A short time…time…time… time…time… time…time… time…time…ago in all of space right here…


Episode Thirty-Eight: Timewarps and Wee Ones

There was a catastrophic explosion just above the Woodlands, that lit up not only the sky around the area, but virtually the entire planet and those beside it. It had been the sacrifices of Jennifer and Eric Eight who had valiantly placed themselves between the ball of energy. The sacrifice of Gatespears would not be forgotten, and as they had vanished from all existence, as had their sins…they were purified.

But now the battle was clear, Stephanie and Steve knew what had to be done…and it involved the destruction of the Woodlands school. Their first attempts had failed and they realised that any idiot could sacrifice themselves to save the planet…they had to finish the job themselves…no use of blasting balls of energy at the school.

Several obstacles stood in their path however. That had been the fact that many insects still had pride and power within them. These insects were the inhabitants of the known Multiverse. As they tried to plow everything they had against Stephanie and Steve, they found their situation almost hopeless as one by one they were being decimated.

Also, the recent merger of Gates and Spears had created new instabilities within the timestream and things were starting to take odd turns. Random people and creatures of different timelines would appear and vanish and the entire Multiverse had turned into a hall of illusions.

The only thing that would save the Multiverse were the few people who still remained at the Woodlands…trying to retrieve information on the exact whenabouts of Jon’s kidnapping. If it had not been for that, the entire timeline would be saved by Jon’s new knowledge of C++, but this had not happened…and there was no more time for the ancient art of C++ to be learnt now…

They stood in a circle. All of them, badly bruised, but still functioning. Sina, Jon, Jibran, Cad, Max and Turing Man. In a circle with a halo of energy around them. All of them had their eyes closed as one of the most powerful mergers ever in history was about to take place. Within this circle there was tranquillity…outside the circle was a sense of total chaos…

"GET OUT OF OUR WAY!" Steve yelled blasting several people away. Several more people took their place and Steve was forced to repeat that action. "CONSARNIT STEPHANIE! THESE INSECTS ARE GETTING ON MY NERVES! WHAT SAY YOU TO COMPLETELY BLASTING THIS UNIVERSE APART?"

Stephanie (who was under attack by several thousand others) replied, "I thought you would never ask!" Stephanie and Steve tried to focus their energies, but before they did, Jack and Seth kicked both of them in a fit of fury. They tried again, with the same results, only this time with Seth kicking them.

" YOU ARE BECOMING AN ANNOYANCE…BOY!" Steve yelled bitterly at Seth. He closed his eyes and focused on Seth’s body, and tossed him crashing into the planet below. Jack went in again for another round, as did many Comrads, humans and other beings in the Multiverse.

Rama ran ahead of the group and yelled, "HERE THEY COME!" Suddenly, ahead of him appeared a large army of Prefects, who were now guarding the only passage to the camera file room.

" I am sorry Rama…you are forbidden to enter this area…" One of the Prefects said.

" GO SCREW YOURSELF!" Rama yelled moving his hands around. "NOW EVERYONE!" From the walls and ceilings of the school, several dozen students rushed into the battle headed directly towards the Prefects.

" WHAT THE?" The Prefects suddenly feared that they had a chance of being defeated. A massive battle took place within the halls of the school, with students armed with amazing abilities constantly firing bullets, shells, energy and cows at one another.

" IT IS THE LEGENDARY ARMY OF KHUFUUUUU!!!" Mr. Knapp yelled doing a war cry as he entered the battle swinging gigantic maps of Europe at the Prefects.

From the other side of the hall, another wave of students rushed into the battle until the Prefects were completely surrounded. As this was, their numbers were still far too great…but their formation was completely out of whack.

" PREFECTS! COUNTER ATTACK!" One of them yelled. The Prefects began fighting back and the entire hallways erupted in fire.

Students and Prefects were caught in the beast of violent conflict when suddenly the roof began to shake. The school’s lasers were now aimed at the students and had started firing.


" EVERYONE! PULL OUT YOUR NURDINS!" Rama yelled. Immediately, the army of students and teachers pulled out shields, made up of Nurdin’s feathers and used them to block the laser energy from the roofs as well as fighting off the Prefects.

As the fighting went on, suddenly some ground shaking was felt as everyone saw that a vast army of Prefects was running down the halls and towards their location. "CRAP! HOW MANY OF THEM ARE THERE?"

" So Rama… it appears you are outnumbered…surrender and we will kill you!" Bill said calmly laughing.

" Uh…its surrender OR we will kill you…" Dan replied.

" Don’t I feel silly…ehuhuhuhuhuuuu…" Bill laughed.

Rama looked around him and saw that there was almost no way they were going to succeed with the mission…all hope was lost.

"YOU GUYS GOTTA MERGE A LITTLE QUICKER PLEASE!" Comrad One yelled at the circle of Sina, Jon, Jibran etc…

" Merging is a sensitive process…especially when it involves all of us! We need all the time you guys can buy us!" Jon yelled back.

" They’re getting past our defences…pretty soon, there wont be enough people to help protect you all!" One yelled back.

" STOP YELLING! WE NEED SILENCE!" Sina yelled back.

" OK! I WILL STOP YELLING!" One yelled back at Sina.

" WHAT?" Someone yelled appearing out of nowhere.


" OK! AS WILL I! I WILL ALSO STOP-" But before this random person could finish, they were blasted away from all existence.

Jon went back to chanting Turing code with Sina, Turing, Max and Cad Man…Jibran could only watch and try and mimic what everyone was saying…and he was failing miserably.

Aside from all the troubles they were having, it didn’t help that the memory of the Multiverse was really low on account of the Gatespears merger which failed horribly. Now any other mergers would have beastly lagging time.

" STUPID GATESPEARS! Although they saved us once today, they may have screwed us over for all time!" Cad Man yelled trying hard to concentrate getting the last bit of juice memory out of the Multiverse.

The Multiverse had begun to crackle with energy as the final boundaries of space and time began to slowly crack. Things were going really badly…

John Trenmill stood up suddenly as he heard his console ring. "What is that ringing mean?" Tricia asked.

John gulped as he replied, "Shit…it is beginning. The collapse is beginning."

Celine woke up from her unconsciousness after hearing this and nervously added, " But the collapse already happened! All of space broke loose! The realities merged!"

John shook his head, "No Celine…these are the very layers of time that are starting to collapse…and when this happens, there is no chance to change the past to have results on the future. WHERE THE HELL ARE RAMA ADIT AND NURDIN? They have to hurry up! The Multiverse depends on it!"

He sat down at the console and started typing away, "Celine, Tricia, Ashley and Jessica! Get to the engine room immediately! I want you all to aid your efforts in telekinesis to create a very powerful shield around this timeship!"

Celine looked at John nervously, "What are you planning?"

" WERE GOING INTO THE HEART OF THE BATTLE TO FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL IS TAKING SO LONG!" John yelled defiantly. Everyone ran to the engine room and concentrated on donating energy to the shield generators. With the way things were going in the heart of the battle, they would need all the shields they could get.

"Hahah!" Bill laughed as he cuffed Rama and the rest of the students. The rebellion had failed since the new wave of Prefects had arrived. Now the students were all tied and cuffed and held captive. " Foolish rebel scum! Did you truly think you could defeat the Prefects? Our corrupt society goes beyond your understanding! Our reaches are greater than just the school! We have reaches with every single mafia group in the world! All our school funding goes to projects that will create a communist government! BWAHAHHAHA! And now with your capture, you will become part of our slave labourers."

Ke stepped forward, "COMMUNIST? Hey, I dunno about you guys, but I’m joining the Prefects!" Ke stepped on the side of the Prefects and they cloaked him. He had become a Prefect.

" BAHWAHWA! There is no escape fools! Our plans are near completion! There is nothing that can stand in our way! Our plans involve taking over the planet and turning it into a paradise…FOR US! HAHAHA! Why do you think we jacked up the pizza prices? Cause we know how much you love pizza…WE COULD HAVE MADE IT 100 dollars more expensive, AND YOU FOOLS WOULD HAVE STILL BOUGHT SLICES! BWAHWHAHW! And now, we are going to use you all to build a gigantic beast of a weapon to destroy all the other Prefects of the other schools. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE PREFECT REGIME! BWAHWHA!"

Dan slapped Bill’s head hard, "You stupid moron! Are you gonna tell them our entire secret vault of secrets? Go ahead you total dink! Reveal our secrets then! CMON!"

Bill smiled, "Excellent…OUR NEXT PLAN IS TO-" Dan slapped Bill once again,

" YOU DINK! I was being sarcastic!"

Bill smiled again, "Well don’t I feel silly…ehehehhhhhh…"

" Shut up…" Dan said bitterly, "I don’t have a clue in hell why I put up with you! I would have been so much more successful with that water cooler…"

Chrissy kicked Dan hard in the shin, "YOU BE NICE TO BILL!"

" OW! CURSE YOU WOMAN! I WILL MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE THE FIRST TO GO!" Dan took out a large pistol shaped gun and aimed it directly at Chrissy. "NOW YOU DIE!"

But nothing happened. The ground started shaking violently and suddenly a massive barrage of rocks and basketballs flew through the walls and windows of the school hitting the back line of Prefects rendering all of them useless.

" WHAT IS THIS TRECHERY?" Dan yelled running at the window. A ball hit him right in the head and he fell down senseless.

" GET WHOEVER IS DOING THIS!" Bill yelled. The Prefects rushed to the windows and started throwing things back, but they always came back twice as hard. The entire line of Prefects went down in a single instant and the students stood there speechless.

" Woah… what force did this?" Nurdin asked.

::insert heroic music::

" THAT WOULD BE US!" A voice yelled. Suddenly, it appeared as everyone had been saved by midgets, but they were wrong.

" IT’S THE GRADE 6 and BELOW KIDS FROM MCBRIDE!" Tori yelled with joy. "THEY SAVED US!"

Rama started laughing as he stared at the vast army of little people armed with slingshots and basketballs. "They’re skills of dodgeball were no match for ours!" One Kindergarten student yelled in a scary kind of way.

" BWAHWHA! NOW! Go and accomplish your missions! For we have aided you all for that purpose! The school is yours once again…but this act of kindness is not without price…WE DEMAND OUR SCHOOLS TO MERGE ONCE AGAIN!"

Rama smiled, "Will do wee ones! Will do!" He turned to Adit and Nurdin, "NOW LETS GO AND TAKE WHAT WE WANTED!" They were about to step forward when a large SuperPrefect stepped in their way.

" I AM PREFZILLA! YOU WILL NOT GET PAST ME! WBAHWAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!" Just before he did anything more, Seth fell through the roof and landed on Prefzilla’s head rendering him unconscious. He got up, dusted himself, turned to the army of kids, smiled and said,

" Ah…we used to fight rebellions against corrupt powers of school even in our timeline…" He wiped a tear off his cheek and flew back into the sky joining his father in battle.

Rama, Adit and Nurdin stepped forward and into the now accessable Camera File room. They entered it and took a look at the entire history of the cameras. Then they found what they were looking for (aside from seeing a lot of people sneaking into the school at night, wearing large funny masks and doing weird dances in front of the camera). But despite the entertainment that provided, they found the temporal co-ordinates for when Jibran kidnapped Jon. They copied the files onto a disk and walked out, as they were about to leave, Seth fell through the roof again and landed on Nurdin this time.

Seth got up, dusted himself, turned to the army of kids, smiled and said, "Ah…we used to fight rebellions against corrupt powers of school even in our timeline…" He wiped a tear off his cheek and flew back into the sky joining his father in battle. Rama and Adit looked at one another,

" Timeline must be collapsing…time warps are starting to appear. We haven’t got much time!" Adit yelled. He turned to Nurdin, "GET UP MAN!"

Nurdin got up, but as he did, Seth fell through the roof again and landed on Nurdin. Seth got up, dusted himself, turned to the army of kids, smiled and said, "Ah…we used to fight rebellions against corrupt powers of school even in our timeline…" He wiped a tear off his cheek and flew back into the sky joining his father in battle…again.

"I SAID GET UP NURDIN!" Rama yelled loudly. Nurdin got up, but as he did, Seth fell through the roof again and landed on Nurdin. Seth got up, dusted himself, turned to the army of kids, smiled and said, "Ah…we used to fight rebellions against corrupt powers of school even in our timeline…" He wiped a tear off his cheek and flew back into the sky joining his father in battle…again…again...

" AH SCREW YOU!" Rama yelled. He and Adit flew out of the school just as they saw Eric and Jennifer sacrifice themselves against a large ball of energy that was headed for the school. Then they saw something that nearly gave them heart attacks. They saw Narf Gator landing in front of the school,

" WHAT ARE YOU FOOLISH REBELS DOING HERE?" Gator yelled before vanishing. Then, Yoga appeared,


" Shit…the timeline is seriously going screwy…we must hurry…there isn’t much time…" Rama said. As they flew up, they saw Seth fall on Nurdin once again. They exited the atmosphere where they saw Sina, Jon, Jibran, Max, Cad and Turing Man near the completion of their merger. Far away, they saw the outline of the timeship, headed towards them rapidly. They flew towards it.

As this happened, Jack was starting to get really ticked off…he could sense something within him snapping. Because he had just seen Eight die before his eyes…3 times in a row, each time being unable to help. The timeline was warping to severe extents. Jack was about to break, along with the Multiverse…