A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Fourteen: Ultimate Merger

" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!" Jibran laughed blasting Sina into the ground. Sina got up but before he could actually stand, Cad Man kicked him causing him to fall down.

" For the love of…" Sina said before falling. Jibran grinned and aimed his palms at Sina and blasted energy at him. The energy hit Sina and he collided with the walls of the school.

" That’s gonna hurt come morning…" Sina said. He closed his eyes, tapped into the last of this strength (actually, it was his inner spoon eating his remaining energy) and the glow around him returned. He had to keep Jibran and Cad Man busy until Jon got back. Flying up towards Jibran as fast as he could, Sina yelled,

" JIBRAN!!! WATCH OUT!" Jibran foolishly turned around (foolishly because Sina was warning Jibran of himself) and Sina punched Jibran in the face. Jibran didn’t even budge. Failing to give up, Sina continued punching Jibran.

" Take this! And that!" Jibran stared confused at what Sina was doing.

" What are you doing?" He asked.

" IM GIVING YOU THE THRASHING OF A LIFETIME!!! TAKE THIS!!! And…that…and…blast…I need air…" Sina said struggling. Jibran punched Sina down and he fell (it was a weak punch with his finger…just to show u how weak Sina is right now…). Sina landed hard on the ground and this time he couldn’t get up.

" I'm paralyzed…I just hope medical science can cure me…" Sina said struggling. Jibran laughed and said,

" Cad Man, what do you say to finishing this battle off?" Jibran asked. Cad Man nodded and Jibran replied, " Too bad…I want the pleasure of killing Sina. My rival for nearly three years, soon I will defeat him once and for all…" Jibran flew down to where Sina was laying helpless on the ground and aimed both his palms at him.

" Ironic…your fruit to go gave me this power…and now the power will kill you…BWAHAHAHWHAHWAHWHHAHAHW!" In Jibran's palms, Fruit to Go energy gathered as Jibran prepared for the final blow.

Adit was running as fast as he could in preparation for ramming a Prefect. The Prefect stood aside and Adit continued running and slammed into the window. Through the window, Adit saw to his horror that Jibran was about to finish Sina off. Just like in the movies, Adit bent on his knees, raised his right arm in a claw and yelled " NOOOO!!!!!!" Realizing this was a story and not yet a movie, Adit stopped and ran right into the window to save Sina.

" Hey everyone! I bet you cant jump out and lunge at Jibran!" Adit yelled.

" OH YEAH???" everyone in the caf yelled. Adit's reverse psychology worked and everyone ran out of the windows running towards Jibran.

Bill Gates was standing around doing nothing when he spotted a shiny object on the ground…" Ohhh! A Canadian penny!" He picked it up and held it in an embrace, "What is that, like .1 cents American?" He looked a bit dissapointed but he quickly added, " Ah well…itll become a fortune eventually." He was staring at it when suddenly he heard,

" BILL!!! THINK QUICK!" It was Britney dodging out of the way of the herd of Woodlands students running after Jibran. Having failed to graduate from Harvard, Gates could not think quickly and was trampled over. At the end of the herd, Roddy ran out and picked up the penny Gates had dropped. Gates gave a muffled grunt, and then collapsed.

Jon grinned as the conversion was complete. Wasting no time, he used, "procedure compress_fruit". With that, all of the fruit to go massed to form a god to go, much like Jibran's. The To Go product appeared in Jon's hand and Jon relocated himself back to the woodlands as fast as he could.

Sina stared in horror as the energy built up in Jibran's hand. Cad Man stood guard and made sure than no Woodlands students (specifically the students) got past him in an attempt to stop Jibran. Using a simple draw box command, Cad Man drew a box around the herd of Woodlands Students trapping them inside. Jibran grinned as his energy reached the maximum and he prepared to fire,

" See you in hell…CANDY BOY!!!" Jibran yelled. Jibran released his energy. At that very moment, a foot kicked Jibran hard in the face causing him to hit the school wall and miss aim his energy. The energy flew up into the air and hit Nurdin instead.

" Why…me?" Nurdin gasped as he fell. Cad Man immediately rushed to Jibran to see if he was OK. Jibran was OK.

" Are you OK?" Cad Man asked.

" DIDN’T YOU JUST READ THE LAST SENTENCE??? GET OFF ME!" Jibran yelled with anger.

Jon stood before Sina and handed Sina something that made Jibran's heart skip a couple of beats. He lunged at Jon just as he handed the God To Go to Sina.

" NOOOOOO!!!" Jibran yelled. His lunge was like in one of those slow motion thingies where things go slow. Jon handed the Fruit to Go and Sina grabbed it the moment Jibran lunged and collided with Jon.

Sina stared at the Fruit to Go and ate it…with the wrapper still on it. Suddenly the entire area started to flash with a blinding flash.

" MY EYES!!! I CANT SEE ANYTHING!" Roddy yelled.

" I thought I told you to remove your hands, from your eyes!" Adit yelled removing Roddy's hands. " AHHH!!! IM GOING BLIND NOW!!! TOO BRIGHT!" Roddy yelled.

" Will you stop staring into the sun!" Rama yelled irritated.

" Oh yeah…hehe." Roddy laughed nervously.

The light faded away and Sina stood before everyone floating in the air with a strawberry glow of Fruit surrounding him. His eyes opened and they were no longer filled with tiredness, they were filled with…YOU GUESSED IT!!! FRUIT TO GO!!!

" DAGNAMMIT!" Jibran yelled angrily. " CURRRRSSEEESSS!!!" At that moment he paused for a moment and said,

" How did you get that?"

Jon grinned and said," I think you should be more concerned with the boot mark I have imprinted on your face."

Jibran gritted his teeth and yelled, " CUUURRRSSSESS! I HATE THIS!!! NOW EVERYONE MUST DIE!! BWAHAHAH!" Jibran floated up into the air and made a futile attempt to blow up the school but Sina blocked it very easily (somehow).

" GET OUTAH MY WAY KID!" Jibran yelled. Sina floated directly in front of Jibran and flicked his nose,

" KID??? Speak for yourself!" At that moment Jibran lunged at Sina sending both of them crashing in the ground.

" OW!!! THAT HURT!" Jibran yelled.

" I bet it did." Sina said yawning admiring his re-found powers. Jibran floated up into the air and grinned,

" With you back to your full capacity, this will be more of a challenge!" Sina continued to float with the same expression of Fruit on his face.

" You know Jon, im getting kinda bored. Lets kill one another." Cad Man said. Jon nodded and the two of them started to compile once again.

Sina and Jibran floated ahead of one another staring into one another's Fruity eyes. With incredible speed, they flew at one another. Jibran lashed his fist at Sina who flew out of the way and kicked Jibran hard.

" I am faster than you now!" Sina said.

" NOOOOOO!!!" Jibran yelled with anger. He flew away as fast as he could.

" SO, you wanna race huh? TAKE THIS!" Sina flew after Jibran and lapped him several hundred times too. Jibran floated with anger in his eyes. Sina with amusement in his.

" You know…I think its time for a little pay back Jibby!" Sina said.


" But…I didn’t." Sina said. He shrugged and aimed his palms directly at Jibran. Jibran was for the first time in a long while filled with terror as he saw the renewed chaos in Sina's eyes.

" NOW YOU GO BOOOOOOOOMMM!!!" Sina yelled. He blasted the energy hitting Jibran hard in the face sending him flying away.

" LOOKS LIKE JIBBY's BLASTING OFF AGAIN!!!" He said as his voice faded away. Sina grinned and laughed.


He continued to watch as Cad Man and Jon battled using all of their abilities. Actually, he couldn’t see anything because his eyes were not accustomed to seeing code fly around so fast.

Jon was blasting code as fast as he could directly at Cad Man who was too slow to dodge them all.

" OI!" Cad Man yelled. " HOW COME HE IS FASTER NOW???"

Jon shook his head, " I just am…" Cad Man was beaten up pretty badly and no matter how hard he tried, he simply couldn’t lay a finger on Jon.

" This makes no sense…how is this possible?" Cad Man yelled. " JON BEHIND YOU!" Jon didn’t look behind him and that was his mistake. Cad Man teleported behind Jon and was about to kick him when Jon spun around and grabbed his foot.

" OI!!! HOW THE?? WHAT THE?? WHO DID WHAT TO THE WHEN NOW? OIII!!! THIS IS UNFAIR!" Cad Man yelled. Jon floated and started to yawn,

" BOOOOOOOOOORING!" Jon laughed. Cad Man erupted in anger.

" CUT AND DELETE!" A cursor flew at Jon and created a box around Jon, immediately trapping him. Cad Man laughed and deleted Jon. Then he started laughing even more. " BWAHHAH!! FOOL!!! HE IS DEAD!!! I AM THE ULTIMATE CODE!!! WBAHWAHAWHAHW!" Then Cad Man saw Sina still floating with no concern on his face. " What, arent you worried that your friend was just deleted?"

" Nope." Sina said grinning.


" I would…but he is right behind you!" Sina smiled. Cad Man spun around to have a boot imprinted on his face. He fell to the ground crashing hard.

Cad Man started to kick like a little baby, " ITS NOT FAIR!!! WAAAAAAAAAAH!!! UNFAIR!!! I don’t like this deal anymore! I am no longer the ultimate code!"

Jon floated to the ground and said, " Well, there is a way you could still win in this whole story."

With despirateness (new word I made up) in his eyes, Cad Man said, " HOW??? HOW DO I WIN??? Cheat??? Cry? HOW?!??"

" Merge with me." Jon said. " Together we will be the most powerful code in all of the universe!!!" Cad Man thought for a moment and said,

" You know what? Sure, what the hey, lets merge and bring Jibran to an end once and for all! TO THE CAD MOBILE!" Cad Man yelled.

" You mean, lets merge?" Jon asked.

" Exactly!" And with that, the two cosmic codes merged to form the ultimate Code Being…composed of the chaos and order of Cad Man, Max Man and the smiling face of Turing Man and his ability, and the ability of Jon's code wielding powers combining to form the ultimate element of code. IT was like one of those moments where a new element was discovered…soon Jon would be the ultimate code.

Jibran slammed his fists onto the ground very hard in utter defeat. He didn’t want to accept the fact that he had been defeated. He couldn’t have lost! There was no way he could have lost…and yet, he did loose. The whole concept of loosing angered Jibran. His Fruit to Go was weaker than the new Fruit of Sina, and there would be no way to overpower him.

Suddenly something caught Jibran's eye. The ground just beneith him had turned into Fruit to Go…but it was Fruit to Go designed specifically for him!!! Jibran stared at his hands with awe at what had just happened.

" I just…I just turned the ground around me to Fruit that only I can eat and gain energy from!!!" Then Jibran started to feel stronger as the Fruit absorbed itself inside Jibran. "BWHAHWHAWHAH!!! Look! I can turn anything into Fruit and absorb it!!! WBAHWHAHWAHWAH!!! NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED!!! NO ONE!!! NOW I AM INVINCIBLE!!! BWAHWHAWHAWHAWHHAWHAWHHAWHAWHWHAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAHW!!!! At this rate the story will be over in a few episodes…and I will come out victoriously!!!"

Jibran flew back to the school absorbing everything in his path making him stronger and stronger.

Sina fell from the sky just one meter. He felt the presence of Jibran…only to the power of FRUIT!!! JIBRAN HAD BECOME JIBRANFruit !!! Sina gasped at the power he felt.

" Hey, isnt that Jibby?" Adit yelled as he saw a bright figure fly overhead absorbing almost everything.

" MY EYES!" Roddy yelled.

Adit smacked Roddy on the head and said, " For the last time, OPEN YOUR EYES!!!"

Roddy did so and was blinded again…" OWWW!!! I NEEDED THOSE EYES!!! I ONLY HAVE THREE PAIRS LEFT!"

Jibran stood before Sina completely all powerful as Jon and Cad Man merged below. At this moment, the crazy nuts from the nut house arrived giving Sina the backup army he needed.

" Now you will die…" Jibran said.

And with that…the episode ended…ISNT IT FUNNY HOW SOMEONE ALWAYS SAYS YOU WILL DIE< and they never do? Well, that is due to the fact that this is rated C for children…of course I argue…THAT IT STANDS FOR CHAOS!!!