A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Nine: The Great Fruitscape From the Nut House For the Insanely Interesting

Jon smiled…there was nothing more he could do. Max Man stared with astonishment at what had been created. It was beautiful. Unable to contain his laughter any longer, Jon erupted into an evil laughter.

" BWAAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!" Jon laughed. Max Man smiled and moved his Max mouth into a grin,

" Now things are going to get interesting…"

Britney Spears was escorted to the room where the man with the large beard (not a holy man, but Mr. Vendryes) informed her that Cad Man would be there. She walked into the large room filled with computers and grinned.

" Yes…with this room here, HOW COULD THAT CAD RESIST?" Britney erupted into an evil chuckled and noticed that Mr. Vendryes was very slowly moving away.

" Uh…yeah…how about I leave you here now." Mr. Vendryes said nervously continuing to step back fearful of anything Spears might do.

Britney drew closer to Mr. Vendryes: " Oh no…stay…please…WHERE IS THAT CAD MAN???"

Mr. Vendryes’ face twisted in confusion. " Why, its right there on the computer."

Britney turned around and saw that on all of the computers a login thingy was waiting. She yelled: " WHAT THE HELL IS GATES DOING IN THERE?" Then she remembered, " Ah yes…this is the Gates product…ohhh…well then SHOW ME CAD MAN NOW!!!"

Mr. Vendryes stepped in front of a computer, typed in a login and password while Britney stared around the room. " Hey, if I didn’t know any better this room used to be Gidley’s."

" It still is…here is Cad." Britney pushed Mr. Vendryes to the side and stared into the monitor. She was furious.


Mr. Vendryes shifted uncomfortably and a pencil fell out of his beard. Britney smiled and said, " I know…" She took the pencil and stared at it. " There is no way Cad Man can resist this!" She took the pencil and started doodling on a piece of paper.

" Lalala, look at me, I am using wood and graphite and some intestines as an eraser instead of the fancy shmancy Auto Cad software to draw a cottage plan. This is soooo much more fun than a click of the mouse."

At that moment, a gust of wind came and Britney heard Mr. Vendryes scream and fly into a wall. Cad man appeared where Mr. Vendryes should have been standing.

" DON’T YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN!" Cad Man yelled with anger.

" Good, now that you are here I think there is a little matter to discuss…" Britney said crumpling up the paper and throwing it aside.

" I know what you’re going to say, lets overthrow Jibran and then take the school and its people for ourselves. Well I don’t wanna." Cad Man said irritated by the horrible way he had been summoned.

" Oh no, I just wanted to ask you how many hits my web page got recently." Britney said.

" What? Oh that piece of junk…well, it’s a pretty nice and round number." Cad Man said.


Cad Man turned away, " Do you know what zero is?"

Britney turned red, " WHY YOU LITTLE!!!" She ran towards Cad Man and started strangling him. It was a difficult task considering the fact that Cad Man had no neck. His head was connected to his body so it didn’t work.

" Blast your non-existant neck." Britney said fixing up herself in a mirror that appeared from out of nowhere.

" I’m bored, lets go out and terrorize the locals." Cad Man said.

" Eh, nothing more to do." Britney and Cad Man walked to the nearby mall to have a little fun.

" Nurdin, could you please get off my head." Rama said with utmost calmness which was odd.

" No." Nurdin said opposing Rama, which was common, but odd since he no longer had any feathers due to the fighting with the vultures.

" Hehe, he looks like a skinned sheep." Roddy said. Every nodded in agreement for in fact Nurdin did look like a skinned sheep. Rama started to claw at his head to get Nurdin off.

" GET OFF MY FREAKIN HEAD!" Rama yelled grabbing onto Nurdin and trying to force him off.

" DON’T MAKE ME RELEASE MY LOAD!" Nurdin threatened. Rama immediately stopped for he knew what would happen to him if that happened, and he valued his life.

Jibran stood on the stage playing with his jar of laughter. Every so often he would open the jar slightly and a bit of laughter would come out scaring everyone since the caf was so very quiet now.

" I wish he would stop doing that…" Rama said after Jibran opened the jar slightly once again.

" BWAH-" the jar laughed but was closed mid-laugh. Jibran chuckled slightly and opened the jar slightly again, " HAHA-" and closed it again mid-laugh. He chuckled again and in his enjoyment failed to see Adit walking up behind him. He opened the jar once again and " AHA!" it yelled. Then Jibran realized that the jar was no longer in his hands. He also noticed that somehow he was not sitting horizontally. " Why am I in the floor." Then he remembered. Right before falling he had heard someone say, " YOINK!" and the far vanished from his hands and he fell down.

In the far corner of the caf he heard the sound of his laughter. The laughter stopped and Jibran heard, " SO YOU LAUGH THE LAUGH HUH??? BWHAAHHAHAHAHA!" Adit laughed in competition with the jar.

" HAHAHAHA!" The jar laughed back somehow opening itself.

Jibran shook his head and realized he was getting bored. " I think I will go and cause some havoc in Westdale…I’ll teach that cop for kicking me out for stealing…THE PRICE WASN’T RIGHT!" He flew through the window and headed for Westdale

Jimbo stormed through the streets in a crazy state. Hanging on for dear life, Bill Gates wished he had not poked the elephant with that sharp pin. " STUPID ANIMAL!! STOP!!!" Jimbo stormed through the streets and Gates tried to hold on. In his blinded state, all he could see was blurry images flashing across his eyes. At that same moment, Jimbo stormed through a blurry drive-in movie screen and Bill was blinded once again.

" OW OW OW OW OW!" Jimbo yelled.

" OW OW OW OW OW!" Gates yelled as he fell here and there. Somehow his shoelace had gotten stuck on Jimbo’s foot and Jimbo was dragging Gates through the streets.

" Mommy, why is that man caught on a crazy elephant?" Someone asked.

" Billy, that man is Bill Gates." Another voice replied.

" Oh, that explains a lot."

" It sure does Billy, it sure does."

" SHUT UP YOU CRAZY LOW LIFE LOCALS!!! I HAVE MORE MONEY THAN YOU WILL EVER HAVE!" At that moment something very interesting happened. Rather, 2 interesting things happened. Jimbo stomped and crashed into a wall. The unconscious elephant said, " Not again, that’s exactly how my indian master broke his neck…he ran into a wall…" Suddenly Bill Gates heard a voice,

" IT STINKS!!! IT STINKS!!! IM TELLING YOU!!! IT STINKS!!!" The voice yelled.

" Sure Mr. Sherman, everything stinks…"


Gates rubbed his chin (which was actually his nose since he couldn’t see) and said, " There is only one place where people complain like that…MacDonalds or The NUT HOUSE FOR THE INSANELY INTERESTING!!! I’VE FOUND IT!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!"

Gates heard a familiar voice, " Bill Gates? Is that you?" It was the voice of Sina.

" HEY SINA!!! Where are you?" Gates asked walking blindly across the smashed wall of the Nut House.

" I am to your left…NO YOU IDIOT, LEFT AS IN THE OTHER WAY!!! NOT INTO THE DITCH!!!" Sina sighed as he watched Gates fall into a ditch and come back out all muddy.

" My butler is going to hate me…" Gates said.

" I take it you are blind to the bone…" Sina asked.

" Quite right. I came here to help you out. I need some form of lens" Gates said. At that moment Sina started to laugh.

" BWAHAHAH!!! I GOT SOOO BORED AND CORRUPT HERE I LEARNT HOW TO MAKE GLASS OUT OF THE PADDING IN THESE WALLS!! BWAHAHAH!!! HERE!!! CATCH THIS!!!" Sina said throwing the lens he had made out of leather and feathers (of Nurdin’s descendants) that made up the padding in the walls. Gates failed to catch it.

" OK, I throw, tell you where to raise your hands and you extend your hand there…OK?" Sina asked taking careful aim with his second lens.

" Gotcha!" Gates said. Sina threw the lens and yelled,

" TO YOUR LEFT!!!…. NO!!! NOT INTO THE DITCH!!!" Gates fell into the ditch once again. " You idiot!" Sina yelled.

" OI! DON’T CALL ME DUMB! I graduated from Harvard with honours!" Gates yelled offended.

" No you didn’t, you dropped out and made a multi-billion dollar company that failed, for the most part." Sina said.

" Eh, quit yer whining!"

" How about I just aim the lens on your eyes and u stand still. Here we go." Sina threw a third lens right at Gates’ eye.

" OW!! MOTHER OF!!! OWWW!!!" Gates yelled, " THAT WAS SHARP!!! OW!!! YOU STUPID PIECE OF!!! BEEEEEEEEEEP!!! AHHHH!! OWWWW!!!" At that moment Gates fell into the ditch again.

" Oops, that was the blade knife I made out of the bars they have here..." Sina threw the real lens at Gates’ functioning eye and Gates smiled.

" I can see…I CAN SEE!!!! YES!!! BWAHAHHAHAHAAAA!!! I WAS SPARED!!! I WAS SPARED!!! BWAHAHAAaaaaaHHHH!!! NOT AGAIN!!" Gates fell into the ditch once again.

" Good, now come and get me out of here! Wake that elephant of yours!" Sina yelled. Gates stared at the things around him. Jimbo had smashed through the wall of Mr.Sherman’s crazy room and Sina was to the left of it. He removed the knife from his eye and kicked Jimbo.

" Eh, needs to get the carborator fixed." Gates said. He walked up to the window Sina was in and handed him something. Sina’s eyes lit up. Gates could see in his eyes the sleeplessness and mad look Sina had in them from being unable to sleep in the nut house. Quickly calculating the speed of time that slowed down, Gates assumed that it had been just over a year for Sina since he got here…must have been a painful year.

Sina struggled to say what was in his hands, " F-F-F-F-R-R-U-I-T….TO….G-G-G-G-G-O-O-O???" Suddenly a vast memory of images hit him like a brick. Actually, Gates had thrown a brick at Sina.

" Stop staring at that and eat it…" Sina ripped off the wrapping of the wonderful package and said:

" T-hank----you…." Then he shoved the Fruit to Go in his mouth. Immediately a glow started to come around him and like a battery being charged again temporarily, Sina blasted away the wall for the nut house.

" YES!!! BWAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!! BACK TO NORMAL!!!" Sina yelled happy because of his regained power. " ITS TIME FOR ME TO TAKE BACK WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY NO ONES!!!" Gates said,

" Sina, the amount of time we have been here, and the fact that time slows down here means that when we get back, it will be one to two episodes later." Gates said.

I understand. Sina and Gates started to fly away but Sina stopped. " Wait a minute…" He stared at the floating Gates in confusion… " I need to do something." Sina blasted away the walls of the Nut House…all except one. An alarm ringed and thousands of people in white jackets ran all over the place.

" They weren’t crazy, they were brilliant…I think they’ve earned their freedom." A man in a white jacket ran out… " IT STILL STINKS!!!" He yelled. Gates stared at the cell that wasn’t blown away.

" Who is in there?" Gates asked. But he already knew the answer. Sina turned around and yelled, " MY FRIENDS! WE MUST GO TO MY SCHOOL AND OVERPOWER JIBRAN! FOLLOW ME!" Having nothing better to do, the vast army of "crazy" people followed Sina down below.

Sina laughed and as they flew away being followed by his army. Sina said, " I left her in there hoping perhaps she could learn how to teach chemistry properly when she came out…"

Cad Man walked into the mall and yawned, " Boring." He pointed at someone and started to walk towards him or her. Seeing a fat ugly 2 dimensional thing come towards him, the person ran away terrified. Britney had already started with the Zellers and was causing havoc there.

At that very moment Cad Man spotted something black behind a counter. He shook his head with disgust and said, " Jonathan Scott, we meet again. This time your crappy jacket wont protect you…"

Jon got up from behind the counter in his black trench coat and yelled, " IT’S A TRENCH COAT! GET THAT STRAIGHT!" Cad Man grunted,

" Well, looks like I will enjoy finishing you off first." Cad Man flew at Jon but before he could, Jon vanished and Cad Man crashed into the walls of the Chinese restaurant.


" Oh shut up." Cad Man said. He got up and stared at Jon who was standing in front of him grinning. " Wipe that smirk off your face." Cad Man said.

" Ohhh no…" Jon said. " Now I will force your face off your circular head…" He stepped to the left and behind him a very tiny inconspicuous face appeared. " Cad Man," Jon said with utmost delight, "meet Turing Man …my new best friend."