A short time….time…time…time…time…time…TIME…TIME…ago in all of space right here…


Episode Thirty-Nine: The End

Sina just walked out of the courtroom sighing deeply. "Stupid justice system…it doesn’t work when people are innocent." He wiped some sweat of his forehead and thought to himself, "Damn it! First trial I have ever lost…and I know for a fact that the guy was innocent."

Sina shook his head and removed the burden of guilt from his shoulders as he walked down the street, only to nearly be run over by a hovercar. "HEY YOU!" Sina yelled. "THE SPEED LIMIT ON CROWDED STREETS IS 100km! You were going at 250! Slow down or take a taxi!" The man driving the car gave Sina the finger and drove off, twice as fast. "Shithead drivers these days…Why doesn’t anyone fly like they used to?" Sina closed his eyes and started to hover in the air. Suddenly, something strange happened. The air around him was gone, the hovercars had vanished, and the people below were gone too. The entire city street and air above of Mississauga had been replaced by a chaotic space.

"CURSE YOU!!!" Jack yelled flying at Stephanie and Steve nearly hitting Sina. "I WILL KILL YOU BOTH IF IT IS THE LAST THING I DO!" Jack flew around Stephanie and Steve rapidly punching them, but they were all being blocked.

" FATHER! HERE I COME!" Seth yelled joining the battle, also nearly hitting Sina. At that moment, several thousand other people flew by Sina nearly causing him to snap at what was happening. Throughout all of the chaos, no one had noticed that a lawyer in a business suit had just appeared out of nowhere.

" HAHA!" Stephanie laughed, "Just like insects! YOU ARE ALL FOOLS! THERE IS NO WAY YOU CAN SURVIVE! HAHAHAA!"

Jack closed his eyes, looked around him and realised he had only one final choice left. He let it all go…all his restraint, all his care, all his hard work. He let it all slip as he unleashed an angry cry and flew at Steve, successfully punching him.

" JACK!" Celine yelled flying out of the timeship. "DON’T DO IT!" She flew as fast as she could to intercept him, but Jack was far too consumed with his own pride and vengeance to hear anyone from the outside world.

" I WILL BLAST YOU ALL TO SOME ORDERLY HELL!" Jack yelled flying with tremendous speed at Stephanie and Steve. "FOR WHAT YOU HAVE DONE, YOU WILL SUFFER BEFORE YOU DIE!" Jack released an angry cry and blasted every ounce of energy and telekinesis at the enemy.

Sina couldn’t believe what he was seeing, "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?" He said aloud. No one heard him. He watched as Jack was killed by a single blast going through his chest. The light around the Multiverse intensified for a brief moment and Jack was killed.

Sina was caught aghast. As unknown these people were, there was something oddly familiar about it all. He watched Jack’s body float slowly to an asteroid, signs of life fading from his body. Then, the entire Multiverse went silent as a single voice flooded everyone’s ears,

" FATHER!!!" Seth yelled. Celine tried to grab him and prevent him from doing anything, but his anger was too great. He flew at Stephanie and Steve, tears streaking behind him. He had let it happen again! He had let his father die again! He had failed… there was nothing more to do, but give it more than what he could give.

Sina felt a tear come into his eyes as he saw the two beings zap Seth much as they had done with Jack, his father. Seth had time to cry once…and only once before it all ended. To his left, Sina saw a little girl running towards a much older girl of about 16, or so she looked. They both flew inside a ship and it flew away.

At that moment, Sina saw something he had never thought he would see ever again in his life. "I THINK IT IS TIME TO SAY GOODBYE TO TWO MAJORLY LARGE SHITHEADS!!!" The being said. The merger was complete and Lord Chavos had been formed. Sina’s jaw started to do cartwheels as he saw Lord Chavos take on Stephanie and Steve…

Rama, Adit and Nurdin flew inside the airlock of the timeship. They walked to the main bridge where John asked them a question the moment they entered, "Did you get the coordinates?"

Rama sighed, "YES WE DID! Only it nearly got us killed!"

"Well, your alive and well now so give us the info." John said carelessly. For a brief moment, there was some talk between Rama, Nurdin, Adit and an alternate version of Britney Spears who had appeared out of nowhere. Rama did not know that she didn’t belong in the timeline because he didn’t know that Gatespears was gone.

"If we don’t succeed, may we horribly be killed off somehow…" John said. Rama was snapped back into reality as he heard that. His mind seemed to be drifting off to another place, another time. He started blurting out useless stuff about a celebration dance and partying. He left the room and slammed the door shut…on his head…Rama was in pain and needed a boost of self confidence. He brought Nurdin into the doorway and commenced slamming the door open and shut on his head.

" That’s the stuff…" Rama said leaving the room. Behind him, Celine and John began conversing about the fate of the Multiverse and how important it was for them to succeed. The ship began to glow with intensity as the coordinates of the timeship were entered, to the focal point where Jon had been kidnapped, the very turning point in their battle. For if it had not been for that, they would have defeated Stephanie and Steve with the power of C++.

As their ship flew away, Sina watched them with confusion on his face. The ship then vanished from existence and Sina watched as Lord Chavos got a hand through his chest from Steve causing its essence to break apart.

As Sina, Jon, Jibran, Cad, Max, Turing split apart, they too were blasted away. Sina saw something strange on the other Sina that was about to die. The dying Sina saw himself in a business suit and a strange looking tie. They stared at each other for what seemed to be eternity and said at the same time,

"YOU!" And then, one Sina was blasted away by Stephanie and Steve. Then surrounded the one Sina who still stood.

" Well! Look! Its another Sina! Another bug for us to squash!" Stephanie yelled. Sina floated away with fear,

" UH! LISTEN! I uh, just appeared here! You cant just kill me cause I randomly appeared! This is supposed to be Mississauga…and I just walked out of a loosing case! WHY DID I BOTHER TO GET UP THIS MORNING DAMMIT! WHY DID I BOTHER TO EAT ALL THAT OATMEAL FOR! DAY IN AND DAY OUT! OATMEAL OATMEAL! IM GONNA DIE NOW! AND I WASTED MY MORNINGS EATING OATMEAL! AHHHHHHH!!!" Sina yelled panicking.

Stephanie chuckled, "Your funny! But you must die…" She aimed her palms at Sina and Sina used his arms and briefcase to shield himself. "YOU CANT! I HAVE A WIFE AND FAMILY!" And then, a light exploded in front of him and he heard a voice saying calmly,

" I bet your family is very beautiful…I myself have a wife…two if you include my daughter. Yep…they’re both beauties…"

Sina opened his eyes and saw an ugly looking Janitor sweeping papers from the sidewalks of Mississauga. Sina stared around him, his knees buckling at what he had just seen. Had he imagined it all? If he had, he must be going nuts!

" You OK there?" The Janitor asked in a strange hillbilly accent.

Sina nodded and knelt over to kiss the ground, "I think I will walk home today…thank you for your uhh… sweeping the sidewalk!" Sina quickly picked up his briefcase and immediately took out his cell visor and placed it over one eye.

He pressed a few buttons on the side and stared into the screen as it said, "Dialing…dialing…" It beeped, "Thank you for choosing ATTTTTT and T" Sina smiled at the person who next appeared on the screen,

The person squinted as if unable to believe what he was seeing. "S..SINA?" Jon asked.

Sina smiled and nodded, "Great to see you again Jon. How long has it been? 10 years? I think it has! Great to see a familiar face from the past after what I just went through…"

Jon frowned, "What happen?" He said in a strange kind of accent that reminded Sina of the strange teenage trend 10 years back involving some badly translated Japanese game named Zero Wing.

Sina didn’t know how to explain it at all, "Listen… I uh… I think we have to get the old gang together…"

Jon’s face showed surprise, "Old Gang? You mean-"

Sina immediately interrupted, "YES! I mean them! All of them…we all have to get together and discuss…discuss…Lord Chavos…"

Jon’s jaw did cartwheels and he leaned close to the screen and whispered, "You have to be kidding! After so many years, why is this suddenly being brought up?"

"As I said Jon…you wont believe what happened to me…"

Jon smiled, "Try me…" And Sina told him about everything he had just seen…

Stephanie and Steve frowned, "Where did he go?" Stephanie asked with disappointment. Steve replied,

" Probably decided to randomly implode…easier for us that he kills himself. What do you say Steph? Shall we end it all?" Stephanie’s lips curved into that of an evil smile. They both unleashed the most of their energies which caused them to act as bug zappers. The millions of people around them were killed immediately.

" Let us begin with what we had intended to destroy in the first place." They both turned around and aimed their palms at the Planet Earth. "See you in hell, you big ball of dirt…" They both laughing evilly and blasted energy at the planet.

"You have got to be kidding! You actually saw us all merged!" Jon asked with surprise.

" I am totally serious! I saw it all! It was all there, right before my eyes, EXACTLY AS IT WAS IN WAR OF CHAOS!" Sina yelled standing up and pointing at a piece of paper.

Jon took the paper and read it, "You saw Jack die? You saw Seth dying as well? You saw us unmerging before death…YOU SAW IT ALL?"

Sina grabbed the paper and slapped his hand on it, "ALL OF IT MAN! ALL OF IT! NOTHING WAS MISSING! IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED! I SAW IT ALL! I wish I knew what happened to them all…" He stared at Jon breathing heavily. "You think I am crazy…don’t you…"

Jon smiled, "Sina…if it were anyone else but you I would say yes."

Sina sat down and hid his face under his hands, "This is just one really weird day! First I loose my first case ever, and then I see as a focal passage in War of Chaos comes true! AGAIN! Only this time it was virtually word for word! ARGH!"

Jon stood up, and patted Sina on the back in support. "You aren’t crazy…I believe you. War of Chaos was a strange thing in both our high school lives…and we both knew there was something how shall I say…ODD about it. What you saw today must have been imagined…but for a second let us assume it wasn’t. There is no way for you to go back and save Jack from dying or anything…besides…why are you so interested on how it all ended? You wrote the story…and we both know how the War of Chaos saga ended 10 years ago…"

The little kids from Mcbride were running around as they sensed impending doom and destruction. Chrissy looked at Tori…who looked at Michelle, who looked at Chrissy again and they began a massive triangle of staring.

" Well this is goodbye for real I guess…" Gordon said sighing.

" It is…" Ryan said frowning. Something about this kind of death seemed empty and useless.

They all walked outside and stared at the oncoming energy that was going to kill them and a massive sigh was released from them all. It would all be over soon. They all stared at the ball and sensed the wind blow in their hair. The weather seemed to suddenly get darker and darker as the ball neared its destination.

Everyone looked at each other and tried to make their last moments on Earth useful. "You know… we have all been through a lot." Bill said.

Dan was shocked that Bill had actually said something with meaning, he smiled, "Yeah…remember how master Jibran kicked us cause we got that plunger stuck in his lair…aka…toilet?" Bill laughed.

Ricky smiled and said to himself, "Well at least I saw Lord of the Rings… there is something to remember…"

Ambrose laughed, "Yeah…"

Jia shook his fists, "HOW LONG DOES IT FREAKIN TAKE FOR DEATH TO CLAIM US? I’m getting bored! If anyone needs me, I will be playing FFX…" Jia walked back inside the school leaving the rest of them outside.

Roddy stared at Isaque and said, "What do you think of all this?"

Isaque smiled and replied, " JOOR DE FONZ!!!"

Graham asked, "I wonder what the mass of that energy ball is…"

Chrissy said, "You know what you guys… this sucks… no seriously! This sucks!"

Gordon nodded, "Yeah, this sucks ass…what we need is some music…OH! Whats that song? The one about the end of the world?"

Tori took out a CD played and said, "I have it…track 8…" She pressed play and the loud music engulfed the planet,

" It’s the end of the world as we know it!" they all began singing. There was a kind of joy in the air even though they all knew this was the road of no return. They had all come down the path of life and found themselves here…cornered as a truck would run over them in the path of life. It really did suck. From what they had seen, life was a bitch… and then you die. As they were all about to. They all closed their eyes as they sung their song about the end of the world as they knew it, the ball of energy slowly ascending on their location…it was the end of all ends, the final rampant wave of destruction…the end of all that was for them.

Outside the Woodlands school, students, teachers, children, parents and aliens who randomly appeared united in arms, heart, spirit and soul as they remembered their happy moments, their moments of pain, in short, most of their lives.

Michelle took out THE STONE ANGEL and said bitterly, "Damn it…even the woman in this story lived longer than all of our lives put together! But hey, if there is one bright side to death, we wont have to finish this!" She threw the book aside and joined in with the singing... It was the happiest moment in all their lives…

And then it ended…




Note the … at the end of THE END…there will be more…HAHA! IT AINT OVER YET!