A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode twenty-six: Final Destination

"They’re attacking the foul being!" The overly excited reporter was yelling. His voice was being translated into many different languages for the entire world to hear. "Our last line of defense, a bunch of looser Cad and Max Men, and some lousy fans! What is this world coming to? This reporter solely puts the blame of our total destruction on YOU! THE VIEWERS!" The man yelled pointing at the screen.

At the Woodlands High School, students had just been shocked by the images of total destruction they had just witnessed. They had seen their classmates fly into battle and die swiftly because of Jack. There was a kind of quiet chaos within the school, one that had not existed for as long as anyone could remember. The school flag was lowered almost completely as requested and the entire school watched as the ludicrous army of Cad, Max Men and Britney Spears fans rushed into battle.

Above the planet, people watched the different Earth’s as if they were different TV stations. On one Earth, they could see a very nicely crafter defense system coming up. A large energy shield appeared just above the planet which would last for several days until Celine and Eight figured something to do. On another Earth, the defense was an army of school children with slingshots. On another still different Earth, the defense was simply not there. At that world, Jack was flying around and destroying the objects on the planet for fun. These images were being caught by the MNN, Multiversal Network News and were being transmitted to any being who had a television set or its equal.

Finally, on the version of Earth that this entire story has been about, we found the Cad Men commencing their attack…

An alternate version of Cad Man watched the screen and shook his head, knowing what Cad Men were capable of. He spoke two words that wrote the fate of the planet in stone…"Were screwed…"

Jack floated, arms crossed and awaited the wave of the defense. They rushed up at him and Jack yelled out, "I could blast you all away in a single thought…but where is the fun in that?" He smiled and started flying around zapping, blasting and decompiling each individual person.

Eight and Celine smiled: "Hah…this ought to buy us enough time to create two massive balls of total destructive energy!" Celine said. Eight nodded and they flew up into the air, separated by 1km, with Jack and the army in the middle. Eight and Celine closed their eyes and said through their link,

" Lets do this…lets send this telekinetic bastard to hell for what he has done…" Eight said bluntly. They stretched their arms outward as if giving the air around them a big hug and began to gather energy in their palms. Within moments, one large ball of energy was gathered in each person’s hand, with a diameter of 1 meter and increasing. Eight and Celine hoped that they could get the energy as great as they could that would kill Jack, because if they failed they would have beast headaches and wouldn’t have much energy left…except for Eight who had his dark crystal activated.

" WHHEEEE!" Jack yelled killing three more Cad Man. He was so fixed upon his glory of beating the last armies of the Earth that he didn’t notice that two very large balls of energy were being formed. He continued destroying the numerous Cad, Max and fans.

Chrissy, Michelle and Tori watched on the TV screen as it showed the Cad Men being brutally beaten first. The Max Men they knew would be next, and the fans as Jack’s final slaughter. Chrissy kicked the man that was lying on the floor and said, "I feel like I have to do something…but what? We saw them get blasted away, there has to be a way for us to buy some time for Celine and Eight cause the crap defense we have up wont last that long…"

" We need to find someone who has great powers…someone that we may know from our school…someone who can hold Jack off for some time." Michelle said.

" Like me?" Ricky asked appearing out of nowhere. "I am a renegade Vortecian, and I have their powers, so I can buy you guys some time…AND BESIDES! I brought a squad of Vortecians!"

" What we need, is a squad of something…" Michelle said.


" Perhaps a squad of Vortecians would do nicely…but where to get them?" Tori asked herself.

" RIGHT BEEEEPPING HERE!!! I BROUGHT THEM!" Ricky yelled jumping up and down.

" You know, Ricky could be useful at a time like this…" Michelle said. Ricky’s face turned red with anger,


" Do you know where Ricky is right now?" Michelle asked Tori and Chrissy. They both shook their heads and Ricky said,

" You girls suck you know that…who gives a damn about you! I will go and fight that bastard off myself!" He floated out of the room with the army of Vortecians and suddenly Tori yelled,


Ricky turned around and shook with total rage, " I have only one thing to say, and I will only say it once…uhhh….hmmm…whatever…" He floated out of the room unable to say anything.

By the time Ricky and his squad reached Jack, he was halfway through killing off the Max Men. The balls of energy Celine and Eight were gathering were over 0.5 kilometers in diameter now, and still increasing. There was an eerie glow around the two of them and it was obvious all of their concentration was going onto this final shot. Hopefully it would be enough.

Ricky floated and waited for the last defense to be completely destroyed before he attacked. Looking at YOU, the READER, he said, " Yeah, I am cold hearted…but who cares about Cad Man, Max Man, or the Britney Spears fans? They were supposed to be dead by now! Just fixing fate I guess…" He crossed his arms, went into Vortecian form and waited…

Jack continued to fly around, destroying every single member of the final defense as quickly as he could taking them all on and not even breaking a sweat. He smiled as he killed them all, enjoying the fact that he was supreme to them, but it all seemed too easy. At one point, Jack had the urge to stop attacking and blast them all away in a second. He crossed the idea out when he realized that then he would only have Eight and Celine to fight, and that kept him going, slowly killing the final squad of Max Men off.

Eight and Celine were continuing to struggle gathering energy, such a thing had never been done before. Gathering so much energy had been almost unheard of. The ball of energy acted as a magnet, drawing energy particles from the air, and anywhere nearby as the wielder of the energy concentrated in keeping the energy in a ball.

" Eight, the moment Jack is through, I want us to finish the plan we had." Celine said through the link,

" We will my love…the moment Jack is dead and I can sleep once again, we will do what we have been planning for almost 3 months." Eight replied bluntly, with a trace of joy in his voice. Celine smiled as she felt the joy coming from Eight. It had been a while since he had done that and she couldn’t help but think about what it could possibly mean.

Perhaps Jack wasn’t lying when he told Eight that his destiny was to become Jack. Eight had been worried about the day when he would go over the edge and become completely self-absorbed, like Jack, ever since the battle Jack and Eight had in their own universe. Celine could vaguely remember the battle, on account of the fact that she had been temporarily under the mind influence of Jack. She sighed as she concentrated, remembering the better times.

She felt as though she could almost see herself back on Comraidus, competing in the telekinetic Olympics. She remembered how she was the fastest and strongest telepath on the planet at the time. She remembered the other Comrads who were all gone now, except for Eight. She remembered the words of her father, Ted Murdoch as he told her the night before the Third World War broke out that "history repeats itself far too frequently." Celine had been 12 or 13 at the time, but she could now remember it like yesterday.

Her thought was broken when she heard a voice yell, "DIE JACK!" She opened her eyes and thought it was Eight, but looking down she saw a squad of roughly 20 Vortecians were advancing on Jack.

Jack was looking at them with a grin on his face. The Vortecians started attacking Jack and Celine could feel the ball of energy had increased to roughly 1 kilometer in diameter now. It was harder to control than ever, but she would enjoy blasting it all at Jack. Hopefully the others could hold him off.

" OOOH! Balls of energy! I am really really scared! I am shivering with sheer terror!" Jack said dodging the Vortecian blasts. He then said something that really pissed Ricky off, "I enjoyed killing Vortec in my reality…he wasn’t as much fun as you poor saps!"

Jack blasted away a single Vortecian and Ricky and the others tried to ram themselves at Jack, since he was the target. Jack was too quick for them, and one by one their numbers too began to decrease.

Eight and Celine could feel their energy reaching their peaks and realized that it was soon the time to release it all. There were now only 3 Vortecians left, and they had to time their attack perfectly.

Ricky continued to blast at Jack, who dodged them all effortlessly. He killed off another Vortecian making the number remaining 2, including Ricky.

Ricky and the other Vortecian nodded and realized they had to make the sacrifice they were planning on making. Their bodies started to glow exponentially and for the first time, Jack was caught off guard. He shielded his eyes for a moment before his optical implants began the "bright light sequence". When Jack could see again, he saw the two Vortecians right infront of him. They collided with him sending energy through the air. Realizing that now was the time for the attack, Celine and Eight launched the balls of energy…

Jack appeared out of the smoke and seemed a bit pissed at the fact that they had actually touched him before they died. Suddenly, he could feel two large energy signatures coming from the sky. He looked to his left and right and gasped as he saw two large balls of energy flying at him. There was no way he could avoid them as they were only 1 meter away from him. He made fists and took a deep breath, and closed his eyes…

All over the skies, bright lights filled the Earth. Looking above, it was like seeing the Northern lights on steroids. The sun was no longer the brightest object in the sky. Jack was crushed from both sides by the energy, and now the energy was completely ravaging him from both sides ensuring that he was completely dead.

The blast pushed Eight and Celine away several kilometers and the bright lights lasted almost 3 minutes before everyone could see again. Eight and Celine were on the ground, breathing heavily, drops of sweat dropping from their foreheads.

Eight could not sense Jack anymore, neither could Celine. Laying beside one another on the ground, Eight and Celine held hands while smiling. Eight almost started to laugh and Celine joined him laughing wildly as if they had just gone crazy.

" We did it…" Celine said through the link.

Eight responded with speech: "I do believe that he is truly dead my love…" Eight got up and stared at Celine who was still on the ground and smiling. He got on top of her and gave her a kiss on the lips.

There was cheering all over the planet as everyone saw that Jack was truly gone. The smoke had cleared and there was no trace of him. It was a time to celebrate. They saw Celine and Eight kiss and everyone smiled, thanking them for their work. Many had died, but the majority of the planet was alive as a result of the brace sacrifices that had been made. This was truly a day to go down in the history books of Earth…In fact, a similar fate had taken toll on all Earths. In the Earth with the defence sheild, Celine and Eight had gathered their energy and blasted Jack to death. In the Earth with the children and slingshots, Jack had randomly imploded. And in this Earth, Jack too was gone…

There they were, in the middle of a huge 100km crater, finally feeling at peace with one another and the world around them.

Eight looked directly at Celine’s eyes and said, "I don’t see any reason for me NOT to ask you now…" He took a deep breath, and took out a small box from his pocket (yes, even after all that, it was intact).

He opened the box and Celine gasped. Eight spoke the words: "Celine, my eternal love…" He swallowed and smiled as he asked, "Will you do me the honor of giving me your hand in-" He never finished his sentence. Celine felt Eight’s weight lift from on top of her and she screamed as a beam of energy pushed Eight off and slammed him right into the wall of the crater.

Jack flew out, breathing heavily, the glow around him intense, and his eyes wide with fury. "YOU WILL PAY! NOW!" He pointed his fingers at Eight and concentrated on his body. Eight tried to grasp Celine’s hand as he was thrown up, he yelled with pain and fear, "CELINE!" Celine extended her hands but Eight was flying away. Jack flung his hands up in the air and Eight was thrown into the sky with amazing force. Eight watched as the Earth became smaller and smaller below him, leaving behind Celine and his life it seemed.

There was no way to counter what was suddenly happening. Jack split his fingers apart and the moon above split in half. Throwing Eight in the middle of the two pieces, Jack brought his two fingers together slamming the two pieces of moon together. Celine heard four words that caused her heart to melt away. "Celine, I love you…". The next moment, the moon pieces completely crushed Eight to a horrible death.

Celine started to shake as she felt the strongest presence within her mind vanish, evaporating like a dream that almost existed. It was like watching your life fall away in a single moment. She wished she could express herself in some way, but she couldn’t. No screaming, no kicking, no nothing could express the sudden emotions that overwhelmed her. She felt something within her soul rise, something dark and full of hatred. It was increasing with each passing moment.

There she was, lying in the middle of the crater, suddenly feeling all alone, all hopeless, with the sound of Jack’s laughter echoing throughout her mind and throughout the crater, the biggest scar on the planet earth…