A short time ago in all of space right here…


Episode Thirty-Seven: Repenting Sins

Jack’s head moved up, his eyes filling with tears, his mind filling with evil thoughts…but his heart remained empty at this hour. Why had Eight done this? He did not have to…why kill himself to save a son that Jack never knew? Jack just stared at Stephanie and Steve, unable to say anything, his lips trembling, the glow around him intensifying. What was the point? They were far too strong and for the first time ever, Jack was about to give up…

Celine shook her head crying, her hair swinging about hitting John every so often as he tried to calm her down. "Its going to be OK Celine…please…"

" NO! NO! NO!!! GIVE HIM BACK! I WANT HIM BACK! EIGHT! PLEASE DON’T LEAVE ME!" Celine kept crying. Tricia grabbed at Celine’s arms and stared her right in the eyes and said through telepathy,

" Listen to me…Celine…hear my voice…we must focus on the task at hand now…for the death of Eight and everyone else who is going to die today… we must succeed, crying isn’t going to help at all…"

Within Celine’s mind, a loud ringing was dominant, a kind of ringing that would push one to insanity, one similar to a telephone that simply doesn’t pause between rings. It was utterly maddening and Celine grabbed her ears, "I want him back… I WANT HIM BACK NOW!" Before she had the chance to blast out of the ship, John fired a neural suppressant beam directly at Celine. She fell over unconscious.

John stepped up to Celine’s limp body and whispered, "My dear…rest easy, these are not easy times…"

Vengeance… is it not what we want when all else fails? What is it that drives us to this level of being, the level that forces us to want bloodshed, the very brink of destruction itself…and there seems to be no escape for one who has fallen into the spiral of thought dominated by revenge. Then again, when one knows revenge will fail as well, what does one do? He ceases to exist…

Jack looked up at those around him and smiled slightly. "I will no longer fight…" He said quietly. Stephanie and Steve floated closer to Jack until they were surrounding him. Jack was on his knees, tears rolling down his face as he said, "I wont fight you any longer… kill me here and now…"

Stephanie frowned, "But that wont be any fun. You have to suffer more…" She erupted into an evil chuckle and Jack sprung up, grabbed her hand and placed it on his forehead,

" BLAST ME TO HELL DAMN YOU! KILL ME! END IT NOW! PLEASE!" Jack yelled shaking Stephanie’s palms on his head. There was nothing more he could do.

" Nope…" Steve replied pushing Jack’s hand away.

" I SAID KILL ME!" Jack yelled punching Steve hard in the gut. Steve floated back unharmed. He shook his head and Jack started crying desperately. " KILL US ALL RIGHT NOW! THERE IS NO POINT! YOU WIN YOU FOOLS!"

Stephanie spoke, "Why? The great Jack has fallen and is begging for us to kill him, as if whatever he was facing currently was worse than death. How weak. But…if you insist Jack, for once I am going to help you…by ending your life." She aimed her palms at Jack and smiled, "Goodbye…" Jack closed his eyes and waited for death.

Death never came… Jack opened his eyes to see the crying face of One staring back at him. "The Jack Thorne I knew would never give up…not even after killing me in an indescribable accident." Jack’s eyes went wide as he saw Comrad One, alive and well holding him. "Jack, the afterlife collapsed…now everyone here that dies is gone forever… and I cannot let that happen to you. Undo what you did… there is still hope."

Jack stared into One’s eyes and wiped the tears off his cheek, "Do you remember the day before we entered the Galactic War? When we said our goodbyes, I never thought I would see any of you again…but I did…and then you died again, and now here you are, encouraging me. If there is one thing I am thankful for, its people who wont stop living… stubborn bastards like you who wont die…" Jack smiled, "Thanks for making me the same stubborn bastard I once was…" Jack got up and turned to face Stephanie and Steve, "I withdraw my request…I will die in battle…NOW DIE!" Jack yelled flying at Stephanie and Steve. One followed, Seth, Jennifer, Eric, and the others followed shortly and once again the battle was in progress.

Lord Chovas had merged once again and appeared in the middle of the battle field sensing two great sources of energy. In one brief second, he was killed as he tried to merge with Stephanie and Steve. Just thought you wanted to know…

While this battle took place, Sina and Jon took on Gates, Spears and Jibran for their foolish attempt to kill them. Gates and Spears finally begged for mercy and Sina and Jon let them be for the time being, but Jibran still had not given up.


Jon spat at Jibran, "CURSE YOU! All we ask is that you merge with us damn it! MERGE WITH US SO WE CAN HELP THE OTHERS IN BEATING STEPHANIE AND STEVE!"

Jibran shook his head, "I WILL NEVER MERGE WITH YOU!"

While Jibran, Sina and Jon were arguing, Gates and Spears watched with pain as those around them fought against Stephanie and Steve. Spears smiled an empty smile and said, "I used to have fun watching this kind of entertainment…"

Gates smiled and turned to Spears, "So did I. Somewhere along the way Britney, we softened up. Somewhere along the way, we tried to be good…and failed."

"And now there is only one thing left for us to do old friend." Spears said reaching his hand out to Gates’. Gates nodded and took a deep breath,

" You know what to do…" They placed their palms against one another and started chanting. Gates was chanting the entire Windows code while Spears was humming one of her songs. Sina, Jon and Jibran stopped arguing to see what was going on. From out of nowhere, a cursor appeared, selected Gates and Spears and a menu appeared where it then selected SELECT ALL. An eerie glow surrounded ever version of Gates and Spears and then a final menu came up, similar to that seen in the object menu of PowerPoint. It said, MERGE OBJECTS.

Gates and Spears smiled at one another and Gates made a motion he had not made in a long time…the double clicking motion. The large cursor double clicked on the MERGE OBJECTS option and all of the Gateses and Spearses turned into a form of white energy, flying to one location. The Multiverse started to lag at that moment as most of its memory was being used for the merger; time slowed down into a kind of crazy Matrix speed.

Stephanie and Steve were still at their regular speeds on account of the fact that they were fighting at super fast speeds and they suddenly sensed an increase in energy directly where the merger was taking place. The Multiverse started making loud crackling noises and lightning appeared turning space into a deadly cloud.

John Trenmill looked at Cad Man and asked, "What are they doing?"

Cad Man smiled, "This is their last resort…they had the power to do this all along, but were waiting for the right moment to use it… our hopes just increased exponentially… I know what they will become…"

Jack sensed the energy as well and turned around to face it. He couldn’t believe what his senses were telling him, he couldn’t believe the time disturbances her was suddenly feeling…whatever was happening, the Multiverse was becoming very unstable.

The light faded as a massive shockwave of code was released and before everyone stood a strange being. It wore a man’s business suit, but a woman’s skirt, it had Gates’s glasses, but Britney’s eyes, and the hair was somewhere between Gates and Spears. The being floated in space, complete attention being driven to it as if it were a black hole. When it spoke, it sounded like Gates and Spears as it said:

" I am Gatespears… the ultimate being to have ever existed. Seperated, Spears and Gates committed their sins, but together, we will attempt to repent them by saving the Multiverse." The being smiled and said, "We will begin by getting rid of you two." It said pointing at Stephanie and Steve.

Steve frowned and said, "Whats this? A cross dresser? I have no time for games." He blasted a beam of energy that hit Gatespears square. A massive explosion took place and Jibran said,

" SHITHEADS! THEY DIED! ARGH!" The dust and ashes faded and Gatespears still remained, sending Steve into shock.

" WHAT?" He started blasting more energy at Gatespears, all of them hitting their target, but inflicting no damage. Steve’s eyes went wide, "Crap…"

"We have had enough of this… it is time for you two to end…" Gatespears pointed at Stephanie and Steve and two cursors attached themselves to them. Stephanie and Steve stared at one another slightly confused, and then Gatespears started yelling furiously, its hair flying in the wind as an eerie Windowsy glow surrounded it.

"THIS IS FOR ALL THE TROUBLE YOU HAVE CAUSED! I SUMMON MY POWERS AND EXECUTE THE POWER OF ALT F4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Stephanie and Steve stared at one another, completely terrified and they both said at the same time,

" Help-" And that was that. They both vanished in a puff of smoke and powerful explosion. The entire Multiverse went silent as they stared at Gatespears who smiled and said,

" It was the least we could do…please forgive us for everything we have done."

Jack stared at Gatespears, his jaw wide open. He smiled slightly as he started breathing heavily, "I…" he started coughing, "I cannot…" His lips trembled and his mind was racing at what had just happened. " I cannot…I…" He coughed some more and then yelled out in a booming voice, "I CANNOT SENSE THEM ANYMORE!!!"

Cheering was heard throughout the entire Multiverse as they all realised that the enemy had been defeated. From out of nowhere, party hats and champagne flew in all directions landing on everyone’s head.

Sina stared at Gatespears, "YOU HAD THE POWER TO DO THAT ALL ALONG?"

Gatespears nodded and said, "Yes…we could."

Sina’s eye started twitching, "THEN WHY DID YOU WAIT UNTIL EIGHT DIED TO DO IT???"

" Cause we needed a cool death scene before merging…it is the way of the code of the Multiverse." Gatespears replied smiling. The entire Multiverse went into an uproar of celebration, people cheering and hollering and howling and going truly nuts.


Gatespears smiled, "I have become the ultimate being…I have my own sex, Gatespearsism… you either are, or you aren’t…and I am!"

Jon smiled with tears in his eyes, "Even after everything you did…you guys did it…thank you! Although the wardrobe is horrible and freaky, you still did it!"

Gatespears smiled and said, "I was glad to help. Hopefully we are forgiven then…"


" HEY!" God yelled, "I AM THE ONLY ONE!"

"Bullshit!" Vishnu yelled, "I AM THE ONLY ONE!"

" I THINK YOU ALL FULL OF CRAP!" Allah yelled pointing at both of them, "I AM THE ONLY ONE!"

And then someone spoke a voice and said, "No, you are all wrong…I am the only One…" Everyone turned to see One floating, his arms crossed and his face lit up. "Well I am! I don’t see any other Ones here!" Everyone nodded in agreement.

Seth flew up to his father who was not smiling despite all of the celebrating. Eric and Jennifer flew up to Jack as well. Jack turned to them all with slight concern on his face and said, "If Stephanie and Steve were destroyed…then why are we still here?"

Suddenly, without warning, two large explosions took place as a large message read, "NOT ENOUGH MEMORY TO COMPLETE DELETION!" and Stephanie and Steve flew out of them screaming the same thing, "YOU CANNOT CLOSE US! WE ARE MORE THAN APPLICATIONS IN THE MULTIVESE! NOW SAY GOODBYE TO YOUR LAST HOPE FOR SURVIVAL!" They fired a large beam of energy directly at Earth, where the temporal co-ordinates for when Jibran kidnapped Jon were, the last hope for the Multiverse was about to be blown to bits.

Sina, Jon and Jibran were directly into the path of this energy and they stared as it came closer and closer, like deers caught in a trace by the headlights of a car. Suddenly, they were pushed out of the way as Gatespears pushed them away getting in the way of the blast. Gatespears extended its palms and closed its eyes,

" WE WILL NOT LET YOU DESTROY THIS PLANET!" The beam his Gatespears and Gatespears was pushed back, into the atmosphere of the planet, causing him/her to burn up. Using the friction of the atmosphere, Gatespears pushed against the beam trying to stop it. Thousands of cursors appeared surrounded Gatespears’ hands and Gatespears yelled, "DRAG AND DROP!" Gatespears tried to drag the beam elsewhere, but it was too powerful pushing it farther back still.

" NO!" Everyone yelled flying at Stephanie and Steve. They all attacked the two beings trying to stop them from adding any more energy to the beam. With a mighty blast from Jack, Seth, Jennifer, and Eric, Stephanie and Steve stopped their energy adding and concentrated on beating the others up. Meanwhile, the energy continued as Gatespears struggled to stop it from hitting the Earth. All of its powers were being used, every single command, click, drag, drop function Gatespears knew was being used, but the beam was too powerful. It had the capacity to destroy a single universe, but was being highly concentrated in blowing up the Earth leaving not even a single atom to survive.

Cad Man watched with terror as his two companions were fighting a loosing battle. He flew towards the beam of energy and joined Gatespears in stopping the beam from hitting the Earth, both beings burning up in the atmosphere.

" Cad Man! We are glad to see you old friend…" Gatespears said smiling,

" I cannot allow you two to die alone…and if you fail since we will all die anyway, I thought I may help…all of us are united once again, but not for an evil purpose…for a good one…It feels right for once…"

Gatespears smiled and replied, "It does…thank you." And so the two beings pushed with all their might, using cursors, commands, and 2 dimensional objects to stop the beam. From behind them, their bodies were slowly breaking up as the force of the beam and the atmosphere collided on them. Despite the fact that their bodies were still being disintegrated very slowly, they still fought on to save the planet they had only years before tried to destroy.

Jibran watched all of this with awe and fear. He did not want to die by helping them, but yet, he couldn’t let them die. He was the only person in the trio of four who wasn’t helping…and that made him feel horrible…but his conscience was still not strong enough to push him to save Gatespears.

" We wont let this planet be destroyed…WE WONT!" Gatespears and Cad Man yelled at the same time. The beam of energy slowed down and it looked as though they were winning when it started to disburse from its orderly shape sending energy past Gatespears and Cad Man. Gatespears turned to Cad Man and said, "I am sorry old friend…you cannot die…"

Cad Man screamed, "NO! YOU CANNOT!" Gatespears pushed Cad Man completely out of the way and continued to block the energy alone. "It is better this way…if we fail, you can still merge using Turing’s merge to form Lord Chavos…Goodbye…"

Cad Man was sent flying away and Gatespears fought on. Then it happened, they were clear from the atmosphere and closing in on the ground…there was no way they could stop the ball of energy from hitting the Earth. Gatespears decided there was only one thing left to do…one last action they could do to repent their sins, one last hope for the Multiverse.

One of the cursors attached to the ball of energy and Gatespears clicked on merge. The procedure was painful, but the beam of energy merged with Gatespears and they found themselves on the inside of the energy. It was time to blast it apart from the inside, but that would involve suicide…but it was a suicide Gatespears was willing to make. There was not enough memory in the Multiverse to maintain the Gatespears merger and stop the ball of energy from colliding into the Earth, and Gatespears realised that they had to delete themselves, but they could try to take the ball of energy with them… It was the destiny of anything created by Gates to eventually crash, and the Gatespears merger was about to do just that…

"For everything we have done… we are sorry… please accept this gift dear Multiverse, and all who recite within it…please accept this fond farewell, never forgetting what we did here today. We wanted to be remembered in the world, which is why we tried to take over it…but now we have found a much more honourable way. It is our gift to you that our sacrifice may save the last hope of the Multiverse…goodbye everyone…" Gatespears felt a tear trickling down his/her eyes and within his mind, Gates and Spears said their goodbyes as Gatespears touched the ball of energy, crashing at that moment.

A fury of energy flew in all directions as the ball exploded into many harmless bits, but one small bit continued to fly towards the Earth, still powerful enough to destroy the planet. "NO!" Jibran yelled. The ball flew towards the planet and Jibran realised that he had to stop it…his conscience finally kicked in and Jibran flew towards Earth with all his might.

Then, something happened that Jibran did not expect. He heard a cry, "ERIC! JENNIFER! NO! WAIT!!!" It was the sound of Seth. Jennifer and Eric flew right past Jibran and placed themselves between the ball of energy and the Earth. They held hands and the twins aimed their free hands at the ball and blasted all that they had at it. The ball ceased to stop and Jennifer and Eric took two deep breaths. "If all goes well, our death will have never happened…ready Eric?" Eric nodded and the two humans created powerful shields around themselves, using all of their energy, and flew directly at the ball of energy, smashing it into millions of little bits that fell towards the Earth creating a beautiful display of colours, but killing both Eric and Jennifer in the process.

Jibran cried and he flew into the battle more determined than ever before to defeat Stephanie and Steve. He yelled, "JON! SINA! IT IS TIME WE MERGED DAMMIT!!!!"

Sina and Jon turned around and smiled, "ITS ABOUT BLOODY TIME!!!"