Now before we begin I would like to note something…The arrival of Jack has been pushed closer to this episode and hence will be happening a few episodes earlier than what the commercial (episode 30) preview claimed…just thought you would want to know…

A short time in a galaxy right here…

Episode Nineteen: Exam Time! NOOOO!

Eight was shocked and appalled. He stared at the Principal with great concern over his face. "And there is no other way? You have to be kidding! I am the clone of the most brilliant man from 2000 years ahead of your time! How the hell do you expect me to do this?" Eight yelled standing up. " You were kidding right?"

Mrs. Brayman shook her head, " I am sorry Eight, but it is school policy. It must be done."

" I WILL TAKE JACK ON EARLIER THAN I HAVE TO! JUST NOT THIS! THIS IS HORRIBLE! YOU CANT DO THIS TO ME! If the others hear of this they will go nuts! They will all crack and everything we've done in training will fall on our heads like the random elephants that have been appearing over the school. Please…you cant."

" I am sorry."


" I would like to congratulation for you saving the Earth." Mrs. Brayman said quickly.

Eight frowned: " One, that one very unethusiastic, two, your grammar is horrible and three, NONO! Please, you cant make us do this…I could blast you all away in an instant!"

" But you wont."

" QUIET! I wont. What kind of system is this? I have saved the planet! I need not do this, and neither do my trainees!" Eight yelled.


Eight shook a fist as he left. He exited the office where a crowd of students were surrounding him. " Well?" Chrissy asked urgently, " WHAT WAS THE DECISION?" Eight tried to hide his thoughts so that no one would hear, but he said his thoughts,

" Look, I uh…" Before he could finish everyone started to cheer.

" YAAAAAAY! NO EXAMS! KICK ASSS!!!" Rama yelled jumping up and down.

" HARDCORE!" Adit yelled.

" SHUT UP! We have to do exams…" Eight said.

Mrs. Brayman was talking to another student when Eight went flying through the wall crashing into many other walls and leaving a hole through them. Through the hole was a horde of angry student.


" School policy…" Mrs. Brayman said.

Everyone froze. Eight got up from where he had crashed (outside the school since he crashed through a couple dozen walls from the blast of all the students). " This sucks… what the hell are these exams!"

" Our doom…and you thought Jack was bad…" Roddy said lowering his head in anger.

" MAYBE WE CAN EX THE EXAM!!!" Isaque said laughing. Unfortunately, everyone was in a very crappy mood and didn’t even bother to laugh. Isaque's laughter faded away slowly.

" Well this sucks…3 days before exams and we have to cram like crazy." Michelle said.

" Well, then, I guess this is it…Eight, tell everyone that I love them very much." Celine said.

" Everyone, Celine loves you very much." Eight said.

" NO! I meant everyone back home when you make it there…" Celine yelled.

" We will make it! We must make it!" A glow came around Eight. " This exam, it is no different than tackling Jack, or destroying an enemy! The battle will be won! We will take the exams and pass with flying colors! There is no stopping the most valiant fighters that ever lived and ever will live on this planet! WE ARE ALONE!" Eight yelled. " WE ARE SPECIAL!"

" Yep, except for the other 1500 students also taking exams…" Ryan pointed out.

" YOU DON’T! NOOOOOO! Ah to hell with my speech! WERE DOOMED! The only thing we can do is hope that God has mercy on our souls…"

" NO I DON’T…"

" Ah crap…" Roddy said.

" WE DID IT! JIBBY! WE DID IT!" Britney yelled.

" Shut up shithead, that sounds sick…" Jibran said.

" HEY! BE HAPPY! We just won! And our powers are greater than ever!"

" True…but Sina is still stupid shithead…" Jibran said.

" YOU’RE THE POO HEAD!" Sina yelled.

" Is shit not in your vocabulary?" Britney asked.

" What is vocabulary?" Sina asked.

Jibran started getting a seizure. " AHHH! OK! We have to get Sina to smarten up! Right away! This cannot be! HAL!" He yelled. At that moment, the train swooped down beside them and said,

" What is it Dave?"

" Can you make Sina Sina again?" Jibran asked.

" Will do Dave…" Little wires came out of HAL and attached themselves to Sina's head. The wires started to glow and then faded away.

" I am sorry Dave, he is too stupid. We have to give him his whole education all over again…" The train said.

" WHAT??? NOOOOO!" At that moment, HE WOODLANDS fell from the sky and landed right in front of them.

" Is that a sign?" Britney asked.

" I don’t know…how the hell is Sina going to learn his entire life's education in just a few short moments? We just haven't got the time!" Jibran said.

" YES YOU DO! This will be the last War Of Chaos III episode for a few months! You can give Sina quite an education in that time…besides, I can warp time again making time really slow for Sina, but normal for you! And I can correct his incorrect knowledge of chemistry while I am at it!"

" Wow…what a deal! You cant get this kind of deal anywhere else! I love this crazy time warp stuff!" Jibran said.

" What's a school?" Sina asked walking around in circles.

" You will learn soon my friend…you will soon learn…Enter the school when ready." Jibran said calmly.

" I DON’T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!" Sina yelled running away. Jibran grunted and an army of Prefects came in and grabbed hold of Sina.

" We would gladly go in there with him and contain him until his education is returned back to normal." The Prefect said.

" Do so." Jibran said pointing at the school. Sina was forced into school and Britney and Jibran waited as the time warp took effect. Britney suddenly blurted something out, " Sina was brought down to the level of education Bush had, am I correct?"

Jibran nodded, " Yes…why?"

" But…doesn’t that mean that therefore he has little to no education?"

Jibran paused for a moment, " Yes…it is so…stupidhead…"

They all stared at the doors of the school…it was the first day and somehow they all had the exact same exams as each other (somehow) and in the same room. Eight stared at Celine and the two held hands,

" We will survive my dear…" Eight said.

" I know we will, we survived worse…" Celine said.

Chrissy turned to Michelle, " I guess this is it…"

" Yep…" Michelle replied.

" Then…there is nothing more to do…" Adit said.

" No there isn't…" Rama replied.

" I studied my ass off…" Graham said.

" So did I." Roddy replied.

" And I studied my brains out…it is now preserved in a jar that I am bringing into class." Three said.

" Everyone else?" Eight asked. Everyone else nodded and took a deep breath. The door stood before them. They all took one step forward, and then another step…time seemed to slow down, but for once it wasn’t a time warp, just the human interpretation of time…they took another step. Now one meter away from it…There seemed to be heroic music playing in the background, and then realized that a large Orchestra was for some reason on school property playing the William Tell Overture.

They took another step and were not half a meter away from the door. They released their breaths and took the final step into the void of the school called Woodlands. Then they realized that all of these heroic steps they had taken were all for nothing because they still had the staircase to climb. The feeling of being a hero like in the American movies where the guy takes one step and vanishes faded away…they all ran up the stairs and yelled to the school defiantly, " BRING IT ON BIATCH!!!"

There was some quick tapping at the keyboard and finally Jon smiled. Turing PP started to grin as well. " BWAH!!! YES! I HAVE DONE IT! FINALLY DON’T IT! YES! BWAHWHAHWAHWAWA!"

What have you done?

" What? Stupid narrator, I cracked and modified Refman to meet my needs! And now things are going to get interesting…" Jon said.

At that moment, three flashes of light appeared as Cad, Turing and Max Man appeared beside him.

" YOU TRAITOR!" Cad Man yelled.

" YOU DON’T RUN LIKE COWARD!" Max Man yelled at Jon. They surrounded him preventing him from escaping. " And now you will suffer for everyone that you killed…for everyone that you screwed over…BWAH!"

Jon grinned.

" What is this that you are smiling at?" Cad Man asked looking foolishly at his crotch for signs of an unzipped zipper despite the fact that he didn’t have any zipper.

" I think you will soon find out why I am smiling." Jon said smiling. Two more flashes of light appeared and the sound of someone yelling SHITHEAD was heard,

" SHIT HEAD! THEY ARE MINE TO ABSORB!" Jibran yelled flying out of nowhere crashing against Sina's shield.


" What the hell? Oh right, them…" Cad Man said.

" I think it is time we all got better acquainted…" Jon said smiling. All that was needed was for him to press the enter key. With that it would be done…with that it would be complete…with that, the program would run with the modified parameters…His hand moved towards the key…

They all cheered joyfully. " REFMAN HAS BEEN Modified!" Jon, Cad, Max and Turing man along with the help of Dave had successfully modified Refman. They all looked at one another and smiled. Now that it was modified all that was needed was for them to get back home. With the help of Dave, this would greatly be achieved. They found the area that they were supposed to be in and smiled. Little time had passed there and they would all be glad to get back home because for them, it had been almost a year before they had modified Refman. They smiled and headed back to their home… It would take them roughly three months before they got home…and they would get home to where they had originally come from…

NOTE: THIS TIME PERIOD IS GOING SLOWLY THEREFORE MUCH TIME HAS PASSED ELSEWHERE IN THE MULTIVERSE. By the time that Jon presses that button, many days and nights will have passed everywhere else.

Actually, by the time you finish this sentence, exams are over at the Woodlands and training has recommenced for Eight and the others. They all did extremely well on their exams and looked towards the future with much hope. Although their summer would be full of hard work, they were all willing to train as much as was needed to get to the level needed to beat Jack. With the summer ahead of them, the Woodlands students had exited the school and commenced training once again in the sky. Three months is how much longer they have…

Britney and Jibran had only been standing outside the door for a second when Sina was pushed in. Now he walked out, he looked the same, but something about him was different.

" I think it is time to say goodbye to this kind of education…" Sina said proudly.

" SINA!" Jibran yelled. He hesitated but then said, " Shithead."

" YOUR MAMA!" Sina yelled back.

" YOUR GRANDMAMA!" Jibran yelled back.

And now the moment of truth,


And a mighty whoop was sounded by everyone there. Sina had gotten his education back, and had also done his exams while he was at it…he had passed all of his courses successfully and even gotten a further knowledge of chemistry. He looked at Jibran and Britney and the train beside them.

" Well, with all that is said and done, I think I will say this…" He paused for a moment and tears came to his eyes. Jibran and Britney listened with full attention to what he had to say. The train also stood still listening to what was needed to be said.

" We have no clue where we are going with all of these confusing Earths. I could say lets go back to Earth, but that would be wrong. I could say let us go back home, but we would end up in someone else's home…there is only one thing that I can say that will get us where we want to. And although I know how cheap it is to just say the destination and somehow end up there, I know we will …somehow…

Jibran and Britney nodded.

" How long will it take us to get back there?" Sina asked. HAL read his mind and understood,

" Three months…" Sina sighed with relief and spoke the only thing he could speak about their destination…

" Let's all go back to wherever the hell it is that we came from…" They all got onto the train and headed to where they assumed would be home…

RECOMMENCE TIME!!! AT THIS POINT I WOULD LIKE TO NOTE THAT TIME HAS BEEN RESTORED EVERYWHERE EXCEPT WHERE EVIL JON AND THE OTHERS ARE (cause I need him to slowly (very slowly (ever so slowly)) to bring his finger upon the button to execute his evil version of REFMAN). Time has been restored everywhere else, so when everyone says it will take roughly 3 months to get back home, it will be so…therefore we must give them this time to get back to where they came from…SEE YA ALL IN ABOUT THREE MONTHS!!!