A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Thirteen: Confrontation

JonTur stood there, completed in the merger. There was some familiarity in his face (mainly because of the fact that he still was Jon and Turing Man…it’s a psychological thing). He stared at his arms and grinned approvingly.

" This is very well done…" JonTur said, his voice filled with pride. " The only thing missing is my cool black hat!"

" Yeah, then that would top things off…GET IT??? TOP THINGS OFF!!" Sina said starting to laugh but then he realized it wasn’t that funny and he stopped. Max Man started dancing on the computer screen.

" YES!!! BWAH! Look at you! All coded up! I think we stand a chance against Jibran and Cad Man now." Max Man said flipping up and down the monitor.

JonTur looked at himself in the reflection of the monitor and smiled. " Only problem is, I cant blink considering my eyes are always open now due to Turing Man…"

" Oh well…" Sina said. They stared at one another planning something that would overpower Jibran.

" You know what would be cool?" JonTur asked.

" What?" Sina asked.

" Watch!" JonTur said. He seemed to stop moving for a moment and suddenly every single computer in the room flashed with the JonTur name flashing across the screen in a variety of pretty colours. If hippies weren't nearly extinct, they would feel right at home in the Comp Sci room right now. The colors were pretty.

" Pretty colors, no?" JonTur asked smiling.

Sina was about to nod when suddenly a fist came through the wall and got him hard in the face sending him flying through the walls.

" DON’T SAY IT LOOKS PRETTY!" An angered Jibran yelled floating through the hole. At that very moment, Cad Man appeared as well.

" Yes, if you say those colors look pretty I will have to hurt you!"

Sina got out of the wall (which was infested with bubble gum, the only thing holding the school together) and wiped away some dust from his eyes.

" Heh. You look dumb in that cloak." Sina said grinning.

" And you look dumb with that hairdo!" Jibran yelled back.

" Well, quite a job you have done on the city…A BLOW JOB!" Sina yelled pointing his finger at Jibran. " YOU REALLY SCREWED THIS CITY UP!"

" Well, its in a much better state now than when it was when you were here…and for the sake of the audience reading this story, please leave the subject if blowjo-"

" OK!!! YOU DON’T NEED TO ANNOUNCE IT TO THE WHOLE WORLD!!! JUST SAY LEAVE THE SUBJECT OF BLOW JOB OUT OF THIS!!!" Cad Man yelled. Everyone turned to look at Cad Man with an angry look on their face.

" Well anyhoo, this place is still mine." Jibran said.

" I doubt that foolish one! YOU DARE TAKE ON THE LORD OF ALL?" Sina yelled, the glow around him increasing.

" There is a new Lord of all…AND ITS ME!" Jibran yelled back increasing his glow as well (speaking of glowing, I wonder if this were ever made a movie, how many glow sticks would we buy from Wendy to get the glowing scenes in?).

" One way to settle this…" Sina said making a fist. Jibran did the same.

Cad Man and JonTur stared at one another, " I kinda feel left out…left kill each other!" Cad Man said.

" Agreed…but first," Something interesting started to happen. " merger, JONTUR, MAX MAN! Save complete Merger, MaxJonTUR!" Jon yelled. A bright glow came from the monitor and Max Man seemed to jump out of it like a cool 3D movie. Only, Max Man jumped right into JonTur's body creating a new kind of ultimate merger…now JonTur was even stronger…HE HAD REACHED THE MAX! MAXJONTUR!!! He stared at Cad Man who grinned,

" Fool, you are still no match for me…"

" I have matches…" Jon said grinning.

" WHAT THE??? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH ANYTHING?" Cad Man yelled with anger.

MaxJonTur grinned, " Everything…" He said. And with that, the battle began.

Britney and Bill were outside the school watching inside the caf as the fight went on. Prefects were still doing stuff and birds were flying around (yadee yaa..you get the point, you’ve only read about it 10000 times…). At that very moment, the second floor of Woodlands ripped off as Four being flew out of it.

The first two beings started blasting energy at one another causing a pretty display of fireworks to be made. The energies of Jibran and Sina collided providing entertainment for the people of Mississauga.

The other two beings floated in thin air staring at one another.

" What the hell are they doing?" Britney asked pointing at MaxJonTur and Cad Man. Gates replied, " They are compiling to their full potential…"

" Oh…I thought they were in love…" At that moment JonTur flew down and went SMACK SMACK to Britney.

" DON’T YOU EVER THINK THAT AGAIN!" MaxJonTur yelled. He flew up to Cad Man again and started recompiling again.

Sina and Jibran flew at one another yelling profanities (like poopoo head and stinky bum) at one another. Sina flung a ball of energy at Jibran who blocked it easily. Jibran replied by firing a ball of energy back to Sina, who absorbed it.

" Impressive…I am wondering something, if one Fruit to Go gave you this much power, doesn’t it frighten you that I had a God to Go?" Jibran asked floating.

Sina crossed his arms and grinned, " Actually, your destruction of the Fruit to Go factory did the trick…" Without hessitation (for about 10 seconds) Sina vanished and appeared directly in front of Jibran punching him in the face and causing Jibran to fall into the school caf breaking the walls.

" OI!!! Cant you see there is a bird/Prefect/normal fight in here?" Rama yelled at Jibran who had landed directly on the stage. Jibran got up a little annoyed at the fact that Sina had actually laid a punch on him and said,

" Quiet you…" He flew right up to where Sina was where they engaged in hand to hand combat.

" Mom, why are those two fist fighting in the middle of the air?" A kid asked.

" Because they are Woodland students gone mad with power Jimmy." The mother replied.

" Umm…my name is Billy…"

" Whatever." The mother replied.

" You cannot win Sina." Jibran said blasting another volley of blasts at Sina. Sina dodged most of them but was his by the last one. It hit him in the leg causing him to spiral out of control (like a spirograph) and crash into the Com Tech room.

At that very moment, Cad Man and MaxJonTur started their battles. Having fully compiled their powers, the two fought. Due to their tremendous powers, their fight was so fast, it was barely visible to the naked eye. The only thing that was evident of the fight was the occasional explosion somewhere up in the sky.

Sina stared up at the sky and saw them battling. He turned and looked directly below the battle when an angered Jibran flew right at him.

" NOOO!" Sina yelled. He grabbed hold of the closest object in the com tech room (which happened to be Mr. Gidley) and used him as a shield, vaporizing him…the vaporization was sloooow due to Mr. Gidley's physiology. Sina flew out of the Com Tech room flying away as fast as he could, Jibran suddenly appeared in front of him and they hit one another hard crashing into another part of the school.

" Jibran, get off my desk." Mr. Monetta said very bitterly. Jibran did as he was told and flew away looking for Sina. He was no where to be found.

" COME OUT AND FIGHT!" Jibran yelled.

He heard a calm voice behind him, " OK!" And with that Jibran was sent to the ground once again by Sina. Before he hit the actual ground, Jibran floated. " Oh…nearly got me a second time, now me MAD!"

" Yes you are mad, AS IN CRAZY!" Sina yelled laughing.

" WHY YOU LITTLE!" At that moment, Jibran morphed into an angry Homer Simpson and flew at Sina (who turned into Bart) and started choking him. As Sina struggled to break free, his eyes caught up with the battle MaxJonTur was having with Cad Man.

From Jon's point of view, the world around him was a load of code that he could manipulate. Cad Man seemed to be the only code he could not and he knew this because he had tried to hack into Cad Man but failed. Jon blasted a self executing ball of energy at Cad Man, who cut and paste himself in a different location.

" LOCATE MAXJONTUR behind CAD MAN!" Jon thought quickly. He vanished and appeared behind Cad Man. Cad Man spun around but Jon's hand of Turing was already headed for Cad Man's pointy nose. It hit it hard and missed at the same time.

" What the?" Jon said confused.

" I am two dimensional! BWAH! You cant lay a finger on me!" Cad Man laughed. Jon outstretched his arms and in them appeared a long line of code.

" Lets see you try this on for size…" Jon said as a line of code flashed in both hands. At that moment Cad Man took out a blouse and wore it…" Nope, too small." Cad Man said. " The size isnt right."

" QUIET!" MaxJonTur yelled blasting the line of code right at Cad Man. The code hit Cad Man hard and Cad Man flew through the air. The line of code started to wrap around him…it was a loop.

" BLAST YOU!" Cad Man said. Immediately he accessed the cut command and cut free of the loop. Jon fired another loop at Cad Man, but he vanished. Jon looked around in all directions where he spotted an old man, a chicken and several roosters…but no Cad Man.

Suddenly he sensed a huge source (code) of energy behind him and he spun around. A large line was flying towards his direction.

" PROCEDURE MATRIX!" Jon thought. And with that, time slowed down for him slightly. He bent his back just barely missing the line. The Procedure ended and Jon was unhurt.

" Why you little piece of…whats the coded equivalent of shit?" Cad Man asked.

" Umm…ASCII waste?" Jon replied.

Cad Man shrugged and said, " Fine, YOU LITTLE PIECE OF ASCII WASTE! Lets see you try and beat me now!" With that, a long copy and paste command appeared copying Cad Man many times…now Jon was outnumbered.

" Procedure clone!" Jon thought. And then, a for x loop appeared and placed Jon 1 unit beside himself (without clearing the other one) creating copies of himself. Now the sky was filled with Jons and Cad Man. At one quick second, they all collided creating a loud sonic boom. The sky erupted in a line of code sending the school flying in a tornado.

" Todo, I don’t think were in Kanzas anymore…" A girl asked upon seeing the school flying in the Tornado.

" I don’t think so either my dear Dorathy." The dog replied.

" What the hell? YOU CAN TALK?"

" Precisely…now I suggest we find a way out of this story before we are either decoded, or blasted away by Fruit. LETS FLY AWAY HOME!" The dog yelled. Dorathy and Todo (and a flock of geese) flew back to the story they belonged to…a black and white one…

" Is it me or am I getting dizzy?" Adit asked as the world spun under him.

" Nope…I am kinda dizzy too." A Prefect replied.

" Wow, my hand eye coordination is getting really bad! I can't see where I'm swinging the table!" Roddy said.

" Well, lets not let dizziness stop us from destroying one another!" Adit yelled.

" YES!" Everyone replied. And with that, they all lunged at one another and started fighting…and missing a hell of a lot too.

" TAKE THAT YOU PREFECT!" Rama yelled.

" OW! MY EYE!" Adit yelled.


" No, no, you hit me!" Adit yelled.

" Oh…KILL IT!!! KILL IT!" Rama yelled swinging another fist at Adit and hitting himself instead. All throughout the school people had become confused and punching themselves.

From out of nowhere, the city started to shake as Cadzilla appeared from out of nowhere along with King 3d studio max version 3.1 Kong (OK, so this name sucked). They too started fighting and causing havoc.

From the tornado spinning to the school, to the cosmic battles between Sina and Jibran, to the code induced battle of MaxJonTur and Cad Man, chaos was erupting all over the world as these mighty forces clashed.

As he fought, he suddenly heard Sina in his mind, " Jon! I cant keep this up! The power of my Fruit to Go is running out…I need some Fruit to Go!" At that moment, Sina got punched and crashed hard into the ground.

Jon looked around him as he tried to think of something to do. " Sina, I need you to keep Cad Man and Jibran busy for roughly 10 minutes! Can you do that?"

Sina flew up into the air and blasted energy at Jibran, " I cant try…but I will try to try! Just hurry up!" Sina yelled. At that moment, Jon vanished in a line of code.

" Cad Man, get your ASCII here right now and help me kill Sina!" Jibran yelled blasting a ball of energy at Sina. Sina took out a Fruity baseball bat and hit the ball sending it flying. " HOME RUN!"

At that moment, a house below him started to run away…He saw this, and then he saw Cad Man and Jibran closing in on them, both of them charging up with their energies. He closed his eyes, created a Fruity shield around him and blocked their energies, but he couldn’t keep this going for much longer…

MaxJonTur appeared outside the Twix to Go factory and grinned. He rubbed his chin as he examined the factory, spilling out many Twix to Go. Of course these twix to go would be useless, they were nothing compared to Fruit to Go.

" Procedure convert_twix_to_fruit." MaxJonTur said. And with that, the factory changed from the chocolate flavored walls into Fruit to Go as mass production of Fruit to Go began…

Back at Woodlands, Sina's shield had just been destroyed and he was being punched and kicked around like a soccer ball by the forces of Jibran and Cad Man. He tried to fight back, but they overwhelmed him and he was unable to do anything.

" LETS SEE HOW MUCH PAIN A SOCCER BALL CAN HANDLE!" Jibran yelled kicking Sina again.

" I believe that would be 23324 Joules of beating up…" A dog with glasses said.

" OH YOU SHUT UP!" Cad Man yelled changing the lines of the dog into that of a cows…the dog turned into a cow.

Time was running out…as the school spun in the tornado, as Sina was slowly being beaten to the death and as two gigantic monsters fought close to square one, as all of this was happening…umm…as all of this was happening…uhhh…AHA! YES! AS ALL OF THIS WAS HAPPENING, THIS EPISODE ENDED!!!