A short time ago in a galaxy right here…

War of Chaos!!!

Episode 10: Converted Clones!

:: Insert Star Wars Music ::

After Rama is trained by Yoga, and the rebels prepare their assault on the Microsoft Headquarters, Rama dispatches to confront Gator and finish him once and for all. Arriving, Gator is well prepared for him, and takes him to his emperor Gates, who tells him that the rebel surprise attack will fail.

Meanwhile the unsuspecting rebels enter hyper speed, and begin the attack on the Microsoft Headquarters only to find that the Death Converter being built is actually functioning!

Back with the emperor, Gates peruses Rama to join the DOS side, and after much mockery, Rama unleashes his saber, and attacks Gates, only to be blocked by Gator. The battle goes on, and outside, the rebels find a weakness in the Headquarters.

The fight rages on between Gator and Rama, and finally Rama unleashes a wave of anger, nearly destroying Gator, and converting him to the DOS side. Realizing this, he throws away his weapon. Seeing that Rama cannot be converted, Gates unleashes the Windows force on Rama, causing him to go into pain. Seeing this, the DOS influence over Sina disappears, and Sina pies Bill Gates, just in time to save Rama. The Death Converter is destroyed, and Sina, Rama, and princess Peon are beamed up to the rebel ships, just in time to watch the Microsoft headquarters retreat!

A celebration is in progress and the rebels celebrate, but in the Microsoft Headquarters, Bill Gates begins his next phase, of conversion…

:: Insert Darth Vader Music::

Cad Man and Britney Spears walked in and saw Gates sitting in his chair thinking…

" Gates! Success! Europe is now ours!!! The German resistance was useless, and we swarmed them easily!" Cad Man said.

" And I sang, and sang, and sang, and made sooooo many new fans!!!" Britney laughed.

" What is the matter? You do not seem overjoyed by our success." Cad Man said.

Gates stood up and looked to the Canadian border, which was not visible. " We failed to conquer Canada. Far too many of our people died, and my weapon was destroyed. I was also PIED BY SINA!!! NO I AM NOT OVERJOYED!!! I NEARLY LOST EVERYTHING!!! However, I do have another plan." Gates smiled.

" What would that be?" Spears asked.

Gates pressed a button on his watch, and from behind him a large object appeared. " Do you see this? This is my Clone Converter! What it does, is that it creates clones of everyone on this planet, only they are conversions! That mean, a converted group of rebels which will obey me!" Gates said.

" And I suppose, no one shall be spared?" Cad Man said raising an eyebrow.

" Quite right Cad Man. NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED!!! NO ONE!!!!"

" Ya know, that is getting old!" Spears said. " Get a new thing to say!!!"

" NEVER!!! It is my way of victory! It has never brought me ad luck!" Gates said.

Spears shook her head, and began reading out a list of failures.

" OK, OK!!! SHUTUP!!!" Gates said. " But this time, I will not fail!!! With these converted clones, I can take over the world! MWHAAHHAHAHAHA!!!"

Rama walked into the rebel meeting room where Sina was sitting staring out the window.

" We received word from the Germans, they have lost! Europe was conquered by Cad Man and Britney Spears." Rama said. " I’m sorry."

" Don’t be. I have my sorrys too! Rama, I sense something bad is about to be happening. Soon, I feel that our resistance will fall." Sina said.

" Ah yes, I have felt a disturbance in the doors as well. I can see the future you know!" Rama said.

" Really? Tell me then, who is going to win the next Superbowl?" Sina asked.

" The Toronto Maple Leafs!" Rama replied.

" But they play hockey!"

" I know." Rama said. There was a moment of confused awkwardness between the two before Rama continued: " Well, I must leave now."

Sina nodded. Rama walked out of the room, and Sina resumed staring out the window. Then suddenly something caught his eye. There was a bright light coming from somewhere, and it was closing on them!

Sina ran out the door, and onto the sensor place where Greg, Adit, Jonathan, Rama (and not Nurdin, since he was still being shredded by the Ewaks) were.

" Sina, there seems to be something coming from Seattle!" Adit said.

" Gates!" Sina said. " What is it?"

" I’m not sure. But it will have contact with us in several seconds!" Jonathan said.

" Everyone DUCK!!!" Everyone hit the deck except for Greg.

" Where? All I can see is a rooster being eaten!" Greg said.

Rama raised his hand, and grabbed Greg’s collar and pulled him down.

" Ah, you meant duck!" Greg said.

" DUCK??? WHERE???" Rama said standing up?

" DUCK???" Adit said.

" A DUCK??? HERE??? WHERE???" Sina said standing up.

" DUNNO!!!" Rama said. " Greg said there was a duck."

" Well I don’t see a duck. I see a rooster though." Adit said pointing at Nurdin.

" I see. Hmmmmm, this is a mystery!!! A GHOST DUCK!!!" Jonathan said.

" GHOST DUCK!!! AHHHHHH!!!" Rama yelled. " WERE ALL GONNA DIE!!!"

Everyone ran around like crazy with their hands on their heads. Then suddenly their terrified screams were silence by the white light overwhelming them, and walking away.

" AHHHHH!!!!" Rama said.

" What was that?" Sina asked.

" Hmmmm, some sort of beam of light!" Adit said.

" Well, DUH!!! What did it do?" Sina asked.

" Well, not sure!" Adit said.

" OK!"

" OK!"

" Good, I’m glad we agree!"

" Me too!"

" What so you are copying my every thought?" Sina asked.

" Dunno, maybe YOU are copying MY thoughts!" Adit replied.

" Well I’m not!" Sina said.

" Neither am I!" Adit replied.

" That doesn’t make sense!!!"

" That doesn’t make sense!!!"

" That’s exactly what I said!!!" Sina said.

" It is!" Adit replied.

" IT IS!!!" Sina said.

" What, you are copying everything I say now?" Adit said annoyed.

" What, you are copying everything I say now?" Sina said annoyed.

" Yes you are!" Adit said.

" Yes you are!" Sina copied.

" Blah, Blah, BLAH!!!" Adit yelled.

" BLAH BLAH BLAH!!" Sina yelled back.

" Well, Sina is an idiot!" Adit said.

" Well Sina is an idiot!" Sina replied. " BOH!!!" Sina said realizing what he had just said.

" HAHA! Adit wins this round!" Adit said.

" Hehe, mule!" Greg said.

" I’m confused." Adit said.

" AHA!!! Greg wins this round!" Greg said.

" DOOOH!!!" Adit said.

" Yes, indeed." Jonathan said.

They all stared at each other with the same confused look for several hours.

Several hours later…

Nurdin came up to them and saw them staring and said: " Uh, shouldn’t we figure out what that light was?"

" QUIET ROOSTER!!!" Sina yelled.


" Cook him boys!" Greg said. Instantly the Ewaks appeared and ran after Nurdin.

" AHHHHH!!! NOT AGAIN!!!" Nurdin said running out of the room.

" There we go, now where were we?" Greg asked.

" Right here!" Rama said.

" I see." Greg said. The staring began once again…

Meanwhile at the Microsoft headquarters…

:: Insert Darth Vader Music::

" MWHAAHHAHAHA!!!" Gates laughed. " IT WORKED!!!" Gates said.

A Sina clone walked up to him, with chaos in him, only the chaos was being used for windows!!!

" Master Gates!!! When do we begin the attack on the rebels! I am anxious to meet myself, AND TEAR HIM TO BITS!!!" The Sina clone said.

" In time." Gates said. " But for now, shred Nurdin!" Gates said.

Sina looked behind him and saw Nurdin: " AH NO!!!" the Nurdin clone said. Sina took out his chaosaber, and ran after Nurdin.

" DIE DIE DIE ROOSTER!!!" Sina yelled running away.

A converted clone of Britney Spears walked in: " Now that was funny!" She said.

" It was m’dear." Gates said.

The real Britney Spears walked in, and saw herself, and gasped: " YOU!!!" She said taking out her microphone.

" YOU!!!" The clone replied, also taking out her microphone.

" I AM THE ONLY SPEARS HERE!!!" The real Britney said.

" True, BUT I AM 10 TIMES A BETTER SINGER THAN YOU!!!" The clone said.

" Uh oh!" Gates said realizing what was about to happen.

Both of the Spears began to sing, and the entire Headquarters began to shake.

" YOU IMBECILES!!! SHUT UP!!! YOU ARE WREKING MY BUILDING!!!" Gates yelled over their voices.

" She started it!" The clone said.

Gates shook his head, just as the clone Cad Man walked in, being followed by the real Cad Man.

" Master Gates!!!" The clone said: " He wishes to challenge me, BUT IM TOOOOOO TIRED!!!"

" Cad Man, we are all friends here now. All trying to stop the rebels! NO FIGHTING BETWEEN YOURSELVES!!!" Gates yelled feeling a bit like a parent.

" Sorry." The real Cad Man said.

The clone Cad Man laughed. Gates shook his head a second time and said: "All of you listen! We have an attack to begin! AND WE WILL BEGIN IT NOW!!!"

The Microsoft Headquarters began to float again, heading towards the Canadian border. This time, with the clones…

Adit ran and saw Sina: " Sina, the enemy is headed this way!!!"

" Again?" Sina sighed: " They know they will be destroyed this time!"

" I’m not sure, maybe Gates has gone crazy!" Adit said.

" He already was CRAZY!!!" Sina replied.

" Good point." Adit said.

" Yes it is."

" Good, I’m glad we agree."

" Me too."

" What, you are copying my thoughts now?" Adit asked.

" What, you are copying my thoughts now?" Sina asked.

" NO!!! NOT THIS AGAIN!!!" Adit yelled. Sina realized what was soon to begin and nodded. They walked to the main bridge of the rebel base, where Rama, Jonathan, and Greg awaited them.

" They will cross the border in several minutes." Jonathan said.

" With that army?" Sina asked, looking at the tiny army.

" Apparently!" Greg said.

" Gates has really lost it this time!" Sina said.

" Yeah." Adit agreed. Sina and Adit looked at each other again, and gave each other the evil eye:

" What, we agree again?" Sina said.

" It seems we do!" Adit replied.

" COPY CAT!!!" Sina said.

" COPY CAT!!!" Adit said.

" POOPOO HEAD!!!" Sina yelled.

" POOPOO HEAD!!!" Adit yelled back.

" I AM AN IDIOT!!!" Sina said hoping Adit would copy.

" YES YOU ARE!!!" Adit said instead.

" BOH!!!" Sina said slamming his head on the chair.

" Haha, Adit wins this round!" Adit said.

The Headquarters stopped right on the border. Several hundred rebels came to meet the Microsoft Headquarters who was here on a clear suicide mission.

" Stop right here!" Sina said looking at the massive headquarters.

" YEAH RIGHT HERE!!!" Adit said.

Sina looked at Adit, who replied: " YOU COPIED MY IDEA!!!"


" YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!" Adit yelled.

" YES I AM!!!" Sina said. " BOOOOHHHHHHH!!!" Sina yelled.

" Haha, another victory for Adit!" Adit said.

A voice from the headquarters said: " We will not surrender." It was Gates.

" YOU MUST!!!" Sina said. " Or we will destroy you!"

" NEVER!!!" Gates said. As he said that, Sina and Adit heard some strange voices coming from inside the headquarters:

" Are you copying me now???" one voice said.

" I THINK YOU ARE COPYING ME!!!" another one said.

" I THINK YOU ARE COPYING ME!!!" the first said.

" BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!" The second one said.

" BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!" the first replied.

" Adit is an idiot!" The second said.

" Adit is an idiot." The first replied. " DOH!!!" the first said.

" Haha, Sina wins this round!" the voice said.

Adit, Sina, and the rest of the rebels gasped at what they just heard. It could not be possible. But it clearly was. CLONES!!!

Just then, the Microsoft Headquarters opened up like one of those Micro Machine toys, and thousands of cloned rebels poured out…