A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode Twenty: It’s a Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Bad Multiverse

The Multiverse shook as cosmic lightning crackled everywhere. To the many people who were floating in the middle of space, it's beauty kept them too occupied to remember that they needed to breathe. To the others who were floating in space, and had air to breathe (through an environment suit, shield or other air breathing objects) they were too occupied with the actual meaning of all the lightning and shaking. Those that actually understood what the hell the meaning was were hoping death would come to grasp them. It had been far too long a battle, and they had lost all too much…it was time to take an eternal rest. A cosmic napping session was wished by everyone…

Well…just about everyone…

"JACK!" Celine yelled. "DON’T DO IT!" She flew as fast as she could to intercept him, but Jack was far too consumed with his own pride and vengeance to hear anyone from the outside world.

" I WILL BLAST YOU ALL TO SOME ORDERLY HELL!" Jack yelled flying with tremendous speed at the two enemies. " FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, YOU WILL SUFFER BEFORE YOU DIE!" Jack released a bloodthirsty scream and blasted a large sum of energy at the enemies.

" OH NO! Look at me…I am going to face death! Oh, my, whatever shall I do? I know…why don’t I say that you are full of crap and call it a day!" The first being yelled sticking his tongue out at Jack.

" WHY YOU LITTLE-" Jack began, but before he could finish, he was cut off.

" LITTLE? US? My oh my Jack, have you forgotten that we just destroyed your timeline, killed off many of your allies, destroyed all of the many Earth's and lets not forget the quite tragic but humorous death of your ugly bitch wife…" The second being laughed mocking Jack for all he was worth.

Jack's rage exploded and the multiverse was suddenly filled with beeps and blips on account of Jack's massive cursing: "UCK YOU AND SEND YOU ALL TO HELL!" Jack finished. He closed his eyes, brought his palms together, cracked his knuckles and did something he hadn't done in a long time…he let his feeling take control of the situation.

Celine sensed Jack's hatred returning at full blast and she shook her head: "No… after all the work…all the pain you went through…to just give it all up like this…"

"AND NOW YOU WILL DIE!" Jack yelled. He flew at the two beings and punched them with all his might, the only problem was that the beings were much faster than he and his fists flashed through empty space.

" No, I believe it is time for you to die…" The first being said. He vanished and appeared directly behind Jack. Jack was just about to spin around and blast away the enemy but he was a few milliseconds too slow.

The light around the multiverse intensified for a brief moment as a very focused beam of energy went through Jack's shield and through the left part of his chest. Through the very heart Jack had lost so many times emotionally, through the very soul Jack had fought so hard to keep, through what could have possibly been the last hope for the multiverse.

They all watched as his body seemed to float to a nearby asteroid, signs of life in their last hope beginning to vanish. For the first time in a while, everyone saw a tiny sparkle on Jack's cheek, a single tear rolling down Jack's face. The red glow surrounding Jack became lighter and lighter as it slowly turned into an eerie color. Jack's body landed very softly on the asteroid. The glow faded away completely and all sense of life for Jack vanished. There seemed to be a moment of eternal silence, a moment of mourning for possibly one of the greatest fighters to have ever lived, a moment for the last hope for the multiverse…the moment was rudely disbursed by the sound of laughter.

" HAHAHAHA! OH MY! DID MY FINGER SLIP! OPPS! LOOK WHAT I HAVE DONE…Jack is dead! BWAHAHHA!" The first being laughed.

All around the multiverse, throughout the linked minds of every single life form ever to have existed throughout time and space, there was a cry, a loud vengeful angry cry.

" FATHER!!!!!" Seth yelled. Celine tried to grab him and prevent him from doing anything but his anger was too great, he flew towards the two beings with tears streaking behind him.

" SETH WAIT!" Ashley Thorne yelled. She had tried it many times, many times she had tried to prevent herself from crying…but the recent events had forced her to release everything that was inside her. She watched as her brother flew at the two beings and she ran into Celine's arms crying furiously. " NONONO!"

Celine ran her hands through Ashley's hair in an attempt to comfort, but the very fact was that Celine knew nothing could comfort the little girl now. The only positive aspect was that Ashley did not see what was about to happen to her brother. All she felt was a sudden jolt of pain, and then another life vanishing across the link of space.

" Like father like son…both incompetent, both dead. Two less idiot beings for us to worry about." The second being said chuckling slightly.

A loud sound was heard throughout the link and suddenly the skies were full of color. Celine smiled slightly as she saw who had just arrived.

The being that had just arrived spoke alone, but it's voice was a combination of many beings, " Leave now…we will hold them off for as long as we can." The being said. There was something almost calm about the being's voice, a voice that someone knew they could turn to for comfort. Celine nodded and took Ashley's hand, contacted the rest of their people and flew away from the area as fast as they could.

Seeing that everyone that was needed was leaving the area the being turned to the opposing two beings. His curly blonde hair sparkled brightly. The black monk outfit he was wearing was as black as night, a mixture of code and hope. He opened his mouth and said, "I think it is time to say goodbye…to two majorly large SHITHEADS!!!!!!"

With that, a streak of chaos struck the being and a glow surrounded it. The two opposing beings grinned and said, "You called us shitheads…when we are through with you, it will be your head who will be in deep shit…if it remains intact…" The first being said.

The fully merged and chaotic being named Lord Chavos smiled and said, "Then let us begin…"

And it did…the battle began…its fury could be sensed and seen throughout all of space…

John Trenmill flew the ship as fast as he could from the area just as the bright glow of battle could be seen. At that moment, Celine and several others ran onto the bridge. John didn’t need to know why everyone was so sad, he had felt the disappearance of two very powerful humans, Jack and Seth and he mourned with them.

" How are we doing?" Celine asked.

" The Vortecians are causing some interference but its nothing that we cannot handle." John immediately replied tapping away at the computer pads surrounding him.

At that moment, four beings entered the bridge.

Celine spun around and smiled. She wasn’t smiling at the fact that the four beings were all very bruised and looked as if they had just jumped over a fire and landed into another fire, no, she wasn’t smiling at that. She was smiling at the fact that they were still alive, which meant something was at least going right for once.

" Did you get the coordinates?" John asked still tapping away.

" Yes we did…it only nearly got us killed!" Rama yelled angrily.

" Well, your alive and well now so give us the info." John said quickly.

" Just give him the info…my wings are tired from flapping so much." Nurdin said looking at Rama through his half-broken glasses.

Rama walked over to John and helped John enter the coordinates for where they had to go. Their last long shot effort to beat defeat was about to go into session.

" I liked that place! Why couldn’t we stay longer?" Adit asked.

" For one thing, we were under attack. For another, we would have died. AND FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON WE COULD HAVE DIED!" Rama yelled grabbing Adit's collar.

" You already said that." Britney said.


" Actually yes you did…you told me many times." Britney replied.

" YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY! JOHN! Open the airlock, I want to throw her out RIGHT NOW!"

John ignored Rama and continued tapping in the coordinates Rama had just entered into the computer. "IGNORE ME THEN! DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!"

" John, what makes you think that this time our plan will work? If what you are saying is true, we could have done this a million times and failed!" Adit said.

" We have tried it a million times…and failed it. BUT THIS TIME WILL BE DIFFERENT!" John said adding the final touches to the plan.

" How so?" Britney asked.

" Well…" John paused and after it he yelled: "SO NOTHINGS DIFFERENT! If we don’t succeed, may we horribly be killed off somehow…" John said. That final phrase didn’t add any comfort to anyone's feelings.

" Well that is reassuring! THANK YOU VERY MUCH JOHN! I THINK I AM GOING TO DANCE UP AND DOWN IN A LITTLE MINISKIRT DOING A LITTLE CELEBRATION DANCE, AND THEN WE CAN ALL PARTE LIKE ITS 1999!" Rama yelled leaving the room and slamming the door shut behind him. It opened quickly and Rama stuck his head in, " I was being sarcastic, so don’t you people be expecting any miniskirts from me…" He slammed the door shut…unfortunately, his head was still through the door when it shut so it caused a lot of pain.

Rama opened the door again and his head was now the shape of the little space between the door and the frame: "I am not Nurdin…this is NOT happening to me!" he yelled. "QUICK! I NEED A BOOST OF SELF CONFIDENCE!" He grabbed Nurdin by the feathers and placed his head in between the door and the frame and slammed the door shut on Nurdin's head. " Ah…that’s the stuff…"

Despite the fact that it was funny seeing Nurdin's head wedged in a door, Ashley still didn’t laugh. She still continued to cry. Celine walked up to John and said, "John, there is no room for error…"

John smiled and said, "I know…we wont fail this time I am sure. We just cannot fail again…although I've said this a million times before…perhaps the million and first time is a charm!" John said. He pressed the final button and space around them began to warp. " This is it…here we go!" John yelled. Space and time began to warp around them.

All over the multiverse continuum, a wave of disorientation was felt. Lord Chavos smiled as he sensed what was happening. He closed his eyes and chuckled slightly. Milliseconds later, the fist of one of the beings drove into his torso, and out the other end. He broke apart into his previous components of Sina, Jon, Jibran, Cad, Max and Turing Man who had one second of life left, before the two beings blasted them into a trillion bits of cosmic dust…

Eight walked into the school and gasped. Chaos was everywhere. "Eight, we must be on the wrong Earth again, you know, ever since the multiverse collapsed things have been kinda confusing! I mean, we have 17 Earths as visible as the sun in the daily sky! Not to mention the many moons we now have! I mean those owls are deafening us with their hooting!" Celine said walking into the school, she likewise stared.

" We have entered the pits of hell…Jack has been here already, my god! Look at the utter total chaos that has engulfed the students! They must be under his influence or something, look at what they are doing!" Eight yelled pointing at the students that were stomping all over the place. "Jack really did it this time! I've never seen anything like this though!"

" I have." Rama said quickly also entering the school.

" WHAT THE? I know chaos is usual, but not at this scale! I am surprised the school hasn’t collapsed yet." Eight yelled.

" No, this is normal for the first day of school…" Rama said calmly.

" WHAT? How is this?" Celine yelled.

" Well, for one thing everyone's schedules are screwed over! People don’t know where they have to be when or why! Its common for the lousy office to be unable to handle this many students. I mean, they couldn’t handle us when we started out as just 10 people! So, as I say, when in Rome, do as the Romans do…"

Roddy stuck his head into the conversation and yelled, "OR WHEN IN A SCHOOL GOING NUTS WITH STUDENTS LOOKING FOR TIMETABLES, GO NUTS LIKE THE STUDENTS LOOKING FOR TIMETABLES! AAHHHHRRRRGGHHHH!!!" He yelled running into the crowd and pushing and shoving. " GET AWAY HORSE FACE!" Roddy yelled viciously.

Celine and Eight turned to one another and shrugged, "Well, if this is common…" They too jumped into the massive ball of students that were pushing and shoving.

The wave of students was not going to calm down it seemed. They stormed down every door and window of classrooms and offices looking for their timetables.

Mr. Stuart stood on one of the large tables in the counseling room, " YOUR SCHEDUALS ARE NOT READY YET!"

" WE WANT OUR TIMETABLES RIGHT NOW YOU UNDERGROWN KONG RELATIVE!" Someone yelled. Mr. Stuart looked around nervously,

" Eh…ummm…I don’t have it…ummm… Mrs. Brayman has them! GO BUG HER!" He said nervously. Although many did rush to Mrs. Braymans office (they went through the walls and appeared in her office) those that remained rushed Mr. Stuart and trampled over the desk chanting " GIVE US OUR TIMETABLES!"

Mrs. Brayman was drinking a cup of coffee in her very quiet room when she heard a knock on the door. She took another sip of her coffee, placed the cup down and stood by the door, "Who is it?"

" Its an angry mob of students ma'am." A voice replied.

" Well, isn't that nice!" Mrs. Brayman said opening the door. The moment the door opened a crack, it exploded open and hundreds of students poured into her office. Her hand was sticking out of the massive crowd of students.

" ACH! Save me from the wee ones!" One of the Janitors's yelled running around. The new wave of grade sevens had just arrived and they were chasing the Janitor down the hall like an Indiana Jones scene. Suddenly, the Janitor saw hope! The school zambonie was in the middle of the hall just ahead. He hopped onto the machine and set it for full cleaning.

" Due to low budget and the fact that the school wasted money on this talking message, the device you have chosen, zambonie, is not in service…please check the machine again when a competent premier is in existence…"

The wave of students collided and overcame the janitor and the zambonie and ran screaming around the school looking for some sense of where they had to be.

" I GOT A NUMBER FOR TIME TABLE CHANGES! YES!!! BWAHHAHAHAHA!" Eight yelled sticking his hand up from the crowd. "HAHA! And it is number 8! In your face all you other losers! I got a number and I am Eighth to go in to the counseling office to get timetable corrections! HAHA!" Eight yelled somehow managing to dance in the crowded hallways.

" Calling number negative 2918471 and 2918470 into the counseling office." Mrs. Krokker's voice yelled over the crowd.

Eight stared at his number and took a deep breath before releasing an angry cry: "DOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!"

All of this chaos was normal for the first day of school, but unknown to all, it would be days like this that would soon end their very existence…