A short time ago in a galaxy right here… WAR OF CHAOS!!! Episode 4: The Invasion of Canada By: Sina

::insert Star Wars music:: After converting the parliament building into a windows conversion button, Bill Gates, double-clicks on the icon, and Canada begins to convert. With the Prime Minister converted, Sina looks for refuge back at Toronto, where a large group of rebels have gathered and plotted a counter attack on Bill Gates. Meanwhile, in the Microsoft headquarters, Bill Gates, Britney Spears, and Cad Man prepare their armies for the invasion of Canada. With Canada's defenses converted, and the Windows 98 prototype almost ready, Bill Gates gives the order for attack. Millions of Cad Men with the ability to copy and paste, millions of Britney Spears fans, mindless people who have only one purpose, to destroy Sina, and the rebels, along with Bill Gates and his arsenal of flying windows, and many army Windows user men, the massive armies march towards the border of Canada…

" They will arrive in about half an hour." Sina listened to Jonathan making a prediction on when the armies would arrive. " Very well then, we do not have much time. Linus, give everyone earmuffs to protect them from Britney Spears, Ellison, begin construction on a Cad Man equivalent. I believe I have some blueprint that you can copy from. And last, Adit, Jon, prepare everything you have, we are going to be at the front line. We cannot allow the armies to invade our territory!" Sina said. " Uh, I would prefer to be called Mr.Ellison, and not just Ellison. It's rude." Larry Ellison said. " Shut up and get to work." Sina said. " Yes master." Ellison walked out of the room with several of his comrades and began to build a Cad equivalent. " That leaves you." Sina said pointing to the Vindows representative. " We shall fight with you fuhrer to the death!" the man said in a German accent. " Good. Now remember, lots of your people will die, and many people won't be saved, and many shall loose their lives, but remember, those lost are not truly lost. They still remain in our hearts." Sina said. Adit cut in. " Actually, they still die, and there is no way to raise the dead so-" Sina cut him off: " You are scaring him!" " Only telling him the truth!" Adit said. " Well, the Germans may leave now. Will you leave?" Sina asked. " Huh, what were you saying fuhrer?" the man asked. " Nothing." " Our forces shall be ready." The German man said. He raised his arm with the Mac symbol on it and said: " Sick heil mon fuhrer, we shall aid you in defense!" Sina replied the salute with sticking out his thumb. The German punched him. " What was that for?" Sina asked, a big hand mark on his face. " In Germany, when one has their thumb out, they are insulting you. The proper way to say good for you is as follows." The German stuck up his middle finger and smiled. " WHAT? That is an insult in my country!" Sina yelled. " Well it means live long and prosper." " Ah, yes, well, I need to adjust to that!" Sina said. He took one last look at the binoculars, and then raised the communication systems between every rebel and said: " The armies are arriving. Arm your troops. This means WAR!!!"

Meanwhile in some floating Microsoft Headquarters… ::insert hot dog song:: " My army has a first name, its We Will Kick your Butt, my army has a second name it's No one shall be spared, that's how you say some victory, only made for Bill Gates, ME!!!" Bill Gates sung to the hot dog tune. " HEEEHEE!" Gates laughed. " I believe that the hot dogs may rebel because of that." Cad Man said. " Ahh, to hell with them!" Gates said. He then began humming the hot dog song again. " YOU WANT TO SING!! YOU CAN'T SING!!!" Britney Spears yelled. " SHAT UP!!! SING YOUR ARMIES!!! WE WILL ARRIVE SOON!" Gates commanded. Spears flew up to him and kicked him: " No one tells me to shat up! Not even you! Now, one question, is there a gas station anywhere from here to Toronto, because I really got to go!" Bill Gates sighed: " Why didn't you go when we left?" " I didn't have to go. BUT NOW I DO!!!" " Third door to your left." Spears ran to a door, and stepped through. " Damn these imbeciles!" Gates yelled. At that moment Cad Man ran to him and said: " Gates, we shall cross the border in several minutes. Shall I tell my forces to attack defensively, or aggressively?" Cad Man asked. " What? How can you attack defensively! That is not an attack! So of course do it aggressively!" Bill Gates yelled. " Hey! My armies and me will do what we want. We don't take orders from you!" Cad Man said. Gates stared at him and suddenly snapped: " YOU JUST ASKED ME!!! YOU ASKED WHAT MY ORDERS WERE!!!" " Oh yeah, I forgot." " IT WAS ONE SECOND AGO!!!" " Oh yeah. Well, I must be going now, to my, 2d cottage." Cad Man said running off. At that moment, Britney returned. " Ahhh. That is relief." She said. Bill Gates looked at her. What door had she just exited from. He walked over to the door and screamed: " AHHHHHH!!!! MY BEDROOM!!! AND I JUST HAD IT CLEANED!!!" Gates ran around his hands on his head, screaming like a lunatic. Britney chuckled: " HEEEHEE!! I broke his brain!"

" They are headed this way." Adit said. Sina looked through his binoculars and could clearly see the massive armies headed his way. He then looked behind him, and saw his own armies, also ready to battle. There were singers, 2 dimensional figures, with lines as weapons, and even flying windows or Vindows as they were called in Germany. The battle would be fierce. " They will cross the border in less than 5 minutes." Jonathan said, holding his huge apple Mac shooter in his hand. Sina looked at him and smiled. He then turned back to the armies coming his way, and motioned his hand: " Battle positions!"

Bill Gates sat in his chair and stared through the windows monitor. He took out his CD of greatest war music, and placed it into the CD drive. He wanted the full effect of this war. ::insert war music:: DUM DUMDUMDUDMDUNDDUMDUMDDUMDUDM!!! " MWAHAHAHHAAAA" Gates laughed. " This is all too perfect. He pressed a button on his screen and the screen showed Cad Man's face. " Bill, get up here, you should see this!" Cad Man said. Bill Gates got up from his chair, and increased the volume to the music so he could hear it outside.

Sina could see Bill Gates coming out of a hatch in a fairly large and armed building. He assumed it was the Microsoft headquarters in DUMDUM mode. Behind the headquarters, there were armies marching. Sina could not help but stare at the sight. Then suddenly he yelled: " WHAT DOES SOMEONE HAVE TO DO TO GET A CUP OF COCOA AROUND HERE???"

Bill Gates got out of his building and stared. He could see a line, the border of Canada and the States. The land across the line was covered in snow. " WHAT IS THIS??? This is Eskimo weather!" Gates yelled. " I cannot believe this! The Canadians, they have snow! And polar bears!" Britney said. " My god, they really have gone corrupt!" Gates said. He looked at Cad Man and Britney and ordered them to halt their attack. They stopped 1 centimeter away from Canadian territory.

" They just stopped." Adit said. " Stopped. They are so orderly! I LIKE CHAOS!!!" Sina said. " Wait, they are moving in, FULL SPEED!!!" Adit corrected himself. " ARM WEAPONS!!! Get ready to fire!" Sina said. He could see, the massive armies had just crossed the Canadian line. " We have crossed the border! Several German windows are coming to intercept us!" Cad Man said. " Shoot them out of the sky." Bill Gates said.

" I will talk to them first." Sina said. He raised the megaphone to his mouth and said: " Bill Gates, Britney Spears and" Sina shrugged: " Cad Man! Surrender your forces, and no harm shall be done!" Bill Gates raised a megaphone with the windows logo to his mouth and said: "You cannot be serious. Me surrender to you. On the contrary, YOU MUST SURRENDER TO ME!!!" Gates said. He pressed a button, and many more guns came out of the original guns. Sina gulped: " We surrender." Sina said. Adit stopped him. " We cannot! We must fight to the death. Let me talk to him." Adit said. Sina handed over the megaphone to Adit and Adit placed it over his mouth. " MWAHAHAHHAHAHHHAAAA!" Adit laughed. " What do you hope to accomplish?" Gates asked. " Oh yeah? MWHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH!!!" Gates laughed back. "MWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHA" Adit laughed louder. "OH YEAH??? MWAHAHAHAHHAH!!!" Gates said. Adit stared at Sina. " Well he wins this round. OOOH! I GOT IT!!!" Adit turned to the megaphone and laughed again. This time in a females voice. Then Adit heard some female laughing. It was Spears: " Oh please, I can do better than that with my lips shut!" " Oh you." Adit said in a feminine voice. Bill Gates shook his head: " We don't need this. ATTACK!" He yelled. Instantly, millions of troops poured over the country line, and began the invasion. " THEY CROSSED!" Adit yelled. " Fire at will!" Sina said. Thousands of Apples came and shot fruit at the flying windows, while the Vindows ate some of the Microsoft troops. Britney began to sing, and her armies flooded as well. But Sina was prepared. The earmuffs were protecting them. Then suddenly, the earmuffs said: " We can't take this! HER VOICE!! AHHHHH!!" then all the earmuffs ran away, causing the rebels to fall to the floor screaming. " DACH!!!" the Germans yelled: " SI NICH GOOD!! SI NOCH GOOD!!!" They ran away, as the Microsoft troops advanced on them. " ALRIGHT!!!" Sina yelled. " Open the stereos! Let Celine SING!!!" Then a woman came out onto the stage and began singing. It was Celine Dion. The Britney Spears fans, fell to the floor. " AHHHH!!! IT IS A CANADIAN!! AND SHE IS SINGING!!!" " Neeeaaarrr, faaarrr, whereever you are…" Celine sang. Sina smiled. Now they were evening out the odds. The Germans came out, and recovered after their earmuffs ran away. " Now we have them." Sina said. Then the Microsoft head, began to open up revealing a huge cannon labeled: "Error giver thingamabob." Then Sina gasped. Gates was going to give errors to Canada. " NOOOOOOO!!" Sina yelled, running towards Bill Gates. But the cannon hit him point blank! " NOOOOOO!" Jonathan yelled, firing fruit at Bill Gates. Bill Gates was unaffected. A Windows drone ran up, and picked up Sina's body, and brought it to Bill Gates. Gates smiled: " He will make an excellent minion." Then he continued firing the cannon at the Canadian and German forces. They fell, and each time, Bill Gates converted the dead into Windows users. Then something happened. Just when Jonathan thought there may have been hope, the saw something horrifying. He saw the words: " Copy, and paste." Then instead of a million Cad Men, there were 2 million, then 4 million. They were multiplying. " Oh no." Jonathan said. " We must retreat!" The Cad Men multiplied even more. " Call off our forces, this is suicide! We must retreat." Jonathan said. The Cad Men continued to multiply. " But this is our base, if we leave it, we will be left defenseless." Adit said. " There is no choice." Jonathan said. " They win this battle, but the war is not yet over." Adit thought about the possibilities and shook his head in sorrow. " What about Sina?" " AH WHO CARES!! I WANT TO LIVE!!!" Jonathan said. " Eh, good point. I want to live too. Let's run away!" Adit said. And with that it was over. The rebels ran away as fast as they could, and the Microsoft forces, and Cad Men, and Spears fans, advanced and swarmed them. They blew up everything that was non-Microsoft, and then Bill Gates laughed. " Canada, and the world, and Sina, AND EVERYTHING ELSE IS ALL MINE!!! MWHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAA!" He took something out from his pack. It was a Windows flag. He took it out and jammed it in the very spot where the rebels had just been formed. Then Bill Gates was joined by Cad Man, and Britney Spears. Gates raised his flag, and then laughed. His forces laughed with him. " LONG LIVE THE RULER OF ALL THAT EXISTS!!! BILL GATES!!!" They all screamed. All hope was lost for the rebels. Bill Gates had won…