A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Ten: The Chair is Dropped Again…

A Prefect walked down the stage stairs and tripped…He fell and crashed right on an angered Rama. " What the hell are you doing ya little freak?" Rama yelled getting up and stomping past the Prefect.

" I beg your pardon sir?" The Prefect said a little annoyed.

" I said WHAT THE HELL ARE YA DOING YA LITTLE FREAK???" Rama yelled again.

" Yeah, I know that but I meant in as a sense of HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A LITTLE FREAK…" The Prefect replied.

" Ah, I see…understood…well then…good day to you sir." Rama said walking away. The Prefect walked away and coughed slightly.

" THAT’S IT!" Rama yelled and ran back trampling the Prefect and starting to punch at him furiously.

" WHY! WHY WAS I PROGRAMED TO FEEL PAIN???" The Prefect yelled.

" Ill take my anger out on you!!! TAKE THIS!!! AND THAT!" Rama yelled continuing to punch the Prefect. At this moment the Prefect spun around to reveal the face of an angered Aaron.

" Aaron?" Rama yelled stopping the punches.

" That’s my name, now get off me Rama…" Aaron said.

Rama thought for a moment, and then thought about how Nurdin was on his head and started punching Aaron again.

" HEY! Leave our kind alone man!" A Prefect said walking closer to Rama and pushing him aside.

" EH! Don’t push Rama!" Adit said pushing back the second Prefect.

" OH THAT’S IT! You wanna take this outside?" The First Prefect yelled raising his fists.

" Nope. Too cold." Adit said.

" True…as you wish…inside then." The Second Prefect said.

" Inside it is…" Adit said.

" Quite true…" The first Prefect said.

Adit, and Rama stared at Aaron and the second Prefect for several moments and suddenly Roddy came in and whispered to Aaron,

" Rama said you stink." He quickly ran over to Rama and said, " Aaron said you smell." Like a herd of trampling elephants, chaos erupted in the caf once again.

Rama and Aaron lunged at one another sending once again the fury of the Prefects and the normals off the scale. From out of nowhere, the flurry of Vultures and Birds once again started their battle overhead and the caf burst into chaos.

As the herd of elephants (yes they were real) stomped through the caf led by an angry Jimbo, the bird fight and fist fight below caused an almost cartoonish scene to occur, much like the old Batman movies with the POW, and BAM!

Roddy ran through the caf swinging the caf tables around his head hitting people around him and the caf turned into a flurry of feathers, hamburgers, feet, hands, legs, feathers, arms, eyes, tables, chairs and a variety of other non-Disney products.

Cad Man stared at the little ASCII character and started to smile…his smile turned into a grin, and followed by a variety of laughters: " WNAHAHAHAZZHAHAHSAHAHHAHABAHAAHAHA!! That puny thing is gonna try and beat me??? Well go right ahead!" Cad Man laughed.

Jon grinned and said, " Procedure start_fight…" The little Turing Man flew towards Cad Man and hit Cad Man hard sending him into the chinese restaurant once again.


Cad Man got up slightly shocked at what had just happened. He extended his hands and aimed a ball of Cad order directly at Turing Man.

" Procedure_vanish_and_reappear!" Jon yelled. Turing Man vanished and reappeared behind Cad Man. Cad Man spun around and started to fling his line like arms at Turing Man. Turing Man flew around like a fly unable to be swatted and mocking the swatter at every turn.

" Stand still you piece of Turing code!" Cad Man said angrily as he tried to swat Turing Man. Jon stood cross armed and grinning at the fight that his character was winning.

At that very moment Britney Spears came out of Zellers and said, " Uh, Cad Man, your Visa thingy is expired so I couldn’t buy the mall…I see you have your hands full right now."

" YOU!" Jon yelled spinning around with disgust.

" Yes me, now what do YOU want?" Britney said stuffing her face with a Toblerone bar.

" I want you to leave now and never come back here…don’t you have to be at a concert right now?" Jon asked.

" Nope, reruns…" Britney said very calmly. Jon made that utter sound of confusion and turned around to see the battle. Turing Man was dodging every single one of Cad Man’s attacks with ease and Jon said,

" Procedure, AI_intelligence…" At that moment, Turing Man’s eyes lit up and the smile grew even more.

" CANT CATCH ME YOU FAT LARD!" Turing Man spoke.

" WHAT THE!!! HOW DARE YOU CALL ME A FAT LARD!!! I MAY BE FAT, AND I MAY BE LARD BUT I AM NOT A PORNO STAR!!!" Cad Man paused and hung his head for a moment while Turing Man floated laughing. " YOU LITTLE ASCII!!! ILL KICK YOUR ASCII!!!" Cad Man closed his eyes and suddenly multiple copies of himself appeared. " AHA! Lets see you get out of this!"

Turing Man laughed, " Pfft…I did that one in my first compiler…now to see my for x:1..y loop where y is a huge number…" At that moment Turing Man split up into several dozen copies of himself and he continued to multiply. Cad Man stared in horror as he and his copies were surrounded by hundreds of small smiley faces.

" NO!" Cad Man yelled in utter anger. " U WILL NOT WIN!" Cad Man closed his eyes and used all of his strength to delete the many Turing Men. For every one that was destroyed, 32 more took its place and pretty soon the mall was filled with happy faces.

Jibran walked into the mall and was bombarded by several happy faces. Using his god-like abilities, Jibran blasted away most of the Turing men blocking his way. The cleared the way and saw that Cad Man was trying to fight several happy faces. There was a pink thing and a black thing watching the battle.

" So…That Bitch Spears and that jacket wearing Jon…"

Jon spun around and his eyes glowed with anger, " IT’S A TRENCH COAT!" He stopped to face Jibran. " So Jibran, at last we meet."

" Yes, the last time we met was several episodes ago, but for the sake of argument I will say yes… I see you have created a Cad equal." Jibran said walking very slowly towards Jon.

" He is far superior to Cad in every way." Jon said proudly keeping his eyes fixed on Jibran. At that moment a hand shoved some melted chocolate in his face.

" Did you want some?" Britney asked. Jon pushed away the crap and said, "Jibran, you will know that you will fail."

" I know that you will fail." Jibran said with utter confidence.

" We shall see." From out of his trenchcoat, a black light saber thingy came out. Jon pressed the button and the laser version of a black Kitana appeared. Jibran removed his Prefect cloak and took out his light saber and activated it. The awsome powers of Fruit to Go flowed through the saber and Jibran swung it in the air.

" I guess this means I should step back now?" Britney said…she walked off into the Chinese restaurant. Jibran and Jon stared at one another for several moments before they lunged at one another, blades flashing in the mall…

" MY HAIR IS ON FIRE!" Rama yelled running around. Then he realized that Nurdin was on his head at the time and pointed out that it was him burning.

" IM ON FIRE!" Nurdin yelled flying off of Rama’s head trying to put out the fire. " Stop drop and roll." Nurdin said to himself. He stopped, dropped and rolled. Unfortunatly, there was some car fuel on the table at the time and the fire got even worse. Nevertheless, Nurdin continued to roll in it making the fire worse.

" BODY SLAM!" Adit yelled falling once again on the chaotic caf below. At that moment, a herd of sheep ran through the caf chased after one of the lunch room ladies with a meat-cleaver. For no apparent reason, the lunch lady stopped for a moment, kicked the flaming Nurdin before proceeding.

" Hehe." The lunch lady laughed. And she ran after the sheep. The fire that Nurdin was on started to flame even wilder and the chaos was engulfed into flames. Being good burning things, the feathers floating around immediately caught fire. The caf was bombarded by the falling feathers like a bunch of fire-flies on hyper kill mode, or like small comets crashing below.

A rooster ran by and yelled, " THE SKY IS FALLING!!! THE SKY IS FALLING!" At that moment the rooster heard,

" COUSIN BILL! GET A BUCKET OF WATER AND SAVE ME!" It was the voice of the flaming Nurdin.

" Save you? SUCKS TO YOU, AND YOUR ASS-MAR!" The rooster ran out the caf flying away very difficulty.

At that very moment, the water sprinklers went off. Some idiot had filled the water tanks with kerosene and thus, bad things and massive Boom occurred. From a flying duck’s point of view, a mushroom cloud appeared over the Woodlands school as the school erupted in flames, chaos and insanity.

" Fast as fast can be…you will never catch me!" Turing Man yelled. Cad Man continued to swing rapidly at Turing Man but could not hit him one single time. Turing Man was far too fast, the delay on Turing Man must have been near 0!!! Cad Man on the other hand had a delay of (4000) (or 4 seconds) making him a bit slower…or a lot slower!

Britney Spears ate some sushi as she watched a bright flash of light and a bright flash of un-light collide. Jibran and Jon rammed their sabers at one another causing black and fruit to engulf the mall. Each time their weapons hit, a loud crackling sound was made.

" You know you cannot win." Jibran said.

Jon clutched onto his Kitana furiously, " I know I can and WILL WIN!"

Due to the chaos is the fabric of this story, things started to happen. A Wheel of Fortune spun for no reason by the hand of an elephant. A cow ran through the mall, falling into a meat processor. The fabric of space was starting to bend slightly every time their weapons hit.

" Look at them…like two crazy freaks." Britney said.

" YOU DO NOT INSULT MY RESTAURANT!" The Chinese man said.

" I wasn’t insulting your restaurant." Britney replied.

" YOU INSULTING MY RESTAURANT! OH! YOU VERY VERY BAD MAN! NO RICE FOR YOU!" The man swooped in and took Britney’s rice. Britney ignored the missing rice and went at the sushi with her chopsticks, she missed and they went into her eyes…

Jon and Jibran continued to slash at one another with their weapons of mass destruction. Both of their swords could be advertised as the best bread cutters in the world and sold for 29.95, but this was not the case and they were not being used to cut bread, but to cut one another.

" DIE!" Jibran yelled.

" YOU FIRST!" Jon yelled back swinging his Kitana to block the Fruit to Go powered sword Jibran had. Using the opportunity, Jon punched Jibran in the face and Jibran went flying. When he got up, there was a red glow around him.

" YOU DO NOT KICK ME! I AM LORD OF ALL!!! THOU SHALL NOT KICK ME!!!" Jibran aimed his palms at Jon and blasted a ball of energy at him. Instinctively, Jon swooped up his Kitana to block the ball but the ball hit the Kitana and caused it to go flying right into the Chinese Restaurant.


Jon was left without a Kitana and Jibran was drawing closer and closer. Thinking quickly, Jon said, " MY GOD, BEHIND YOU!" Jibran foolishly looked behind him and this gave Jon enough time to run. When Jibran turned around, he saw Jon was there. Using his godlike powers, Jibran appeared in front of Jon. " No one leaves…"

" How did you do that?" Jon asked in bewilderment.

" You don’t ask dumb question…" Jibran said in a cold tone. Then he aimed his palms directly at Jon and prepared to fire a ball of his godlike fruity abilities. " Now you die!" Jibran blasted the ball of energy, but before it could hit Jon, a smiley face jumped in the way and got hit.

" Turing Man!" Jon yelled running back. Turing Man was slightly damaged as he said, " Using last available memory to save us both…" And with that Jon and Turing Man vanished back inside the Comp.Sci room (which was intact despite the fact that a mushroom cloud like explosion had just occurred in the school).

Cad Man and Jibran grinned and said, " Now for scaring away the people here." Jibran and Cad Man started to walk into Zellers to try on a variety of merchendise, food and several other non-Disney related products.

Britney Spears hid behind a chair and when she saw they were gone ran out the mall doors. " Jibran has gone mad with power…I must get back to the school and assemble an army of fans to defeat Jibran." Then she noticed that there was a large mushroom cloud in the sky coming from where Woodlands was. A bird like thing landed just in front of her croaking,

" Stop….Drop…Roll…" Ignoring the bird, Spears ran towards the chaotic, mushroom clouded, big exploded due to fire school.