A short time ago, in all of space right here...


Episode Thirty-Six: Breaking the Telekinetic Barrier


            "AHHHHH! IT IS BOX BOY! WE MUST FLEE!" Mr. Stuart yelled running away. It had been five minutes since Adit and Rama had transformed to their superhero selves and had completely trashed the office throwing the staff guns around all over the place, blasting apart some of the office. In the middle of all this chaos, the secretary tried to do her job,

            " Hello, Woodlands School...Yes...I do apologize for the screaming and explosions in the background...what? Oh yes, your child is most definately in danger...thank you for calling...goodbye." She hung up the phone with the look of accomplishment on her face. "Doing my daily duties even through all this chaos." At that moment, the roof collapsed and several students fell ontop of the secretary.

            Mrs. Ponzi stuck her head in from the ceiling, "Uh, gentlemen, my Algebra lesson for today isn't finished yet...". A massive rocket from Mrs. Brayman's rocket launched hit an area close to Mrs. Ponzi on account of bad aim. "UH!! On the other hand...class is finished...I gotta find me a chopper!" Mrs. Ponzi said this and ran away looking for the school's emergency helicopter. As she ran, she passed by 10 Prefects who were hauling a kicking and screaming Michelle away,

            " YOU LET ME GO NOW!" Michelle yelled.

            " Uh...are you guys supposed to be doing that?" Mrs. Ponzi asked. 

            " No...but we figured...what the hell..." A Prefect replied. Mrs. Ponzi nodded and bounced away to the Tigger tune.

            The Prefects continued to haul Michelle away to torture her by showing her films in drama about paint drying. Michelle continued to kick and scream, but nothing worked. Even the powers of Mars to Go were not strong enough to defeat 10 Prefects who had also eaten Mars to GO.

            “MAKE WAY FOR WILLIE!!!” Suddenly, from out of nowhere, loud kicks and punches were heard and some odd war cries and before Michelle could blink, all of the Prefects were down. Around them stood Chrissy, Tori, Brianna, Gordon S, Thomas, Adam, Geoff, Craig, Jia, Ambrose, Mr. Vendries, Mr. Shaikh, Mr. Lee and three or four aliens unknown to man.

            “ YAY! YOU SAVED ME PEOPLE!” Michelle yelled. “What’s going on here?”

            Tori smiled, “Well, first the Prefects started attacking us, then we started to form a rebellion against these Prefect bastards! WE HAVE HALF OF THE SAC ON OUR SIDE!”

            Michelle grinned, “Although there may be more of them, I am confident that with proper planning and lots of Mars to Go, we can reclaim the school. They will pay for what they did to Jon and Sina.”

            Chrissy asked, “Who did what to Jon and Sina?”

            Michelle frowned and said, “Jibran, Gates and Spears attacked us. The reason the Prefects attacked is because Jibran told them to. Jibby, Gates and Spears kidnapped Jon and Sina and wiped them out completely from all existence. I MUST HAVE VENGENCE! I DEMAND VENGENCE!” Michelle took out her Mars to Go and took a big bite out of it and squinted evilly, “Now it gets personal…LETS TAKE BACK OUR SCHOOL!”


            God and Satan were using all of their abilities to hold the doors to the afterlife closed but it was no use. Too many people were dying too quickly. Jibran walked by the door and at that moment the door exploded and several odd things happened. The first was an error message in the fabric of space, “STACK DUMP! ATTEMPTING TO CLOSE PROGRAM THAT CAUSED STACK DUMP!” God shook his head and yelled with fright, “NOOO! THIS CANT BE HAPPENING!” And then a hole opened up from under him…


            “Uh, does anyone know why the Multiverse is shaking like that?” Celine asked. Ashley ran to Tricia’s arms for comfort as did Jessica (who ran to Celine’s).

            From out of nowhere, Vortec appeared and answered, “Another barrier in the Multiverse is about to break down. Although not too crucial, it does screw things up in the long run.”

            John stepped in the way, “Vortec, what barriers are you referring to?”

            “ The Barriers between life and death…” Vortec said.

            Celine’s eyes widened, “COMPUTER! ZOOM IN TO THAT AREA ON THE SCREEN!” The screen zoomed in to show people blasting energy at Jack, who had his palms aimed at Seth.

            Tricia screamed, “JACK! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?” Ashley fell off Tricia’s lap and Tricia swore at the screen, “HE IS YOUR SON! LET HIM GO!”

            Vortec replied, “He must be under the influence of Stephanie and Steve. You know, this really blows…” Vortec said oddly. Everyone watched the screen as Jack was about to blast away his only son…


            “ It is time to die!!! HEHEHEH!” Jack yelled the energy in his palms getting more and more focused. He knew people were blasting energy at him, but as long as he wasn’t effected, nothing would matter, except the death of his son. “ NOW DIE!” The area where Jack was floating became a blinding white and everyone screamed as they realized Jack had actually killed his son.

            “ DAMN YOU!” Eight yelled. But it was no use. Then suddenly, the light vanished and everyone gasped. Steve was floating in space, his body shaking with fright, and had a large hole in his chest. Steve’s eyes were wide with pain and anger and he stared at Jack. His eyes were still red which meant that Jack was still under the influence of Stephanie and Steve, but something was wrong.

            Jack erupted into laughter, “HEHAHHHAHAH! NOW YOU WILL DIE STEVE! Oh, and you after Stephanie.” Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Some odd things started to happen at that point. His body began to glow, and his shield was no longer a clear sphere of energy, but a spinning halo of fury. It was as if Jack had become an atom with millions of electrons spinning around him. Eight stared and he sensed something strange happening to Jack’s energy, it was going off the scale…


            Vortec fell off his seat somehow. “WAAAH!”

            Tricia looked alarmed, “WHAT IS IT VORTEC? WHATS HAPPENING TO MY JACK?”

            Vortec erupted into a kind of insane laughter, “ALL THE HOLY SHIT IN THE MULTIVERSE! JACK DID IT SOMEHOW! HE DID IT!”

            Everyone on the ship yelled, “DID WHAT?” Vortec yelled and laughed at the same time,

            “ SOMEHOW! I dunno how…BUT SOMEHOW JACK HAS REACHED THE LEVEL WE VORTECIANS DREAMED OF! Jack’s energy is spiraling towards infinity! Somehow Jack broke the telekinetic barrier…the resources of the multiverse are in his hands now! HE HAS REACHED STEPHANIE AND STEVES EQUAL! HAWHAWHAHWAHWHAWHAAHHW! WE ARE SAVED!”

            Cheering erupted on the timeship as everyone felt energetic at this newfound hope.


            “ SO! You tried to control me…you tried to make me kill my own son! YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT! And so will Jibran…TAKE THIS!” Jack aimed his palms at empty space and a portal appeared spewing all of the non-existent Sina and Jons. They flew in with anger all directed towards Jibran and Gates and Spears. The portal closed quickly and Jack turned to Steve,

            “ Now…you will die.” Jack vanished and Steve fell through 100 planets causing a massive hole in them. “ WATCH THIS EVERYONE!” Jack yelled evilly. He aimed his palms at Steve and all of the Stars in the area flew at Steve creating a beastly explosion. “BWABWAHWHAWAH! NO ONE CAN STOP ME! I AM THE ULTIMATE BEAST NOW!!! BWAHWAHWHAHWA!”

            Stephanie lunged at Jack and Jack slapped her away easily, “GO AWAY! ITS MY TURN TO PLAY!” Jack flew at Steve and the two crashed into a planet very hard damaging it. Jack grabbed Steve’s neck and smiled as Steve was in pain.

            “ How do you like it? To be tortured, to be running with fear? HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE WEAK!?” Jack punched Steve in his face. And it was at that point a savageness took control. Jack continued to punch Steve in the face, as he yelled, “BEG FOR MERCY! SAY YOUR SORRY!!! BEG!! BEG FOR MY MERCY YOU ATROCIOUS F***ER!!! BEG!”

            Steve looked completely helpless. Jack was kicking ass…


            Jibran just fell from the afterlife and fell facing Jon somehow. Jibran was about to laugh and said, “HEY! JON! I am seeing things! You don’t exist thanks to my brilliance!”

            Jon smiled coldly, “If I didn’t exist…would this hurt?” Jon twisted Jibran’s ear 360 degrees completely ripping it off.

            “ OWWWWW! NOOO!!” Jibran yelled in pain. “ PLEASE JON! I was joking! I was going to send you away to some leisure planet…it was an accident I swear!”

            “And I swear you will die…” Jon said ripping Jibran’s heart out.

            “ HEY YOU! I need that!” Jibran yelled grabbing the heart and popping it back into place. “I’m already dead…woah…the afterlife has merged with the real world!”

            Jon grunted with anger and started punching and kicking Jibran mercilessly, as was Sina to Gates. From out of nowhere, one of the female Jon and Sinas were taking on Spears in a merciless catfight.

            And high above all these petty battles, Steve had tears running down his cheeks.

            “ I am…sorry!” Steve yelled painfully. Jack didn’t stop there. He continued punching the defenseless being faster and faster still yelling,

            “ BEG YOU COWARD! BEG!”

            “ I BEG YOU TO STOP! JACK!!! PLEASE!” Steve yelled with painful tears in his eyes. “PLEASE! I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! STOP!!! PLEASE! I BEG OF YOU!” Jack aimed his palms at Steve intending to kill him. Everyone gasped when Jack didn’t kill Steve, he purposely missed.

            Jack punched Steve one last time and floated off him. “ Remember this defeat… remember that you can never win. I could kill you, I could kill you 10000 times before you hit the ground…but dirtying my hands with you is an insult to everything I stand for. Remember this defeat coward…remember how you begged a human for mercy. Remember this day as the day your godly abilities were squandered by a mere human…”

            Jack got up completely and spat at Steve defiantly. It was finally over. At long last, Jack had received the mercy his soul had been searching for. He smiled and crossed his arms across his chest, “PEOPLE OF THIS MULTIVERSE!” Everyone listened to Jack as he threw his fist up in the air in a cry of victory, “WE HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR ANYMORE! WE WILL NEVER FEAR THESE COWARDLY BEINGS EVER AGAIN!” Jack started to laugh with indescribable joy. His whole entire life had been working up to this moment, and it was going well.

            Here he stood in the middle of the Multiverse, everyone eyes on him. Here he was as the most powerful being to have ever existed. Here he floated, proud, having all of his lost honour returned to him. He wanted to celebrate as he watched his son clap with joy and smile proudly at his father.

            “TODAY! WE MUST CELEBRATE THE DEFEAT OF STEPHANIE AND STEVE!” Jack yelled. Everyone erupted into more clapping and cheering. From out of nowhere, people threw beads and rise and banners into the air. Everyone in the Multiverse rejoiced, they had won completely…the last threat was no longer a threat.

            “ HAHWAHWAWAHAAAAAA!” Jack laughed.

            Behind him, Steve laughed as well. “ Hehehhhehahahahhahaha.” Jack turned around and saw Steve trying to get up, the hole in his chest still there, and his face battered and bruised.

            “ HAHAHAHAAAA!” Steve laughed louder and louder. “ HAHAHAHHAA!”

            Jack made fists, ready to punch Steve again. Steve struggled a bit but finally stood up, laughing his head off. “ HAHAHAHAHHA!”

            Jack yelled furiously, “WHAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!”

            Steve continued to laugh and after some more laughing he stopped and he said in a kind of chuckle, “You win! YOU WIN! YOU DEFEATED ME! AWAAAHAHAHAHAAHHAHAHAH!”

            Jack frowned, “Yes…I defeated you.”

            “YOU!!! A HUMAN! A HUMAN DEFEATING ME!!!! BWHAWHAHWAHWHAWHAHWAHWHAWAHWAH!” Steve laughed loudly, his eyes closed, his head thrown back, laughing. “ THIS IS LAUGHABLE!!! A HUMAN DEFEATED ME!!! HEY STEPH! A HUMAN DEFEATED ME!!! BWAHWAHWHAWHAWHAHWAHWHAWAHW!” Steve yelled insanely.

            “ YES! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I DID DEFEAT YOU!” Jack yelled becoming annoyed at Steve’s laughter. Steve laughed,


            Suddenly, Steve’s eyes went cold, his face turned dark and sinister and for the first time in Jack’s life, Jack found Steve’s face utterly terrifying. “ You have not done shit on a stick.” The hole in Steve’s body vanished and Steve was whole again. “ Now I will make you feel true pain….” Steve aimed his palms at Seth and blasted a beam of highly focused energy at him.

            “ NOOOOO!!” Jack yelled. He flew as quickly as he could to reach his son but found that he wasn’t fast enough.


Then, to his horror, he saw Eight jump in the way of the blast. Jack watched everything unfold before his very eyes. Jack watched his entire life replay to the moment One was killed…and here it was happening again. The beam his Eight completely and Eight screamed in pain.

At that same moment, Jack released a cry of sheer terror, anger, and failure. It was that moment that the two people from alternate realities cried at the same time. It was the moment the blast was absorbed by Eight, saving Seth but leaving the fighter with a gaping hole in his chest. It was the only moment ever in history that Jack and Eight shared a moment of true pain together as one…

Eight fell back slightly, his neck lolling gently to the side. Jack flew towards Eight and looked deep into Eight’s eyes. For many years, Jack had hunted down Eight in an attempt to purify his timeline. But now that his death was imminent, Jack could sense his timeline being completely destroyed. It wasn’t just the fact that Jack had failed to kill him after so many years, it wasn’t just the fact that Eight was now more honorable than he was. It was the fact that it should have been him with the hole in his chest. It should have been him who was about to die. He deserved it. Jack felt that he, himself, deserved it.

Jack held Eight’s body in his arms and Eight turned his head to stare directly into Jack’s eyes. He smiled slightly and said, “Well Jack…my old nemesis, my new friend. Looks like your mission is accomplished…farewell…” Eight’s smile vanished, and his eyes became empty and blank. And then something extraordinary took place. Eight’s body started to fade away…as if he were a mirror being shattered. The afterlife was gone, death had no meaning…the only way for people do die, was for them to be erased from existence.

And Eight vanished in Jack’s arms leaving sharp shards of painful memories within Jack’s mind. Jack screamed aloud, screaming Eight’s name as his nemesis for five years vanished from all existence leaving an empty void within Jack’s heart…


The end was near…