A short time ago in a galaxy right here… War Of Chaos!!! Episode 7: The Windows Menace

:: insert Star wars music:: After the assault by the Cad Men, and the return of Max Man and the big battle between Cad Man and Max Man, Sina returns back to his old self, and prevents Cad Man from killing Max Man. Taking advantage, Gates takes Sina hostage into his headquarters. After long mockeries, Gates consumes Sina with hatred, and the two have a battle. But what Sina does not know, is that it is a plot to convert him. When the battle is over, there is a new ally for Gates, a permanent ally!!! With the rebels once again being outnumbered, it seems like a victory for Gates, and Cad Man. And perhaps Britney Spears who has gone mad with power… (THAT WAS SHORT, WAS IT NOT???)

" Stop Rama!" Adit yelled. " I have to get in there!" Rama yelled back. " Sina is in trouble, I must save him." " Why?" " The script says so!!!" Rama replied. " Oh yeah. Aw man, in this scene I get hurt! EH, lets make a few minor changes to the story..."

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" Heehee, mule." Sina said. " Yes it is a mule." Adit replied. " AND WHAT A MULE!!! IT IS STANDING ON ITS HIND LEGS!!!!" Greg added. " But also on its front legs!" Jonathan said. " BOH!!!" Greg said. " Man, look at that mule go!!! HEY GATES, LOOK AT THIS!!!" Sina yelled. Bill Gates walked by. " Yes sir?" Gates said. " Get us all some food! NOW!!!" " Very good sir. Right away sir!" Gates said. " Wait a minute, that is to drastic of a change." Adit said. He took out the eraser and erased that. Jfklsad;jfdlkfjdaglkhgldhgjdlkhfdkfhdfhal;hlkdsfjdlkfjdlkadjglksjlkjglkdsjglkdjglkdjsklgjalgkdj;glkasg………

Back to the normal story… Several years later…

::Insert Darth Vader Music here:: NOT HERE!!! UP THERE!!!! " What is thy bidding, master?" Narf Gator said. " Go to Toronto, which is where we are now, so you don't have to go there. Look for the ones called Adit, Rama, Greg, and Jonathan. I want you to destroy them." Bill Gates said in his new cloak. " As you wish, master." Gator said walking away. Gator wore a dark black suit, with a helmet. To the temples, there was a windows sign. Gator turned around and walked away. Gates smiled: " The rebels shall fall. Commander-" Gates said tapping his Com Link. " Yes sir?" a voice said. " Is my Death Converter ready?" " No sir, however our people are working on it as fast as they can." " Not fast enough. Have it finished by tomorrow. I want the universe to be mine by that time!" Gates said.

" Max Man!!!" Adit said. " Yes, I am!" Max Man said. " Well, if you were not, I would not have said that." " No you wouldn't have." Max Man replied. Adit and Max Man stared at each other for several moments. " Heeheee, a staring game!" Greg said. " What's going on here?" Nurdin said. " HEEHEE!!!" Greg replied. " Get out of here ya rooster!" Jonathan said. " I think I shall stay!" Nurdin said. From out of nowhere, a cow fell on Nurdin. Jonathan looked up and said: " Thank you!"

Gator flew in his shuttle to the last known location of the rebels. He got out of the ship, and walked inside a building in ruins. He could make out the letters: " He Woodlands." Something in his sparked, and faded as he walked in. " STOP RIGHT THERE!" A woman said behind him. Gator turned around. " A rebel piece of scum I see!" Gator said with delight. " Get out of here!" the woman said. " What is thy name?" Gator said staring into her bulgy eyes. " Gadzalla. Who are you?" Gator smiled (which was not visible since he was wearing a helmet like Darth Vader's. " I am the last thing you shall ever see, REBEL!!!" Gator raised his fingers, and made a C with them. Then he brought down the mouths until his finger touched. Gadzalla fell down in pain. It was the force. THE WINDOWS FORCE!!! Gadzalla would covert, or die. " Join us now." " NEVER!!!" " Then you shall die!" Gadzalla choked under the force, and collapse on the floor. Gator looked down and walked past her. " There will be no survivors here!"

Rama ran faster and faster, (on a treadmill) with no clue as to where he was going, but the script said he would get there, and thus he ran. He could make out the outline of Microsoft in the background. It was like a desert from Star Wars. The ground was laid to waste after the war with the Cad Men. He wondered. His friend was taken several years ago by the evil Emperor Gates and taken to a building. He wondered what happened to Sina. He had heard rumors that he was killed by someone named Gator. Adit came up behind him. " Yes, I can still see the outline." Adit said. It was several years after Rama had tried to save Sina, and lost his way. Rama, Adit, Jonathan, and Greg (not Nurdin because for several years he was buried by a cow) and several rebels had made bases in the ruined city. The Cad armies and Spears armies had moved along to different countries, and had taken over half the world. However, there was still armies of windows here, and with Gates, there would be rebels. They would have an attack soon. Clipit-D-2 came up behind them. Clipit bleeped. " I know Clipit." Rama said. " We cannot continue this for much longer. Sooner or later, Emperor Gates shall wipe us out. I only wonder why we are allowed to live. Clipit beeped. " Maybe." Rama replied. D-4 thio came up behind them both. " Ah clipit! Where have you been, you clattering clank!" The golden robot said. " RRRORORORORORA!!!" Chewing Gum roared behind them all. " Calm down Chewing!" Adit said. " ROOOOOAR!" Chewing roared. " Ok, sorry. What we need to do is think of a plan. Soon I sense the emperor will attack." Rama said. " When this happens, we must fend ourselves. WE are the only rebel resistance left." " ROOOOAR!!!" " Oh shut up Chewing!" D-4thio said. Chewing came up to the golden robot and roared. " I am sorry Master Rama, but he is getting annoying!" " Hey, he is my friend!" Adit said. " I know. Please tell him to stand aside." 4thio said. Adit moved his hand, and Chewing moved back. " I can now breathe!" 4thio said. Holy One Pinoki came up behind them. " Hello my sons." Holy One Pinoki was the name Larry Ellison used now. Ever since his defeat with Gates, he changed his name to hide shame. " Hello, Holy One." Adit said. " Still thinking to the future?" Pinoki asked. " I am master." Rama said. " Think about the present, there will be time for that later. You must concentrate, feel the Mac within you. Listen to those voices." " I will master." Rama said. " I sense you wish to save your long lost friend. He was murdered." " I know master." Rama said. " Why do you seek him?" Holy One asked. " I can sense him near. I never felt his presence go away. His chaos is too powerful to be missed, I am surprised you cannot feel him." " I can." " Why did you say he was murdered??" " Because Ben Kanobi said that!" " Well you are not him Pinoki!" Rama said. Holy one lowered his head: " I know. Rama, have you considered getting your training with Yoga?" " No master. I see no need for his training when I have you." Rama said. " Yoga is fluent in the ways of the Doors. The doors are the only blockout of windows, which is dark." " Master, I trust you more." Rama said. " Child, there will be a time, when I no longer am. You must seek his help then." Pinpki said. " I shall, master." Rama said. At that time Jonathan ran up to them, covered in sand. " Jonathan, what news do you have?" Adit asked. " Is master Greg all right?" 4thio asked. " He is well. Rama, Holy One, I have gotten news. Bill Gates is preparing to move his headquarters!" Jonathan said. " To where?" Rama asked. " To Germany. We have our attack ready, we can overthrow them. Should they move, we cannot beat them. We must cut off their propulsion!" Jonathan said. " I see. Then when they are unable to move, we attack!" Greg said walking up to them. " Yes. That is the plan." Jonathan said. " I feel a great disturbance in the Doors." Holy One said. " I feel it too. Perhaps this is not a good idea?" Rama asked. " We must proceed." Holy One replied grimly.

Gator was finished with his work at the ruined school, and was now headed towards a small carpool carrying several rebels. His ship landed right infront of them. " HEY MAN, GET OUTTAH THE WAY!!!" A rebel said. " We are on a mere mission of peace. We trade supplies." A woman said. Gator recognized the woman, it was Princess Peon. " Gator, let us through, the emperor does not see us as enemies." Peon said. " My master sees all rebels as enemies. It is not you I wish. It is your companion droid, Clipit." Gator said. " He is not with us." Peon said. " Do not provoke me. That little droid has several of my masters' plans, we must have it!" Gator yelled. " I told you, we do not have Clipit!" Peon yelled back. " Tell me where he is!" Gator yelled. " I will not!" Peon said. " Very well then. For this lack of information, your friends will die." Gator said. He raised his hands, and the rebels fell down in pain. " Stop it!" Peon said. The rebels squirmed in pain as Peon watched. The squirming stopped. Peon began to wheep. " Now Princess, you must come with me." Gator said. Peon made a jump away, right into Gator's ship. " Now that was dumb of me." Peon said. " It sure was." Gator said. He slammed the door shut, and took the princess to see Gates. The droid and the war would be theirs.

" We have stolen a functional flying windows. Using it, you must sneak into the Microsoft Headquarters and cut off their propulsion. With that gone, we shall begin the attack." Jonathan said. " Very well." Holy One said. Several minutes later, they were all piling up into the flying window. " Ewww, converted rebels!" Greg said looking inside. " We must adapt to them." Pinoki said. " Ai." Rama said. They walked in. Clipit beeped. " What do you mean someone is touching me?" 4thio asked. " ROOOOAR!" Chewing roared. " I see. I feel your pain Clipit!" 4thio said. " Here we all go!" Jonathan said. The flying window flew away, towards the Microsoft Headquarters.

When they arrived, they were careful not to be detected. They all walked towards the propultion unit. " It should be around here." Rama said. Clipit beeped. The whole time, Holy One did not speak. " Holy one, what is it?" Rama asked. " I can feel a disturbance in the doors. Someone, or something is nearby."

In a room right beside that… " You shall remain here!" Gator yelled. " NOOOOO!!!" Peon said. " This is too DOS like! I cannot stand it! I will die!" Peon said. " That is the point. Tell us the location of your rebel fleet!" Gator said. " NEVER!!!" Peon screamed. Gator stepped outside, and the door closed behind him, leaving Peon in there alone. " I can see it." Rama said. " Right over here! The unit, I FOUND IT!!! Wonder why it is so lightly guarded." " Perhaps they sent most of their forces to Germany." Adit said. " Hmmm, maybe." Rama said. Holy One slowly walked away. " Holy One, where are you going?" Greg asked. " I must see something. I must see something!" Holy One said, running now. " OK." Rama said. " Come home before it gets dark."

" Where have I felt this before?" Pinoki thought to himself. " There is chaos here. The doors are disrupted here. Far too disrupted. Either the emperor is here, or." Holy One stopped. In front of him stood Gator. " Narf Gator. We meet again." Pinoki said. " Indeed we do. However, this shall be the last time we meet!" Gator said. He lunged at Pinoki, who took out his chaosaber. Gator took out his Converterapier. The two weapons slashed each other. " It was foolish of you to come here." Gator said. " I never give up!" Pinoki said. They slashed again. Right around here, Rama and the rest came up and saw the two fighting. " Go my rebels! I shall keep him busy!" Pinoki said. " But we can't leave you here!" Rama said. " YOU MUST!!!" Pinoki said dodging the converterapier. The rest of the rebels ran inside the ship, all except for Rama who continued to stare at his master fighting with the dreaded Narf Gator. " Master Rama, do hurry, snow troopers are headed this way!" 4thio yelled. Rama stared still. Then he heard a voice in his head: " Rama, do not forget, when I am gone, seek Yoga. May the doors be with you." And then, Gator sliced his converterapier through Pinoki's neck, and his clock fell. There was no one there. " NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Rama yelled. He felt Chewing's hand grabbing his. "YOU MONSTER!!!" Rama yelled. " heehee, mule." Greg said. " I WILL GET YOU GATOR!!!" Rama yelled being dragged away. Gator stared at Rama, something in his sparked but faded once again. The flying window flew out of the Microsoft headquarters, and headed home. With their propultion systems down, the rebels would attack, and win. But what about Holy One Pinoki. He sacrificed himself to save them. His words went through Rama's mind: " Use the doors. They are the good of the windows. Do not corrupt yourself with the windows. Seek out Yoga when I am gone, he will guide you in the ways of the doors." Rama stood up and startled everyone else: " I MUST SEEK YOGA!!!" Rama said. The flying window with the rebels went back to their base. And in a dark room, Bill Gates watched as the rebels ran away. " Run for now my pawns, the time of accession is at hand… My wrath shall arrive, NO ONE WILL BE SPARED, NO ONE!!! MWHAHAAHHAHAAHHA!!!"