill Gates, VS Bill Gates. " DIE!!!" The real Gates yelled, lunging at the clone, who blocked the weapon. " You have to do better than that GATES!!!" the clone laughed. " Wow this is bad." Rama said. " It is." The cloned Rama replied. " Eh, you DIE NOW!!!" With that, the clones were once again at each other. Even the Microsoft employees were fighting their clones. It was pure chaos, PURE PURE CHAOS!!! It was the true WAR OF CHAOS!!!

Meanwhile, up on a spaceship…

" Fools the humans are!" Kang said. " They are Kang." Kodos replied. " And it will be this even which destroys them off!" " Yes, then we will have the universe!" And then the two of them began laughing: " MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHHA, HAHAHAHAHHHAHHA, AAHHHHHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH, MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHHA, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHHA, HAHAHAHAHHHAHHA, AAHHHHHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH, MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHHA, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHHA, HAHAHAHAHHHAHHA, AAHHHHHHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH, MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA, HAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!" Their laughter was stopped when they heard two other voices laughing as well. " MWHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHH!!!" the other two laughed. " Kodos, are those, our clones?" Kang asked gasping. " WE ARE!!!" the cloned Kang replied. " That means that this clone device works everywhere!!!" Kodos replied. " YES IT DOES!!! Now, I bet I can laugh longer!" the clone Kodos said. " YOU'RE ON!!!" the real Kang and Kodos said. And so the laughter began…

Back on Earth, more chaos erupted. Mr.Gidley and his clone were there, staring for the whole time, not realizing whom the other was. Bill Clinton began the launching of nukes at himself. As did the other clone. There were animals everywhere fighting their clones.

Meanwhile at a zoo: " ROOOOOOOAAOAAAR!!!" A bear yelled. " NO BEN NO!!!" His trainer yelled. " ROOOOOAR!!!" Bed swung his arms at his trainer who flew away. Then another Ben came, and the two began lunging at each other, swinging arms around, confused. " ROOOOOOOAAAAR!!!" The real Ben yelled. " ROOOOOOOOAAAA!!" The clone replied. " NO BEN NO!!!" The clone trainer replied. " Wait a minute. I SAY THAT!!!" The real trainer said. " NO!!! YOU DIE NOW!!!" And the trainers lunged at each other too. Elsewhere… " FIGHT!!!" The pikachu pikaed. But the other would not. The clone began to slap Pikachu with all his might, trying to get him to fight, but he wouldn't. Ash and his clone were throwing Pokeballs at each other, trying to prove who the better trainer was.

Two Homers hit each other with frying pans, saying " DOH!!!" everytime. Two Marges stared at each other, and made that: " MMMMMGGG!" sound. Two Barts threw Milhouses at each other. Two Lisa's played music in a despirate competition. Two Maggies mocked each other. Two Milhouses said: " OWW!!! My glasses!" As they were thrown at Barts. Two Smithers looked at each other uncomfortably. Two Mr.Burns tapped their fingers and said: " Excellent." Two Flanders shook hands and said: " God has praised us with brothers!!!" Two Rams rammed each other. Two bears slashed each other. Two elephants trunked each other. Two tigers ate each other. Two Howdy Doodies Timed each other. Two nukes flew at each other causing a huge BOOM!!! Two Germans SICK HEILED each other. Two Drinks, drank each other. Two Sina's fought Two Greg's laughed Two Nurdins pecked. Two Ramas fought Two Jonathans threw Macs at each other. Two Adits laughed. Two Britney Spears sang. Two Cad Man ordered each other. Two Max Men chaosed each other. Two narrators tried to tell the story. Two Clintons nuked each other. Two cows Mooed each other. Two ducks quacked at each other. Two ghost ducks scared people. Two clones fought Two hands slapped each other. Two robots blew each other up. Two Chewings roared. Two Clipits bent to compete. Two Holy One Pinokis lied. Two Yogas used the doors Two Kangs laughed nonstop. Two Kodos laughed nonstop. Two ships fired at each other. Two windows logos flew at each other. Two fans stood doing nothing for their masters were fighting. Two Ewaks made funny noises. Two Nurdins pecked each other, (oh yeah, said that already). Two tables had food on them. Two sandwiches rotted. Two- WELL YOU GET THE POINT!!!

And above all, the very causes of the war of chaos, which would eventually destroy everything……

The two Bill Gates fought each other.

Clones, and real people fought, none of them willing to give up. All of them with the same blood in their eyes. A chaotic war was at hand, and this war, would eventually destroy, everything………..