A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode Thirty-Five: He’s Back!!! NOT AGAIN!


            “Holy poop on a stick!” Nurdin said as they approached the school. The school showed signs of an invasion. All of it’s guns were out, the school’s massive armour (bought with Artsfest profits from previous years) was up, and cracked at many points, but nevertheless, the school was the only object standing in a large crater of nothingness. The Dave rebels had done much more damage than Rama, Adit or Nurdin had previously assumed.

            “ My god…what happened?” Nurdin asked again. Rama slapped Nurdin.

            “ WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN FOR THE LAST FEW EPISODES MAN? The School went into war mode the moment the Dave rebels came in! Its been part of school code! If you look in the planner they gave us at the beginning of the year, there is a section on Cosmic Invasions.” Rama took out his planner and pointed a section out to Nurdin, “See? Article 3: Cosmic Invasions. In the event that beings from an alternate Multiverse break into our own and start attacking, all students MUST immediately go into war mode where they must each bring to school with them a minimum of 3 weapons for defence. The school will modify itself into War Mode and all students must be prepared for mass killing of the opponent.”

            “ Wow…pretty violent code.” Adit said.

            Rama nodded and smiled, “Yeah! Actually, I was looking in one of the yearbooks and saw the first time this system was used. It was during an invasion by all the other High Schools in Mississauga! Woodlands was severely damaged and a large explosion caused the school to split. You know McBride? Well that was once a  part of our school, until those bastard John Fraiser kids blew up the connection! Since that day, they’ve been different schools. But hey! Our school repelled an invasion even though they were outnumbered! Hows that for school pride?”

            “ Um…Rama…” Adit said.

            “ Shut up! I’m not done yet.” Rama was about to continue but Nurdin pecked him in the eye. “ WHY DID YOU DO THAT FOR?”

            Nurdin gulped, “I get the feeling we may have some trouble getting into the school…” Rama opened his eyes and saw that the school had 35 guns aimed directly at them.

            “ Crap…didn’t see those…” Rama said. The guns began to attack…


            Jack grabbed onto Steve’s shoulders and slammed him into a crater. He quickly flew around, aimed his palms at the crater and blasted the entire asteroid Steve was on to bits. Steve was thrown backwards completely and Jack saw something that made him smile. Steve was bleeding. He ran his hands over his lip and saw that it was bleeding. Turning to Jack with an angry face, Steve said, “Must we quarrel when we already know that you are going to loose?”

            Jack crossed his arms and smiled. It seemed he had the advantage. “The reason you quarrel is because you are too stubborn to accept defeat. I defeated you in Sector 88, and I will defeat you once again. It seems to be your destiny to constantly loose. Your life is utterly useless.”

            Steve smiled and made fists, “Too bad you cant say the same about Comrad One, whos life you took so mercilessly. OH! That’s right…I forgot! It was a supposed accident! Well, then you are just a clumsy fool! BWAHAHAA-“ Steve didn’t get the chance to finish laughing. Suddenly, he felt a large pain on his cheek and before he could finish, he was flying into three comets.

            Jack spun around to see who had just punched Steve with such force and nearly gasped. At first, he thought he was looking at a mirror, but after much examination, he found that he was staring at someone almost exactly like him, missing the scars, and the cape, and looking slightly younger. The person opened his mouth as if to say something, but didn’t. Instead, he smiled slightly as if glad to see Jack.

            Seth smiled, vanished and random explosion appeared in the space Steve had crashed. Jack had some trouble keeping up with Seth but he suddenly saw Steve being tossed around like a soccer ball.

            From behind him, two other youths joined in the battle taking on Stephanie who was immediately attacked. Stephanie crashed into a planet causing it to explode. Jack could not believe what he was seeing. He stared at these three new beings, with incredible powers, toss and kick Stephanie and Steve. He was about to cheer when the thought occurred to him that he was no longer the most powerful telepath in the galaxy. Whoever these people were, they were much stronger than he was.

            “ GET OUT OF MY WAY KID! THIS IS MY BATTLE!” Jack yelled flying at Seth. Seth spun around to see his father fly right by and punch Steve in the jaw. Before he had another chance to do so, Steve vanished from sight, as did Stephanie.

            They both appeared floating beside each other, completely surrounded by enemies. “ WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU KIDS DOING HERE?” Stephanie yelled feeling the bruises on her shoulder.

            The youth in black spoke, “This is for all the treachery you have caused! Now it is not us who will run! Now it is you!” The youth aimed his palms at Stephanie and Steve and said, “ Now you will be silenced!”

            The two other youths joined in with the first and aimed their palms at Stephanie and Steve. Jennifer and Eric yelled, “THIS IS FOR OUR FATHER! COMRAD EIGHT!” Jack nearly fainted. He had no clue Eight had children! When was there any time for him and Celine to even conceive them? His thoughts were completely disrupted as he heard Seth yell, “And this is for my father…JACK THORNE!” The youths fired the energy hitting Stephanie and Steve head on. A large explosion took place, which caused several planets to go out of their orbits completely.

            “ What the hell is going on?” Jack thought to himself.

            “ YOU KIDS ARE GOING TO PAY!” He heard Steve yell appearing directly behind him. Steve and Seth immediately engaged in combat and Steve yelled, “YOUR FATHER WAS A PITIFUL FOOL! HE WAS WEAK! HE ALWAYS WAS! THE ONLY REASON HE LIVED LONGER THAN WE THOUGHT WAS BECAUSE OF VORTEC! WITHOUT VORTEC, YOUR FATHER IS NOTHING!”

            Seth yelled back throwing a volley of punches and kicks at Steve, his hands and feet burning balls of energy: “My father had more honour that you will ever have! NOW!!! DIE!!!” Seth punched Steve and Steve fell away once again.

            Jennifer and Eric had also begun to attack once again as well. Stephanie and Steve were now on the run, occasionally screaming profanities as they were chased by the youths. Jack watched his “son” chase after Steve in a manner he never could have imagined, with ferocity equal to his own. He didn’t know what had happened to Seth in his lifetime, but he knew that it involved his own death. He wouldn’t stand aside and let his son fight alone. Jack lunged into battle along with Seth, fighting side by side, father and son…


            “ WHAT THE HELL IS THE SCHOOL DOING?” Rama yelled.

            “ It was taken over by the Prefects!” Nurdin yelled trying to dodge several of the laser beams flying past him. Rama, Adit and Nurdin had suddenly become the targets of a shootem up game, the school as the user.

            After much flying and dodging, Rama pulled a cool move, causing the guns to target one another and destroy each other. “ HEH! TAKE THAT!” They all landed at the front of the school and opened the door easily,

            “ Wow, with all that security, they forgot to lock the doors!” Adit laughed. The moment they walked into the school, red dots appeared on their foreheads as the school’s internal lasers targeted them. Thinking quickly, Adit and Rama grabbed Nurdin and used him as a shield. The lasers all fired hitting Nurdin.

            “ HEY OW!!!” Nurdin yelled being zapped.

            “ YOU CANT DIE MAN! WE NEED YOUR HELP! SHUT UP!” Rama yelled holding Nurdin. They ran through the school headed towards the office, all of the lasers being “blocked” by Nurdin. They burst into the office and found that it was completely empty.

            “ Wasn’t that easy?” Adit yelled. They dropped Nurdin who fell down coughing,

            “ YEAH! Easy if you like being toasted…COUGH COUGH!”

            “ Now, where do you think they’d have the camera records?” Rama asked.

            “ Somewhere where you will not have access to!” Mr. Stuart yelled appearing from behind the counter with a shotgun. Behind him, all of the school’s staff popped up, each with massive weapons of destruction.

            “ Turn away slowly and get out.” Mrs. Brayman said carrying a bazooka.

            “ Uh…we need to save the Multiverse. Let us into the control room!” Rama yelled.

            Mr. Knapp shook his head and aimed the Kalamarie Killer at Rama, “NO! You could be Dave rebels! Or one of the Prefects! We cannot trust you! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I AM BEING BIASED AND I SAY THAT YOU ARE EVIL, just like that bastard Winston Churchill who created Kuwait with the stroke of a pen!”

            Rama fell over laughing, “ HHA! FIRST TIME BEING BIASED? NOT BLOODY LIKELY! Very well, if you people are gonna be tough, then we shall as well! Rama, BOXITIZE!” At that moment, a glow came around Rama and his body became armoured with large cardboard. “ I have become Box Boy… saviour of something! I have macking powers beyond all belief! Join me or die? Can you do any less?”

            Adit said, “Oh! What a brave corporate logo! I accept your challenge BOX BOY! ADIT… OPERATIZE!” Adit’s clothes changed into that of an opera singers. “I have the power to make people happy if they like opera! And angry if they do not!”

            Nurdin hopped forward and yelled, “BERT! BIGBERTIZE!” Nothing happened. Bert hung his head in shame and said, “Eh, if anyone needs me, I’ll be in the lecture hall…”

            Rama and Adit started attacking the teachers.


            Steph and Steve appeared beside each other again, being surrounded by all their enemies once again, a look of slight fear on their faces. “ How have you improved so much? Your powers are beyond belief! NO! We cannot continue fighting like this!” Stephanie yelled at Steve, who yelled back,

            “ DON’T LOOK AT ME SIS! You are supposedly the stronger one!”

            “ BULLSHIT! YOU KNOW WE ARE BOTH EQUAL!” Stephanie yelled back in a slightly panicking tone. “ I don’t know how they’ve improved so much! Damn the person who invented the training rooms!”

            Somewhere farther away, John Trenmill cheered.

            Suddenly, a smile erected on Steph and Steve’s face. Steve said, “Jack… join us. We could really use your help on this one!”

            Jack frowned and spat at Steve, “ To think that I would EVER join your side, makes me sick to my stomach!”

            Steve frowned, “Such arrogance. If you will not join us willingly, then we must force you to join us willingly.” Steve pointed at Jack and Jack grabbed his head and started screaming.

            “ AAAAAHHHHHHH!!” Jack yelled screaming in pain.

            “ FATHER!” Seth yelled flying towards his father. There was an eerie glow surrounding his father, and Seth didn’t like it one bit. He had heard from his mother that Steph and Steve had mind influencing capabilities. Seth hoped it wasn’t what he was thinking. “FIGHT THEM FATHER! DO NOT GIVE IN!”

            “ CANNOT…MUST FIGHT! CANNOT LET THEM WIN!” Jack yelled. Seth flew towards Steve and punched Steve in the face. Steve didn’t budge. “ NO!” Seth yelled. Jen, and Eric joined in and started punching Steve, but he still did not budge.

            From behind them, they heard laughter. “Hehhheee..hhhhahahahhHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHA!” Jack laughed. He looked up at Seth and Seth gasped. Jack’s pupils had gone red, which meant- before he had the chance to finish his thought, Jack had punched him hard in the gut, and sent him flying away.

            “ HEHEHHEEE!!! HEEERRREEESSS JONNY!” Jack yelled evilly. He flew around kicking and punching random people for no reason. Eight stared at Jack wide eyed,

            “ No…not again!” Stephanie and Steve started to laugh. Seth watched his father attack helpless people and found himself snapping.

            “ STOP THIS INSANITY FATHER!” Seth yelled lunging at Jack. Jack closed his eyes and sent his son crashing into several asteroids. His powers had increased dramatically. Jack smiled and aimed both his palms at random planet Earths and with no effort, blasted them to bits.

            “ This is not good!” Eight yelled. He flew towards Jack, ready to fight, for the third major time in his life. This was the battle he seemed destined for…this was the battle he wanted to win…


            “Umm…how much longer is the wait?” God asked the afterlife guy.

            “ Being God, I am sure you know the concept of eternity…” The man replied.

            “ WHAT? I CANT WAIT THAT LONG!” The clouds under God buckled and everyone fell slightly. “ WHATS GOIN ON NOW?”

            “ The afterlife is getting more and more crowded, we cannot contain this many people! SHES GONNA BLOW GOD!” The man yelled.

            God took a deep breath and said, “This is bad…very VERY BAD!”

            “ Wassup all?” Jibran said appearing in the afterlife.

            “ WASSAP? WHAT IS THIS YOU SAY TO ME?” Satan yelled. Jibran looked up and felt frightened by Satan’s enormosity (new word meaning: ‘to be very large’.        “ Wassap? I will hurt you!” Satan crushed Jibran and God ran by him seeing a large door where people where entering the afterlife.

            “ SATAN! HELP ME KEEP THIS DOOR SHUT!” Satan rushed by God’s side and pushed against the door trying to keep it closed. “WE COULD USE A LITTLE HAND HERE!” At that moment, someone’s decapitated little hand rushed by and Satan (out of sheer anger) crushed the thing.


            Eight tried to get through to Jack but found that nothing was reaching him. Jack’s shield was far to strong and was withstanding everything everyone had to throw and blast at him. He turned to Eight and punched him hard in the face. Jennifer and Eric flew right up and tried to reach Jack but once again failed.

            Stephanie and Steve laughed as they watched Jack destroy planets and cause massive havoc. “This is very entertaining!” Steve laughed.

            “ It is…if they manage to beat him, I will be surprised! BUT HEY! I got a naughty little idea!” Stephanie chuckled. She yelled, “HEY JACK! I WANT YOU TO BLOW UP THAT MOON OVER THERE!” Jack nodded and blasted away one of the million moons lighting up the sky. Stephanie smiled seeing that Jack was under their control and she said, “ Now…Jack…see Seth over there?” Jack nodded with a grin on his face. “ I want you to kill him!”

            Jacks eyes lit up immediately and he flew to where Seth had crashed. Using a telekinetic lock, Jack prevented Seth from moving and aimed his palms directly at Seth.

            “ FATHER NO!” Seth yelled trying to struggle away, but he found that he was truly trapped. Seth stared at his father’s pupils and sensed an internal struggle being won by the influence of Stephanie and Steve. There was a part of his father that was trying to break free, but could not. Seth had to escape or he would die. “FATHER STOP! I CAME BACK IN TIME TO AVENGE YOUR DEATH, NOT TO HAVE YOU KILL ME!” Jack didn’t even blink. He continued aiming his palms at Seth.

            His palms started to glow as energy began to build up and he said in a very devious tone, “GOOOODDDBYYYEEE SONNY!!! HEHEEEEHH!” The energy built up and Seth realised he was doomed. He took a deep breath, saw everyone trying to get through Jack’s shield and failing and using every single technique he knew, tried to remain calm and await his time to come…