A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Fifteen: Countdown to the Destruction of All that Is and Isn't


" QUIET DOWN RODDY!" Adit yelled stopping Roddy who was running around frantically in circles. " I didn’t think Jibran could do that!" Adit said referring to the new absorbing powers Jibran had gained.

" I didn’t know I could do that either!" Jibran yelled from high above. " But now that I can, all that is shall become absorbed into me and I shall be the most powerful being in all of none! BWAHAHA!" Jibran yelled flailing his arms from side to side.

Sina floated cross armed in front of Jibran, " Wouldn’t you get bored in the world where everything was absorbed?"

" Yep, that’s the whole point…BORING NOTHINGNESS WILL REPLACE ALL THIS STUFF!!! The universe shall go back to the way it began…NOTHING!" Jibran yelled back absorbing a human down below. The human evapourated into Jibran's fingers. " Wow, I wonder what change of state that was…" Jibran said.

" I CAN ANSWER THAT!" A voice yelled from below.

Sina recognized the voice and said, " YOU AGAIN! I thought I left u in the nut house! OI! Get back in there MAAACFARLAN OR I WILL HURT YOU!"

" Well, the change of state is actually from a gas to liquid…"

" NO IT ISNT!!!" Mr. Lee yelled from somewhere else in the spinning school. "YOU OBVIOUSLY DIDN’T DO YOUR WORKS!!!" Sina sighed and blasted them both away.

" Jibran, you know you don’t stand a chance…"

" Oh, but I do…"






" DOES NOT…JOH!!!" Jibran yelled furiously. He aimed his hands at Sina who floated in the air smiling. Code Warrior (Jon) flew out behind Sina. He floated as a syntax sword of ultimate code…with eyes!

" We will take you down." Code Warrior said…actually, he didn’t say it, it was merely a put statement in everyone's mind. Jibran continued to laugh.

" AND YOU WILL FAIL IN DOING SO BUTTER KNIFE!" Jibran yelled back laughing at Jon's current state.

Code Warrior floated and his eyes narrowed, " You picked the wrong blade Jibby…" At that moment, Code Warrior vanished and the sky turned black, the color of Jon's trench coat.

" IT’S A JACKET!" Jibran yelled. The sky started to flicker with lightning and Code Warrior started to unleash his ultimate fury. Jibran floated with no concern on his face and continued to absorb the buildings and several people below him gaining more and more power. One dark bolt of syntax flashed from the sky. Jibran quickly turned around and absorbed it with ease. Several more bolts appeared and flew towards Jibran but he managed to absorb them all.

Down below, Gates searched the ground for his lens in a fit of frenzy. " I have to find my glasses…I was blind for a few episodes, ITS HELL!" Adit and the others stood directly under Jibran.

" My god, its like one of them movies…where the blob goes nuts and absorbs everything!" Adit said staring at Jibran.

" You mean The Blob Who Went Nuts and Absorbed Everything?" Roddy asked. Adit nodded.

" That’s what it was called…Speaking of crazy blobs absorbing everything, there is no way it seems that Jon can take on Jibran alone. SINA GET IN THERE AND HELP!" At that moment Sina got up from the floating couch and TV that he was enjoying and said,

" Oh yeah, I forgot there was a battle for the multiverse going on here…eh, I'll tape this episode…it’s a rerun anyway." Sina wiped his greasy chip hands on the couch and they vanished. He coughed and stared at Jibran,

" So…are you going to attack me first?" Sina asked yawning in deep boredom. "Because if you really wanna die quickly, just tell me and it shall be done." Sina paused for a moment awaiting Jibran's response. None came, " Very well, then you go squish now." Sina blasted a very large ball of energy at Jibran. The ball hit Jibran and smoke and dust surrounded him. " Idiot child…now you are dead…" Sina said laughing. The smoke cleared and Jibran still floated, the glow around his body more intense. " What? What a jip! Not even a scratch! Where's the script to this episode? I'm sure it says that Jibran is supposed to be dead now!"

Jibran's bored face turned into an evil grin. Sina stared at the grin with irritation and blasted several more balls of energy at Jibran. At that same time, Code Warrior unleashed a massive beam of syntax at Jibran. The energy seemed to fly towards Jibran, and then just vanish. Each time it vanished, the glow became more and more intense. Each time Jibran absorbed the energy, his grin became wider and wider.

" WHAT THE? WHAT IS THIS? You should be flat now! Pancake flat, BUGS BUNNY WHEN HIT BY AN ANVIL FLAT! Why are you getting fat, NOT FLAT?" Sina yelled with much annoyance in his voice. At that moment he snapped and flew at Jibran unleashing massive beams of energy capable of destroying the planet (or not). The beams hit Jibran square causing bright lights and bright things to develop. Code Warrior flashed back into his sword form and flew at Jibran blasting beams of delete commands.

Down below, the escaped people from the nut house finally arrived and stared high above at Sina and Code Warrior blast all they had at Jibran. Adit stared as thousands of people in strait jackets ran onto the scene. It was a very odd moment to suddenly be surrounded by people in white jackets, for Adit and for everyone else.

" We cant just sit here! We know that Jibran will absorb whatever they throw at him! It wont work! THEY WONT WIN! WE HAVE TO FIGHT!" Adit yelled. A light of heroism shone down on Adit, but it faded when Rama said,

" We cant fly." Adit hung his head.

" Were doomed." He said in a quiet sigh.

Sina floated tired as heck having blasted everything he had at Jibran. Code Warrior also showed some signs of fatigue. Both of them floated in thin air waiting to see signs of Jibran's destruction. To their horror, they saw that the glow around Jibran had been brightening the whole time.

" NONONONO! THIS BAD! OI!!!" Sina yelled slamming his head against a cloud. Code Warrior also said,

" This does not compute…what happen?"

Jibran's grin reached it's fullest and he chuckled as he said in a very evil and devious tone, " It begins…now." And with that, Jibran lunged at Sina and Code Warrior.

Gates found his lens and stared in the sky as Jibran blasted energy at Sina and Code Warrior who just barely dodged them. " I will not wait here while they suffer…Jibran must fall, TODAY!"

" You idiot, you cant do anything! You’re a lowlife like the rest of us, average and without billions of dollars and whats more, YOU CANT FLY!" Nurdin said flying in from nowhere.

Gates grinned, " Didn’t I?"

Rama shook his head, " NO YOU DIDN’T!"

Gates grinned even more, " I cant fly…" And with that he flew up into the air breaking the laws of Physics.

Somewhere further away, the sound of Mr. Shaikh was heard, " HOW CAN HE FLY??? BREAKS LAWS OF PHYSICS! NO!!!" At that moment, several fish markets appeared around him and Mr. Shaikh let out a cry of terror, " NOOOOOOOOO!!!"

" Well, if he can fly, I don’t see why we cant!" Roddy said. At that moment they all realized that they had been flying the whole time.

" Well, now that we can fly, LETS KICK SOME DESERT NOMAD BUTT!" Graham said appearing out of nowhere.

" I RESENT THAT MURDOCH!" Jibran yelled with anger. At that moment, every single Prefect, bird, vulture, human, student and crazy lunatic started to fly up into the air preparing an assault against Jibran.

As Jibran continued to punch and kick at Sina and Code Warrior (who were very tired and weakened) the other flew at Jibran in hopes of defeating him. Sina fell backwards but released a beam of energy hitting Jibran in the chest enough to send him towards Code Warrior who had shape shifted into a large clamp and held Jibran in place. The others flew right at Jibran ramming their heads against his gut in an attempt to hurt him.

" SHAMEFUL!" Jibran yelled. Nurdin flew up at Jibran and started to peck at him furiously, " THIS IS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DID TO ME!!!" Nurdin yelled defiantly.

" SHUT UP YOU STINK!" Jibran said angrily, and suddenly a large blasted of energy from the sky hit Code Warrior causing him to fall towards the ground. Jibran flew at Nurdin and grabbed him by the neck, " Time to eat chicken..." Jibran said evilly.

Nurdin's eyes were filled with terror, " ROOSTER!" He managed to yell.

" Whatever…" Jibran said. From out of nowhere a fork and knife appeared and everyone had to turn away as Jibran consumed Nurdin (absorbed).

" BIRDIN!" Sina yelled from above. He flew at Jibran with all his might as did everyone else. Down below, Code Warrior used the quick recompile procedure giving himself a bit more power. He too flew up shape shifted into a large boot.

" EAT LEATHER!" Code Warrior yelled. Jibran floated still as everyone flew right at him in spherical formation. With the simplest effort, Jibran released a massive energy shockwave that sent everyone away. And then the horror began. Code Warrior (in boot form may I add) missed Jibran. Jibran teleported behind and building and absorbed it. Then he vanished again and appeared right in front of a group of Prefects. The Prefects had time to cry once before they were absorbed. Jibran teleported here and there absorbing everything he could in one second and soon the skies became emptier and emptier.

Code Warrior morphed into a nuke and lunged at Jibran. Suddenly, Jibran vanished and appeared behind Code Warrior. Sina appeared behind Jibran and wanted to kick him but before he had the chance, Jibran spun around and absorbed Sina's shoes. Code Warrior flew at Jibran and ran Procedure_explode_many_times. The sky exploded in a violent display of color and boots.

" ACH! YA CALL THAT FIREWORKS?" A voice said somewhere else in the world. Code Warrior floated, very vanquished and saw that Jibran still remained. Everyone lunged at Jibran once again. Roddy flew at Jibran and flung a table at him. The table was absorbed and Roddy flew directly into Jibran's absorption path. Roddy was absorbed.

" RODDY!" Adit yelled. At that moment Mr. Shaikh yelled,

" HEY BOZOS! ATTACK AT ONCE! ON MY MARK! Roddy, set, GO!" At that moment everyone flew at Jibran once again. Sina flew at Jibran with his hands in a fist. The group coming at Jibran from the left was blasted away, and to everyone's horror, the group to the right was absorbed. Group by group people were absorbed and Jibran's power continued to increase. " WBAHWAHWHAHWAHWHA!" Jibran yelled.

Several moments later, the skies were dark and lightning struck the ground. The Earth started to shake as it evaporated into Jibran's arms. The entire planet was engulfed and absorbed effortlessly and every single life on the once living world was eaten up by the greedy and power hungry Jibran. Everything was absorbed except for Sina, Code Warrior, Adit, Rama, Gates and Spears and one slice of Pizza. The entire solar system had been engulfed. Those that remained were battered and beaten.

" No…the planet I worked so hard to corrupt!" Gates yelled.

" Yes, oh no plus whatever he said!" Spears yelled also.

" Yes and uh…oh no…NOOOO!!!" Was all Sina could say.

" What is this smack smack?" Code Warrior asked in pain.


" And in space no one can hear your laughter." Sina pointed out.

" " Jibran laughed. Everyone left gathered the last ounce of strength and flew at Jibran with all they had. Gates flew at Jibran and was about to punch him when Jibran grabbed Gates' fist and absorbed it. His body was not far behind.


" YOU MONSTER!" Spears yelled actually managing to punch Jibran. Jibran's right hand flung at out Spears but was kicked away by Code Warrior (boot mode). Sina flew in the way of Jibran and everyone else and started to punch Jibran hard in the face. Jibran showed no signs of discomfort as Sina (who's curly hair still acted as a light source) punched with everything he had.

Code Warrior flew at Jibran and kicked him hard in the face with his boot leaving a large Bootprint on Jibran's right cheek. Jibran spun around blasted Code Warrior away. Spears and Rama and Adit flew at Jibran but he grinned and their lives ended in a flurry of absorbing feelings.

" Wow, that’s deep." Spears said before being absorbed. " DOOOOOOOMED!"

Sina and Code Warrior were all that remained now as a very large and fattened Jibran had absorbed everything else. Jibran burped slightly and floated in space.

" NO…no…yes…no!!" Sina yelled making up his mind. His hair was loosing it's curl, going back to it's black straight state. Code Warrior was back in his sword form. Sina and Code Warrior flew at Jibran, the only hopes left.

Sina punched Jibran as Code Warrior slashed and cut at Jibran for everything he was worth. Jibran was unaffected.


" Yes, I also believe that the lard and fat of the product known as Fruit has made him vulnerable…in" Code Warrior added. Suddenly, Jibran spun around and his palms flew at Code Warrior in an effort of absorption.

Cad Man, Turing Man, Max Man and Jon stared as two hands flew right at their face, they knew it would soon be over. But it didn’t come.

" NOOOOO!!!" Sina yelled. He threw his remaining shoe at one of Jibran's hand, and his school bag at the other. Both were absorbed but Code Warrior was spared for the time being. Sina continued to fly at Jibran who's arms continued to fly at Code Warrior. Unable to recompile himself due to lack of memory in the universe, Code Warrior started to crash. Before he did, he watched in terror as Sina jumped in the way just before the arms hit Code Warrior. Sina vaporized within several moments and Code Warrior was left all alone with the tyrant.

" That had too much fat." Jibran said suddenly. Code Warrior was forced to watch as he slowly crashed at Jibran who started to laugh.

" WBAWHAHWHAWHAHWAHWHAWHAWHA…Oops, forgot already that I am in space…I do apologize !!!" Jibran laughed. From Code Warrior's point of view, things started to flicker.

The laughing image of Jibran flickered, the universe flickered…then he realized it was he who was flickering out of existence. All was lost (or absorbed thanks to Jibby), it had been a valiant effort. Code Warrior crashed and split up into the pained and screaming bodies of Cad Man, Max Man, Turing Man and Jon, who vanished from all existence in the evils of a total crash.

NOT ENOUGH MEMORY TO COMPLETE OPERATION floated around in space for a brief moment…and then it vanished from all sight…Jibran was left alone to laugh at his indisputable victory.