A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode thirty-two: Descent into Chaos


            Woodlands had gone into War Mode. The school had turned received a new kind of armour and was now using it as guns stuck out from all sides of it. This had been necessary when several of the Dave rebels tried to blow up the school, and thus far, the cannons had proved to be quite effective. Inside the school, students were in red alert, meaning that they were learning with guns in their hands. Should the need arise, these guns would be used to attack any oncoming enemy.

            In the Computer Science room, Jon was typing away trying to learn as much C++ as he could in as little time as needed. Dave was doing the same, Turing was likewise and Mr. Scully was asleep…again. The sound within the room was filled with tapping and snoring.

            “ Hey, Turing, send me the header file…I think I’ve made progress with the merger.” Jon said looking at the screen.

            Turing blinked and the file was transferred immediately. Jon smiled and continued trying to find a way to create the ultimate merger program allowing him, Jack, Jibran, Sina, Max Man, Cad Man and Turing Man to merge. As Jon was typing away, he heard several footsteps. He spun around and saw to his disgust, Jibran, Gates and Spears were standing in the doorway.

            “ What do you ingrates want?” Jon asked bitterly getting up from his seat, ready for anything. Dave and Turing sided with Jon and they faced the villains in the doorway.

            “ Oh, no, please Jon…Sit down, be comfortable…” Jibran said. “We just want to…talk with you…BWAHWAHWHAHWHAWHAHAH!”

            Jon frowned, “I take it from that laughter at the end that I am in some way going into a trap of sorts…”

            Jibran made a fist and said: “YES! DAH! I mean no! I just wanted you help with…uh…with uh…SINGING! YEAH! You were in choir…and you know how I suck…so why don’t you help me?” Jon frowned again and said,

            “ I have more important things to do.”

            Jibran smiled and said, “We shall see how your priorities are after THIS!” Suddenly, Jibran blasted energy at Jon and Jon dodged out of the way. The computer that was behind him exploded. Dave flew at Jibran and Spears collided with him in an effort to stop Dave. Turing flew at Jibran and Gates stood in front of him, a converter from War of Chaos I in his hand.

            “ Turing…join the DOS side…” Gates said activating the converter. Suddenly, Turing’s smile vanished and his ascii character changed color values. Turing was now under the control of Gates.

            “ TURING! PROCEDURE ESCAPE!” Jon yelled.

            “ Unable to comply Jon…” Turing replied.

            Gates smiled and said, “Now it is my turn…Turing! PROCEDURE CONTAIN!” Turing flew around Jon and trapped him within many lines of code preventing him from moving. “TURING! PROCEDURE DAVE NO EXIST!” Gates yelled. Suddenly, Turing stared at Dave and Dave froze in his spot, confused suddenly and lost. He felt as though he didn’t exist…but yet he did…and he didn’t…SO HE WAS CONFUSED!

            Jon stared at Jibran and struggled to escape, the code was too strong and he found it impossible. “JIBRAN! YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS! THE FATE OF THE MULTIVERSE IS AT STAKE HERE!”

            “ SHUT UP SHITHEAD!” Jibran yelled slapping some duct tape onto Jon’s mouth. “Spears, Gates, we must proceed with our next phase…luring Sina…”


            Michelle was going to the bathroom when she heard the sound of explosions coming from the computer science room Jon was in. She ran there and saw Jibran, Gates and Spears taking control of the room. Realizing the smartest thing to do was to get help, Michelle ran back to where Tori and Chrissy were.

            As she ran through the halls, several students stepped out in front of her. “No running in the halls…” They said in a chilling voice.

            Michelle screamed…she hadn’t heard students talk that way ever since Jibran took over the school a year back. The students closed in on her and Michelle quickly took out a Fruit to Go MARS BAR. Eating it, she had just enough speed to escape. She quickly did a flip, ran along the walls, over their heads and back on the ground where she commenced running, running faster than she had ever done so in her life.

            “ Stop her…she is running in the halls…” The students yelled back.

            Mr. Knapp suddenly got in her way and said, “OH MICHELLE…I-“ But before he could continue, Michelle knocked him cold and darted past him,


            She suddenly saw to her horror that the entire hall way was now full of cloaked students. “No…” She said quietly to herself as she saw what was in the hands of all the students…Fruit to Go wrappers. Jibran had given his minion students Fruit to Go, which made them very quick and deadly now. There was no way for her to escape and warn the others about Jibran, Gates and Spears’ plan. The students closed in on her and Michelle closed her eyes and waited for the darkness… 


            “HEY HEY HEY!!! DIE DIE DIE!!!” Jack yelled flying through the bodies of 30 Dave rebels, killing them immediately. Since he had joined the others in battle, things had been easier to handle. The Dave rebels were dying out, very slowly, but no matter how many of them died, many more took their place…their source of entry was the portal.

            “1110 010 01 0 111100” The coded beings in the Multiverse continued to chant. Cad Man suddenly froze and he turned to John Trenmill as he said, “Something is wrong…we cannot close the portal like this…”

            John fell down as he heard those words: “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CANT? WHATS WRONG?”

            Cad Man squinted, contacted the others and replied, “Our energies are not compatible with the portal…it cannot be closed. The only way we could close it is if we channeled our code through a being with compatible energy.”

            John smiled and contacted Galictar through the link: “Hey, listen, Galictar…let us put our differences aside for a second…let us assume that for a moment you are not a total jackass and I do not hate you…let us also assume that you may be needed to save the Multiverse…would you do it?”

            Galictar blasted away 2 rebels and replied, “Of course I would!”

            John smiled and said, “Now let us assume that meant you would die as well…would you still do it?”

            There was a pause in the link and John was about to close the link when Galictar sighed and said, “Yes…if necessary…crap, what are you getting at John? I just came back from hell, and I don’t want to go back…”

            “ Well, perhaps if you make this sacrifice you may end up in heaven, having all of your sins removed…” John replied hoping to gain Galictar’s help.

            “ You know John, the afterlife sucks. One good deed cannot outweigh a million little deeds. Satan himself told me that. I tried arguing the fact that I saved millions of lives, and each of those could count as one good deed, but he said no. I even brought in an army of lawyers to fight my case, but we still lost…BUT NEVERTHELESS…I will sacrifice myself to save your asses one last time…Tell me what I need to do.”

            John connected the link with the coded beings and they started to channel their energy through Galictar. “ You need to close the portal the moment you have enough energy to do it. Much like you did when Jack first attacked in War of Chaos III.”

            “ I understand…” Galictar said. He began to glow an eerie white like he had done so before dying a few months ago. The glow around his Vortecian state was filled with all sorts of code, binary and hexadecimal numbers and letters. The Dave rebels quickened their attack to damage the Multiverse as much as they could before the portal closed, because they knew that the portal closing would completely wipe them out from the phase of this multiverse. It was bound to happen…


            Eight flew around destroying several of the Dave rebels along with Rama, Adit, Sina and Roddy who were also fighting with him in efforts of getting rid of the rebels. Eight’s eye caught something interesting as he saw another version of himself, with low pants, and a bandana yelling,

            “ YO GUY! TIME TO DIE! NO MORE HI…ONLY BYE!” the other version of Eight said. Eight shrugged as he saw this low panter version of himself. It was hard to conceive that something like that existed somewhere in the Multiverse. He continued fighting…


            Cad Man fell to the ground in pain. John rushed to him and asked what was wrong. Cad Man immediately replied, “For some reason, all of the Jonathan Scotts and the Turings have stopped responding! Now it is just all the Cad Men trying to close the portal…the stress is too much! We need help!”

            Sparing no time, John contacted several versions of Jack, Eight and Celine and said, “Jacks! Eights! Celines! We need your help in closing the portal…I know you are familiar with closing portals using the energy within the universe…please do it now! We need the help!”

            The Jacks, Eight and Celines that could afford to stop fighting concentrated on Galictar and tried to help him gain energy to close the portal.

            Sina flew up to an alternate version of Bill Gates and yelled, “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Send in your forces!”

            “ I thought your forces were dying rather well…but if you wish…”Gates nodded and immediately many Windows Icons appeared, millions, billions, trillions of them! One for each bit in everyone’s computer…the Icons started to attack. Gates smiled as he saw that the Multiverse appeared to be in his control for the time being. Soon, the plan Jibran, Gates and Spears had from all the other realities would be put into action…Gates started laughing evilly.


            Jibran, Spears, Gates, Turing and Jon (who was trapped inside a memory bubble and could not be seen since he was wearing black) left Earth’s atmosphere and flew into the heart of the battle where they planned to put their masterplan into action…


Galictar glowed brighter and brighter each second as energy was donated to him from all sides. He concentrated on the very essence of the portal as he tried to gather as much energy as he could. He knew he was going to die, but he was going to die for a good cause…saving the entire Multiverse.


“What do you think Stephanie?” Steve said rubbing his chin. They stared as the chaos unfolded before them.

“ I think it is absolutely beautiful…” Stephanie replied chuckling to herself. “I think it is time for us to join in…”

Steve smiled, held Stephanie’s hand and said, “It is time for us to show ourselves in the heart of chaos itself…”


“Jack…how are you holding up?” John said through the link. John watched with awe as countless people helped focus their energies in one spot…where Galictar was. It was amazing to watch a collective of people from different environments and histories be united by a common cause and work together. He had not seen something like this in a long while.

Jack replied, “Not very good, this is very stressful on me…but then again I know I can handle it…I am more worried about Eight.” Jack replied.

John thought he had heard incorrectly…Jack caring for Eight? “No need to worry about him…he is just as stubborn as you are…”

Galictar’s voice filled Jack’s mind and the minds of all who were focusing on closing the portal. “Guys…I am almost at my peak…I am getting ready to send the wave of coded energy at the portal…we need everyone to back away from the portal.”


Sina nodded and started to yell at people, “EVERYONE! BACK AWAY FROM THE PORTAL! PASS IT ON!” Everyone began to yell the word and the Multiverse became aware of the portal closing in due time.

“ I cannot hold this energy for much longer…” Galictar yelled throughout the link. Jack and everyone tried to contain their energies but it was too late…if they didn’t unleash their energies in less than 2 minutes, Galictar would explode, destroying himself and those around him instead of closing the portal.


Suddenly, Sina heard a voice behind him that made his spine shiver…it was Jibran’s. “Not just yet foolish Sina…”

“ WHAT THE? I HAVE NO TIME FOR YOUR CRAP!” Sina aimed his palms at Jibran and intended on blasting him away when Turing flew up to him and placed him in a contain function. Sina stared at Jibran with eyes wide open, “ WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Jibran smiled…Gates smiled, Spears smiled… “Since we are going to get rid of a vital threat, why not get rid of our mortal enemies as well? TURING! NOW!” Suddenly, Turing released the memory bubble Jon was in and Sina saw that they were both trapped and unable to move.

“ CRAP! EVERYONE HE-“ Before Sina could cry for help, Turing attacked duct tape to his mouth. Sina struggled to move and he saw Celine and Tricia flying at Jibran yelling,

“ LET THEM GO! WE NEED THEM FOR THE MERGER!” Before they laid a finger on Jibran, a flock of Windows got in their way. The entire area surrounding Gates, Jibran, Spears, Sina and Jon was blocked out completely…as was the case for the other realities.

Galictar yelled out, “I CANT HOLD IT FOR MUCH LONGER!”

Jibran smiled and all the Jibran’s, Gates and Spears from all the realities yelled out at the same time, “WHY WAIT ANY LONGER?” And then it happened…Gates commanded Turing to send Sina and Jon into the portal from the Multiverse’s memory buffer. It would eradicate them from all existence…

On Earth, Michelle struggled to escape as she sensed what was unfolding. “NO! THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!” But it was…


“ Turing…do it now…” Sina and Jon (from all of space) stared at the grins Jibran, Gates and Spears had on their faces. It was a wide grin, showing sharp teeth, a grin of pure evil…and then the Multiverse around them started to move as they were sent towards the portal.

Jack saw what was happening and as he tried to maintain his energy, he found that he had more important things to do. He flew towards the memory bubble Sina and Jon were in, in hopes of saving one of them. Before he reached any of them, he felt a sharp pain in his stomach and his face as something hit him hard. He flew and crashed into an asteroid in pain.

Sina and Jon had time to yell only once… “NOOOOO!!! SHIT HEADS!!! YOU WILL PAAAAYYYYYY!!!” They watched as the chaotic Multiverse around them began to vanish and they turned to look at one another. They needed no words…they couldn’t avenge their own deaths, but from the looks they gave one another it was apparent,

“If there was anyone whom I wanted to die with in a battle…it was you…” Sina and Jon said to one another and to their reality counterparts. They had one last glimpse of the Multiverse before everyone exploded around them.

And then they were across the barrier…and Galictar couldn’t contain his energy any longer. He unleashed all of the energy he had, completely destroying him, and closing the portal in the process. Cad Man and all of the beings who were donating energy collapsed into unconsciousness for a brief 30 seconds. A bright light filled the entire Multiverse as the portal exploded into trillions of cosmic bits.

“ NO!” The Dave rebels began to scream as they were slowly being erased from the Multiverse. The light vanished and everyone was quiet as they had just witnessed all of the Sinas and Jons from every Multiverse be eradicated completely from all existence. It was a kind of mourning after a large battle and the Multiverse was very quiet.

There were a few sounds of the Dave rebels exploding, but death had shut them up completely. The sounds of cries started to fill the Multiverse as one by one everyone realized that their only hopes against Stephanie and Steve were over.

The sounds of tears falling filled the Multiverse and it was as if the whole of the Multiverse was crying. Then, the cries were washed out as Jibran, Gates and Spears from all the realities began to laugh evilly having just relieved themselves of their greatest enemies…

“ WBAHWAHHAWHAWHAWHAWHAHWAWHHWHAWHAAWAAA!!!” They all laughed. But to their horror, their laughter was washed out by the sound of two laughters, greater than all of them combined,

WAHAHAHA!” The voices laughed. It was a terrifying voice and Jack’s eyes swung open the moment he heard them. He stood up and floated away from the asteroid…his eyes wide open, the glow around his body shifting and turning as he stared up.

“ No…” He said quietly. “No…” He said loudly as he saw two beings appear from the dust and clouds of the ruined portal. He made his hands into tight fists, a single tear in both his scarred eyes as he screamed aloud…his voice blended in with the Millions of other Jacks who had all sensed and seen the arrival of Stephanie and Steve. Everyone else was too overcome with emotion to think straight.

The Jacks were so overcome with emotion that they completely snapped. They all flew into one direction, screaming in one voice…a voice that yelled for all the ages, for everyone who had ever died in a war, for anyone who had ever suffered any amount as a result of anything Stephanie and Steve had done…but most importantly, because they really needed to get this out of their systems.

“ NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” They all yelled. Their voices and cries of fury and fear filled the Multiverse as they flew towards Stephanie and Steve who were floating with their arms crossed, and smiles on their faces.


The Descent had begun…