A short time ago in a galaxy right here…

Episode Two: Integration

" CAD MEN, MAX MEN, REBELS," Cad Man paused before saying the final word to add to his summoning, " ATTACK!!!" At that moment a large army of remaining Cad Men, Max Men and several human rebels ran at DarkMaxJonTur firing all sorts of beams lasers (and in some cases, sharp sticks) at Jon.

Jon floated 1 meter off the ground as the armies ran right at him. He stared at them all with a kind of calm. Cad Man stayed behind and yelled more orders. Jon stared at the armies and then said in a H.A.L. voice,

" Procedure eliminate weapons…" The weapons in the hands of the humans dissapeared and it was at that time the Cad Men and Max Men lunged at Jon.

" KILL HIM!!! BASH HIS SKULL!!!" Cad Man yelled with anger. He had bruises and cuts all over him as he spoke the words with utter hate towards Jon.

As the army ran towards Jon, Cad Man was surprised to see a grin develop on Jon's face. Jon extended his palms and aimed them directly at the army and Cad Man sensed what procedure would be used next.

" DAGNAMMIT!! RETREAT!!!" Cad Man yelled. But it was too late. The procedure called cause_massive_death_and_suffering had already been executed. The remaining Cad and Max armies started to decompile in a very painful manner. Cad Man stared with horror as the remnants of the resistance against Jon was slowly being decompiled. He turned around and flew away as fast as he could.

" You cannot hide Cad Man." A sinister HAL voice said in his head.

" I WILL RUN AS LONG AS I CAN JON!" Cad Man yelled back to the voice.

He ran into an abandoned building and struggling to breathe, hid behind a box and created several boxes around himself. He then closed his eyes and rendered a 3d door that was 1 meter thick around the only door in the building in hopes of keeping Jon out.

Cad Man closed his eyes for a moment to get some rest. Before his eyes he relived the downfall of Jibran when a byte during the conversion of Jon and Turing Man went screwy. Instead of the byte becoming a zero, the source code reached a small syntax changing the zero into a one, thus changing Jon and Turing forever. Since then, they had all had to live in hiding and fear of his white trencoated ways. Jon had become evil, corrupt and evil. First he absorbed Max Man using a force_merge procedure. Then he took on Jibran and beat him swiftly. Realizing he was bored, he one day just threw a group of cars onto Sina when his back was turned. Sina managed to fight Jon off to some degree, but his efforts were merely delaying the inevitable. Sina's death had been horrendous. Jon trapped him in a room and ran millions of MacFarlane procedures…when Sina had suffered enough, Jon killed him. Then he moved on to Bill Gates, and Britney Spears…they failed also ( although Gates did plead to bribe Jon…knowing that he would fail)…and Spears did promise never again to open her big mouth…but she also died. And Cad Man was the only one left, just him and his armies.

" What I wouldn’t do for a stick for Jon to trip on…" Cad Man said quietly. At that moment he heard a loud thud and crash several cat screams and Jon's HAL voice saying,

" Stupid stick… stupid kitty. Now you decompile…" Then Cad Man stayed quiet. The doors that Cad Man had drawn suddenly started to have dents in them as loud thuds were heard. Jon was breaking in.

" IM NOT IN HERE!" Cad Man yelled foolishly. Then he heard Jon say,

" Procedure_door_decompile!" The door vanished and Jon walked into the building scanning the building using a Find procedure for Cad Man. Jon spoke in his same cold HAL voice, " You cannot hide Cad Man…minimize yes, but you are just one click from remaximizing and then…merging with me."


" You dumb…now you merge…" Jon said smashing away the barrels that kept Cad Man hidden. Cad Man crawled back away in fear crashing into a wall.

" I wont let it end this way." Cad Man said with fear.

" Good…well then I will leave now." Jon said walking away. Cad Man couldn’t believe his luck. He took a deep breath and sighed with relief but it was cut short when Jon appeared in front of him and yelled, " FOOL YOU!"

" NONO!" Cad Man yelled as he stared at Jon's cold eyes. They once had pupils in his eyes, but now they were only white, like everything else he was wearing.

" You cannot fight it fool." Jon said. Cad Man had time to yell only once, and then Jon unleashed the procedure force_merge. The very last object in his plan was completed and the new Code Scythe floated in the abandoned warehouse, near invincible and seemingly all-powerful.

Comrad Eight backed away frightfully. " I AM NOT GOING DOWN THERE AMONGST THOSE HUMANS!"

Celine stepped closer to him in an attempt to use her good looks to get him to do it. Despite his love for her he still yelled, " NO! YOU CANT GET ME DOWN THERE! NEVER!"

" You have to go Eight, for the sake of all that is and isnt." Celine said wrapping her arms around Eight. Eight's eyes shone with a scheme.

" Oh yeah, your so smart and brave WHY DON’T YOU GO DOWN???"

Celine grinned, " I am." Eight's plans for escape had been foiled, aluminum foiled, it was a to go order. " Good, now that that is settled here is how things are going to go. We will integrate ourselves into their timeline, so from their point of view we will seem like new kids on the block. We should look a lot younger due to the effects of time travel and integration. The basic plan is that we all go down there, scan and gather as much information as we can in preparation for the catastrophe."

" It would be a lot easier if we knew what the hell the catastrophe was." Eight said coldly. " I mean, its like looking for a needle in a haystack, AND NOW KNOWING THAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR THE NEEDLE! I mean what if some kid trips and we think that is the event, WHAT IF IT IS??? What if that big nosed Jibran falling on a stick is the big catastrophe that disrupts the fabric of the multiverse?"

Celine walked away slowly and said, " Calm down. For one thing we will be able to handle it. For another, knowing you and the things you have gone through, puny humans will not stand a chance against us and our mission. The future could not have been in better hands. I will see you in the integration room at 0800." Celine walked out and the doors shut behind her.

Eight paused for a moment and then gasped, " Wait a minute, we don’t HAVE an integration room!" He ran after Celine in hopes of getting some answers.

" Why do you look at me? WHY IS IT THAT EVERY TIME A CRATER FORMS YOU LOOK AT ME?" Jibran yelled angrily.

" Because you never forgave us for defeating you." Jon said bluntly.

" YES! But that is now reason to create craters for no reason!"

" Knowing you, it would be." Sina pointed out.

" Quiet you." Jibran said floating slightly.

" WHERE THE HELL IS NURDIN? HE HAS MY MATH NOTES!" Sina yelled. At that moment Cad Man and Turing flew up as fast as they could mumbling something Sina couldn’t make out. After much thinking, Sina could understand. Cad Man had something in his hands, it looked like a piece of coal…

" This is Nurdin." Cad Man said.

Sina had the urge to laugh but then he saw at Nurdin's almost lifeless body. Sina knew that Nurdin had come close to death. " Who, what the…wait! What did this to him?"

Cad Man shook his head, " I have no clue…we found him lying there, in the same condition!"

Jon walked up looking very nervous, " Sina, Nurdin almost died…do you realize what that means?"

" He isnt immortal?" Sina asked.

" YES! But the point is that it’s a war of chaos story! No one can die! I mean think of all the pain we have inflicted upon Nurdin. From falling anvils to crashing nukes on his head, he has survived!" He lifted Nurdin's almost crispy wing and Jon had an urge to take a bite out of it right there, but he showed restraint, " He isnt even moving! Wow, something really powerful must have done this. Someone who hated Nurdin." At that moment everyone turned to look at Jibran who gasped.

" IDIOTS! ALL OF YOU! I don’t have the power to inflict near death to him! If I did I would kill each and every one of you where you stand…" At that moment Sina and Jon because defensive and glows of energy ran through them, Jibran quickly added, "Metaphorically speaking of course…". Everyone nodded in agreement.

" Well whatever did this had tremendous powers…I CALL HIM GAMBLOR! AND WE MUST CLUTCH HIS POWERS FROM HIS NEON CLAWS!" Rama yelled raising a fist.

" The acoustics in this hallway are very bad, could you please keep the crap to a minimum…thank you." Mrs. Brayman said walking away. Rama mumbled something angrily. Everyone stared for several more moments to the lifeless body of Nurdin. There would be no way to find out what did this until Nurdin woke up, whenever that may be.

" Hey, uh Jon, please speed up his recovery." Sina said.

Jon nodded and Turing came flying. Using a recover_quickly procedure on Nurdin, the lifeless bird's eyes fluttered open.

" Nurdin…can you see us?" Jon asked quietly.

" What, you think I'm blind? Of course I can see you!" Nurdin yelled flapping his wings. Obviously he had had a rough day.

" What did this to you?" Jon asked.

" How am I supposed to know, one moment I was struggling to get home, the next moment my entire life flashed before my eyes…say, am I dead…are you god?" Nurdin asked looking around at the brightly lit corridors.

Jon shook his head, " I don’t think the afterlife is designed this horribly. You are at Woodlands…" Nurdin nodded and flapped away.

" Well, that wasn’t much help." At that moment something very odd happened. The doors of the school flung open slamming hard against the walls. A group of 30 students walked into the school. Sina had never seen these students before. They must have been here on a foreign exchange thingy. The students walked though past them and Sina stared at the one in the middle. There was something particularly strange about him other than the fact that he looked like the other 6 people in the group only with different hair styles. Maybe it was his eyes, or maybe something else but something about them really bugged Sina.

" Hey, you!" The middle one yelled at Sina. Sina gasped as if insulted, " Where can I find that talking parrot?"

" IM A ROOSTER!" Nurdin yelled flapping down the halls.

" Hey you, parrot, get over here. We need to talk to you." The middle one said.

Sina thought he heard the girl say, " Eight, be nice." Whatever she said, the middle one talked more politely after.

" Listen, umm, we know that you were just attacked and we could use some information, like the whoabouts of the person who attacked you."

" I cant say. Whoever did this attacked from behind." Nurdin replied.

The 30 students closed their eyes and Sina, Jon, Jibran, Turing and Cad Man stared at one another. Why had they all suddenly closed their eyes? Their eyes opened and they all just stared at one another.

" Why are they staring at one another?" Jibran asked whispering.

" Perhaps they find one another charming…" Cad Man said.

" That’s gay." Jibran said.

" YOUR GAY!" Cad Man yelled.

" Shit head." Jibran said quietly.

The middle person said, " Hey, keep it quiet please! We are trying to converse through telepathy, a method you are to puny to use." The girl nudged the middle guy and they continued to stare.

Comrad Eight and Celine stared at one another and talked through telepathy. "Do you suppose it could have been an external force that did this?"

Eight shook his head, " I doubt it. No external force could inflict that much damage…or have the cruel intentions to do so anyway."

A third voice said, " We require more information. If I am not wrong, the focal point of things is here at this school. We must be alert for anything. Keep an eye out for those kids staring at you." Galictar said. Galictar had long seemed a tyrant on Eight's reality but through the course of time he had changed for the better. Now they fought side by side to fix up the time line.

" Galictar is right. Here things don’t make sense. There is no way to predict anything on this world for some odd reason. We have to keep our senses sharp, and in the meantime, Eight, PLEEEASE be nice to the humans." Celine said through the link.

" I cant believe we developed from them…Neanderthals." Eight thought.

Jack and Tricia sat together, eyes closed in an intimate scanning of the planet.

" They are here Jack…they have integrated themselves into the timeline." Tricia said slowly. " Shall we destroy them now or later?"

" Tricia, I suggest that we let things play out. Besides, at this point they are expecting something. We must attack when their senses are not as sharp, and believe me that time will present itself soon enough." Jack said coldly. He chuckled quietly for a moment before getting the sensation of wanting to laugh out loud.

" What is wrong Jack?" Tricia asked sensing restraint in Jack.

" I don’t know, I want to laugh like a lunatic…but…I don’t…odd no?"

" Quite…let us just sit here and relax to the tunes of Earth." Tricia said.

" OOPS I DID IT AGAIN!" The music sang. Jack shook his head and blasted a hole through the Earth like stereo.

" Ahhh…Earth tunes suck…what do you say to going into the holo-simulators and training for a while…it will be fun to practice blowing their heads off and it will prepare us for when we actually shall blow their heads off." Jack said extending a hand to Tricia.

Tricia took his hand and the two of them walked out of the room headed for the holo-simulators.

The group of students walked off giving Sina, Jon, Jibran, Turing and Cad Man a strange glare. " I don’t like the looks on their faces…they are up to no good." Jon said.

" Me neither… do you suppose they fall under the low panters classification?" Sina asked thoughtfully.

At that moment a guy ran by them with a towel from his pockets, and his pants down to his knees and several bandanas on his head making him look like some alien. He ran by and the first thing he said was,

" YO GUY! Got a quarter?" He asked approaching them. Sina and Jon stared at one another and at the same time said,

" See that bird over there in the corner…he has plenty of quarters, go bug him."

The 'low panter' walked to Nurdin where he started poking at him to get some quarters.

" LEAVE ME ALONE!" Nurdin yelled. Laughing at the situation, Jibran, Sina, Jon, Turing and Cad Man walked off.