A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode twenty-three: Total Annihilation

They watched on the television screens, listened on the radio, and saw with their own eyes. The humans of the planet Earth watched as their skies were lit up with the fury of battle. On other versions of Earth, the same fate was destined, as it seemed all of space was lit up by the battles occurring within each atmosphere. Filled with awe, anticipation and much remorse for what was happening, the humans of the Earth's, and the aliens surrounding the planet watched with total amazement as it seemed the battle escalated. This was it…the final battle it seemed…and so far it was going horribly…

Eight crashed into a Russian building creating a gigantic hole inside the whole building. As this happened, Jack sent a volley of energy missiles at him blasting away a radius of 1 kilometer, rendering many lives useless. From within the crater created, a white glow was evident and a battered Eight stood up and made fists. There was nothing to say, nothing to do other than hate Jack for everything he had done. He contradicted himself immediately by opening his mouth and yelling, "JAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!"

Jack crossed his arms and smiled, "That's my name, pains my game! What is it that you ask of me?" Jack asked smiling. Code Warrior flew at Jack and Jack vanished and appeared a meter to the left sending the overgrown butter knife into a spiral falling towards the Earth.

Eight flew up as fast as he could along with Celine, Rama, Jibran, Adit, Greg, Isaque, Graham, and Ryan who was yelling, " SHUT UP YOU BANCHOD!" They all flew and lashed their fists at Jack. Showing increadible speed, Jack moved his neck in such a fast way that no fist was able to hit him. He smiled, his arms still crossed across his chest and he said,

" And I am not using any hands…What a shameful display of crap…I have seen much better shit than you guys…" Jack said kicking Eight in the chin with on foot, and Jibran with the other.

Eight flew upwards for several feet but orientated himself and flew at Jack once again, not yet willing to give up. In his hands were balls of energy. While Jack was occupied with Code Warrior, Eight slammed the energy at Jack's shield sending him flying towards the ground. He fell towards the ground making a large crash and Eight and Celine yelled at the same time, " EVERYONE! OPERATION HAIL STORM!"

Everyone made their palms (and blades in Code Warrior's case) face the direction Jack was and blasted energy at his direction. Jack had a moment to spin around when he saw to his horror dozens of highly focused energy beams headed in his direction. He realized he couldn’t move fast enough to avoid the blast and aimed his palms at the oncoming energy. To everyone's surprise, their energy collided with Jack and created a very large crater. Jack's energy readings faded away and after several hours (yeah this is cheap) of blasting energy, they all stopped.

Below them was a large smoldering crater nearly 100 kilometers across. Eight and Celine nodded at one another and smiled. "Do you think we got him?"

Code Warrior looked below and whispered, " Procedure Find…" A large find screen appeared as Code Warrior scanned the area within the crater. After several seconds Code Warrior replied, " I believe we got him…"

" Yeah…and while we were at it…we got Bert too!" Ryan said laughing. In between their energy beams, Bert was flying and was completely toasted. Everyone couldn’t help but smile. Even Nurdin started to smile slightly with his toothless jaw, smiling at the fact that Jack had been defeated.

A mighty whoop exerted itself from the mouths of everyone who saw what had just happened. Everyone was cheering except for Celine and Eight who flew to one another to embrace. Moments before they did, their hearts froze as one meter from touching one another, Jack flew in their way. He smiled at Celine and said, " Cmon… I am such a better kisser…" He said blasting Eight away. Celine flew back as quickly as she could unleashing massive beams of energy at Jack who dodged and blocked them all.

" PROCEDURE -" Code Warrior was about to yell when Jack grabbed the Warrior's mouth. He then turned the large blade around and held it as if it were his own. Code Warrior struggled to escape but it was impossible.

Jack swung the massive beast of a blade around in the air with such speed that everyone was blown away. " Not too bad…for a butterknife…" Jack laughed sending Code Warrior into the sky.

Nurdina was flapping her wings about when suddenly the sound of someone nearing was heard…" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!" Code Warrior flew directly at Nurdina chopping her into little bits of sushi. The bits of sushi started to glow and everyone witnessed a second Bertly miracle. The sushi bits flew at Jack and Jack smiled. " Food fight? I laugh at you!" Jack extended his chest to show that he wasn’t afraid and to everyone's surprise, the sushi blew up the moment it his Jack. Dozens of bits of Nurdina flew through the sky hitting Jack and exploding damaging his shield. The moment the last one flew through Eight yelled,

" OPERATION SPHERE!" Everyone flew in a spherical position and centered Jack within the sphere. They blasted energy at Jack who blocked them with slight difficulty. He flew up, but the sphere of students move up with him placing him once again in the middle. Jack grit his teeth and said,

" Nice move…unfortunately." He flew at Rama with incredible speed and blasted a concentrated beam of energy at him. Before it hit him, dozens of other beams from the others intercepted Jacks and rendered it useless. Jack spun around facing Eight and gave him a glare of hatred,

" Now you will pay…" Eight said coldly. He closed his eyes and a glow started to emanate from his body. Like some holy priest going mad with power, the glow surrounding Eight spread to Code Warrior, Sina, Jibran and everyone else until Jack was surrounded in a sphere of light. Then in one single burst, all the energy gathered from the endeavor was released directly at Jack. Jack closed his eyes and released a shockwave of red energy which collided with the white energy mixing and sending flashes of light everywhere.

On the HAL train, people were using the lights that were flashing as strobe lights as they danced to the choir music that was playing in the background. Problem was, Nurdin (the alternate reality one) had a heart defect and strobe lights made it worse. So although it looked like he was doing a funky dance…he was in fact going through a process known as a seizure.

On another of the worlds, the Vortecians tried to choose which Earth to save from the wrath of Jack. They split up into groups of 3 billion and sent themselves to one Earth each. The large object that had been formed as a result of Atlantis, the Pyramids, Stonehedge and the other mysteries of the world tried its best to fix up the memory problem the merged multiverse was experiencing. So far, a few dozen people had randomly appeared from other timelines and inquiring what the hell they were doing here. The only response the large Low Panter Artifact was able to give them was: "Yo guy…try stickin your head in dirt and maybe the answer will come to you yo…"

Of course they all received the finger from the alternate timeline people who were confused and tired due to massive lag…time lag. You know the feeling you get when you travel from one side of the world to another…you know, jet lag. Well imagine traveling across the infinities of space and time and arriving at some destination that you don’t even know where it is…confusing and irritating isn't it? Imagine that, now multiply the sensation by infinity and you will get the feeling of the scale of anger within these people…especially in the dark soul of the little girl that had appeared just below the battlefield where Jack and the others from our reality were…

She watched the battle taking place, the fires of anger reflecting upon her eyes. She watched as the people she thought were on their side attacked her father. Her eyebrows went on a journey inwards on her forehead giving her a very angry look. The little girl made tight fists and a glow of red energy (much like Jack's) surrounded her and intensified with each passing moment.

The energy Jack had released was enough to send the group flying away and this gave Jack enough time to orient himself once again. He turned to Eight and breathing heavily said, " Interesting technique…but I am not even out of breath…"

" LIAR!" Code Warrior yelled observing the fact that Jack was breathing heavily.

" HOW DARE YOU IMPLY THAT I AM LYING…when in fact I am…NOT!" Jack blasted a ball of energy at Code Warrior who quickly executed a teleportation procedure. Eight and Celine flew at Jack along with everyone else in a fit of fury trying to get Jack to either shut up or die, they weren't succeeding and Eight turned to Celine and said,

" We gotta keep him busy until you know what…I am going to signal them now…" Eight sent a telekinetic message across the globe which reached Chrissy and Michelle and the recently arrived Tori, the people in charge of the entire nuclear missile defense of the planet…

" It is time…" Chrissy said.

" For the wrath of Tori????" Tori asked anxiously.

" NO! For the modified Nukes…" Michelle said. She walked past Chrissy and took out the portable button she had…this device was a button…that could be used anywhere to do any one thing…in this case it was to launch the modified Nuclear missiles…a total of 180,000 nukes to be exact. Each had been modified by the remaining Comraidan survivors and modified with Galactian shielding. One of these babys could blow out the entire continent of Africa, but they were all going to be used against Jack, in one final blow of destruction…the last means of hope and survival for them all. Michelle, Tori and Chrissy looked at the button and took a deep breath. They all nodded at the same time and pressed the button…

At that moment, odd things happened around the world. Thousands of slots opened up under the highways and buildings all across North America, and thousands of these Nukes were launched. The Whitehouse morphed into 500 of these nukes, and Air Force One turned into 4 of them as well…of course the advantage of that was that Bush was in one of these new nukes and likewise was headed for total destruction…in fact, almost all of the American political leaders were within one of these nukes…truly heroes now for they were dying for a cause…naw…they couldn’t be heroes if their lives depended on it! ITS POLITICS! NO HEROES! All politicians cant be heroes (except perhaps a few really great Priministers and the founding fathers of America who saw past their own noses…perhaps…them…but that’s it…)

The thousands of nuclear missiles headed towards Russia where they would hit Jack killing him off, and ridding the world of all the evil politicians…a 2 for 1 deal! Like hitting two birds with one stone…

They flew with incredible speed towards the enemy…from within one of the missiles, the voice of Bush could be heard saying: " Wait a minute…" Whatever he had just realized, it was too late for him to escape from it since he was already flying through the air in the missile at nearly 3km a second…

Nurdin morphed into Big Bert and his army of birds appeared in the sky and started pecking at Jack. Jack gritted his teeth and saw the holocaustic wave of birds fly towards him, Nurdin as the spearhead of this army.

From the other side, Eight and his army of well-trained Woodlands students, Jibran and his wave of Prefects, Britney with her wave of Britney Spears fan zombies and Bill Gates with his army of lawyers flew at him with incredible speed. Jack closed his eyes and was about to use every single talent he knew. There would be no way he could teleport away from this…there would be no way he would even try it. It would show that he was weak and couldn’t handle taking on 1000000000000000000 creatures combined into one large enemy. He made fists and took a deep breath,

" This looks like deep shit for me…" Jack said under his breath. " No matter, I will live through this…" He closed his eyes and released all of his telekinetic powers. Masses and tonnes of rock flew up from the ground in spear shapes headed directly against the armies. Jack intended on killing a bunch of them before they hit him. The ground beneath him rose higher and higher…a diameter of 300 kilometers rose at his command and Jack swung his hands around causing the rock to dance for him. Millions of large 1-meter bits of rock flew at Eight and Bert and their armies. Jack was breathing heavily after this endeavor but he smiled as he saw that the rocks were hitting their targets.

Eight, Celine, and their forces were quick enough to avoid the rocks, but it became more and more difficult the closer they got to Jack. Nurdin of course had already been hit by several dozen of these rocks…the focus of the attack from Jack had been to hurt Nurdin really badly, and he had succeeded. Nurdin was sandwiched and made into something that could be sold at Macdonalds.

" YOU DON’T TELL ME MACDONALDS! NO RESPECT FOR CUSTOMER!" Abdullah Sanchez Sanji yelled from somewhere in the globe.

" Shut up Abdullah…" Jack the lawyer, said.

" Stop fighting you two…" Bob said nervously.


As Jack was trying very hard, it was clear that there was no way he could stop all of them at this scale. Jack extended his palms to both sides of his body and prepared to fire a mass of energy at the oncoming enemy.

As everyone watched the battle, they could feel something odd happening to them. Missiles flying towards Jack, birds, Prefects and telepaths were not chaotic enough…something was starting to happen to the multiverse. Something more than the merger of realities, something greater than the crash of the Multiverse. Whatever it was, it was starting to happen faster and faster.

A couple of episodes away, two very powerful beings sensed the delicious feast of chaos that was developing for them. It was a great opportunity to become even stronger than they currently were…As they drew closer to the multiverse, things started to fall apart…and the moment they reached there, things would get even worse…much worse than anyone could ever imagine, much worse than anyone could ever have a nightmare about…

As the multiverse struggled to survive, as Jack struggled to survive…as Eight and the others tried to stop him…and as this occurred throughout the multiverse in many different realities now merged as one, the sound of the massive choir could be heard singing. It was the only sense of order in the entire multiverse…singing a requiem that would determine the fate of the multiverse…

The choir sang and sang the fate of a doomed multiverse…