A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Four: Competition in the Drama Wing

" NOOOO!!!" Sina yelled. It couldn’t be so. It was the 3rd period today (and this happened to be his favorite one) in which Eight had been in his class. Period One, Eight and a few of his group were in math not sitting at desks, but floating overhead showing no need to sit. Sina wondered why the hell they needed to sit at lunch then.

Then at period two in ancient civilizations, Mr. Knapp introduced several new students, all of whom were part of Eight's group (including Eight himself). Aside from that, once again Eight and his lot didn’t need seats. As far as Sina was concerned, they were just taking up space.

But now things had gone too far. Drama was Sina, Jon, Issaque, Gordon x 2, Ryan and many other people's turf, and Eight and Celine were now in Drama.

" Mrs. Le Riche!" Jon yelled also in pain. " There must be a mistake! Every bloody class I have been in, he has been in there as well! WHAT ARE YA DOING, FOLLOWING ME AROUND?"

" No, that would be me." Cad Man said.

" Shut up you." Jon said slamming his fists on the cabinet in the room. Cad Man was now in every single one of Jon's classes and there had been a slight incident in English a day ago where Cad Man started to write in some odd lines and box language completely throwing off Jon and what he was writing.

" THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!" Sina yelled. He pointed at Eight like Eight was a dead fish and said,

" THIS IS NOT A FISH MARKET!" Mr. Shaikh yelled appearing our of nowhere. Sina shook his head,

" Issaque, kindly show Mr. Shaikh where the fish market has been located to." Jon said quickly. Issaque took Mr. Shaikh outside and led him to a tree where several fish were hanging for odd reasons.

" Well, what is the problem with them being in our class?" Gordon C asked.

" WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?" Jon yelled. He pointed at Eight, " THAT IS THE PROBLEM!"

Eight's eyes burnt. " Listen to me you black jacket wearing piece of flesh, don’t you dare use that tone with me!"


" Whatever, I have as large a right to be here as you do." Eight said. Celine stepped forward and added,

" Yeah, I mean what made you supreme rule of the universe all of a sudden?"

Jon shook his head, " I am A supreme ruler…what is your point?"

Cad Man stepped in, " Listen, could we all begin with the class, we have improv today, lets not miss that!"

" NO!" Mrs. Le Riche yelled. " We do the SUN POSE!" DUM DUM DUM!

Everyone in the class except for Eight and Celine fell to their knees and yelled, "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Eight shrugged and said,

" Oh you are all a bunch of weaklings. I could do the sunpose with my eyes closed!" Eight said beaming.

Mrs. Le Riche smiled, " What a positive attitude, and on the first day…very good, show us how you do the sun pose Eight!"

Eight grinned and immediately did the sun pose very fast completing 100 times in less than a minute. When he stopped everyone's jaw was hung open.

" OK, so he is a sun pose freak…lets move on to improv!" Mike said shaking his head. They all divided into groups of 5. In the group Sina was in included Sina, Jon, Kristen, Gordon C and Cad Man. In the group Eight was in, included himself, Celine, Thanya and Kristan with a fifth person left to be assigned.

Issaque walked into the room and was assigned to the group including Eight. "Issaque, go join Eight's group." Mrs. Le Riche said.

" WHAT YOU SAY?" Issaque yelled caught completely by surprise.

" GET IN THE GROUP NOW!" Mrs. Le Riche yelled. Issaque walked nervously over to Eight. After one second of hesitation Issaque yelled,

" WHAT? YOU FORGED YOUR FATHERS NAME? NOOO!!! DAMN YOU!!! GO TO HELL!!! GAAAAH!" And with that, Issaque ran out the door screaming in chaos.

Nurdin who was headed home from school for lunch, was trampled by the running Issaque and lay flat on the floor. In Drama, Mrs. Le Rich told them their scene.

" OK! You are in one of Edgar Allan Poe's works. Pick whatever story you want and act upon it for 5 minutes. You have 30 seconds to discuss what you are going to do with your group. Sina, your group is up first."

Sina, Jon, Kristen, Gordon C and Cad Man stood up and went into a huddle.

" Lets do Tell Tale Heart!" Jon and Sina said at once. The entire group agreed and discussed what would be done. They stood on stage and Eight glared at Sina. Sina ignored it and began the scene. He played the crazy dude.

Cad Man was the dead guy, Jon, Gordon and Kristen were the cops.

" Ah, starry night isnt it? Beautiful night tis been." Jon said.

" Yes, quite." Then he went into a monologue, " It was his eye…I had to kill him to rid myself of the eye…" He noticed Eight staring at him and Sina shifted uncomfortably.

" Well then, " Gordon said, " we should be leaving now. Obviously nothing happened, why the cry was you in your sleep…we go now."

" OH NO…stay." Sina said thinking about the old man's eye just to get himself into character. " Stay please…let us talk, beautiful night." Sina said. Eight continued to glare. The cops started drinking tea as Sina started to hear a thudding. At first Sina thought he was imagining it, but it was actually there. The thumping of a heart sound increased and increased and Gordon, Jon and Kristan made conversation. Sina started to get irritated and yelled out,

" DAMN IT ISSAQUE! STOP BANGING ON THAT DAMNED FILE CABINET!" He yelled at Issaque. He drew away from the cabinet and the scene went on. Eight continued to glare. Sina did more and more in the improv and then snapped,

" STOP STARING AT ME!" Sina yelled lunging at Eight. Eight jumped out of the way causing Sina to hit the wall. " WHY YOU LITTLE!" A glow of energy surrounded Sina as did with Eight.

" I have done nothing." Eight said calmly grinning at Sina.

Sina was about to lunge at Eight again when Mrs. Le Riche got in the way. "Will you two stop it…Sina sit down, Eight's group is up." Sina and his group sat down and started staring at Eight's group trying to get him to crack too.

Eight and his group didn’t converse at all. They just went up and Eight got into a kneeling position before Celine (STOP JIBRAN THOUGHTS HERE!). Eight took a deep breath and to everyone's surprise yelled,

" STELLA!!!!" Everyone started clapping immediately. Everyone except for Sina, Jon and Cad Man. They stared at glared.

" Well that wasn’t Edgar Allan, but I like the tone…PERFECT FOR YOU!" Mrs. Le Riche said. Eight grinned and sat down away from Sina. Sina's eye started to twitch slightly.

The bell rang and they all went to their separate classes. Sina arrived in his English class where Max Man and Nurdin were. Suddenly to his horror, Eight and a group of 5 of his friends walked into the class. Sina turned low panter…

" YO GUY!" Sina yelled pointing at Eight, " What the hell is this guy in everyone of my freggin classes?" At that moment a bandana appeared on his head and his pants dropped to low panter degree. Sina shrugged and said,

" What the hell?" He took off the bandana and pulled his pants back to regular height. " WHY IS HE HERE…AGAIN?" He yelled to no one in particular. Eight grinned,

" Well, that means we are in every single class together…this will be quite fun!"

Sina made a fist and sat down angrily glaring at Eight who floated on the other side of the room, glaring back.

Mr. Ellis began the quote of the day, " If a rooster laid an egg on top of a building with a slanted room pointed west, and a wind is blowing east, where will the egg fall?"

Rama was first to speak out, " Uh…not much of a quote sir…who is it by?"

Mr. Ellis looked around nervously, " Uh…its by a man who taught English…no that’s too obvious…a man named Mr. Ellis…yeah…DOH! Anyhow, that’s the quote, respond to that, I am out of here." Mr. Ellis said packing his things and walking out the door.

The whole class except for Nurdin wrote one sentence and stopped. Nurdin however continued to write and write. Eight stood up, " So, what do you guys wanna do?"

" LETS KILL HIM!" Sina yelled pointing at Eight.

" Lets not." Eight said ignoring Sina. The class also ignored Sina from that point on and that really started to cheese Sina off. After one and a half hours of reading stuff, they all walked out…everyone except for Nurdin who suddenly said,

" WAIT! ROOSTERS DON’T LAY EGGS!" But by that time class had ended. Sina ran out the door the moment the bell rang not allowing any time to allow Eight to get to the benches at the front. He flew through the halls so fast that another English teacher carrying 10000 pages of text in an organized manner dropped the papers ruining the order and screwing up her day.

Sina and Jibran flew as fast as they could to the front but when they did, they gasped. Eight and his lot were already there.

" BUT HOW THE HELL DID YOU-" Sina began.

" We weren't stupid enough to fly, we teleported…" Eight said grinning.

Sina and Jibran started to shake with anger when Jon joined then. " NOT AGAIN! There has to be a way to get this lunch back into our control."

" Nope, there isn’t. Our control now, you are doomed." Eight said emotionlessly.

" JUST WAIT TILL I GET MY ARMY!!! You know, I had an entire army of crazy people once!" Sina said beaming.

" Pfft. So what, I commanded an army of 25 billion creatures spanning the galaxy!" Eight said also beaming. Sina's eye started to twitch.

" This is it…now there is going to be trouble…I WILL EAT ON THESE BENCHES IF MY LIFE DEPENDED ON IT! WE WILL FIGHT FOR OUR PLACE! RIGHT GUYS?" Sina yelled to his group. Everyone yelled, " RIGHT!"

" AND WE WONT FALL TO A BUNCH OF CRUMMY NUMBERED IDIOTS WILL WE?" Sina yelled defiantly raising a fist. Everyone yelled, " NO!" also raising their firsts.

" AND THIS IS OUR TERRITORY AND WE WILL CLAIM IT BACK TO ITS RIGHTFUL OWNER…US!" Everyone shouted with glee. Sina advanced on Eight and his group and they stood up. " WE DEMAND YOU GIVE THE BENCHES BACK TO US!!!" Sina yelled.

Eight grinned, " Very well, go sit on your benches…"

Several seconds later, Sina and his group were eating on the benches. It wasn’t the indoor benches, it was the benches outside. They all sat and ate their sandwiches bitterly over such a horrible defeat.

" Lousy Eight and his no good speech ruining." Sina said taking another bite of his sandwich. " Lousy weather…stupid snow…IM FREEZING!"

" Want a winter jacket procedure?" Jon asked.

" Naw…" Sina said. He closed his eyes and good ol' sunshine (his yellow jacket) appeared warming him instantly. " You know, one day we are going to stand up to those loosers and sit on benches once again."

Jibran said, " We are sitting on benches…were frozen…shut up…shit head."

" Shit head." Jibran said at John Trenmill.

" I am sorry master Jibran, but I am working as fast as I can. If you could only let me use my hands I could build this device much quicker." John Trenmill said with his hands tied to his back.

" NO! You use your feet and or mouth…and perhaps some of your weak telepathy of lifting screws and such…nothing more." Jibran said kicking John.

" And I would like it if you kindly didn’t kick me again." John Trenmill said very bitterly.

" WHAT YOU SAY???" Jibran asked very angrily. A glow of energy surrounded him and John knew he had to back off.

" I said please stop kicking me…wait…dagnammit." John said wondering why he had suddenly become stupid. Jibran continued to kick John for fun ignoring his occasional cursing. The portal would at last be done, and Jibran would finally absorb the power on the other side of the portal.

Code Reaper arrived at the Woodlands and closed his eyes. He started to think very hard summoning all of his source code abilities to design a program to travel through dimensions. He had already tried a PUT statement on himself but he had ended up in the same reality, different location, so that had not worked. He had also tried a put command on the fabric of the other universe hoping to bring it to him. That had also failed.

Code Reaper knew that the only way to get to the other universe would be to somehow get to the other universe (simple enough). Suddenly something clicked into his head. Turing knowledge passed before his eyes as he suddenly developed an idea.

" Excellent…I will need to develop a way to transport myself through the dimensional barrier. The only way to do that would be to go through a black hole procedure, that could prove to be slightly difficult…what I need is the IP address for the universe and then I could easily transport myself over there. But how do I get the IP address?" Then another thought snapped into his head, " YES!" He yelled proudly. No one else could have thought of an idea more brilliant than his (then again no one else was alive to challenge the notion).

" Perfect!" Code Reaper yelled. " I need to get some fool over there to accept a file transfer from this universe to theirs. Then I shall find their IP address over ICQ very easily, and then…then everything will be good. Now all I need is to find some stupid idiot to actually accept a file transfer from a stranger, not to mention the fact that it originates from another universe…only an idiot would do that…" Then a final thought coded itself into his brain giving him the last piece in the puzzle…

" I wonder if a version of Jibran or Nurdin exists in this other reality…BWAHHAWHAHWAHWHAWHAWHAHWHAW" Then he remembered that he had a HAL accent and started to laugh properly, " HA HA HA HA…"

The plan would work…there was no doubt…soon he would be there. He started to compose a file that could go through the dimensional barrier…