A short time ago in a galaxy right here… WAR OF CHAOS!!! Episode 6: Traitors Trouble

::Insert Star Wars music:: After retreating and loosing their leader on the battlefield, the rebels find themselves directing another plan. They returned to the battle site, where they found a disk labeled Max Man backup and took it to Mr.Gidley's room in hope of victory. Meanwhile, Cad Man and Britney Spears wreck havoc (not chaos) in the megacity of Toronto. Destroying all their enemies, and the only hopes left for the rebels, they shrink the chance for rebel victory each time. However, both Cad Man and Spears feel that they can take over the world, why are they not doing so? And in the Microsoft headquarters, Bill Gates takes delight at his newest ally, the former leader of the rebels, now converted! While going to Comm. Tech, the rebels run into Rama and Greg, and their forces of chaos, who ally with them in hopes of defeating Gates. Finally, the two forces collide in Toronto, where they have another battle, however just as the rebels think they have hope, their former rebel leader tells them to surrender, which sets off massive armies of Cad Man, planning to end the rebels once and for all.

They ran, and multiplied. The massive army of Cad Men ran, and prepared to swarm the rebels. The whole time, Greg was laughing at Sina's new converted look, which should not have been amusing. " THEY ARE HEADED THIS WAY!" Adit yelled. Rama looked and also saw the army. " Let them come." He said.

Gates looked at his newest ally: " Very well Sina, you have done well." Gates said. " I do not feel right." Sina said. " Don't feel right, not all things are right you know!" Gates replied firmly. A grin appeared on Gates' face: " This is the last hour for the rebels!" He stared at the massive armies attacking and began a laugh: " As I said before, NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED!!! NO ONE!!!!!" Then a voice cut of his joy: " Master Gates." One of his minions said: " The Cad Men, look at what is intercepting them!" Gates looked at the sky, and gasped: THERE WAS AN ARMY OF MAX MEN FLYING AND RUNNING TO DEFEAT THE CAD MEN!!! " Ah, damn." Gates said hanging his head.

" GO MAX MAN!!!" Rama yelled. Above him, the Max Men flew in their various chaotic states, one exploding, one rippling, one warping and so on. They ran and intercepted the Cad Men. There was a massive explosion as the two forces of pure order and pure chaos collided. " WHAT THE HELL!!!" Cad Man yelled. " That is right!" a voice said behind him. " Who the hell are you?" Cad Man asked again. ::Insert hero music: " I AM MAX MAN!!! DUMDUMDUUUM!!!" " You did not need to say DUMDUMDUUUUM you know!" Cad man said. " But I think it is time you surrendered your forces of order. This universe is not big enough for both of us." Max man said, with a slight movement of chaos in his lips. Cad Man stared at Max Man and smiled a clear Cad like smile. " Over my 2 dimensional body!" Cad Man lunged at Max Man, all of his order pressed into a ball, ready to fire. " This will determine all!" Cad Man yelled firing the orderly ball of energy at Max Man.

Adit looked above: " Look up there! Cad Man and Max Man are having a battle! And our Max Men are kicking those Cad Men's buttocks!" " GO MAX MAN!!!" Rama yelled. " We can do this! GATES WILL FALL TODAY!!!!" Jonathan said.

The energy ball headed towards Max who exploded it with a mere thought. "Haha, did you really think it was that easy?" Max Man said. Cad Man was shocked: " Yes, I did think that. But I guess it couldn't be, cause then the story would be over with me killing you." Max Man laughed: " EAT CHAOS!!!" Man Man fired a cube out of his hand. Cad Man stared at it. " OOOH!! A cube, such an orderly piece of geometry! YOU FORGET!!! I AM ORDER!!! AHHAHAHA!!" Cad Man said eating the cube whole. " MMWAMAAHAHHAHAHAAH!!!!" Max Man smiled. " AHHHH!!! MY TUMMY!!!" Cad Man yelled. The cube inside him was warping, and with it Cad Man. " NOOOOOOOOO!!!!" Cad Man yelled. He gathered his strength and organized the cube. " You will not defeat me!" Cad Man said gasping for breath. " You will not! TAKE THIS!!!!" A huge cursor came and created a box around Max Man. " SELECT ALL!" Cad Man said. On the sky, the words select all came. "DELETE OBJECT IN BOX!!!" Cad Man said. The words appeared in the sky, and the cursor raced to intercept it. " DIE CHAOS!!! DIE!!!" Cad Man said.

" The Max forces are outnumbering the Cad Men! WE WIN NOW!!!" Greg said. " This is a day to go down into the history books!" Rama said. " And for Mr. Coulter to tell us about it!" Jonathan added. " Yes, indeed." Adit finished.

" DOH!!!" Cad Man screamed. The cursor exploded before clicking on delete. "DOHDOHDOHDOHDOHD!!!!" " Haha!" Max Man said. The box around him disappeared and he lunged at Cad Man. Cad Man jumped out of the way barely, but his arm was touched by Max Man. As if it were rubber, Cad Man's arm began to twist and bend, the effects of being touched by chaos. " OWWWW!!!" Cad Man screamed. The arm fell to the ground, still warping, but a new one took it's place. " I won't loose!" Cad Man said. He then focused on Max Man, with all his powers, and Max Man fell to the ground in order. " OWOWOOAOOAAHAHAHAOOO!!!" Max Man yelled in orderly pain. " So much organization, cannot handle!" Max Man yelled. " HAHAHAHAHHWJAAMWHAAHHA!!!" Cad Man laughed. " You win, I LOOSE!!! Wait a minute. Cancel that, I WIN, YOU LOOSE!!! There we go, that sounds about right. Now to add the finishing touches: MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!" Cad Man laughed. " Sir, the Cad Men, they are warping like flies!!! With each Cad Man warped, they warp into a Max Man!!! They cannot multiply that fast!" a minion said. " I see. Sina you go take care of Max Man." Sina nodded. " Britney, you take care of the new Max Men." Britney stood there. " DO IT!!!" Gates yelled. Britney stared at him, a rage building up in her. " Why should I?" she asked. " Because I commanded you to!" Gates yelled. Britney went close to Gates and yelled in his face: " You do not tell me what to do! WITHOUT ME, YOU ARE DEAD!!! And if I do not want to help you, I WILL NOT!!! MY ARMIES!!! ATTACK!!!" Britney screamed. Gates was caught by surprise. Britney hopped off of the Microsoft platform and fell. She was caught by her flying broom. She pressed a button, and stereos came out. She then took out her microphone and said: " From now on, YOU OBEY ME!!!" She said. She began singing. " AHHHHHH!!!!" Gates yelled, holding his ears. Although he was resistant, her voice still sucked. " DO YOU CALL BE A BAD SINGER!!!" Britney yelled. Uh no, that's just how the story goes. Besides I am the narrator! " Oh yeah. Oh well." Britney said. She continued to sing, and her armies swarmed both the rebels, and Microsoft.

" AHAHHAHHHAAA!!!" Cad Man yelled. " You loose, Me win, ORDER BETTER THAN CHAOS!!!" Cad Man said. Then from out of nowhere, Cad Man was hit by something. He looked behind him and saw a space warp coming near him, set on explode. " NOOOOOOOO!!!" Cad Man said. He closed his eyes, there was no way for his to dodge that type of warp. He expected to chaoticize in seconds, but nothing happened. He looked up and saw Sina with a gun in his hand: " Back off Max Man, leave Cad Man alone. Call off your forces, or you will die."

" AHHHH!!!" Rama, Greg, Adit, and Jonathan screamed. Nurdin was not there because he was still at the house with a door mark on his face. Yes I know, that is sllooooowwww!!! But this is my story!!! " Why is she singing!" Rama asked. " Probably to melt us into fan blobs!" Adit said. " Hehe, blob." Greg added. " I see. Well, I cannot take much more of this!" Jonathan said. " I will go up there and show that bit-, hey, I can swear can't I?" Jonathan asked. No you cannot, sorry, this is intended for a mature audience, and thus, no singing! " Awwwww, Fu- damn." Jonathan said. He jumped up very high somehow and landed of Britney's broom, and was followed shortly by the rest. " The game is over Spears!" Jonathan said. " It sure is! I won the game remember, I won in snakes and ladders!" Greg said. " WHAT??? What does that have anything to do with anything?" Adit asked. " Who are you?" Britney asked. " We are rebels!" they all replied. " Ah, OK. LAAAAAALALALALAAA!!!" Britney began to sing. Jonathan, Adit, Rama, and Greg fell down. Nurdin walked on some ground, above him chaos and order battling out. Then above him he heard some screams, he looked up, but it was too late. Jonathan, Adit, Rama and Greg were already flattening him.

" Sina, why are you doing this?" Max Man said. " I knew this doesn't feel right." Sina said. " But hey, you die now Max Man!" Cad Man smiled: " You see, he is no longer on your side. We converted him. AHHHHH!!!" Cad Man said realizing his mistake. " WHAT?" Sina asked. He quickly pointed the gun to Cad Man. The gun turned into a chaosaber. " I think it is time you surrendered Cad Man!" Sina said. " NO!" Gates yelled behind him. " I think it is time YOU surrendered! YOU SHALL NOT BE SPARED!!! YOU SHALL'NT!!! AHHAHAHAHAAAAAA!" Gates laughed, behind him, an army of flying windows.

" LAAAALAAAA!!!" Britney sang, " Oh this is tooooooo easy! Why I could make everyone my fans!" She said. " HAHAHAHHAHAA!!! LAAAAALAAAA LAALALALALALLALAALALAAA!!!"

" The Max Men, they overran the Cad Men!!!" Adit said removing his boot from Nurdin's face. " YEAH!!! GO CHAOS!!!" Rama said removing his boot from Nurdin's face. " Hey thanks Nurdin, you cushioned our fall!" Jonathan said. " Heehee, Nurdin is dead." Greg laughed. Everyone laughed, except for Nurdin, who was still alive. " Ow." Was all he said.

Sina walked into the Microsoft headquarters a second time. Cad Man was behind him, and Gates in front of him. The headquarters flew away from the battle site. " You know, you do not hate me." Gates said. " I HATE YOU!!!" Sina yelled, his arms tied behind his back. Gates raised his hand and inside it was Sina's chaosaber. " You are just jealous!" Gates laughed. " I HATE YOU!" " Nuh uh!" Gates mocked. " I DO!!!" " Nope." " I DO, I DO, I DO!!!" Sina yelled. " LIAR!!!" Gates said. Having enough, Sina kicked him Gates in the groin. " This is for the converters at my temples!" " OW!!! You know, had I not been wearing steel plated underwear, that would have hurt. During recent times, many people try to kick me, but I won't let them." Gates said. They walked inside a large room, with windows shaped as the actual Windows logo. The windows faced the battlefield. " Sina, I want you to see the defeat of your friends. Cad Man, see if you can stop Britney. If not, let her be, she is killing off the rebels for me." Gates said. Cad Man nodded, and walked out of the room. Gates walked around talking in a mockative voice. : " Guards, leave us." Gates said. The guards left. " Stare out these windows." Gates said. The rope around Sina's arms loosened and he broke free. " Good. I can feel it in you." Gates said. Sina stared out, and saw his friends being killed, a wave of rage filled him again. " You want this, don't you." Gates said in a chilling tone, pointing at the chaosaber. A converterapier came from his hands, prepared for any assault. " Take your chaotic weapon. STRIKE ME DOWN WITH ALL OF YOUR HATRED, AND YOUR JOURNEY TOWARDS THE DOS SIDE WILL BE COMPLETE!!!" Gates spat. Sina could feel anger in him. He could not take it anymore. He lunged at the saber, which flew itself into his hands. " DIE GATES!!! DIE!!!" Sina yelled. Gates' rapier came out, and the two hit their weapons hard, causing a blast of energy to fly out.

" We cannot hold them off!" Adit yelled. " Add more chaos!" Rama replied. Adit did that, and more chaos was added. The Cad Men were defeated briskly, but more came in a swarm. " Heehee, stalemate!" Greg said. " No, not when we are so close! Where is Sina, Max Man says we converted him back, WHERE IS MAX MAN?!?!?!" Rama asked. Adit replied " I don't know, but I don't like stalemates!"

::insert light saber sounds:: BZOOOOOM!!! BZAAAAAP!!! Sina and Gates were having a saber duel. Gates would win, for just attacking him, Sina had converted into the DOS side. " YES GOOD!!! Fight me to the death!" Gates said. " DIEDIEDIEDIE!" Sina said delivering another swing of his chaosaber. " Good, I can feel the hate swelling in you. There is no way you can WIN!" Gates swung the saber at him, and the chaosaber went flying. Gates took the opportunity, and pointed the converterapier at Sina. " You, like your rebels, are now CONVERTED!" Gates said. A bright light came out of the saber, and engulfed Sina. His mind, filling up with the memories of his life, minus the life, so in essence his mind filled with nothing. All his memories were wiped out. Nothing remained but blackness, and the blinking cursor beside the DOS prompt C:\Sina\Converted.