A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Five: Oddness at Westdale

Sina, Jon, Michelle, Graham and the rest of the 5th period lunchers were sitting on the floor (due to being defeated once again by Eight and his group) eating their lunch eyeing one another angrily, alert, ready and willing to strike if needs be.

" Look at him…" Sina thought staring at Eight, " Look at him staring at me, reading my every thoughts, trying to make sense out of them…I know you can hear me Eight…because I cant hear you, wait a minute!" Sina blinked and saw Eight still staring at him,

Eight stared at Sina. " Idiot child." Eight said. " Look at him stare at me, trying to figure out what goes on in my mind, why I am seeping into his soul like this, ah, but I can read his thoughts."

Five and Jibran stared at one another, both their thoughts on an equal vision and state of thinking. They were both singing the Samurai Pizza Cats song in their minds for some odd reason. As for everyone else, tension was starting to build up as seen when Mrs. Brayman came in to tell them to make sure all the garbage was thrown away and Sina and Jon lunged at her in sheer anger for no reason. She was all right at the moment, but was terrified at the oncoming students.

The moment Sina and Eight thought they would both snap, a loud banging noise came through the front door of the school. Adam Say stormed into the school covered in tomato and fruit pieces all over him. His face showed sheer terror.

" ITS WESTDALE!" Adam yelled when he ran inside. " ITS GONE NUTS! DOMINION JUST WENT BESERK! The store clerks and customers just started flinging food at one another and hurting a great many people! Aside from that, the guy working at shoppers drug mart just went on a rampage overdosing many people with asprin! The overdosed people now keep flapping their hands and yelling ' IM A FAIRY! IM A FAIRY!' Not to mention the chinese store that went completely crazy throwing hot sauce into everyone's face. ITS UTTER AND TOTAL CHAOS IN THERE!"

" Huh?" Sina asked suddenly hearing Adam saying something about chaos. The others also had just recently turned around. " Were you saying anything?" Sina asked.

Adam's eyes went wide and he lunged at Sina, " LOOK AT ME! IM ALL FRUIT AND VEGETABLES! MY CAREER AS DOMINION MAN IS RUINED! LOOK AT ME!" He said grabbing onto Sina's collar.

Eight stood up, " I am assuming by your unemotional reactions that things like this commonly happen at Westdale?"

Jon nodded. " It happens all the time, all part of the chaos factor. There was this one time where something like that happened at the Toronto Zoo, man oh man! Birds were flying everywhere, and large animals stomping throughout the cities…they couldn’t stop the animals so they let them all become a part of our society…" At that moment Nurdin walked in and Jon pointed to him, " He's one of them I think."

" Well anyhow, it seems quite odd to me, does it not to you Celine?" Eight asked rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

" It does. Adam, did the people seem like they were doing it out of their own free will or were they mindless zombies like the students at this school?" Five asked.

" OI! I RESENT THAT!" Sina yelled.

" Yes, you resemble one…now what was that Adam?" Eight quickly added.

" Well, they seemed like they were in full control of themselves. They actually seemed to see a purpose in going nuts and throwing food all over the place!" Adam said.

Eight and his lot were all standing up now. They all stared at one another and nodded. And from out of nowhere, Eight (much to everyone including himself's surprise) said, " TO THE BAT MOBILE!"

" You mean lets fly?" Celine asked.

" Yes." Eight said. With that, they all walked out of the school headed for Westdale.

" Hey, I didn’t know they could fly! I thought only we could fly!" Jibran yelled.

" Well considering everyone else in this whole school can fly, why wouldn’t they?" Sina pointed out.

" Well, I don’t want to miss a good food fight, what do you all say we go there as well?" Jon asked. Everyone nodded and they followed Eight and his lot to Westdale.

Jack grinned at what he was seeing. It was so much fun watching the place break out into utter useless violence. The humans were very easily telepathicly influenced and Jack found it easy to control their minds and make it seem as if whatever they were doing seemed logical. Throwing stuff around in this case. Jack erupted into a vile laughter but it stopped upon Tricia's arrival.

" Jack, you are having too much fun." Tricia said through the telepathic link.

" I know, would you like to share in some of the fun my dear?" Jack asked.

" Not really, I am more interested to see their reaction when they realize what they have done." Jack nodded. At that moment Jack and Tricia saw bright objects flying very fast towards their location. Fortunately, they were cloaked and invisible to any eye or telepathic mind.

" Look at Eight and his lot, flying to the mall in hopes of finding something. Oh!" Jack said with glee seeing another group of students following Eight, " And it seems Eight and his group have some new friends that I can kill when we show ourselves." They both watched as Eight's group and Sina's group landed at Westdale where sounds of chaos and exploding watermelons filled the area.

" WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?" Eight yelled upon entering the mall. He closed his eyes and felt that in each and every single one of the minds of the humans was a common thought, to throw stuff. " That is odd." Eight said.

" NO!" Jibran yelled behind them, " THAT WATCH STORE IS GONE! Aww…stupid crazy people…"

Sina walked through the mall having to avoid a flying cantaloupe once in a while and looked around. Things were weird this time. The people were throwing everything in an almost orderly fashion. There was a kind of unity in their throwing and this caught everyone's attention.

" ALL MUST BECOME FRUIT!" A man yelled running past them swinging a coke dispenser around on his head.

" Wow, that is determination!" Jon yelled over the crazy people.

Eight and his group opened a link, and Eight said, " Does it seem to you guys like an external mind is forcing them to act this way?"

" I believe so." Five said. " Look at them all, its odd that this many people would suddenly want to throw chairs at- HEY BE CAREFUL WITH MY HEAD!" Five yelled out loud just barely missing a chair being thrown at his head.

Sina and his group watched as Eight and his group started to close their eyes.

" What are they doing?" Cad Man asked.

" Looks like some form of meditation…" Jibran said mystically. At that moment, everyone in the mall stopped throwing things at one another. The mall suddenly became a quiet corridor (with the exception of the explosions that were already in effect when people dropped watermelons). The people here looked confused and lost all of a sudden, something common after something like that. But in their eyes there was something more, it was the fact that they could remember why they did it. That is, all except one person who was still throwing things around. She was a crazy tomato lady of some sort (a cousin of the crazy woman that throws cats at people…)

" Why is she still crazy?" Celine asked.

" DO YOU WANT TO DIE???" The lady asked stepping close to Celine. Celine stepped back and allowed the crazy lady to continue going nuts.

" Wow, that was odd. It seemed like a good idea to throw things around at the time." A man said suddenly.

" What happened here before the food fight?" Eight asked stepping forward wondering why one of the humans hadn't stopped the fight.

" Nothing, I was shopping, and was picking up a watermelon and thought to myself. Why eat the watermelon when I could throw it at someone! That seemed like a much better alternative at the time." The man replied. At that moment, everyone started saying the same thing. Despite all the speaking that was going on, Sina, Jon, and Jibran heard Eight say,

" This could only mean one thing. Although I hate to admit it, it seems that Jack didn’t die back in our universe. He must have escaped the battle right before the chaos broke out and healed himself on a cloaked ship." Suddenly Eight slammed a table across the mall. " DAMN IT!"

" Eight calm down. It wasn’t your fault you were unable to stop him. You tried as hard as you could." Celine said taking Eight's hand.

" NO! He should have died! I should have killed him! Blasted him into a million pieces! Then maybe none of this would have happened. Celine, he killed John in our last battle and that caused me to go over the edge. If he survived what I threw at him, then we may have a serious problem."

" Don’t worry about it. The odds of Jack surviving a battle like that is slim. And even if he did survive, together we can beat him and his army…Besides, the chaos we saw today is average for Earth!" Five said. With that, Eight and his group flew out of the mall.

" What the hell was all that about?" Sina, Jon and Jibran said at the same time.

In a completely separate reality, things had taken a slightly different turn of events. Where Sina's mother had bought all kinds of Fruit to Go to keep him energized, she had bought him massive upon massive amounts of Grape Fruit to go, the worst tasting Fruit to Go ever! The horrible taste and urge to burn was too much for Sina and he had slowly become evil and consumed with it.

His motto had gone from, " NO ONE SHALL BE SPARED, NO ONE!" to a new and much more horrifying motto, " WHY SHOULD ANYONE ELSE BE HAPPY WHEN IM NOT?" and with that he placed his motto into action. Anyone who was happier than him had to die…it was the way of things.

Of course many things had still happened. Jibran still came up with a crazy scheme to take over the school, but the problem was that he never successfully took away Sina's Fruit to Go. Because of Sina's paranoia, Jibran had failed. Jibran had sent his henchmen to steal all his Fruit to Go, but the problem was they were blasted away before they ever got a chance. One day Jibran realized he had to do it himself and he sneaked into Sina's lunch when he was out of the classroom. Unfortunatly for him, just moments later, Sina returned having lied about going to the bathroom and getting a drink instead. He had picked Jibran up and asked,

" WHAT IS THIS THAT YOU ARE DOING?" He asked in an angry tone. Suddenly, his shirt started to go plad, sina was powering up. His hair turned into golden curls as energy flew around him. " YOU DARE TO BREAK INTO MY LUNCH! NOW YOU WILL SUFFER!" It was a very bad way to die. Sina had given Jibran too many papercuts and left him to bleed in a tub of very highly concentrated acid.

After that, things went worse. Sina's friends tried to talk some sense into him when he "accidentally" knocked over some VERY highly concentrated acid onto Mrs. MacFarlane's head (somehow). Sina wouldn’t listen to anyone except for himself. People slowly became worried that he had gone too corrupt, their Sina lost forever in a vile evil body of Grape Fruit to Go.

The problem was that in this reality, Sina had started to force everyone to create massive amounts of grape fruit to go for him to eat. This had prevented many things such as the cracking of REFMAN by Jon, the development of Turing and even any mergers at all! Cad Man had been deleted, Max Man lost somewhere on the net and all the while Sina became more and more corrupt. One day, his friends said, NO MORE GRAPE FRUIT TO GO FOR YOU! Things went downhill from there:

Nurdin was plucked of his feathers and handed over to McDonalds where Nurdin was used as a mop to scrub the toilet floors and then made into a burger, Graham was shattered when Sina disproved all of mathematics, Adit and Rama had fled on a crashing place which crashed several moments later. Everyone else suffered a similar fate, until just Jon remained. Jon had decided to follow along with Sina's plan and strike when Sina was weak. He decided to remain unhappy so Sina would spare him. But his plan failed when Sina revealed the third eye he had developed at the back of his head from eating all the Grape Fruit to Go. Jon had flown up behind Sina when his back was turned intending to strike him, but failed.

Sina had turned around with fury in his eyes and said, " NOW I HAVE SOME FUN!" And to Jon's horror, everything that was black turned neon pink. His trenchcoat started to change, and Jon started to melt due to the color. It was a painful death and Sina could do nothing other than smile…at that moment he was the happiest person on Earth, no opposition remained for him.

And now he stood on top of the Woodlands high School beaming at his empire with some worry in his mind. Just a few days ago he had sensed something that angered him. Someone somewhere was happier than he was! He had to find this source of happiness and destroy it with all of his might.

" As long as I live, NONE SHALL BE HAPPIER THAN I!" Sina yelled pointing towards the neon sky. He floated up slightly and thought to himself, " How the heck am I going to get there though? It seems to be in another reality all-together! There must be some way I could somehow plunge myself into that reality!" At that moment he snapped his fingers and got an idea, he started to laugh evilly.

" BWAHAHAHA! YES! Ever since the laws of mathematics were disproved, dimensional traveling has become free! All I need to make is some sort of crazy formula that will allow me to travel through dimensions!" He looked at the far horizon and said, "I think I ought to go find that piece of paper with my 1=0 proof on it…I get the feeling that I could somehow use that to make myself appear there from nothing. And then, things should get interesting." Sina floated off into the sunset thinking remembering what it was like to be the happiest person alive, and now he had to make sure that remained true, he would get it, at any cost.