A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Ten: The Legendary Sun Boat of KUFFU!

The air was filled with feathers and smoke and clouds of lightning blasting lightning below to the ground. Several idiots who had walked around with large metallic rods had been struck by lightning and were not killed. Instead they were given some odd powers allowing them to zap bolts of lightning out of their fingers and somehow gaining the ability to fly. Using these abilities to their advantage, they flew up into the air to join the chaotic battle.

Code Reaper and Warrior flew at one another at incredible speed. A moment before actually colliding, they both executed the same vanish command line and disappeared from sight. Appearing at an almost exact location, they appeared several meters to the left where then they collided and vanished once again. The universe's memory was slowly nearing the insufficient level as the memory required for the application called WAR OF CHAOS gobbled up all the universe's resources. To compensate, the universe connected to other universes, and thus, all the power from every universe and all throughout the multiverse was being gobbled.

And also, there were a couple trillion other universes out there having the same war only in a slightly different atmosphere. To name two of them, they fought above a school called HE WOODLANDS. In another reality, they all fought above 3225 ERINDALE STATION ROAD, and in a final reality they all fought above THE SCHOOL FOR PEOPLE WITH TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS. Of course in the vast multiverse, many more universes remained to be named, and they will not because just naming them all will cause the story to crash and have soooo little memory, that a reboot cannot be made.

Jibran and his duplicate were every 5 seconds yelling SHITHEAD at one another and every time the word was said, they became angrier and angrier. But this was not a world where anger caused people's hairs to go nuts giving them tremendous powers. For example when Sina's hair went curly gold, it was not because he got angry. It would have happened anyway, it was a coincidence. Likewise it was with everything else.

Sina and his duplicate were also going nuts and fighting one another through the chaotic skies. Having no care for the world around them at the moment, they would actually seem to be playing a game of soccer with one of the rebel ships, trying to hit each other with the ship, bouncing it across the sky in a crazy field. Imagine a soccer field with 1 ball, and only one person on each team. Next, add an audience of a few million people inside the stadium. But these people are not spectators, they are actually on the field running in no particular pattern, that is what is going on above the skies of Earth and indeed throughout the solar system.

With crazy things happening for no apparent reason, the sky was no longer considered a sky, but rather a rather messy piece of crap- DAH, I mean artwork.

" LET NO ONE LIVE!" Nurdin yelled pecking furiously at one of the rebels. His army of birds flew through the sky like rampant birds that they were pecking at everything. " I'LL POP THEM SOOO FULL OF CULTURE THEY WONT KNOW WHAT DID THIS!" Nurdin yelled stuffing birdseeds down his throat and becoming stronger.

Eight had noticed the red laser beams pointed at Jack and he knew what they meant. A nuclear strike was headed their way in less that a few minutes. He had to escape at the last possible moment. Gathering a ball of energy, he blasted his way through some rebels where he engaged in air hand to hand combat with Jack.


Eight stepped back for a moment absorbing the insult that was too great for his mind to bear. The glow around him increased 20 fold and he yelled, " NOW YOU HAVE VENTURED UPON INSULT!" Two balls of energy began gathering in his hands as he said to himself, " First you come here and craze things up, then you insult me and claim that I am slower than Gidley. CHO MAMA!" He vanished and Jack spun around to see Eight appear behind him, and vanish once again. He spun to his left and saw Eight vanish just in time.

" Hide and seek? Soooo sad!" Jack yelled.

To his surprise he heard Eight's voice under him, " SAD LIKE A FOX!" And with that, he flew up slamming the balls of energy in Jack's jaw. Having his own shield up, Jack was barely injured, but he was annoyed by the display of strength.


" Did someone call me?" Jia asked flying through the air with a large army of demon pixies.

" No, no, get back to your fighting human." Jack said waving his hand. Jia nodded and continued fighting, but not before releasing an evil demon pixie laugh.

" EIGHT! YOU WILL SUFFER FOR WHAT YOU JUST DID!" He aimed his palms at a building nearby, and it flew towards Eight. To Eight's surprise, the building split in half before it hit him.

" HAH! MISSED ME!" Eight yelled.

" Did I now?" Jack grinned and slammed the two split pieces onto Eight sandwiching him. A glow came from the windows of the building and it blew to bits with Eight flying out and blasting energy at Jack. As he did this, his eyes caught something. Something large and containing devastating weapons. He opened a link with Celine who was fighting Tricia,

" CELINE! On my command, we must all teleport out of this location!"

" Will do!" Celine replied. Eight opened a link throughout his people and delivered the same message to all of them. They all agreed and it was ready. He had to keep Jack busy for a few moments longer.

Galictar flew through the Earth's atmosphere and sighed as he saw that his forces were being clobbered. He turned towards the ground and headed as fast as he could for the heart of the battle.

Eight continued to blast energy at Jack to keep him occupied, but he was starting to get tired and his mind started to ache from the repeated mass of concentration. Also, the memory in the universe seemed to be weakening for some unknown reason.

" Windows running on 95% of the worlds computers…when will people learn?" For a moment, the thought that all these computers were the cause of the screwed up Multiverse seemed possible. But it couldn’t be Eight thought to himself.

Then the object in the sky got bigger and bigger and closed in on their location.

Sina saw something headed their way and gasped, it couldn’t be what he thought it was! They weren't nuking Jack with that were they? It couldn’t be!

But it was…


Jack spun around quickly and saw that a massive ship was headed in their direction. He had only one thought, and it began when Eight yelled, " NOW!" All around him, Eight's people vanished from the location and he and Tricia and their army were left in the sky. Everyone else was down below, protected by Shields the Comrads had put up. He muttered something that sounded much like, " Rap" only, it was Crap.

::insert big massive boom here:: <<<due to budget cuts, we cannot have the sound on this text document…please bear with us, thank you.

The sky shook even more violently now as it was filled with massive radiation from nukes. Everyone except for Jack and his group were in the center of the explosion. Everyone below started to ooh and ahh.

" Is that a mushroom cloud in the sky, or is God just happy to see me?" Someone said. People started cheering the moment Eight and his group appeared just under the nuclear explosion. Sina, Jibran and Code Warrior had moved to a location that was just above the atmosphere. They were all safe.

" ALL YOUR ASS ARE GONE!" Issaque yelled with joy. Everyone was happy and joyous. Big Bert grinned, " Heh, popular culture…"

But then, to everyone's horror, Celine was the first to yell, " EIGHT!" And Eight was falling towards the ground several kilometers away. Actually, he hit the ground before everyone realized he wasn’t there. He was slammed onto the ground by Jack who was flying out of the mushroom cloud blasting energy at where Eight was. Celine had jumped in the way to stop Jack, but Tricia had stopped her.


" PEOPLE! Lets get back up there and fight!" Issaque said flying up into the air. Eight's armies did the same. Within several seconds, the chaos was restarted, gobbling up all the multiverses memory.

Jack was now continually blasting energy at Eight at such a degree that the area surrounding Eight was being destroyed. Massive beams of energy flew out through the area zapping several things but ultimately destroying most of the city of Mississauga (and half of Toronto). Jack's true power, or rather a small fraction of it, was displayed. The chaos restarted.

Galictar flew in and saw to his horror that Eight was unable to do anything from the barrage of energy Jack was throwing at him. He outstretched his fists and flew towards Jack with tremendous speed. Jack spun around just in time, but was still hit by Galictar sending him back a few meters. Galictar flew to the center of the crater that was made and saw that Eight was still alive, but extremely low on energy. He placed his hands on Eight's chest and transferred some energy directly into the artificial energy storing device Eight had. " I need you to keep him busy for a few moments." Galictar said to Eight. Then he floated up into the air to face Jack.

" GET OUT OF MY WAY VORTECIAN!" Jack yelled with disgust on his face.

" No! You get out of my way!" Galictar said sounding insanely confident against Jack's power. Jack and Galictar went back many years in an alternate future of Eight's timeline where Galictar had gone too far. They had fought once, but Galictar had slashed Jack's eye in a cowardly move with his energy blade. After a 15-year war that spanned the entire galaxy, Jack and Galictar met for a second time where Jack nearly defeated Galictar had he not escaped. Now they met once again, ready to battle. Before Jack did anything, Eight flew in and said,

" Your fight is with me." Jack squinted and grinned.

" You have crazy courage." He said. Galictar stepped out of the way and floated to where the chaos was still spanning. Eight noticed an eerie whitish glow surrounding Galictar as he flew there. He turned to face Jack and they began another round…

" LOOK!" Roddy yelled. " THAT GUY IS FLYING!" He said pointing to Galictar. Rama sighed,

" You idiot! We have woolly mammoths flying through the air! Of course he can fly as well! DUH!" Rama and Roddy continued to fire at the rebels high above. Galictar flew right in the middle of the sky and closed his eyes and the glow around him became intense. It caught the attention of many.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning flashed from the sky, hitting Galictar. But to everyone's surprise, it was rebounded and split up into multiple beams, which hit with a dozen rebels zapping them out of existence. Several moments later, a similar feat was displayed from Galictar.

" THIS GIGANTIC PIKACHU WILL DEVOUR US ALL!" Ambrose yelled seeing what Galictar was doing. Many times over, Galictar zapped away the rebel forces, allowing the others to have some chance of defeating the rebels. The rebel numbers were slowly lowered, but as everyone could see, the resting period Galictar had before each lightning rebound was longer than the previous one. He was getting tired.

" What is this that he is doing?" Jack wondered having no worry in his mind for the death of his rebels. " He knows that even with all my rebels gone, I could still take him and every single thing on this planet on!" Then Galictar's glow turned into a clear blurry glow and Galictar's body started to glow white with energy.

As Eight and Jack fought, Eight heard Galictar's voice in his head, " It has been a pleasure fighting by your side. Make sure he doesn’t follow me." Eight wondered what he meant. Was Galictar going to commit suicide? What the hell was going on. Then suddenly, Galictar flew up into the air vanishing from sight.

At that very moment, Jack heard a voice in his head, " They've found the location of our portal!" Jack stared wide-eyed at the sky that Galictar had flown through and said,

" TRICIA!" Tricia looked at Jack and nodded. Together, glows of energy came around them and they flew above the sky following Galictar.

Eight and Celine followed them as fast as they could trying to make sure that they would not reach the location where Galictar was going.

The other Comrads stared up at the sky and saw Eight and Celine chasing after Jack and Tricia who chased after Galictar. The sky was now overwhelmed with birds and Comraidans as the rebels were almost defeated.

" Well, looks like our job here is done! Let's help Eight!" Five said.

" Three, you stay here and make sure everything is under control." Six said. Three nodded. They all nodded and lowered the shield on the Woodlands students and flew up as fast as they could to catch up with everyone else. Flying closely together, they created a large ball of energy around themselves, and propelled themselves closer to where Jack and the rest were.

The moment they exited the atmosphere, they were overwhelmed by the chaos occurring. For one thing, rebels were still fighting here. Second, there were constant streaks and instabilities in the multiverse. Third, Code Reaper and Warrior were still fighting, only now in space. Despite this, their fighting could still be heard as their voices were not made using air, but lines of code (the very stuff that made the universe).

" You will not win." Code Reaper said.

" Yes I will. Your power is nothing." Code Warrior said. As a matter of fact, they were both wrong. It was a perfect stalemate.

As they continued fighting, the Comrads flew by and caught up with Eight. "Need any help?" They asked.

" Yes!" Eight yelled. " I need to help Galictar get past the rebel forces for some reason. Gut feeling. Get a hold of Jack!" The Comrads flew in on Jack's location and grabbed his arms and legs allowing Eight and Celine to fly to help Galictar.

" JACK!" Tricia yelled seeing Jack caught by the five Comrads. Jack shook his head and said through their link, " FOLLOW GALICTAR! MAKE SURE HE DOESN’T CLOSE THE PORTAL!"

Eight and Celine flew ahead of Galictar and blasted away any rebels that were getting in his way while Jack struggled against the Comrads.

Suddenly, Code Warrior and Reaper stared at the location Galictar was. There was something there, they could sense it. An extra line in the code of the universe. Something…LIKE A PORTAL! But there was something odd happening to it and the multiverse the closer Galictar got to it. Whatever was happening, it would be big.

They both stared at the 'something' that was very big with curiosity, with the chaos of space still surrounding them…