A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Eleven: Mass Screw-Ups in the Multiverse

The people of Earth were still cheering and ignoring the space battle taking place above their planet. Their planet was safe at the moment, although some people were worried about what would happen if the battle came back to Earth.

" I think we should be concerned about the battle in space." Adit said. Rama shook his head,

" Naw, the Space Station will take care of it…"

" WHAT THE? What can it do against the rebels?" Adit yelled. Rama grinned and said,

" Well, the international space station is more than just a space station…IT’S A WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION!!! WBAHWAHAHAA! BUILT BY ALL THE MAJOR GLOBAL POWERS OF THE WORLD, ITS MORE THAN SIMPLY A TUBE IN WHICH PEOPLE FLOAT IN! It is MUCH MORE!" He took out his pocket television which was aired to the Space Station channel. On the screen was a furious space battle occurring, with the space station in the middle.

Suddenly, odd things happened to the space station, odd things that normally occur on Transformers…IT WAS TRANSFORMING. Shifting it's shape, the space station turned into a rubiks cube and from each of the squares, large laser cannons came out and started firing at the rebels. Adit smiled, " I like that I see…"

Galictar flew faster and faster towards the portal, with ever rebel ahead of him being blasted away by Celine and Eight who were just behind him. It made the task of flying to the portal to do what needed to be done very easy. Behind them, Tricia also flew at them blasting energy, but was unable to hit any of them. Occasionally she would yell something through telepathy, but it was ignored.

Tricia's fears increased the closer Galictar got to the portal. She hoped Jack would get there as soon as possible…

" LET GO OF ME YOU KNATS!" Jack yelled at the Comrads who had grabbed onto his arms and legs preventing him from getting to the portal.

" DON’T LET HIM GO!" Five yelled.

As they grabbed him, a red glow came around Jack as his energy suddenly went completely off the scale.

" ENJOY THE LAST VIEW OF THE STARS YOU BASTARDS!" Jack yelled. The Comrads still held on as tightly as they could, keeping him from destroying the universe. " THIS GAME ENDS NOW!"

Code Reaper and Warrior stared turned their heads to where Jack was. There was something happening to him, and Code Reaper suddenly said,

" HIM!" With that, he slashed Warrior hard and flew away, " TO HELL WITH YOU!" He yelled behind him and he flew towards Jack to execute the merging procedure.

Evil Jibran looked up at the area Jack was struggling in and shook his head as if with disbelief. " SHITHEAD! YOU SUCK!" He said and blasted Jibran to the ground. Ignoring anything else, Jibran focused his energies to get to Jack and absorb him.

Sina stared at his counterpart who spoke, " I must go now…" He blasted a ball of energy at Sina causing him to crash onto the ground. With tremendous speed, he too flew towards Jack in preparation of destroying him.

The Comrad's were filled with pain. Holding onto Jack's arms and legs had proved to be futile as he was now releasing a mass shockwave of energy. The Comrads used every single ounce of telepathy they had left to survive. It was not enough. Energy filled their bodies and they exploded into a million little bits. (WOW…that was pretty ouch in a war of chaos story…too bad it wasn’t Nurdin).

Jack gathered the rest of his energy and flew faster than anything in the sky towards Galictar yelling, " GET AWAY FROM MY PORTAL!"

Three fell to the ground. Roddy, Chrissy, Michelle and Rama ran up to him. Adit knelt down and asked, " Are you OK?"

Three looked up in the sky with tears in his eyes as his mind felt 5 people too empty. The Five closest people he knew were gone. " NO!" He yelled. A glow came around him and he flew up into the sky in fury and sadness. Tears fell down below, but they blended in with the rain…

The three beings from the other universes flew as fast as they could towards Jack in an attempt to either absorb, merge or destroy him. Reaching a similar point in space time, they all collided in anger.

" GET AWAY YOU!" Code Warrior yelled, " HE IS MINE TO MERGE!"

" SHITHEAD! I MUST ABSORB HIM!" Jibran yelled.

" YOU BOTH MUST DIE! AND SO MUST HE!" Sina yelled. They all engaged in a massive battle causing energy to be flung out in all directions hitting rebels, and other things in the vicinity.

Sina and Jibran looked up at the sky and sensed something happening to the universe. Sina gasped as he closed his eyes and felt the familiar feeling he had felt once before when Jibran had absorbed the universe…

Galictar reached where he needed to be and spun around. Extending his arms and legs, Galictar turned into his Vortecian form, a massive ball of energy. As his energy pulsated, something started becoming visible in space. It was a circular vortex, spinning and spewing out rebels from some unknown reality. Eight and Celine stopped with awe as the object became visible. Then they were blinded by Galictar.

" Goodbye my friends…" He said throughout the link. Through the dark chaos of space, Galictar became amongst the brightest objects in the heavens…

" WAAAAAH!" Sina yelled staring at a bright object.


Before anyone could say anything, Adit immediately added, " Roddy, let us not begin the mass blindness you had in War of Chaos II, KINDLY GET YOURSELF SOME SHADES!" Roddy nodded and went to Westdale to get the shades.

" I don’t like this." Sina said. " Jibby, I am going up there to see what the hell is going on." Jibran nodded and said,

" I will also come to see what is going on…"

Adit spoke, " Well you ain't leaving me here, I want to see why Three was so angry." Everyone else nodded, and together they flew up into the atmosphere.

As Three flew in space, trickles of tears trailed behind him. " NONONO!" He thought to himself as he headed for the direction of where Jack was. " I WILL KILL HIM!" He yelled flying at Jack. He passed the area where he sensed the other Comrads had been valiantly fighting, and cried even more. " FOR THEIR DEATHS!"

" GALICTAR!" Jack yelled. " NOOOOO!" He was flying faster than anything in the sky, ignoring everything, colliding into objects with such speed that they exploded upon contact. He didn’t care who he collided with, he didn’t care who died, he had to stop Galictar from shutting the portal.

Eight and Celine stared at Galictar (almost foolishly due to the brightness) and sensed something happening, something big.

Galictar was ready…Soon it would be over.

Code Warrior saw the extra line of code more clearly now. It was something he didn’t like. " Shit…a procedure…" He looked more carefully into the lines of code and found the name of the procedure, " Procedure, multiverse_wall_collapse." Then he zoomed up to the variables being used and gasped. Their names were all there. Everyone in War Of Chaos was there, their names being used as variables. " OH NO!" Code Warrior yelled as he realized what was happening. He saw from the atmosphere many people flying out, being led by Jibran and Sina. He flew towards them to tell them what was about to happen. There was very little time left.

The alternate versions of Sina, Jibran and Code Warrior fought even more intensely as the universe around them started to destabilize. Code Warrior could sense it happening more than the others and he knew what the extra line of code was. Unless the others got out of his way there would be no way to stop it. But of course being stubborn fools, they wouldn’t get out of his way. He was as the Home Depot people say…SCREWED. Actually, Home Depot would get a lot of business based on the number of people who were screwed or would be soon in the next few moments. The population was unbelievable! The number of people screwed was absolutely amazing, astonishing!

That number was the number of every single quark and particle in the entire multiverse…

The portal was now almost entirely visible and the world behind it was clear as well. It was a world much like Earth, a world that had been torn by war. It was Jack's world, the world he had worked so hard to rebuild. If he lost the portal, there would be no chance to get back home, there would be no chance for him to fix the timeline, and above all, the universe would wipe him into nothingness for being in the wrong universe at the wrong time.

Eight sensed a determination in Jack he had never sensed before. For a moment, he felt almost sorry for Jack, and felt closer to him than he had ever felt before. Then he heard through the link,

" JAAAAAAACK!" It was Three, headed in their direction, filled with fury, sadness and absolute confusion for Jack for ending the lives of the other Comrads.

Despite all of the bright lights in the area at the moment, everyone everywhere in the universe could make out the streaks of lightning showing the destabilization of the multiverse. It was one second away from becoming an event as important as the Big Bang itself…it could be called the Big Boom, the Big Collapse, the Big Mac, or even The Day Home Depot went mad with money causing its own collapse. Whatever it was, it was HUGE!

Everything took place in less than a fraction of a second.

Three flew towards Jack in hopes of punching him to death.

Eight held hands with Celine, closing their eyes and sensing what was to come.

Jack flew towards Galictar as fast as he could, and for the first time in almost many decades, he did something that he never thought he would do. He cried.

Tricia closed her eyes in preparation for the darkness to come.

Sina, Jibran and their people flew towards the portal in hopes of stopping what was soon to come.

Code Warrior flew towards them to warn them of what was happening.

Code Reaper, Sina, Jibran continued fighting.

The many rebels, Comraidans, Galactians, humans and other beings in the multiverse saw the cosmic energies emitting from Galictar.

Galictar took one last look at the universe…

It was as if time had stopped. The closer time got to where it was to be in, the slower it became (as if not wanting to get there). Space suddenly seemed finite, time seemed to stop (actually, most of the watches on Earth coincidentally ran out of batteries) matter had no form.

And then, everything went in reverse…time sped up, the matter in the multiverse took every form, and space became more than infinite.

Galictar destroyed the portal…it began…

Code Warrior was about to yell something, but it was too late. Horrified at what he saw, Warrior let out a small beep (like a windows error beep).

The skies in the multiverse started to split and break apart. Code Warrior saw what he NEVER IN HIS LIFE hoped he would EVER have to see, "Multiverse.exe caused an illegal operation."

Streaks of lightning flew from the portal in all directions like an overgrown bug zapper. The universe was attempting to remove any unneeded data from the universe so it could go on processing. It zapped everything and anything that didn’t belong in the timeline of this reality. Lightning hit every single rebel, blasted Tricia to nothingness and flew towards Jack.

Jack stared at the energy as if it was Death in his true form. He closed his eyes and prepared for what he needed to do to survive. The energy struck him and he vanished form all existence.

Now the universe had some memory left to repair itself, but it was not enough. Now it started shutting down unneeded programs.

Closing Multiversewall.exe…

Closing Multiverse Defragmenter.exe

Due to the first program being shut down (Multiversewall.exe) the multiverse began to merge. The Fragmentation was absolutely beyond comprehension.

Everyone stared as all around them things appeared, and around them a chaos unlike anything ever seen before. Planets and things were appearing everywhere and nowhere at once. People vanished and others appeared. Earth seemed to shift in and out of time-space. The universe shook like one of those crazy nuts playing Pin Ball and shaking the table.

Random people vanished from sight. Sina stared as around him Jibran vanished. Adit and Rama vanished. He stared at Code Warrior who was trying his hardest to overcome the multiverse. After a few seconds, he couldn’t any more and he too vanished. Then the entire universe started vanishing from his point of view. But what he saw last made him laugh.

The Earth started to roll and chase after Eight and Celine who were running away from it like an Indiana Jones scene.

Things were spinning and now everything was going absolutely nuts. For the first time EVER, people tried to stay calm and not cause any more havoc than was necessary. It seemed like all the memory their used to cause havoc was being used by the multiverse to cause havoc.

The multiverse re-arranged itself into a new form. One big blob of absolute somethingness. There was just barely enough memory to keep the multiverse from collapsing, but what everyone was about face was much worse than death. It would make them wish there wasn’t enough memory.

In a newly chaotic area of time and space known as the Multiverse (or The Big Blobulate of Stars by several species) chaos co-existed with order. But now, chaos and order were constantly pushing against one another to make sure that the balance is not perfect. All of the multiverse is twirling, TWIRLING TOWARDS FREEDOM!…in no particular direction, just around itself. The multiverse set up a few laws to prevent this from happening, but with those laws out of the picture, chaos is free to wallow in it's or crapulence.

So just what is the multiverse? And what is the meaning of life? And what is our purpose in whatever exists now? Well, I would tell you, but there just ain't enough memory in the multiverse to do so...