A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Twelve: Merger

Sina stood in front of Gates and Spears, glowing with energy and golden curls. His hands were in fists, his dark hair now glowing yellow with curls (like a Super Saiyan with a bad hair day). Spears and Gates stared as shards of rock flew around Sina in confusion and being unable to resist being picked up by Sina’s new found power.

" Well…Looks like I did it." Sina said at long last. " It appears someone finally crossed that line I warn people not to cross…you know that line where I say, DO NOT CROSS OR U WILL BE SORRY??? Well, Jibby crossed it…and now…" Sina looked at his glowing hands and nodded approvingly, " This will have to do…now if you will excuse me, I have to crush Jibby." Sina said.

Sina flew up into the air causing a large crater to be made as he flew higher and higher into the air. Moments later, Britney and Bill followed along. Flying through the air, the newly powered up Sina and his former enemies made their way to the school. Despite the fact that he was now very powerful, Sina could not help dispose of the thought of, " No fruit to go…my power will not last long…"

Jibran had decided to do a little shopping before he returned to the school so he walked around Square One looking for things he may like to purchase (which to him was steal). He walked into the Bulk Food market and stuck his hand inside the large bucket of chocolate almonds.

" Mmmm…chocolatey!" Jibran said with his mouth full. He continued going around to every box and eating large samples of everything in the Bulk Food place. A young teenager with pimples walked up to him and said,

" Uh…sir…are you going to pay for that?"

" Do you want to die?" Jibran said glaring at the kid.

" Uh….I have to ask my manager about that…" The boy said walking backwards and away from Jibran. He ran into a little room but before he could, Jibran blasted the kid to kingdom come.

" Stupid kid…when will kids learn?" Jibran said to himself.

" OI!!! YOU STUPID KID! GET OUT OF MY STORE!" A large, fat, balding man said running out with a pitchfork. " Get out of my store, OR PAY FOR WHAT YOU HAVE EATEN!"

Jibran laughed, " Nope…don’t think I will be doing that."

The balding man shook his fist, " GRRR…DON’T TOY WITH ME! Now pay up, OR GET OUT!"

" Nope…" Jibran said helping himself to another handful of chocolate almonds.

" DON’T MAKE ME GET THE HOSE!" The man yelled. This caught Jibran’s attention.

" The hose? What is this hose you speak of? If it is a kind of hose I don’t want it!"

The man looked around confused slightly, " Ummm…don’t think it is a hose…WAIT A MINUTE!!! YOU TRY TO CONFUSE! Get out NOW!!! DON’T MAKE ME CALL SECURITY!" The man said pointing at a doorway with a phone inside it.

" I would love to see you fit through that doorway…FATTY! WBAHA!" Jibran laughed pointing at the man. The man shook with anger and said,

" JUST WATCH ME!" With full force, the man ran towards the doorway…as Jibran had predicted he was too large for the doorway and got stuck. His arms flailed wildly as he tried to reach the phone. Jibran took the pitchfork and started to poke the man’s behind.

" HA! How do you like that? HUH! Take this!" Jibran said poking the man rather hard. The man screamed in agony and embarrassment and said,

" Please…have mercy…I beg of you!" Jibran started to laugh and turned around to a man behind him,

" YOU! Keep poking him like this…" Jibran said handing the pitchfork to the man. Having nothing better to do, the man did as Jibran told him to, and poked the balding manager over and over again…

Turing Man was doing much worse, his flickering had become very fast now and he was outputting many syntax messages. Every odd second, another syntax error came out of the dying Turing bringing him one more step closer to total decompiling.

" Jon, give it up…REFMAN is purposely coded so NO ONE can break it. I think the best thing to do is to just-"

" I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!! TURING WILL NOT DIE! I made a vow, AND I WILL KEEP IT!!! Besides, I am close…" Jon said typing furiously on the keyboard. On his screen was the OOT screen with the code Jon was typing to access the REFMAN file being displayed on it.

Jon ran the program for running REFMAN once again and yelled, " BLAST THIS THING! WHY WONT IT WORK?" Jon started typing some more faster and faster. Every so often, he would look over his shoulder to see what state Turing Man was in. Every time he did so, Turing Man looked much worse.

" Jon, you have to give it up."

" I SHALL NOT!!!" Jon had been typing for a long time and was getting fed up with the error messages. He ran the program one last time and saw that it didn’t work. He yelled, " NO!!! DAMN YOU STUPID MACHINE!!!" Jon slammed his fists on the keyboard and something happened. The buttons he had pressed were that of the exact buttons required to press to activate the REFMAN, on the run window Jon saw,

" Running REFMAN…please wait…" After several moments, a new window opened and a bright light shone out of the computer. Like a light from heaven, the light shone on Jon and filled the entire room. Jon stared with awe at the bright light and repeated the title he was seeing on the screen,


Sina arrived at the school once again and stared at the school with a kind of fierce determination. At that moment, a Prefect fell from the roof. " This is a PG rated story, so we cannot show the Prefect splattering all over the Woodlands sidewalk…" Sina said. He pointed a finger at the Prefect and he slowed down and landed softly on the ground.

Sina stared at the caf and the chaos within it. He shook his head and said, " I think it is time I tested out my new powers." He made fists, and the glow around him increased dramatically. Without hesitation, Sina flew into the caf windows smashing them and entering the chaos filled caf.

Birds flew everywhere, Prefects and normals fought for control and Sina floated in the middle of all the chaos, his arms crossed on his chest in a pose of scanning the area. His face showed very little emotion and he realized that his emotions were not that of dark ones filled with hate.

" BELLY FLOP!" Sina heard Adit say from above. Darting himself to the left, Sina barely avoided getting hit by Adit. Adit stopped midway, waved and said,

" Oh, hi Sina…good to see you back…nice hair!" And with that he continued to fall down and landed on several Prefects. He had done this several times and he was now an expert at falling on the Prefects. " OH YES! TAKE THAT!" Adit yelled. Several Prefects came and lifted Adit up and threw him away.

To the left as far as Sina could see, a group of Prefects were spinning around. Then Sina realized they were standing on a spinning table being spun by Roddy. He frowned and said, " This will not do." Pointing a finger at a random Prefect, Sina flung the Prefect aside the caf with a simple movement of his finger. " Hehe, man fall down…funny." Sina said. He pointed all 10 of his fingers at 10 Prefects and flung them aside the room also.

He started to laugh slightly as he saw the scale of his newfound powers. They were amazing! He could lift nearly whatever he wanted just by pointing at it an moving his fingers! It was like he was using the dark side of the force. " WBAH! THIS IS TOO MUCH FUN!" Sina said blasting energy out of his hands and vapourizing two Prefects.

Several Prefects lunged at him with their light sabers drawn. With a flick of the wrist, the Prefects were flung aside and Sina yawned, " Pitiful…I THINK IT IS TIME FOR A LITTLE RIDE!" Sina closed his eyes and concentrated at all the Prefects. Suddenly the caf went quiet as all the Prefects were lifted from the ground and thrown in one corner. " BWAHAHAHHA!" Sina laughed floating high above all.

Rama stared up and shook his head, " He is going mad with power…like Jibran…my god."

" WBAHAHAHA!" Sina continued to laugh flinging Prefect’s here and there. And after several moments he stopped. " Well, now I know my power. I must test it out on a less pitiful adversary…JIBBY!"

" OI!!! You calling us pitiful?" The Prefects yelled.

" Yes I am…NOW STAY IN YOUR CORNER!" At that moment, Sina saw a bright light coming from the halls. He floated down and walked out of the caf. Moments later, the caf erupted into chaos once again.

Turing man floated in thin air revived and looking better than ever. He had started to tap dance on the table (which was difficult since he didn’t have legs). " I FEEL LIKE IM INVINCIBLE AGAIN!" Turing Man yelled.

" I am just glad that you are OK now…I thought we may have lost your code without saving forever…" Jon said remembering how hard he strived to save Turing Man. And now, REFMAN was open and revealing the secrets of Turing to Jon. The monitor displayed a bright light and suddenly the bright light was covered by another bright light making a REALLY BRIGHT LIGHT!

" SINA!" Jon yelled seeing Sina floating in the doorway. " Whats with the curls?"

" Jibran pushed me over the edge." Sina said. Jon knew what this meant,

" Wow, of all people, I thought it would be MacFarlane, NOT JIBRAN! But you can be surprised what you can live through…" John said.

" YEAH!" Turing man added, " LIKE I JUST LIVED THROUGH DEATH!" Jon stared at Turing Man and then back to the screen. He scrolled down the REFMAN like a kid in a candy store, staring at awe at what it had to offer.

" YOU HACKED INTO REFMAN?" Sina asked surprised.

" Yep…that’s how I saved Turing’s life…now all I need is something to- WAIT!!! THIS IS IT!" Jon said stopping at the screen. It was on page 4378 of 10000 in the M section. It was a command that had the syntax code as follows:

merger: (name of first variable, name of second variable, name of third)

save complete merger to variable name.

Jon had a grin on his face as he typed: var Jon: Woodlands Student

Var Turing Man: Turing Program. The variables were set and Max Man said with much glee in his voice, " My god…I see what you are trying to do."

Jon smiled, " Cad Man wont stand a chance once I’m through…" And then he typed var JonTur: Ultimate being of all codes and syntaxes. Sina grinned as well. Turing man smiled…soon it would be done.

" I think it is time we had a little merger…" Jon said.

He typed the final things needed for the program to be complete: merger (Jon, Turing Man)

Save complete merger: JonTur. And with that he pressed control R to run the program. A bright light engulfed the room and the entire school. From the space station MIR, the light was visible.

" WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?" A Russian astronaught asked in his own language.

" Dagnammit, I left the light to my house on again!" The second replied. The light became brighter and brighter engulfing the entire planet for a brief second…and then it died down…

" I CANT SEE!" Roddy yelled.

" Take your hands off your eyes…" Adit said.

" Ah…that’s better! What the hell was that bright light?"

" I dunno, but I am sensing something great! YES!!! ADIT WINS THIS ROUND!" Adit yelled raising his arms in victory.

The Prefects gathered around each other in a large cloaked huddle, " I don’t like this energy I am sensing…it could be what Cad Man warned us about…"

" If that is the case," replied the other Prefect, " Then we have more to worry about…"

Jibran was in Square One when he saw the light and he gasped as he realized the thing it meant. " NO!!! SOMEONE HACKED INTO A TREMENDOUS AMOUNT OF ENERGY!!! AND IT WASN’T ME!!! BLAST!" He flew out of the mall headed straight for the school.

Cad Man saw the light when he was in MacDonalds. As if something came over him, he dropped his milkshake and the one he had bought for Jibran (which he had already consumed) and fell to the floor as his mind was filled with pain for a brief moment.

" No…" Cad Man said quietly. " It can’t be!" Without hesitation, Cad Man flew right out the door of Macdonalds headed towards the school. Something very big had just happened, and he wanted to find out what it was.

Britney and Bill stared at the school and Britney asked, " What the heck was that?"

Bill Gates smiled and said, " It was Turing for Windows…someone finally did something extraordinary with my operating system…" He smiled…Windows had been worth all the PC’s crashing over and over again.

The light faded from the Com Tech room and Sina floated in the room staring at JonTur. He had Jon’s trenchcoat, Turing Man’s eyes and mouth, and there was a glow of bright energy surrounding him. Jon and Turing man had at last merged…a new and powerful ally had been formed. It was brief moments later that upon sensing his own power and the power he had in the world around him that Jon started to chuckle…his chuckle turned into a burst of laughter.

Realizing that Jon had now reached a new level of existance and that they all now stood a chance against Jibran, Sina too joined into the laughter. In the Com Sci room, two powerful glowing figures laughed and laughed…soon Jibran would fall…