A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode One: Mass Confusion at Woodlands

Comrad Eight closed his eyes in agony as he saw the history of the timeline. It was horrible, it wasn’t at all what he had wanted. He saw several years into the past of this Earth, where a war between the one called Bill Gates and Britney Spears and Sina and the rest of the Canadians take place. He watched as for no apparent reason, buildings came to life stomping around cities, causing flying cement monkeys to fly out of them. Celine was shocked beyond belief as well.

" As we can see, the humans in this Earth have gone through a hell of a lot! Even after the war where several of their nuclear weapons went out of control, they still managed to do more damage…Several years from this incident, we find ourselves back here at,"

" WAIT! That is Woodlands! Again! Why the bloody hell is this one school responsible for soooo much chaos?" Comrad Three yelled angrily.

" We don’t know yet, but it is this next war that worries us slightly." Comrad One said. He had left a spy from Comraidus on the planet before they left back home last time and he had gathered the information.

The Comrads watched with terror as the school shook and rumbled at some time. They watched the rise of a child named Jibran, who politically overthrew the school into his favor sending chaos and panic throughout the planet.

" My god…" Celine said staring with awe at the chaos that had been created. Then suddenly Comrad One said,

" In this next clip, we see the true powers of these humans…" The school roof exploded and the beings called Jibran and Sina flew out and started blasting energy at one another.

" HOW THE HELL CAN THEY DO THAT? I thought humans didn’t develop telekinesis until after the third world war!" Celine yelled as the furious battle between Jibran and Sina reflected on her eyes.

" They shouldn’t be able to. Humans didn’t develop these powers until a while later, why they have, we have no clue."

Eight saw the battle between Jibran and Sina and stood up angrily. " No…why have we ended up here? WHY ARE WE HERE???" Eight yelled. A glow around him started to develop as he banged his head against a wall.

" Eight, take it easy…" Celine said.

" I WILL NOT! Cant you see? Look at their abilities! In this reality, the laws of physics do not apply! In this reality, people cant fly…BUT THAT DOESN’T STOP THEM FROM DOING SO! What annoys the hell out of me is why I spent an eternity training to reach their level of telepathy…NOT FAIR!" Eight stomped his way out of the room and tripped. " THE CHAOS HERE IS ALREADY GETTING TO ME! LOOK AT ME! I CANT EVEN WALK PROPERLY!" Eight got up and walked right into the door. " OPEN YOU STUPID PIECE OF-" The door opened and Eight walked out in anger. The door slammed shut and said,

" It has been a pleasure opening for you."

Celine and the others stared at the door, it couldn’t do that before…

Sina, Jon, Jibran, and Nurdin stared at the blackboard as numbers appeared on it. Actually, the teacher Mr. Brace was writing those numbers. It had been roughly an hour since they had all felt, wrong…that was the only word for it, wrong.

The bell rang and they all progressed to their next class. " Where is the next class anyways?" Nurdin asked.

" Why, do you have the same class with me?" Sina asked eyeing Nurdin.

" Yes, ancient civ with train dude."

" His name is Mr. Knapp." Graham said appearing from out of nowhere.

" Stop appearing from nowhere." Jon said. " Its annoying." At that moment Cad Man and Max Man walked up to them.

" Hey guys! Whatcha doing?" Cad Man asked.

" GET OUT OF MY WAY YOU FAT BLOB!" A kid yelled behind Cad Man. Cad Man stepped aside letting the little "brat" pass.

" These grade 9's are getting ruder and smaller! As their height decreases, their stupidity increases 2000 fold!" Cad Man yelled.

" Yeah," Jon added, " I know! Just the other day, this stupid grade 9 came up to me and asked if he could borrow 100 dollars."

" WHAT IDIOTS!" Sina yelled.

" I gave him the 100 Sina." Jon said. Sina coughed and said,

" Oh, well, yeah…Well this sucks. Who needs to walk, I am teleporting to our next class." Sina said.

" Me too." And with that, Jon and Sina appeared in their next class.

" Get off my head Sina." Aaron said with annoyance.

" Oops, I really gotta work on that." Sina said.

At that moment, they heard a loud cry of terror and Nurdin ran inside the class room. " NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" He was yelling. Immediately, a crowd of people surrounded him.

" HEHE! BIRD MAN!" A grade 9 yelled.

" HELP!" Nurdin yelled.

" GET OUTAH THE WAY!" Sina yelled blasting away the crowd. He, Jon, Aaron and Graham surrounded Nurdin to find him in a ball on the floor.

" What the hell is wrong?" Jon asked.

" LOOK AT ME!!! IM…IM…A ROOSTER!!!" Nurdin yelled.

Sina and Jon exchanged looks. " Yes, and you were expecting to be a…what exactly?" Sina asked.

" I WAS HUMAN BEFORE!" Nurdin yelled.

Sina coughed again, " Oh yeah, forgot about that…Eh, no big loss." Sina said. The crowd left Nurdin to yell NOOOO at his own convienience.

" Are you in my class?" Mr. Knapp asked.

Nurdin looked up. " Yes."

" Oh god…" Mr. Knapp sighed and walked inside the class room. " OI! Hello class!" Mr. Knapp said ethusiasticly.

The class replied with the same muffled sound, " Eh."


" We are aware of that but-"

" NO BUTS! I talk about trains now!" Mr. Knapp said quickly. Sina stopped speaking and sighed. The story of the trains began…

Halfway through the class, a fat blob walked into the class. It was Cad Man and Turing Man followed right behind him.

" Why are you late?" Mr. Knapp asked irritated that his train story was interrupted.

" Well, stupid Turing here said that our class was in room 213, so we ended up in some odd class with people doing odd stuff in it. The whole class was badly organized and pointless…" Cad Man said pushing Turing slightly.

" You mean chemistry with MacFarlane?" Sina asked.

" That was it! Anyhow, Turing got us lost, he said room 213 and we went there and it was the wrong room.

The class paused for a moment and Jon said, " Uh, this is room 213."

" Yeah well…WHA?" Cad Man asked, his enlarged eye increasing in diameter and surprise.

" Cad Man, what room 213 did you go to?" Aaron asked.

" 213…A I think it was called."

" Well this is 213 K." Sina said.

" Wow…complicated school…its like a maze out there! IT’S A JUNGLE!" Cad Man yelled taking a seat.

At that moment, a man ran by the class room yelling, " JUMBO! GARAF! GET BACK HERE!" The class crowded outside.

" OI! Stay, listen to trains…ah, forget it." Mr. Knapp said. The class followed the man who stopped and said,

" If you see an elephant or a crazed lion on crack tell me…" He nervously ran down the stairs tripping half way.

" How the hell would we find a lion on crack in this school? I mean, he isnt exactly sticking out now is he?" Nurdin asked (getting over his animality).

" True." A large lion on crack said behind them.

They all went to sit down when another man ran by yelling, " FRANZ! FRANZ YOU STUPID BALDING APE! GET BACK HERE!"

" What the heck is with the animals?" Graham asked.

Everyone turned to look at Nurdin who coughed uncomfortably. " Well don’t look at me…I just got feathers for no reason, I am not responsible for the escaped zoo animals in this school!"

At that moment another man ran by and yelled, " HELP MEEEE!" Then the ground started to rumble and they heard a cry of pain followed by some zapping noises.

Mr. Knapp walked calmly towards the door, took out a megaphone and yelled, "ONLY TRAINS! NO CARE FOR MAN DYING!"

" Hey, I'm leaving." Jon said, " Something isnt right."

" Me too." Nurdin said. And with that the entire class just, left. Mr. Knapp followed them and they saw that the windows to the right of the class down the halls were blinking with bright lights.

Sina and Jon appeared at the window where a crowd had formed. They looked out the window and gasped. There was a large crater where the island of the school should have been.

Beside the crater, Bill Gates was running around in circles yelling, " OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD OH DOG! WHAT, JEH! NE! GAH!" Jon and Sina teleported outside along with Cad Man and Turing.

" Well, if I cant teleport…" Nurdin said, and with that he ran through the window smashing his way out. The moment he did, a brick fell on him and he crashed towards the ground.

" Bill, what happened here?" Sina asked.


" Slow down." Jon said.


Jon cut him off, " Turing…procedure slow process…" Turing flew out and ran the procedure, Bill Gates started to talk normally again.

" SOMETHING ABNORMAL HAPPENED! The entire company building exploded today! For no reason! And not only that! The computers came to life and the scariest part was that ICQ went nuts! It started talking in little pixie voices saying, ' I will seek…AND BLOW YOU UP! HEHEHHEHEE!' it was horrible! And above all, you wont believe what happened to Spears!"

" WHAT HAPPENED TO SPEARS?" Sina asked worried that something odd was going on around the globe.

" She went nuts…you know her song crazy? Well she actually took a car, drove around the neighborhood running over things and people singing it! SHE WENT ALL NUTS!"

" OK, so tell us what ABNORMAL thing happened." Nurdin asked.

" Well, heres the weird part…you know what was really weird? I got home to my mansion that is much bigger than all your houses put together and has more stuff than a swiss army knife and I sat down in my high-tech chair…IT CRASHED! And not only that, the whole house just, well, it just crashed also!" Bill Gates yelled nervously.

At that moment, Jon, Turing and Cad Man's eyes closed as they scanned the hard disk of the universe for something.

After several moments they all said at the same time, " Hmm…something is eating up all the memory. I sense Stack Dumps and system failures everywhere around this planet!"

" What does it mean?" Sina asked.

" It means that either some kid in China is fooling around with computers again…or there is something really wrong with everything." Jon said.

" In English please." Nurdin asked.

" Dans la Chine, un tres petit garcon est jeauxest de l'ordinateaur." Jon replied.

" Did you hear the question even?" Nurdin asked.

" Nope…" Jon said. Nurdin nodded and started walking away slowly.

Suddenly they saw something really odd. Without their doing anything, a mushroom cloud had appeared on the other side of the school, where their chemistry portable used to be. They all looked at one another and flew to the location. Everyone except for Nurdin who was flapping furiously to get off the ground.

They arrived at the location and they saw several kids crowded around the portable. Sina couldn’t tell what came over him but he and Jon erupted into vile laughters.

" What happened here?" Cad Man asked a kid.

" The Miss was mixing chemicals and, and she blew up…she exploded. We told Mrs. MacFarlane not to mix the two chemicals, but she did anyway!" The kid replied.

Cad Man looked up to see Jon and Sina laughing. " Oh do shut up…chemistry is over for you two…"

" YEAH! ITS OVER PERMINANTLY FOR HER!" Jon laughed. Sina laughed back and the two of them landed on the ground laughing. Composing themselves, they got up and started laughing in tuxedos (aka, composing themselves).

" WILL YOU TWO SHUT UP!" Cad Man yelled. Sina and Jon took our laughing jars (a new product by an Adit Company) and stored their laughter in there.

" You were saying Cad Man?" Jon asked.

" Tell me, what makes a crater like this other than you guys?"

" A really fat man who ate too many beans?" Sina asked.

" Yes, but also no. It cant be that. I am sensing something really strange coming our way. Something really freaky, something…fat." Cad Man said.

" Like a really fat man who ate too many beans?" Jon asked.


Jon and Sina stopped laughing and they both closed their eyes. It was true, they were sensing something odd, something coming their way, other than a fat man who ate too many beans.

" The very notion that it wasn’t us, or a fat man who ate too many beans is what frightens me." Sina said.

" Yeah, I know…but enough of this, off to Drama." Sina, Jon and the rest of them departed for their period three classes, leaving Nurdin to go to lunch.

Floating high above them on a cloak, Jack stared with amusement at the crater he had just made. " Should have blown up the entire city." Jack said. Then he spotted something really amusing, a rooster trying to fly. He grinned and said, " I think it is time for a little Kentucky Fried Rooster…heheh." Jack flew towards the unsuspecting Nurdin, and preparing to strike.