A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Eleven: Over the Edge

::insert Planet of the Apes music::

" AHHHH DIEE DIE DIE!!!" Roddy yelled running through the caf swinging a table over his head as he was accustomed to. Several Prefect’s tripped under him and he trampled on like a ravenous beast. On the other side of the caf, a balded Nurdin fought off a group of vultures in a game for survival.

Adit, like the others was also influence by the momentary chaos and was slapping, kicking, punching and laughing (with his laughter jar) at the Prefects who were attacking them. He poked a Prefect right in the eyes and the Prefect fell down in pain. Adit stood proudly over the pained body, " HAHA! ADIT WINS THIS ROUND!" At that moment, 3 Prefects lunged at him and brought him down crashing onto the ground.

The Woodlands grounds were on fire due to the mushroom cloud (not edible) that had formed over the school due to recent idiotic mixtures of fire and kerosene. The cloud was still visible overhead and was continuing to fly. Not only was there chaos in the caf, and all around the school, but also outside the school. There was a baseball game occuring between several baseball bats and soccer balls…the bats were beating the soccer balls…litteraly. The force of chaos had overwhelmed each and every sector of the area. As the grass burnt outside the school, the outline of Jon and the injured Turing man appeared.

Turing man’s ASCII head collapsed on the ground and his cheerful eyes turned into that of two x’s. He had taken a beating from Jibran’s amazing power. Jon stared with a tear in his eye at the code that had saved his life. He stood up and made fists,

" I VOW TO GET MY REVENGE! For saving my life, I owe Turing Man a life…I MUST FIND A WAY TO DECODE REFMAN (the ultimate command file help for Turing) and save Turing Man’s life!" Jon picked up the near dead Turing code and walked inside the doors (actually, it was a hole in the wall) of the school, ignoring all the chaos and fighting, in an effort to save a friend’s life…

::insert Darth Vader Music::

" BWAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAH!" Jibran laughed, his shadow covering the burning mall. " WBAH! This mall proved to be a very interesting target practice!" Cad Man started to laugh as well,

" Yes, quite! Did you see the look on their faces when I wedgied them???" Jibran gave Cad Man a very uncomfortable look and said,

" Everything is falling into place…BWAH! First Westdale…SOON THE WORLD! WBAHAHA!! I have gone supreme mad with power…LIKE THAT ALBER SCHWIETZER GUY!!! HAHA!" Jibran floated out of the roof of the mall (which had been blasted away) and stared at the city of Mississauga for his next target, " Hmmm, I wonder what Loblaws is like this time of year?" Jibran asked.

" I wouldn’t know…but I hear they have flowers!" Cad Man said. Jibran shrugged and at that moment a Prefect yelled from below,

" LORD JIBRAN! Something has happened!" Jibran floated down to the Prefect’s level and moved his hand signaling the puny inferior Prefect to continue,

" My Lord, SINA HAS ESCAPED!" Due to his godlike abilities, Jibran’s hand was already knowing of this knowledge and was already on a collision course for the Prefect’s face.

" MY HAND KNOWS!" SLAP! The hand hit the Prefect hard. " I cannot believe that you idiots couldn’t keep him there…next you are going to say that Sina’s mortal enemy Bill Gates saved his life!"

" Actually sir…" The Prefect began but being most knowing now Jibran slapped the Prefect again.

" What is this world coming to? Well then, there is no time to spare! NO TIME SHALL BE SPARED!!! NO TIME!!! I must proceed to the last Fruit to Go factory and destroy the remaining Fruit to Go. I cannot allow Sina to eat Fruit to Go and go all mumbo godly on me…" Jibran floated up in the air and Cad Man asked,

" What should I do?"

Jibran thought for a moment and said, " Go to MacDonalds and get me a milkshake or something…" Cad Man nodded and Jibran flew as fast as he could to the very last Fruit to Go factory located in Square One…Jibran mumbled to himself, " With Sina’s escape, it appears I am back to Square One." And he was, literally.

" What the hell happened?!?" An outraged Max Man yelled upon seeing the broken Turing Man.

" Jibran is what happened…he did this…MAX MAN! Log me into the computers, I want to try and hack into the REFMAN file for the Turing Command System. It is the only way to save Turing’s life. I think I owe Turing that." Jon said sincerely.

Max Man paused for a moment and said, " But no one has ever cracked the code…many have tried, and have become obsessed! And some even went crazy and were sent to the nut house for the insanely interesting!"

Jon thought for a moment, " SINA TRIED TO CRACK REFMAN???"

" No! He was sent there on account of Jibran’s tyranny." Max Man corrected.

" Ah yes…Now I remember." Turing Man’s face flickered in and out of reality as his compiler was starting to break down. Jon cracked his knuckles and sat down at the computer and started to type in a variety of Turing codes to try and hack into REFMAN. He sighed and said, " Turing Man doesn’t have a long time to live…I have to fix his compiler…not much time…" Turing Man flickered in and out of existence once more but his mouth started to move slightly,

" I…am…sorry…for failure to absorb Jibran energy." Turing Man said gasping for a code of air. " I…didn’t…think I needed to…to…do anything more…I had to save your life…"

" Thank you Turing…I will never forget this." Jon said hiding the tears in his eyes.

" Leave me…save school…defeat Jibby…me dead…you go now. No save me you can." Turing Man said. He flickered a bit more violently before continuing, " What a jip…I don’t get a cool death like Yoda did…"

Jibran arrived at the Fruit to Go factory where several Fruit to Go machines were pumping out the stuff. Jibran grinned and aimed his palms at the building. Blasting a massive ball of energy at the building, it erupted into flames at the exact moment Jibran erupted into laughter,

" BWAHAHAHAHHA!!! NO FRUIT SHALL BE SPARED!!! NO FRUIT!!! Now we see who has the preservatives…WBAHAHAHHAHA!" The building exploded in a fury of smoke and Jibran stared at the smoke that smelt like fruit for several moment inhaling the stuff. " Ah yes…the smell of the burning Fruit…of burning Sina’s last hopes for defeating me…and of course…the smell of victory…"

What Jibran didn’t know was that there was a large truck of manure right below him blowing the smell into his nostrils…

Sina could see a mushroom cloud near by. It was exactly over the location of where his school should be. He became worried for a moment. Then he turned to Gates and realized that he had been flying for 2 episodes:

" Hey, I never knew you could fly." Sina said.

" I cant." Gates replied. That was all the answer Sina needed…he didn’t want to ask what the hell it meant cause it wouldn’t make any sense. They arrived at the school and saw through the windows that chaos had erupted. They could also see fighting on the roof of the school between Prefects with light sabers, and students with butter knives…they were evenly matched.

" My god…leave for half an entire story and you come back to find this. WHAT THE HELL WILL THE INSURANCE COMPANIES THINK!?!??!" Sina yelled. At that very moment, Britney Spears crawled up behind them. Sensing the presence of her, Sina spun around and aimed his palms at her.

" OI! Don’t shoot! Please! I hate Jibran too!" Britney said raising her hands. Sina didn’t fire any energy at her.

" I see…if you hate Jibran, then I suppose we stand on equal grounds." Sina said.

" OTHER THAN THE FACT THAT IM 294328 TIMES RICHER THAN YOU!! BWAHAHHWAHWHAHA!!! !HAHAHHAHAH…ummm…sorry about that…HAHAH!" Britney said coughing slightly.

They all turned to see the school in utter chaos and Sina made fists. " NO ONE CAN CAUSE CHAOS IN MY SCHOOL BUT ME!!! This time, Jibran has gone too far!" Under Sina’s eyes were that of crazy anger for spending so much time in his cell being fed nothing but boots and shoe laces…and if he was lucky, a box of kleenex. He had suffered too much in there. The only thought he had keeping him alive in the dark nights was: " MUST KILL JIBBY, MUST KILL JIBBY!" that though kept him going for the entire year he was away. And now, the pain he felt was at last coming out.

" He steals my fruit to go, and I fall back. He ignores my Twix Bar and I fall back. HE TAKES OVER THE SCHOOL, SENDING ME AWAY TO SOME NUT HOUSE FOR SOME INSANELY INTERESTING PEOPLE, CAUSING A FLURRY OF VULTURES TO INVADE THE SCHOOL AND I FALL BACK!!! The line must be drawn HERE!!! THIS FAR!!! NO FURTHER!!! And I will make him pay for what he has DONE!!!"

Bill Gates and Britney Spears looked at one another and stepped back in fear of what Sina had just said. Then Sina took out a piece of chalk and drew a line. " THE LINE HAS BEEN DRAWN!!! MARK MY WORDS JIBRAN WHEREVER YOU ARE!!! I WILL DESTROY YOU!"

" No you wont…" A tiny voice said.

" Yes I will." Sina said again.

" wont…" The voice said in a near vanish. Using his temporary Fruit to Go powers, Sina listened carefully to where the sound had come from.

" MY GOD!! THE FRUIT TO GO FACTORY!!! TO THE SINA MOBILE!" Sina said raising his finger.

" You mean lets walk?" Gates asked.

Sina hung his head in shame, " Yes. BUT FIRST, I SENSE JON! LETS FIND HIM IN THE COMP SCI ROOM!" Realizing that there was no point in using a door that didn’t exist, Sina blasted another hole through the walls of the school and walked into the Comp Scie room.

Jon looked up for a moment sensing something. It was the presence of Sina. He typed faster and faster as fast as fast as he fast could in an attempt to save Turing man who was now flickering much more frequently now. The code was disintegrating… Turing Man would die…

" Hey Jon." The voice of Sina said.

" Cant talk, saving Turing Man’s life to get vengeance on Jibby." Jon said in one second. Sina shook his head in confusion and walked to the ASCII character.

" My god…Jibran did this to you?" Sina felt his eyes covered in tears and he looked up into the light (of the school lamps) and said, " NOW YOU HAVE DONE IT JIBBY!!! NOW YOU WILL DIE!!! NOW OFF TO THE FRUIT TO GO FACTORY!!!" Sina and the others flew out the window, and foolishly walked the rest of the way to the factory. The whole time, Sina’s left eye was twitching with rage…

Sina and Britney and Bill arrived at the Fruit to Go factory. Sina could say nothing. He could do nothing. All he could do (which contradicts my previous sentence) was stare at the horror in front of him.

There lay in front of him (forward, not backwards, not forwards, but always twirling, TWIRLING TOWARDS FREEDOM) the burning building of the Fruit to Go factory. It was shaped like a Statue of Liberty, much like in Planet of the Apes, Sina fell to his knees and yelled,

" YOU MANIACS!!! YOU BLEW IT UP!!! DAMN YOU!!!! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!" And with that he burst into sobs. Bill and Britney came around him and picked him up.

" It is all right, we will find a way." Britney said.

" I LOST THE MAP!!! WE CANT FIND ANOTHER WAY!" Sina yelled with rage.

Gates shook his head and walked away stepping on a burning wrapper and making a crumpling sound. Sina immediately stopped crying recognizing the sound.

" Wait…I know that sound!" Pushing Gates out of the way (he fell into a ditch again) Sina picked up the burning wrapper. It was Fruit to Go…strawberry flavor, his favorite flavor of them all. He stared at it burning and made a fist. Hatred took over his mind clouding him of all other possibilities.

" Strawberry has fallen…" Sina said quietly. Gates and Spears stepped back because they could see a glow appearing around Sina. " That was my favorite flavor of them all…" The glow became brighter and brighter. " And now…" brighter, " NO MORE!" Sina yelled. He stared at the wrapped and the glow around him became brighter. His black hair started to turn golden…much like in the cartoons…


" NO MORE! NO MORE!!! NO MORE!!! THAT’S IT!!! I HAVE BLODDY HAD IT!!! NOW YOU WILL DIE JIBBY!!! BLAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! I WILL GET MY REVENGE ON YOU USING THE LAST BREATH IN MY LUNGS, THE LAST PUMP OF BLOOD AND THE LAST BREATH IN MY LUNGS…wait already said that…the point is, THIS TIME YOU HAVE GONE TOO FAR!!!" The glow around Sina started to explode in a Fruity color of hate as Sina’s hair turned brighter and brighter.

It went from dark brown, to brown, to red, to yellow, to pink, to neon (for some odd reason) and at the final cry of vengeance to a glowing yellowish gold. His hair erupted into the golden curls he had as Sina, LORD OF ALL, Age 2-3 (ITS TRUE!!! I DID HAVE GOLDEN CURLS!!!)…he had finally been pushed over the edge…