A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Three: More Trouble Brewing

" WHEEEE!!!" Britney Spears cried while driving her car at 100 miles an hour running over too many people to count. " HEY! EVERYONE, WELCOME TO THE DEATH CIRCUIT! GET IN MY WAAAAAY!" Britney yelled driving the car without any useful hands. At that moment she saw a kid in the middle of the road crossing. "HEY! YOUR NOT RICH! DIE!" She ran over the kid and a loud thud was heard. She erupted into a vile and evil laughter.

Behind her, several dozen police cars followed creating a high speed police chase. The police cars behind her watched the trail of chaos Britney was creating wondering what could have happened to make her go crazy.

" ALL YOU UNLUCKY BASTARDS ARE ON YOUR WAY TO HELL!!!" Britney yelled seeing a large crowd of people crossing the street. She pushed the car into high gear and drove right through the crowd running over at least a dozen people and several cats and dogs. A trail of red (not blood but that of the ketchup that was in a lady's shopping cart) was left behind her car.

The cops also ran through the crowd killing a few people. " AGENT BOB YOU IDIOT! YOU ARENT SUPPOSED TO DO MORE DAMAGE!" Agent Joe said.

" Awww…what a jip!" Agent Bob replied. Agent Joe stuck his head out the window and took out a megaphone and yelled,

" This is the police, please stop the vehicle."

At that moment, Britney slammed her feet on the brakes causing the cop cars to go ahead of her and crash into a brick wall. She then set the car on reverse and slammed her feet on the accelleration causing the car to go backwards really fast. As she drove backwards she heard several other thuds and at that sound she yelled, " WHEEHOO!!! WAAHH!! YAH!!! TAKE THAT YOU LOW LIFE BUMS!"

At that moment an old lady was crossing the street when Britney's car swerved around the corner. The lady extended her hand expecting to stop the car moving so fast. It was a dumb thing to do…THUD!

The crazy car and its driver continued to drive oddly throughout the streets of Florida. Britney couldn’t remember why she was doing this, but something had just clicked in her head telling her to do so…and there was no stopping her now… "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

The bell rung and Sina and Jibran along with Nurdin ran out of their period 4 class and headed towards the place where they ate lunch. Half way there, they met Jon, Michelle, Graham and the rest of their period 5 lunchers (Nurdin not included).

" Hey! I am very hungry!" Sina said.

" Me too…lets chow down!" Jibran said. They all ran as fast as they could like unstoppable trampling cows headed towards the benches. Suddenly, they all stopped when they saw who was occupying their spot.

" HEY!" Jon yelled pointing at the people. It was the same people that had recently arrived at the school wearing sweatshirts with a number on them. The one with the number Eight stood up and said,

" Yes, and how may I help you?"

Sina stepped forward and looked Eight squarely in the eyes, " OI! This is out lunch eating place! No one eats here except for us! Excluding Nurdin." Sina said.

" Yeah! We've been here since semester one!" Jibran yelled also stepping forward. The other students with the numbers on them stood up and backed up the one with Eight on his shirt.

" We arrived here first, and therefore we eat here today." The guy in the sweatshirt with the number 4 said.

Sina, Jibran, Jon, Turing, Max Man, and Cad Man stepped forwards and glared at the students. Jon pointed at the one with the Eight and yelled, " JUST WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?"

The one with Eight smiled, " It is not who we think we are, it is who we are…I am Eight. My friends call me Eight, you can call me Eight." He said grinning.

" Isn't that a tad wee predictable?" Cad Man asked.

" Look, our names are those on our sweatshirts and this is where we are eating and there is nothing you can do about it!" Eight said angrily.

" Oh, we will not stand for this!" Jibran yelled glaring at Eight.

" YEAH! We shall not stand for this!" Cad Man yelled. At that moment they all sat down on the floor and started eating. Eight and his group sat on the benches and stared at one another.

Eight stared at Five and said through telepathy, " Idiot kids. How dare they question us."

" Eight, be nice! Please, for the sake of the mission be nice, we already have enough enemies to worry about, lets not make more!" Celine replied also through the link.

" Well, they did start it Celine." Five said supporting Eight. Celine sighed and said,

" Look, just ignore the kids please…lets not cause conflict."

" OI! If they get in my way there will be trouble!" Eight yelled taking another bite of his sandwich.

" I don’t like these new kids." Sina whispered to Jon. Jibran nodded and said,

" Neither do I, they are kinda freaky now that I think about it. But I wont take much more of this crap…" Jibran said.

" Yeah, neither will we." Cad Man said for Turing and Max Man.

" If its trouble they want, it is trouble they will get…" Jon said glaring at the kids. Michelle got up and said,

" I am going to get a chocolate bar from the machines…" She blasted a hole through the caf doors and walked inside. At that moment, the one named Five walked out of the caf eating a Mars Bar. Several moments later Michelle stormed out and yelled,


Five ate the chocolate and licked his fingers mockatively, " Hey, I found it first babe, nothing you can do about it."

" HEY! WHO ARE YOU CALLING BABE?" Michelle yelled angrily. Jon and the others stood up and backed Michelle up.

" Hey, leave us alone." Celine said stepping forward.

" I will not! He took the last chocolate bar!" Michelle yelled stepping closer. Celine did the same and for a moment Celine and Michelle glared at one another.

Sina stood up and stared at Eight. After a moment of swallowing his sandwich he said, " I think it is time for you to leave…NOW!"

Eight stood up from where he was sitting and shook his head, " As I said several moments before, we got here first and therefore we eat here…SO YOU LEAVE!"

A red glow came around Sina and he yelled, " You dare tell me to leave from my own domain?"

A red glow came around Eight and he yelled, " YES I DO! THIS IS MY DOMAIN NOW!"

Graham stepped up and a glow of math came around him, " No you idiots, domain and range cant work here, only if x is equal to 3 it works, not when x is equal to-"

" HEY KID SHUT UP!" Three yelled at Graham. " Your math sucks!"

Graham turned red, " You dare insult math, NOW YOU DIE!" Graham said. Five and Graham stared at one another with an unbreakable glare of pure hatred for one another. Michelle and Celine were doing the same, as were Sina and Eight.

" You kids are asking for trouble." Eight said poking at Sina.

" Ohh…we want trouble…TROUBLE FOR YOU!" Sina said poking Eight much harder on the chest.

" Oh…we like trouble…trouble it is!" Eight said pushing Sina.

The glow around this area of the school was starting to increase as everyone in the area became angrier and filled with more hatred. It was Nurdin's misfortune to walk into the area just as everyone's anger exploded sending massive amounts of energy right at Nurdin. He was burnt to a chaotic crisp.

" DIE!" Sina yelled lunging at Eight. The glow around both of them seemed to match equally as they blasted energy at one another. Jon and Five were doing the same, as were Jibran and Seven, Graham and Three and Michelle and Celine. The fight was starting to get out of hand when suddenly Mrs. Brayman walked in.

" Uh, I understand the acoustics here are bad, but could you keep the noise and energy blasting to a minimum?" She nodded and everyone sat down on the benches (very crowded together) and ate their lunches uncomfortably.

" The next time that happens Celine, that Sina will be beaten badly." Eight thought to Celine.

" The next time someone takes my chocolate bar Jon, there will be massive pain." Michelle said to Jon.

" The next time that Eight stands up I will trip him." Sina said to Jibran. The two of them chuckled.

" I HEARD THAT!" Eight yelled.

" I didn’t say anything." Sina said grinning.

" BEAM DOWN THE HISTORY RECORDER!" Eight yelled to his wrist watch. At that moment, a large computer appeared in the halls. On one of the screens Sina was shown saying " The next time that Eight stands up I will trip him." To Jibran. Eight grinned and Sina growled angrily,

" Shut up." Sina said.

" Shit head." Jibran added.

Everyone sat down uncomfortably and finished the rest of their lunch.

Code Reaper floated high above Mississauga with a grin on his face (if it could be called a face since it was a reaper). His eyes were closed as he sensed a great power somewhere within the multiverse. He had now become all powerful, but something was missing. He wanted more.

He opened his mouth and said in a HAL voice, " Hmmm…I think it is time I proceeded to a plan which will allow me to develop a machine that can break through the dimensional barrier." He smiled and then said, " That will allow me to get to the power, merge with it and then become all powerful x 2! Ha ha ha." He said emotionlessly.

He looked below and saw the ruined building and dead bodies. Those that were not worthy of merger were disposed of. Despite the fact that he felt supreme, he also started to feel lonely. Something would have to be done about all of this, there would be no time to waste. He would have to move fast if he were to get to the power before anyone else…

Jack floated above the school grounds and opened his eyes. Moments earlier he had felt a powerful battle occurring in the front halls of the school. Whatever the cause was he was sure it had some relation to the Comrads and Celine. He had seen how they arrived disguised as children waiting for a disaster that would be different from all that they expected. For the disaster was himself.

He opened a link with Tricia and said, " They arent co-operating which is very good for the long run of our plans my dear."

Tricia replied, " Very well. When they are scattered and against each other we shall strike. Alone they shall fail, but should they ally we may have some troubles. We must prevent that from happening."

Jack nodded, " Agreed. Say, how is our human test subject on mind influencing? Is she still running havoc with that car of hers?"

" Yep. Britney has killed soooo many people and no one will ever know what snapped in her head. Influencing humans is soooo easy it makes me want to laugh."

" As it does to me. You know, I am thinking of perhaps mind influencing several people here in the city. You know, turn them against one another, see who survives and who doesn’t." Jack said thoughtfully.

" Whatever you want." Tricia replied.

" Exactly." Jack floated to a nearby mall where he thought it would be fun to create some havoc in it.

In a completely different reality things had happened differently. Jibran floated in his supreme chair, all powerful and near godlike. After his absorbing Sina, Cad Man, Turing, Max Man and Nurdin, killing Jon and the rest of the group he felt quite proud of himself. He reigned supreme over a world that he had helped destroy. He had been smart and stopped Gates and Spears before they released Sina from the nut house. He had been smart and killed Jon before he had a chance to recompile the Twix to Go factory into a Fruit to Go factory.

He remembered when he approached Bill Gates, palms outstretched and said in a very demonic tone, " Trying to release Sina, are we?" Gates' face had turned white and then his face was gone…blasted away. Similar to Britney Spears, " Trying to make a living are we?" Britney's face turned pink, and then Jibran blew her up too. Finally it had been Jon who stood up against him. After a brutal battle, Jon was starting to become slower due to lack of memory in his system and split up into Cad, Max and Turing. They were absorbed and then Jibran finished Jon up with a single blow.

After all of his allies were decimated, Sina now stood no chance. Jibran had flown to the Nut House for the Insanely Interesting where he burst into the walls (wrong wall at first) and absorbed Sina upon finding him. He remembered Sina's last words,

" WHAT YOU SAY?" And that was it, he was absorbed. And now Jibran was ruler of all that was and wasn’t. But just recently he had felt a presence, a presence greater than his. Much greater and diabolical than his own. He longed to find that presence and absorb it into his powers. Then he would truly be the most powerful. He had to find some way of breaking the dimensional barrier and getting to the power.

Jibran flew over to the Woodlands school where he now lived and searched for a Comraidan that was lost throughout the fabric of space, time and dimension in an accident where he had landed in the wrong reality. He found the man curled up in a frightened ball in the corner of the school. His hair was graying and his eyes starting to become disoriented. Jibran grinned. This man was brilliant on his homeworld of Comraidus for designing a portal that broke the barrier between two realities allowing travel to occur. The portal had caused a lot of trouble and the poor man had tried so hard to get back in time to fix things up, unfortunately his calculations were inaccurate and he was thrown into this reality and not where he intended to go.

Jibran kicked them weakened man and said, " I want you to build me a portal. You will begin now." Jibran said. John Trenmill stood up, his knees buckling slightly under fear. He had to start immediately. Perhaps he could also use the portal to get to the reality he needed to. What was at stake here was much bigger than everything anything could ever imagine. He had to find a way back to Eight, Celine and the others. Only then would things work out fine, only then would this whole mess be straightened out…