A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode Twenty-Five: Killing the Mocking Bird

"CODE WARRIOR!" Celine yelled. The mighty blade spun around but was not quick enough. Jack, full of anger and fury rushed at Code Warrior and punched the being of code so hard that he exploded into his previous components. It was as if taking a computer, and smashing it onto the ground.

Jon, Cad, Max and Turing Man exploded from the area and fell to the ground in pain. The error message was: "OWWWW.exe loaded". The entire area was filled with the debris from the nuclear blast that should have physically destroyed Jack.

Eight got up from the ground and turned his head at Jack and said in a very angry tone, "Computer, activate dark crystal…" Within Eight's body existed two energy crystals that were used to store massive amounts of energy. Within his light crystal (the one he was born with) was stored a great amount of energy accessed at will. His dark crystal was a very dangerous tool. It could only be activated emotionally, and the energy stored within was absolutely horrendous. Many times Eight had activated the crystal (which he had gained during his time as a Galactian) and had gone totally berserk, killing many people (or injuring them). Recently, Eight had learned to control it slightly better than before, and at its moment of activation, Eight's energy glow turned from the whitish blue to a dark orange.

" Eight…" Celine began, but it was obvious nothing would stop Eight now. With his crystal activated, Eight became an immediate killing machine. Jack sensed Eight's energy pacification increase and blow through a roof of some kind (metaphorically speaking I think). He stared at Eight and grinned slightly.

" Bring it on…" He said to Eight through a link.

Eight let out a cry of sheer anger. Dust and debris flew around him like a cosmic atom and Eight flew up to Jack and hit him squarely in the jaw. Jack fell back many meters and crashed into an airplane which crashed on Nurdin's head. Jack made fists and flew at Eight with all his might. "YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!" He punched Eight in the face but realized he had only imagined it. Before Jack had the chance to turn around, Eight kicked him in the spine sending him crashing into the ground.

Then something happened that caught everyone's attention. In Eight's hand was a large ball of energy and from what Celine could sense, it would be enough to render half of the entire planet missing. " EIGHT NO!" Celine yelled. With a cry of anger, Eight blasted the ball of energy at Jack.

Jack turned around and found that he could not block the energy in time. He took a deep breath and prepared to withstand it. Suddenly, he heard a cry that was quite shocking to him.

" LEAVE MY DADDY ALONE!" Jack's heart skipped a beat as he suddenly sensed a power much greater than his own fly in the path of the ball. It was a little girl and Jack saw her face briefly before the ball hit her hard.

Something within Jack snapped, and he wasn’t sure why. He stared wide-eyed at the girl who blocked the ball of energy and flew at Eight.

" WHAT THE HELL? LITTLE GIRL! Shithead, what you do here?" Jibran asked rudely. Before he could add anything else, the little girl smacked Jibran in the face harder than he had ever been smacked before. Half of Jibran's face was now in the print of a hand. The little girl flew at Eight tears streaking behind her as she flew and punched Eight rapidly sending Eight crashing below.

" WHAT THE?" Celine yelled staring at the amazing power the girl was displaying. Eight tried as hard as he could with his new crystal activated, but he found the girl was slightly faster than he was.

As Jack watched the little girl beat Eight slowly, something happened to him. There was a feeling of weight being lifted from his shoulders and for the first time killing Eight seemed almost pointless. Then suddenly, a terrible pain hit him in the head and he fell down holding his head and yelling in pain.


Warning, Tylenol should only be used when head is about to explode. Misuse of this drug will result in random bodily implosions. Tylenol holds no accords if such an event occurs for we have a mass army of lawyers to defend us…

Jacks cry of pain turned into a cynical laughter. " WBAWHAHAHAHAH!"

As little Ashley fought for defending her father from the people she thought were her friends, she found herself getting a tingling feeling. The world around her seemed to shift and turn and then suddenly it all vanished. She was back home in the ruins of Earth with her brother at her side.

" WOAH! GHOST GIRL!" Adit yelled.

" More like Ghost Bitch…" Rama added. "Thank goodness for Eight!"

" HAHAHAHHAH!" Jack laughed. Adit turned to Jack and yelled,

" DON’T CHALLENGE ME YOU! I CAN LAUGH 10 TIMES LOUDER THAN YOU!" Jack continued to laugh, "Why you laugh?" Adit asked slightly worried. Jack hovered above the ground and met Eight in the eye. They stared at one another 10 meters apart and then Jack crossed his arms and said,

" Computer…activate energy crystal."

A sudden wave of terror was felt throughout the planet and to anyone who understood what it meant. Jack had just activated his energy crystal, which meant that the power he was displaying so far was purely out of his own hand. With the crystal activated, there was suddenly a much more dangerous element about Jack…

"WHAT THE **BEEEEEEPPP** DO YOU MEAN THEY FAILED?" Chrissy yelled strangling the American Nuclear Officer.

" YEAH! TAKE THIS! IM ANGRY!" Michelle yelled kicking the man in the shins. Tori joined in and the man fell to his knees,

" LISTEN! The nukes hit the target…but he is still alive! The only line of defense we have now are those brace souls fighting Jack right now…those Woodland students…those truly heroic people who stood above all and - HEY!!!! STOP KICKING ME ALREADY!"

"Sorry, force of habit…" Tori said.

They all stared at the linkvision that was built by Eight and his people before Jack attacked the first time. On the screen they could see what everyone was dying to see…the fight for survival against a foe stronger than any previously known. They stared with some tears in their eyes and deciding to get tough they continued kicking the man again…

Jack flew around, the glow surrounding his body almost blinding. Eight flew right at him but with an absolute swift action, Jack hit Eight in the gut, sending him crashing into the ground. Jon, Cad, Max and Turing Man flew at Jack from the behind trying to damage him.

" FOR THE FALLEN!" Cad Man yelled angrily. From the other side, Roddy, Isaque, Sina, Jibran, Rama, Adit, Graham and Nurdin flew in. Jack was surrounded by the two forces with not a worry in his mind.

" You knats are getting on my nerves!" Jack yelled. The glow around him intensified and he rushed towards Nurdin, "DIE ALREADY!" Jack yelled. A ball of energy built itself up in Jack's hand and Jack turned into a blur on account of his speed. One moment Nurdin was flying, the next moment there was smoke and a pile of feathers fell to the ground. Everyone gasped. It was done…for the first time ever, Nurdin was truly dead. Sina's brain snapped at that moment and his hair turned curly and blonde.

" BEEEERRRRRTTTTTT!!!!" Sina yelled rushing at Jack. Jack flew at Sina and with the same blur effect flew past Sina. Sina was still floating to everyone's relief. But then they saw something that scared the load out of them…in Sina's chest was a gaping hole. Sina turned his head around, a smile on his face, his curls fading away. And then he spoke one word: "Banchod…" Then his eyes closed forever and he fell to the ground, dead beyond all recovery.

Eight and Celine screamed aloud at the same time, flying at Jack, they unleashed a massive volley of energy. Jack dodged them all and yelled: "Just get me angrier! YES! NOW FEEL MY WRATH!" Jack flew around in a quick blur passing Roddy, Isaque and Turing. There was a cry, a shout and a computerized bleep. Then the sound of three dead bodies thudding onto the ground.

Eight and Celine took deep breaths unable to believe what was happening. They flew at Jack once again using all the telepathy they had. Jack flew by them as if telepathy was nothing to him. He flew towards Ryan and Max Man and within moments they too lay on the ground, their eyes a dark blur of death.

" *******K YOU!!!!!" Celine yelled.

" You know you wanna babe…" Jack laughed evilly. He flew at Cad Man and blasted him into many 2d fragments.

Celine's energy turned red at that moment as rage blinded her. She flew at Jack but was blasted away like a fly.

Jack flew around in the air and either punched, kicked or blasted the valiant students. Next was Greg who fell to the ground hard with Jack yelling, "YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK!" He then punched Rama and he too fell down, "GOODBYE!" Graham tried to fly away but Jack beat him down quickly: "SEE YOU IN THE AFTERLIFE!"

For no reason at all, Jack aimed his palms at the ground and fired…Bill Gates was instantly vaporized. He aimed his palms at another area in the ground and punched a hole through the chest of Britney Spears...Jack smiled as he yelled, " HAHA! I TOLD YOU ALL THEY WERE FAKE!!! FAKE FAKE FAKE!!! BWAHWHAWHAWHAWHAWH!"

"NOOOOO!!!" Eight yelled. With a burst of speed, Eight flew at Jack and they engaged in a really fast fist fight. After about a thousand punches, Jack grabbed both of Eight's hands and twisted them. Eight heard a crack and then he fell to the ground in pain. "SEE YOU IN HELL!"

Jibran was now several kilometers away and suddenly Jack remembered that the kid in the red cloak was gone. He aimed his palms in the air and blasted energy.

" Looks like I am blasting nothing…doesn’t it…keep watching…" Jack said grinning. There was a large explosion in the horizon and a burnt up red cloak flew in the wind.

Celine's eyes began to water as she found herself as helpless as ever. Jack continued to fly around, killing the last line of defense for the Earth. There was no hope now it seemed.

Across the Multiverse in the many merged realities, the same shocking events were taking place. Many Jacks from a variety of universes eradicated the students fighting for their planet.

Above our Earth, the alternate characters watched as their reality counterparts were killed mercilessly. " My god…" Adit said from above staring down on the planet along with those around him.

He shook his head and he felt his body shiver with helplessness. It was all too much and he couldn’t cry, he exploded in a wave of laughter, filled with sorrow…(try doing that sometime…it feels weird laughing sorrowfully).

"I'LL BLAST YOU ALL TO HELL!" Jack yelled flying around faster than before, destroying the rest of the students with all of his speed, only a few remained now and the sky was full of cries of death. "HEY LOOK! THIS IS LIKE FINAL FANTASY WHERE EVERYONE DIES…except that girl and that cool evil guy! But eh, it was pretty lame how they all died…I could have blasted them with a thought!" Jack laughed.

From below, Jack suddenly felt a surge of power as Jon flew up yelling, "YOU WILL NEVER INSULT THAT MOVIE! OR THE GAME! YOU WILL SUFFER FOR YOUR INSULTS NOW! THIS GAME IS OVER! PROCEDURE SUPERCOOLSACRIFICE!" Jon's body began to glow with code as he flew at Jack saying, "When I touch you, all the code in the multiverse will surge upon you trying to delete you…I will see you in hell you disgraceful bastard! YOUR NAME IS AN ISULT TO MY WEARING BLACK! DIEEEEEE!!!" Jon flew at Jack and there was a bright light and a large explosion with random errors popping up.

Michelle stared at the screen unable to do anything. Kicking the man wasn’t helping and she pulled out a Mars Bar and ate it mournfully…

Eight and Celine were pushed back many meters in the air as the force of Jon's sacrifice reached them, pushing them away. There was dust and smoke everywhere and Eight and Celine shielded their eyes. There was a moment of total silence throughout the link as the loss of the students finally caught up with everyone.

All over the world the world suddenly went silent. Throughout the multiverse, there had been felt a sudden wave of massacres as many students were for no reason killed off mercilessly by Jack. It was as if the multiverse stood still…the choir of the ages started to whisper mournfully now, singing a sad tone.

Celine fell to the ground crying with both sadness and pleasure, "He did it…Jon did it…he risked everything, but he did it…its all over." She looked up at Eight who stood beside her, hands in fists, "Eight?" Celine asked with concern on her face. "Eight, hunny are you all right?" Eight's fists became tighter and he stared at the sky where there had been a recent explosion. His fists became tighter with each passing moment and for a moment Celine became frightened by Eight. Then suddenly a bright light appeared and Eight flew directly in the path of the light.

Celine watched as her love blocked a very powerful blast originating from Jack's palms. The intensity of it was unbelievable and she found it hard to believe that Eight was actually blocking it all. She got up, the glow around her returning and contacted Chrissy, Michelle and Tori in the link.

" Now is the time…" Celine said.

Michelle pressed a button and with much remorse spoke the words: "Procedure Last Wave…"

The ground rumbled beneath Celine and she said to Eight through the link: "It is starting Eight, we should prepare…"

Suddenly, from under the ground Jack gasped as he saw it open up. A wave of Cad Men, Max Men, and loyal Britney Spears fans erupted from the magma they had been resting in since War of Chaos I. They had only one mission in mind…to keep Jack busy while Eight and Celine prepared to finish him off.

Jack released the wave of energy he was throwing at Jack and focused his efforts on the upcoming wave…