A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Thirteen: The Unknown Thing

Sina sat there in the middle of the cave sobbing. For hours now he had been forced to listen to HER music…it was treacherous and absolutely torturing. The songs went on one by one, again and again, repeating and repeating. This was the 5th time he had heard Crazy, and he was starting to believe he was going crazy himself.

" Well you cant just sit there." Britney said also slightly tired of her own music. She sat down and placed her hands on her head. " My head hurts." She suddenly stood up and yelled at the top of her lungs, " OK! MY MUSIC IS GOOD! SHUT UP NOW!"

Sina shook his head in pain, " STOP IT! BOTH OF YOU! YOU AND SOUND COMING FROM NOWHERE JUST STOP IT!" The music got louder.

" YOU IDIOT! That is the third time you made the music louder! DON’T YOU GET IT? IT GETS LOUDER WHEN YOU WANT IT TO SHUT UP!" Britney yelled.

" YOU DON’T EVER TELL ME WHAT!" Sina yelled wagging a finger in her face.


" I'm bored and going crazy…that’s what." Sina replied. He fell back and lay staring at the hole above. There was no way out. " So this is it…this is how I die. Here with you as HELL ECHOES!"

Britney sat down and also started to sob, " I never knew my voice sounded this bad…I think I am going to hurl…"

Sina gasped and stood up yelling, " WELL DO IT OVER THERE!" But it was too late. The hurling was complete…right beside Sina. " Well thank you! YOU NEARLY DISSOLVED ME IN YOUR BODILY ACID!"

" Ah shut up." Britney replied swinging an arm at him. Sina looked up at the hole and then to Britney. He looked up at the hole, and back to her. Suddenly, Britney seemed to turn into a staircase…

" GET YOUR FOOT OFF MY HEAD!" Britney yelled.

" ALMOST FREE!" Sina yelled.

" GET OFF YOU!" Britney moved her head and Sina fell down. " NOOOO! THIS IS IT! THIS IS DEFINATLY THE END OF SINA THE MIGHTY! This is the end of all that was and wasn’t. AND I DON’T KNOW WHY! What a crappy way to die…not knowing why it happened. Such an enigma…such utter totality in mass confusion and terror. The black darkness just sweeps in and-"

" CUT THE CRAP!" Britney yelled. For a moment they glared at one another, getting odd thoughts into their head.

" Look at her…she is planning how to kill me. All she needs is a rock and I am done for. Not if I get to her first…" Sina thought.

" Look at him…staring…thinking about something. Gee I wish I wasn’t so stupid, maybe I could read his mind…" Britney thought.

This went on for a lot of time.

Jibran opened his eyes. He couldn’t remember what had happened. Suddenly everything became clear. He was running away from a herd of roosters and birds! Then he sighed with relief, it was only a dream. He wasn’t being chased by birds! How silly was he to dream such things. He wasn’t being chased by them at all. He was merely about to be sliced by one…

" WAAAAAAAAAH!" Jibran yelled hopping away. " GET THAT BUTCHER KNIFE AWAY FROM ME!"

" What the? You still alive? I thought you were dead!" A rooster with an apron replied. He walked closer to Jibran with the knife and prepared to strike.

" WHY! LEAVE ME BE! I AM ALIVE AND WELL! You cant eat a live human! Wait…YOU CANT EAT HUMAN'S PERIOD!" Jibran yelled backing away.

" Look, we've been eating humans since the dawn of time. And not some kid who appeared out of nowhere an hour ago is going to change centuries of history!"

" Look…if you let me leave I will make it worth your while…uh…I have friends in high places! You know Sina?" Jibran asked desperately.

" What, last weeks dinner?"

" DAMN! I meant, uh…JON!"

" Jon…oh yeah! Nope, he was eaten too…" The rooster replied thinking.

" OK LOOK! I am a person with lots of power! Just let me leave and I will make it worth your while someday!"

" You have no power…you cant even fly…you suck, HUMAN!" The rooster replied lunging at Jibran. Jibran ducked just in time and the rooster chef went crashing into the wall. " Now I am mad…" He clucked.

Jibran took a pot from the nearest cabinet and held it up. " DON’T COME CLOSER…OR ILL, FRY YOU!" Jibran yelled.

" With a cold pot?" The rooster asked calling Jibran's blud.

" YEAH! AAAAH!" Jibran yelled pointing at the roof. " LOOK A DISTRACTION!" The rooster turned around and said,

" WHERE?" Now was the chance Jibran had. He dashed out of the kitchen running frantically for an exit. Behind him, he heard pots and pans clanging together as the rooster was starting to chase after him.

" CRAP! Where do I go now?" Jibran yelled staring at two corridors ahead. He ran left as fast as he could. Coming up to a large door, Jibran took his chances and hopped through it.

" OW! WHAT THE? Jibran!" Nurdin said. Jibran and Nurdin had crashed into one another.


" Well, well! The tables have turned. Isn't this wonderful! Well, what sequence of events has led to this wonderful round of events?" Nurdin asked mockingly.


" OH! So first I am just some useless chicken eh? And now I am your god? Well what can I say, I am flattered, but I really don’t think I should help after the way you treated me back home. You blasted half my bird army apart in War Of Chaos II."

" LOOK! BERT! I…" Jibran paused. It was difficult for him to do what he was about to do. He knelt down and begged. " PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU! IF YOU SAVE MY LIFE I WILL BE ETERNALLY GREATFUL! I BEG YOU! BEG! BEG! BEG!"

" Now your clucking like a rooster! Keep it up!" Nurdin said. Jibran started saying it more and more and clucking when an angry chef ran out.

" HEY! YOU! Have you seen a human?" He asked.

" Nope…just roosters, like you and me, and this thing." Nurdin said pointing to Jibran.

" Well, are you sure?"

" Actually I did see one! He went four blocks that way!" Nurdin said pointing to the left. The chef nodded and ran in that direction,


Eight paced back and forth. His mind was racing. What the hell would he do now? He couldn’t take Jack on alone next time. It was obvious his powers were remaining hidden until he wished them. This was too much for him. Aside from the troubles he was having, every eye around him was on him.

" What we need to do is train. We haven't got much time." Eight said. He closed his eyes for a moment and sent a telepathic wide message, " To anyone who may get this. We require your assistance." He said a few more things but his thoughts were interrupted when the sound of a falling voice was heard from the sky.

" What the hell is that?" Adit yelled. The voice got louder and louder and finally a loud crash was heard behind them. Everyone spun around. " OW!"

" WHAT THE? GREG?" Rama asked rather surprised that Greg had fallen from the sky. " I thought you were in Vancouver!"

Greg dusted himself. "I thought I would drop in…" He said getting up rather calmly. " Well actually I was in Vancouver until odd things happened. Hey, did you guys know that there was apparently a huge war here?" Everyone glared at him and Greg realized that everyone was badly bruised and cut. " Oh…looks like it didn’t hit here yet then…or did it? Where is everyone? Sina, Jibran, Jon, where are they all?"

" We don’t know, they just vanished when the multiverse nearly crashed. At this rate, you aren't the only person who just appeared or fell out of the sky." Rama told everyone to back away and Greg gasped. Behind them, dozens of people who looked nothing human stood, floated, slept, and hopped.

" WHAT THE HELL?" Greg yelled.

" OK look, the multiverse is nearly gone. All the realities have merged as one! We are lucky we didn’t overlap or anything." Chrissy said.

Eight floated above everyone and closed his eyes. Within the heads of everyone on the planet, a single voice (Eight's) was heard in their own language. " People of Earth! What I am about to tell you will shock and confuse you. You are not going crazy by hearing my voice, I am actually a person. Here is the shocking bit. You are all screwed." The sound of screaming was heard from many places. Suddenly, Eight could sense panic and chaos occurring all over the globe. " NO! Shut up please. This battle that was fought is not yet over. Our forces are decimated. The realities gone completely nuts. What we must do to prepare for the Onslaught ahead is very clear. We must train you humans to the abilities we have. We will tag off certain individuals around the world who have the potential for telepathy and the rest of you must find shelter or pick up some massive weapon. My next statement is directed directly at President George Bush. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT, and I cannot emphasize DO NOT any further…I REPEAT! DO NOT FIRE ANY MORE NUKES! DO NOT DO ANYTHING DUMB! And to make sure that this takes place, my people will now kidnap you."


" Shut up human, get in the hole." The Galactians said as they pushed Bush in some blackish holeish like object that appeared out of nowhere.

" Very well done. Now, the rest of the population of Earth, remain calm. I am sure that by now you have realized odd things. People missing, other things not belonging where they do. Let me assure you that should we succeed in our mission, the multiverse will repair itself. We must succeed. Eight out." Celine floated up to the level that Eight was.

" We will now tag any of you who have potentials. Anyone with a red tag will follow us. Anyone who doesn’t, tough." Celine and Eight closed their eyes. A blue shockwave like thing emitted from their bodies and spanned 5 kilometers. People had been tagged. Rama, Adit, Chrissy, Michelle, Greg, Jia, Ryan, Isaque, Gordon and the rest had been tagged. They started to float up to the level Eight was.

" We will now find an area that has been destroyed where we shall immediately begin training. Yo mamma's aint here anymore…" Eight said in an icy chilly tone.

Seth and a large group of Vortecians headed to where Vortec was. Floating through the wall of the building, they stormed in, as their balls of energy formats.

" Vortec. You have sensed what has happened, have you not?" Seth asked.

" I have Seth. The time is now. We must take quick action before they arrive. It will not be long that this chaos will attract their attention. We must repair whatever damage done and aid Eight in whatever way possible. I have already sent a link-wide message to all who will be fighting by their side should be needed. Galictar's death will not be in vein." Vortec said. Vortec was the largest and most powerful ball of energy throughout the entire Vortecian link. Seth and his group floated out where they were met by a large group of Vortecians with a number of nearly 15 billion.

Seth floated above them all and began to spoke. " Vortecian people! We are at a time of great crisis. The multiverse has begun a crash, and although it is running at the moment, should the improper events take place it will completely destroy itself. There are a large number of you here today. Half of you will be devoting yourselves to Multiverse Repair Units. You will travel to unstable area's of the multiverse and commence repairs. The rest of you will go on searching missions for anyone and anything within this multiverse and timeline that have high telekinetic ratios. With their help, our mission will succeed. A small group of you will also follow me to Earth, a large source of this chaos. We will meet up with Comrad Eight and his people and aid them in any way possible. At any moment, the two beings we have long feared may appear. Should they confront you, you must send a link-wide alert. They will sense this enormous shift in chaos, and will head towards our multiverse system. We must ensure that the multiverse is repaired before they get here. We have foreseen a variety of outcomes in the next few years. Many of which are terrible. In fact, our chances of success are nearly zero. But I am confident that we will fail- ah, I mean, succeed nevertheless. Failure is NOT an option. You are dismissed."

Like a hive of billions of fireflies, the Vortecian groups dissembled to meet their goals and accomplish what needed to be done.

Cad and Max Man began to collide against on another in competition to try and kill one another. Bill Gates had curled up in a ball having lost a lot of self-esteem when he realized his money wasn’t useful here, in wherever they were. Jon and Turing seemed to be the only people who wanted out of the situation. They were both floating in the middle of nothing trying to figure something out.

" Its very hard to concentrate when you guys are CONSTANTLY YELLING! SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP!" Jon yelled. Cad and Max Man stopped fighting for a moment and Jon quickly added, " AM I THE ONLY PERSON HERE WHO CARES? WE HAVE TO STOP THIS MADNESS NOW! MY HEAD HURTS! WITH DESTINY! SO SHUT UP THE BOTH OF YOU! And as for you Gates, I like seeing you cower…do keep it up." Jon said smiling.

" Ohhh! If my money worked I would purchase your death!" Gates yelled.

" Well the fact of the matter is that it doesn’t work, SO YOU SHUT UP!" Jon yelled. Everyone grew silent and Jon spoke again. " We have to get out of this mess somehow. Find some way to fix the multiverse. We have to find a way to remerge again."

" HEY! I AINT MERGING WITH THIS 3 dimensional piece of crap!" Cad Man yelled. Max Man grunted and the two started fighting again. Jon sighed. Suddenly, all went silent and Jon stood up immediately. He stared wide eyed at something.

" Guys…what the hell is that?" Everyone turned to the direction Jon was pointing in. There was indeed something headed their way. Something that wasn’t there almost. It was something very useful, something deep, that didn’t even exist. Jon tilted his head as he got a familiar feeling in his stomach.
The being got closer and closer until everyone saw it. It was black, wearing or naturally black from top to bottom. The area where his face should have been was filled with colorful stars which made the shape of some face. Despite the attention it was getting, no one was actually paying attention. It was something very odd.

Suddenly Jon understood. He had felt the same thing once before when he passed the same person an infinity of times once. The problem was, each time he didn’t even notice it. It was as if his sub-conscious felt something, but his consciousness and everything else didn’t. Normally this would result in the brain thinking an intruder was in the body when it was getting mixed signals. Normally it would cause a person to get the throwing up sensation as the brain tried to kick out the intruder from the stomach. This did not happen. Instead Jon merely said in a curious, knowing voice,

" Dave?"