A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode Thirty-Four: Offspring


            John Trenmill had had a pretty interesting life thus far. He had been killed countless times and had saved an infinity of lives many times as well. What he was seeing now though was like watching it all mix and mingle in a stew of chaos. He could sense the furious battle going on, the sensation that there was very little hope, the feeling that even though they were screwed, it was worth it to put up a fight and the sensation that some people in the Multiverse just were not meant to exist.

            “ UNCLE JOHN!” A voice yelled behind John. He turned around and grunted, “FOR THE LAST BLODDY TIME! I AM NOT YOUR UNCLE!!! YOU ARE NOT OF MY TIMELINE AND THE ONLY REASON YOU ARE HERE IS BECAUSE THE TIME BARRIERS ARE STARTING TO BREAK!” John was breathing heavily and he turned around to face the little child who looked like a mini-Eight. John gritted his teeth and said, “CURSE YOU TIMELINE!!! WHY DO YOU CONSTANTLY MOCK ME LIKE THIS!?!?!”

            “ Johnathan Forge Trenmill?” A new voice said behind him. John turned around with interest and said,

            “ Yes…that is I.” John said smiling politely.

            “ We have a telegram for you…” The being said. It was wearing absolutely nothing that John recognised as proper clothing. God knows what planet this guy was from, but wherever it was, it wasn’t nearby. John took the telegram and opened it. It read:

“ Dear John,

            I do enjoy mocking you.


Yours truly,

TIMELINE” John didn’t know whether to scream or remain silent. He took the paper in his hands, crumpled it up, and did both.

            “ ………………….…!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Now that that was done, John started to think rationally and he summed up the current situation, “ The timeline is starting to break, people of all different timelines are starting to randomly appear. We don’t stand a chance in hell against Stephanie and Steve. They are powered by chaos, and we are too stupid to get orderly. Hmmm… what more is there?” John didn’t know what else to think but he suddenly decided to drop by and gather some help from Celine, Rama, Adit and Nurdin. He knew what had happened and he knew he had to somehow get back in time to prevent it from happening before all the timelines merged…


            As the battle went on between Jack and Stephanie, Jack became aware of something. He was sensing generation echoes. This was a concept he had thought up a long time ago when he had seen the Vortecian homeworld’s time chamber for the very first time. He could sense it and it wasn’t too pleasing. As he realised, people from different timelines were appearing and disappearing quickly, but more and more of them were appearing and remaining for longer a duration of time each time. This was truly bad.

            “Dear me, Stephanie, mind if we switch spots?” Steve yelled out while taking on several thousand people in one single second.

            “ Of course we can! Lets see how many I can take on!” Stephanie said. Jack was flying at Stephanie when suddenly she disappeared to be replaced by Steve. Jack stopped immediately and the two stared at one another. After much glaring, Steve said,

            “ So Jack…this is it I guess. Time to settle old conflicts.” Steve said.

            Jack made fists, gritted his teeth and said in an icy tone, “I will make you pay for this Steven, there is no stopping me. And maybe if I am lucky, I can take down your bitch as well…”

            Steve frowned and said, “I tend not to call her my bitch…she is more of a sister to me that a mate…for your sake that is good which means there is no chance in hell we will reproduce…unless…no wait…no chance in hell.” Steve’s frowning face turned into a wide grin as he said, “But I bet you would love to get the chance with her…wouldn’t you?”

            Jack screamed and blasted energy at Steve, “AAAARRRRGGGHHHHH!!” The energy hit Steve square and he was sent crashing through a planet. Before giving him any chance to recover, Jack extended his arms and focused on 10 moons that were within his telekinetic grasp and sent them all hurtling towards Steve at a speed close to that of the speed of light. The moons hit Steve creating a massive explosion. Jack knew that he had to constantly attack because even the slightest moment could allow Steve to recover. He quickly thought to himself, “Computer, activate all energy crystals within host body.” A glow surrounded Jack unlike any before. His telekinetic readings went completely through the roof and Jack flew at Steve faster than ever. Steve blasted himself out of the crushed moons and the moment he did, Jack kicked him hard in the gut sending him flying through several more planets. Jack concentrated on the hole Steve had made and caused the land around Steve to seal up the hole. He aimed his palms at the planet and blasted enough energy at it to blow it up completely.

            “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” Eight yelled through the link.

            “ The only lives that matter now are Stephanie and Steve’s…not mine, not yours, not anyone else’s matter as long as we end Stephanie and Steve’s lives.” Jack said bitterly. Eight ignored Stephanie for a second and flew toward Jack,

            “ You will not harm anyone else Jack! For the love of Pete! I just got a call from God telling me about the crisis in the afterlife…they need us to keep as many people alive as we can!” Eight said getting in the way of Jack.

            “ Get out of my way Eight…I will not hesitate to destroy you if you get in my way!” Jack yelled aiming his palms at Eight.

            Eight squinted at Jack and said very bitterly, “I thought you had changed…” And then Eight flew away leaving Jack floating in the middle of the chaotic ballet, his mind racing about many things. Then Jack took a deep breath and ignored what Eight had just said. The pain was too great as Jack remembered the countless Xeenith lives he ended in the Galactic war of his timeline. So many died. Many didn’t have to. History was repeating itself again. Jack vowed to be more careful in the future…


            Celine, Eight and Tricia had been taking on Stephanie along with everyone else when five beings appeared directly in front of them preventing any passage. “ You kids, get out of our way now please…this is of uttermost importance.”

            The first child spoke. She was about 16, had long blonde hair, light blue eyes and a familiar face, “No…our matter is much more urgent…” She paused before adding, “Father…” Eight’s head exploded.

            We no…it didn’t…but it did metaphorically. “WHAAAAA!” Eight yelled.

            The second child stepped forward. He looked similar to the previous girl, but even more familiar, and was also the same age. He had light brown hair and eyes and said: “Remain calm…please.” Eight started to scream again.

            “ This is no good…” The fourth child said angrily. He crossed his arms and turned to Tricia, “Mother…I know you will remain calm and let us explain everything.” Tricia stared into the eyes of the fourth child and gasped…there was…there was… there was a lot of Jack within this child. His determination, his resolve, his thoughts, his hatred, all of which were almost identical to Jack’s! His face was a lot like Jack’s as well; pitch black hair, dark eyes and a face which showed years of pain and retribution.

            “ I am listening…” Tricia said taking a deep breath.

            The fourth child nodded politely and replied, “I am glad. Now everyone must listen carefully. I am Seth…Jack Thorne’s to be son. This here is Ashley Thorne, my sister.” He pointed towards a little girl about 10, with dark black hair and black eyes. “This is Jennifer Eight.” He pointed at the first child. “This is her twin brother Eric Eight.” Seth pointed at the second child and finally to the third, the same age as Ashley. This child had dark brown hair and eyes, “This is Jessica Eight. We are all from a very distressed timeline, and have come here in hopes of stopping the event that caused it all to happen. In my timeline, several years after my birth, the clones that my uncle John Trenmill had created, had started to break down. It was a kind of cellular decomposition that even the I-chip couldn’t prevent. We watched as seven out of the nine (nine since the timeline somehow included my father, Jack) clones died one by one. Eight and Jack were the only to remain out of all of them. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, two beings of incredible power appeared. My father knew of these beings from many years ago. We are here to prepare you for their arrival. The first being’s name is-”

            At that moment, Jack flew by screaming and blasting energy at Steve, “STEVE!!! DIE STEVE!!! DIE!! DAMN YOU DIE!!! AAAAHHHHH!!!”

            Seth was caught completely by surprise. “What the hell?” He took a look on his wrist which revealed a small watchlike object. “ Damn it…Jennifer, these are the correct temporal co-ordinates…are they not?”

            Jennifer replied frowning, “They are…I do not understand why Stephanie and Steve have already arrived…it makes no sense.”

            “ I have an explanation…” John Trenmill said appeared behind them.


            Stephanie flew up to Jibran who was shaking with fright. She wrapped her arms around him and Jibran too terrified to do anything, let her. “So tell me… do you find me attractive?” Stephanie said in a seductive voice.

            Jibran stuttered, “Y—no----yes…no….YES! I DO!” He yelled finally. Stephanie smiled and said, “Is it just about the looks?”

            Jibran shook his head, “No…I am sure you are a wonderful person on the inside…full of hopes and dreams…and other good stuff…” Stephanie frowned,

            “ Is that your final answer?” Steph said bitterly. Behind her, millions of people were blasting energy directly at her back, but Stephanie wasn’t even feeling an ounce of pain.

            “ Well…uh…no…” Jibran thought immediately and replied, “No…I bet you like to be called horrible don’t you? Well you terrify me.”

            Stephanie smiled, “REALLY? You really think I am terrifying? Why, with all my good looks and all you still find me terrifying?”

            Jibran stuttered again, “Yes…ma’am…”

            Stephanie smiled contentedly, “ Well let me just say that I am very happy that you said that…I think I will let you live…”

            Jibran’s eyes lit up and he almost wanted to kiss her. Before he even got the chance, Stephanie punched a hole through him, and turned his brain matter into shit. “Whoops! My hand slipped…” Jibran’s last image was of Stephanie smiling, her hair wavering as if some invisible wind existed behind her, and her mouth saying, “Who’s the shithead now?”


            “ The timeline is totally screwed up in a sense. We need to get back in time, prevent Jibran and them from stopping Jon from learning the C++ merge. I need Rama and Adit and Nurdin to go to the Woodlands and get the temporal co-ordinates. They have to get past a mass of Prefects and get the information from the camera’s all around the school. Do you understand?” John said to Rama, Adit and Nurdin who had just appeared out of nowhere,

            “ Yes we understand…” Rama lied. Adit, Rama and Nurdin nodded and flew towards the Woodlands where they went to get the temporal co-ordinates of Jibran’s attack on Jon. He pointed at the machine that Jennifer, Eric, Jessica, Seth and Ashley had appeared in and said,

            “ Everyone in there, we gotta get this ship to a safe place cause we are going to need it for the trip back in time.” John said.

            “ You do that…I on the other hand have a score to settle.” Seth said looking directly at Steve.

              Seth…please…” Jennifer said grabbing Seth’s arm.

            “ Let go of me!” Seth yelled pushing his hand away. “ I will not stand around and watch him die a second time…the first was enough, the first was too much…the first was…my fault…” Tears welled up in Seth’s eyes.

            Eric stepped up and placed a hand on Seth’s shoulders, “No it wasn’t. There was nothing you could do…your father was a brave and noble fighter, there was nothing any of us could do to save him.”

            “ Maybe if he had pushed me a little further, I could have stopped them! Damn him! He wasn’t pushing me hard enough!” Seth said sobbing from painful memories flooding his mind. For many years, Seth and Jack had not gotten along. As father and son, they had had many conflicts about Seth’s abilities. Jack wanted Seth to train constantly. Seth didn’t see any need to train as much as Jack was requesting and heated arguments between the two would constantly arise. Many times Seth had told his father that the idea of being like him made him sick to his stomach. In the end it seemed he was destined to be like him anyway.

When Stephanie and Steve had attacked, he watched as his entire life came crashing down on his head. Jack had always been seen as a noble and powerful warrior throughout the galaxy, a very respected person. In the moment of crisis when Steph and Steve had attacked, everyone watched with horror as their most powerful warrior fell like a weak insect. Seth felt an entire burden of weight on his shoulders as he saw why Jack had constantly wanted to train his son. He had seen Stephanie and Steve defeat Jack once and at that moment Seth had wished he had obeyed his father. Although he was the strongest telekinetic being in the galaxy of his timeline (tied with Jen and Eric who were very close to his abilities), he still wasn’t strong enough to defeat Stephanie and Steve. Steph and Steve defeated him briskly and directly after killing Jack, moved on to destroy the planet. Seth, Jessica, Ashley, Jennifer, and Eric had been on the run from them for many years because they were the only threat to Stephanie and Steve and they knew they weren’t powerful enough. They trained on the run and after several months, John came and finally handed the time machine he had created to them. In a dramatic moment, John sacrificed himself to get the children to the other timeline. With all of this training and the power Seth had gained, Seth felt ready…at last. He saw his father fighting Steve and seemingly winning and whispered to himself, “I will make you proud father… I wont let you die again…”

            “ I am going whether you like it or not!” Seth yelled suddenly. A glow of red energy surrounded him and with a mighty rush, Seth flew into the battle.

            Eric and Jennifer turned to one another and said, “Celine and Tricia, take care of Ashley and Jessica. They are not to join the battle.”

            Celine gasped, “You guys aren’t going to fight are you?” Tricia stared at the children who would be her own in a few years with sheer worry.

            “ We are…if Seth is going in there, we are too.” Jennifer said. He extended her hand and Eric held it tightly, “ Ready bro?”

            Eric smiled, “Always am…” Eric had been the best hand-eye co-ordinated being in the galaxy of his time. At age 4, he had mastered the game of ping-pong and at age 5, he could beat everyone else without even looking at the ball. His abilities had become so accurate and fast that he would watch holovision while bouncing 300 ping pong balls off the wall with his one hand holding the paddle, never missing either of them. Jennifer had been the more agile being in the galaxy, much more so than her mother had been at the time. Her speed was absolutely stunning. Having raced around the 300km track in the 25th Telekinetic Olympics in just under a 30 seconds, she had earned herself that title.

But even with all of these abilities, and the fact that their telekinetic/energy ratio was much greater than that of their parent’s combined, none of them had been able to stop Stephanie and Steve in their own time. Hopefully they would succeed here in this timeline. And with that, they too flew into the battle.

            Celine and Tricia watched as their “children” flew into battle, and they couldn’t help but feel exactly like very worried mothers. They quickly hopped into the timeship with John, Ashley and Jessica and moved the ship away from all the chaos…