WAR OF CHAOS!!! Episode 3: Rebels Retaliate By: Sina

:: insert Star Wars music:: After being defeated briskly by the all mighty Bill Gates, Cad man, and their new ally, Britney Spears, the rebel leaders lay on the floor, shattered, and around them only 10 of their 1000 rebels. The trucks they tried to stop from selling Windows 95 flew away and headed for the country's capital Ottawa where they planned to infect the country. Meanwhile, in the dark headquarters of Microsoft, the windows that had eaten up the rebel soldiers lands, and Bill Gates meets his newest friends. Meanwhile somewhere else, Larry Ellison, leader of the powerful Oracle company has heard of the rebel's defeat, and rises from his chair and vows to aid the rebels in this quest. Soon afterwards, some guy, once working from Microsoft rises from the gutter and becomes a somebody. With major defeats, and most of the rebels turned to the Microsoft side, war has escalated through the world, and in cyber space. In the Microsoft headquarters…

:: Insert Darth vader music:: " MWAHAHAHHAHAAH!!! Welcome to my lair newest Microsoft members. By now you have realized that you are under my control and my power. I Bill Gates am your new leader." Bill Gates said on a stand in front of nearly 1000 rebels. " We serve to obey you master." The rebels all said. " MWAHAHHAHAH!!! I love the sound of that. You will all under the direct control of myself, Cad Man, and Britney Spears. Our goal, to make the world MINE!!! All that is required for you, is to risk your lives to give me more power. Now remember you will all die soon, so make your killing useful, CAUSE I WANT LOTS OF LAND!!! Fair deal huh, your lives, for mula!" Gates laughed. " Fair deal master." The hypnotized rebels said. " We serve to obey you." " Good for you. Now, insure that the trucks headed toward Ottawa make it there, and begin working on the prototype for Windows 98. I want to be ready when the world tires of 95." Gates said. Instantly, the workers all ran off and began work on an even more powerful weapon. AT that moment, Britney Spears walked up to Gates and smiled: " You do remember William that I am ensured to get the population of the world under my command. Should you fail to meet me with my need, I'll blow you up and use your body parts to create food for my minions." Britney said placing her hand on her microphone. " It is a deal, you and I shall rule the world, and Cad Man, the cyberworld." Gates said. " Yes, I like!" Cad Man said budding in. " Say, Gates, isn't there a bathroom around here? I haven't been to one in like a month!" Gates pointed to THE DOOR! DUM DUM DUUUM!!!! " Through there lie all your answers to life." " Yes! Relief!" Cad man said running off. " How much have you told him?" Britney asked. " He does not know of our true plans. He cannot control anything other than his forces, which is why they must be destroyed in the upcoming assault on Canada and Sina. Sina has a powerful mind, full of chaos, we must weaken his mind, so that you can hypnotize him, AND THEN HE WILL BE MINE!! And with him on our side, all will join our side. You and I my dear, shall be at the top." Gates said about to place his hands around Spears' shoulder. She slapped him in the face, and his glasses went flying. " I am my own person. Your hands shall not go anywhere but where I say so. AND THEY SHALL NOT GO ON ME!!! You and I will be together for a long time, I suggest you follow my directions." Britney said pointing a finger at him. " Very well. When the time comes, as it will, you will respect me." " We shall see who gets respect." Britney said walking off. AT that moment Cad Man walked into the room. " Did you find the toilet?" Gates asked. " TOILET?!!" Cad Man said in surprise. " Uh, yeah." " Where did you go then?" Gates asked with a worried look on his face. " Uh, follow me." Cad man said leading the way. They reached a door and Gates fell to the floor screaming: " THAT IS MY BEDROOM YOU 2 DIMENTIONAL PIECE OF, well I can't say crap, YOU PIECE OF CAD!!!" Gates said. " Sorry. But you really need better directions. I need an exact address." Cad man said. Gates sighed. If this kept up, they wouldn't be successful in their raid.

Sina woke up from being unconscious to see the face of a rooster staring at him. He got up and screamed. " AHHHH!!!" " Hey, quiet down, it's only me Sina." Nurdin said. " AH!!! AH!! You are not a good thing to see after being unconscious!" Sina said. " How long was I out?" Sina asked. " Well, a few minutes, but-" Sina got up, and ran to Jonathan and Adit who were already awake. " The trucks, they may not have reached Ottawa! We still have time to catch up to them." Sina said. " Yes, let us run all the way there." Adit said sarcastically. Sina did not pick up the sarcasm and said. " What a great idea! Let us do it!" Adit shook his head in pity and said: " You go, we will see you there." Sina nodded, " OK, but how are you gonna get there?" " I don't know. Maybe we will run like idiots, or crawl like morons, OR DO THE SMART THING AND NOT GO!!!" Jonathan yelled. " OK then, I will see you there." Sina said running off. Adit and Jonathan looked at each other and shook their heads. " So, what do we do now? Do we save the world, or watch TV?" Adit asked. " TV sounds like fun." Jonathan replied. They walked away.

Sina ran and ran and walked, AND RAN, and then ran some more. He ran as fast as he could for a few days before realizing he was on a treadmill and going nowhere. " AH!!! Dakashnitzelheimtoogalamanuraikalamaraikalaslobadaba!" Sina said one of his profanities. " AG!!!! AH!!!! AHHH!!! SHOOT!" He screamed. He got his senses, and actually began to run to Ottawa.

" Heehee, man fall. Funny." Adit said. " Yes, and entertaining at the same time." Jonathan added. " YEAH!" Adit said. The whole time, Nurdin was left outside to "ripe" as Jonathan had requested. On the TV, the picture of a man falling, was replaced by an urgent report. " AWW! Man fall down good, urgent news that could save our lives bad!" Jonathan said. There was a lady on the screen, behind her a huge Microsoft logo. " Here we are in Ottawa where the parliament building has just been turned into a windows icon. Of course, many people have wondered why. We ask specialist James Idiocy." " Yes, well, the main cause for this is all the tax cuts to education Mike Harris has been giving Ontario, and the very fact that he gave away some cheesy books with some kids from the nut house who are extreme morons and they stink like f(^(*ing idiots and they like to (*@() with their &*(#-" the man was cut off, and the lady came again. " Many scientists working for Mike Harris claim that this information in correc-. My boss tells me to say incorrect. The information is incorrect."

A few moments before… :: insert Gay Darth Vader music:: " MWAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!" Mike Harris laughed, " Now no one will know who sent those books. MWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAAAA!" at that instant the CBI (Canadian Bureau of Investigation) busted through the door. " Mr.Harris, you are under arrest for something you didn't do. Murder of someone. But you did give away some cheesy books with some kids from the nut house who are extreme morons and they stink like f(^(*ing idiots and they like to (*@() with their &*!" the people arrested Mr.Harris, and he was thrown into the CPCFI car. (Crazy people's car for idiots). A few moment before… Sina ran and ran. He could see the parliament building coming up ahead. Somehow he had run all the way there in several minutes. He could see something happening in the building. There was a glow coming from it. Then suddenly Sina gasped. A CURSOR!!! HEADED RIGHT FOR THE BUILDING!!! He ran as fast as he could, but he could not make it. The cursor went up to the parliament building, and a loud double click was heard. The cursor changed into an hourglass and Sina fell. " NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" he screamed. But it was done. The hourglass changed back to an arrow, and where the parliament building was, there was a huge windows icon. The cursor went back to the icon, and double clicked on it. The building began to glow, and the land around it began to convert to Microsoft format. Sina stared at the wave of conversion headed his way it terror. He began to run away from it.

" Hey, isn't that Sina in the background?" Adit asked. They stared at the TV where the windows icon had just been clicked on. The ground around the building began to shift. Then they could see Sina running away. The reporter came up. " We now go live to the newly converted parliament building where we talk to Jean Cretian. The face of a man with a twisted mouth came on. In his eyes was a windows symbol as he began to talk. " All of Caanaadaa! Preepare for converting into the utmost power. Windows. NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED!!! NO ONE!!!" Jean yelled. The lady came on. " Well, I was an apple user, but now, who cares about that fruit! I'm a windows lady!" she removed her "I Love Mac" pin, and attached a " I Love Gates" Pin. Adit and Jonathan screamed. " AHHHHHH!!! NONONO!!!! They ran upstairs and got a few things, (Jon got his I Mac, and Adit his gameboy) and the two ran out the door, slamming it into Nurdin's face. " Sorry Nurdin, gotta run!" Jonathan said. Nurdin fell to the floor in pain. Sina ran and ran. He could sense the conversion behind him. Then suddenly from out of nowhere, a flying window with the German flag on it flew down. A man hopped off of it. " SICK HEIL!!!" the man said making a gesture of the hand. Sina clearly saw that on his arm was a symbol. No, not a swastika, but an apple! Sina smiled. " You sir must be helped." The man said in a German accent. " We fly you to destination where master awaits." He said. Sina nodded, and they flew the way to Toronto.

Meanwhile in Microsoft's headquarters…

::insert Darth Vader music:: " Sir, I just got this report from rooster hawk. He says that our weapon is beginning the conversion process on Canada with little or no resistance." Someone said. Bill Gates, Britney Spears, and Cad Man looked at the person and nodded. Then they looked at each other and smiled. " This product shall convert everyone in Canada to a Windows user. NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED, NO ONE!!! Cad Man, arm your forces of Cad. Britney, prepare the speakers and your zombies." Gates said. He looked at one of his minions. " You, call my wife and tell her to pack. Convert my house in Seattle into Flying Windows Mode. It is time, we began our invasion…"

Sina could see below that there was a hole. They German Windows guy flew them into the hole. After 5 minutes of flying underground, they reached their destination. Sina hopped off of the Flying Window and was greeted by Adit and Jonathan. " Where are we?" Sina asked. " This is Mac's underground base. Sina, we just contacted several key people in the world, all of whom are willing to join our alliance. Against Bill Gates we have Larry Ellison, the head of Oracle, some Mac people, and some guy who claims he was once working with Microsoft. Against Cad Man, we have several key people. We have the creators of 3d Studio Max arriving soon, the creator of Corel Draw, the German Paintbrush, and the Adobe Companies. Against Britney Spears, we have Celine Dion, some horrible singers, some garage band from Seattle and," Adit shrugged, " and the backstreet boys." Sina smiled. " SO many allies, all with one common cause. To eliminate the enemy." At that instant someone walked up to Sina extending his hand. " Hello. I was once working with Gates, but I quit because I thought Gates would never be rich. Now he is, and now I want revenge! I have several people with me and we all want to aid you!" Sina nodded. Then Larry Ellison walked up. " Hello. I am the CEO of Oracle another big major company. We hate Bill Gates. Even though we use his programs, our purposes for doing so are to learn about the enemy. We wish to aid you in this war." Sina nodded a second time. Then from behind him, a man walked up. " Hello." He said. Sina jumped and fell having a heart attack. " AHHHH!!" He screamed. " I am the CEO of Linux!" the man said. Sina got up forgetting he had a heart attack. " WOW!!! Mr. Linus, it is an honor working with you." Sina said. " Yes it is. I quite like that. Sina, I have several of my people ready. We want to help you. It will be fun to see Gates in pain." Sina nodded a third time and this time his head fell off. Sina's hands bent over, picked it up, and placed it on his shoulders. " Sorry, that keeps falling out." Sina said. Sina smiled, it appeared that there was hope for them after all.

Meanwhile, in the Microsoft headquarters… :: Insert Pokemon music:: "DAH!!! YOU IDIOTS!!!" Gates yelled. " WRONG MUSIC!!!" ::Insert Darth Vader Music:: " Yes that is better. Britney, are your forces ready?" Gates asked. " My minions are at my disposal. We have 10280101 people ready to fight to the death." Britney Spears said. Then Gates looked at Cad Man. " My forces are ready to cut and paste. We have as many people as you would like us to have." Gates nodded. Then he looked at his minion. " The conversion for Canada has reached the tip of Lake Ontario. In several hours, Toronto and Sina and his armies will be converted into our forces. Your troops and armies of flying windows are all ready. Estimated time until we reach Toronto if we leave now, 30 minutes." The minion said. Gates grinned. He pressed a button on his chair, and his house in Seattle began to fly towards Canada. He pressed another button and the Microsoft heads from all over the world began to fly. He then pressed a button, and a Microsoft Joystick came up. He smiled, and Cad Man and Britney nodded. " ATTACK!" Cad Man yelled. An army of rushing two-dimensional figures headed towards Toronto. Britney Spears though, had another way of ordering her minions. She began to sing and sing. Her armies ran also towards Toronto. Last but not least William Henry Gates looked at his joystick and smiled. He moved the stick forward, and millions upon millions of his armies rose, and headed towards Toronto. The full scale attack on the rebels, had begun…