A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Six: The Rocks are Removed


" Well…" Nurdin began, " Of course I can, if they remain stationary."

Jon grabbed Nurdin by the wings and said, " I CANT STAND SITTING ON THE GROUND ANYMORE! We were there first! We ought to do something about those kids taking our only lunch period!"

At that moment Sina flew to where they were along with Jibran. " He didn’t make it." Was the first thing Jon said to them. It had been almost 2 weeks since the Westdale incident and they had all tried many different ways to get to the benches before Eight did, each time they failed. Having no other place to turn (they were desperate) they turned to Nurdin and told him to skip 4th lunch so he could reserve their spot on the benches. However, despite the fact he was 1 period early, Nurdin had still failed.

" Well that is it." Sina said, a red glow of anger surrounding him. " Jibran, hand me my energy to go. Its time for a little fighting." Jibran handed Sina his emergency Energy to Go (new product by the same company we assume) and Sina ate it whole. The glow around him intensified as he walked up to Eight and glared at him.

" Yes, can I help you?" Eight said calmly.

A ball of energy powered up in Sina's hand. " Yes you can. GET OUT OF MY LUNCH PERIOD! NOW!" Sina yelled firing the ball of energy. Eight flicked his finger sending the ball flying into a nearby wall. He stood up and jabbed Sina in the chest,

" LISTEN YOU! I don’t know who you humans think you are disrupting our mission, BUT I WONT- what is it Celine, why are you jabbing me?" Eight said.

" Because our mission MUST remain a secret." Celine said through the link.

" Ah…yes. Well listen you, whomever gets here first gets rights to the area. It has and always will be like this. It isn't our problem that you fools are too slow." Eight said.

" What did you just call us?" Jibran yelled flying in to join the battle.

Five stood up in defense of Eight and said, " HE SAID YOU FOOLS ARE TOO SLOW!"

Jibran had heard correctly. Jon stepped forward as well, as did Three. Michelle did the same, followed by Celine. They all stared at one another waiting to do something.

" This is going too far Eight." Sina said angrily. " You must remove yourselves from this area before I get angry."

Eight laughed, " AND WHAT COULD YOU DO?" Sina's eyes closed and his hair went curly blonde with Fruity goodness.


" What, so you have a magical hairdresser power…so what?" Five asked.

Sina shook with fury. " THAT’S IT! I AM GOING TO KILL YOU! But first I must tell on you."

Eight's eyes widened with fear. " YOU WOULDN’T DARE!"

Sina nodded, " Well Jon, Jibran, Michelle, Max, Cad, Turing, looks like we have to make a trip to the office to tell on a few people…" Everyone nodded and they all walked into the office.

" MY GOD! They are going to report us to the higher school authority!" Five said.

" You mean the secretary?" Celine asked.

" MY GOD!" Eight yelled.

In the office… " Listen miss, we have something to report. YOU MUST OPEN THE STAFF ROOM NOW!" Sina yelled.

The secretary gave them an awkward look as if they had all gone mad.

" Why do you look at me like that?" Jibran asked.

" Are you aware that the staff room has been open since the start of the year?" The secretary said.


" Well, its only been on the announcements EVERY SINGLE MORNING!" The secretary yelled back.

Sina shook his fist, " WHO LISTENS TO THOSE THINGS ANYWAYS! Well, how did this come to be?"

" Some kid named Graham came here the first day and got it open."

Jibran made a fist, " GRAHAM! I should have known! TO THE STAFF ROOM!"

They all flew out of the office headed for the staff room with both joy and anger towards all the occupants of the staff room.

" SHITHEAD! Are you finished the stupid portal?" Jibran yelled angrily.

" Yes sir, all I need are some batteries." John Trenmill replied.

" Very well, have these ones." Jibran said handing John a Fruit to GO.

" What is this?" John asked staring at the product.

" Its full of energy!" Jibran yelled kicking John. " NOW USE IT TO OPEN THE PORTAL!"

John had to time this perfectly. He had planned this for some time, and soon he would escape from the clutches of Jibran, returning back to those that he cared most. He had to tell them about the catastrophe and how the cause of all the time screw ups was their being in the past trying to stop Jack.

He placed the Fruit to Go in the energy chamber and the portal exploded in bright light. John grinned. " HAHAH! TIME FOR THIS JOHN TO FLY!" And with that, John jumped through the portal, destroying it as he went through the dimensional barrier. Jibran screamed out loud,

" WHAT!!! TRAITOR! HOW DARE YOU!" Jibran yelled shaking his fists harder. " CONSARNIT! HOW DARE HE BETRAY ME LIKE THAT! HE DESTROYED MY PORTAL TOO!" Jibran sighed and said, " Ah well, I guess I have to use the portal I made myself to get there." With that, Jibran walked into the next room where the portal awaited him.

Code Reaper smiled as someone from the other reality came online on ICQ. He immediately started messaging them…

" Hello there…" He said.

" WHO IS THIS?" The person at the other end replied.

" Oh, no one in particular. How would you like to download something?"

" Eh, I don’t see why not. What is it that I am downloading?"

" Something which will end your world…DAH, I mean, something that will end your world."

" OOOH! I LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT MOVIE TRAILER!" The person replied. " Send the file immediately!" The person said joyfully. Code Reaper's grin widened as he sent his file. He awaited the person to click accept so that the port from this reality and the other would be opened, allowing him to cross.

Sina ran through his old school binder searching for his 0=1 proof to create himself in the other reality. With his cosmic abilities, proof for 0=1 should have been a sinch, as he hoped it would be. He flipped through year after year of Quotable Quotes and smiled slightly, " Ah yes, those were the days." Then he remembered how many people back then were very happy, happier than he was and he grunted, " Fools, now no one is happier than I! Except for that thing in the other dimension! I must get to it an keep myself as the happiest person in this Multiverse! WBAHAWHA!" Then he found it. It was crumpled up, but it was all there. And the scary part of it was that it worked. Behind the paper, Sina found his formula's which disproved the laws of mathematics altogether! With this arsenal of powerful weaponry, nothing would stand in his way, here or any other place.

" Soon, I will become the happiest guy ever! BWAHWHAH!!" Sina laughed and began working immediately on crossing the dimensional barrier.

It had been a day since they had all blasted their way into the staff room and found that Eight and his group were there as well (somehow). It was absolutely infuriating! Somehow, Eight and his group were EVERYWHERE THEY WANTED TO BE! They being, Sina, Jon, Michelle, Jibran, Cad Man, Max Man, Turing, Graham and several other people.

It was the next day and Sina, Jon, Jibran, Max Man and Turing were in their period one Math class talking about stuff. As usual, Eight, Celine and his group were also talking about their own stuff.

" I cannot understand how the hell they are everywhere WE want to be!" Jibran yelled during a lesson.

" YOU DON’T CUSS AT ME!" Ryan said from the other side of the room in his Indian accent. Jibran mouthed the F word to Ryan and it was at that moment that Mr. Brace stepped in,

" JIBRAN! Will you stop staring at Ryan and stare at the blackboard!" Everyone laughed, especially Eight and his lot.

" Shit head." Jibran mouthed to Ryan and turned his attention towards the black board where things made slightly more sense than the world around them.

Jack and Tricia were at last prepared. " This is the time to strike." Jack said through their telepathic rebel link. " We have posted our rebels all across the planet and on my signal, we shall all decloak, no sooner. In the meantime, Tricia and I will go down to the Woodlands and pull the fire alarm, luring the entire school outside, and right into our hands."

A rebel was about to speak regarding the size difference of their hands and the population of the school, but Jack blasted a hole through him before the chance was given. " Anyhow, are we all clear on our instructions? We must attack in the manner I described. And we must find take out Galictar as well in this endevour. Eight and his lot shall be weak against myself and Tricia due to our tremendous training and they will not be expecting us. I expect things to go rather smoothly. Kill as many humans as you can and or want, not only for lowering the number of opposition, but also cause of the fact that ITS FUN! So let us all get out there and as the modified human term goes, LET US BLAST SOME ASS!" Jack smiled as the invisible armies went into position. Soon everything would be in effect…


" HE STARTED IT!" Sina yelled pointing at Eight. Eight glared at him. Mr. Brace continued with the lesson,

" Now, did everyone learn todays lesson?" Everyone nodded, Eight more proudly than the others. " And did anyone have ANY problem with last nights homework?" Everyone shook their heads proudly.

" Its was TRES SIMPLE!" Jibran said beaming. Mr. Brace smiled. Jibran's smile faded because of the smile Mr. Brace had…something bad was coming…and it came soon enough.

" QUIZ TIME!" Mr. Brace yelled taking out a stack of paper. Everyone gasped with terror. The moment Mr. Brace had handed out the pieces of paper, a bell rang furiously as a computerized voice yelled,


" WHAT IS THAT ANNOYING SIREN THINGY?" Eight yelled over the ringing throughout the school.

" FIRE!" Jibran yelled. At that moment on the announcements, Mrs. Braymans voice came, " PROCEED TO THE NEAREST FIRE EXIT IN AN ORDERLY AND CIVILIZED MANNER!"

Everyone said the same thing, " SCREW ORDER!" And with that chaos erupted. Students started pushing and shoving one another through the halls trying to fly out and create their own emergency exits using one another's head. Sina, Jon and Jibran floated high above everyone else and blasted a large hole through the school wall.

" LETS GET OUT OF HERE!" Sina yelled. Everyone swarmed towards the hole. Several students threw their friends through the window to create more escape routes for themselves. Some students found the chaos an excellent opportunity to pick on the lesser students, causing massive violence and corruption.

" WE HAVE TO GET EVERYONE OUT OF HERE!" Jon yelled waving his hands for Michelle and Cad Man to hurry up and exit in the hole they had made. From outside, Bill Gates was trampled and run over by hundreds of students rushing out of the school crazily, hungry for chaos.

Jon saw something in the corner of his eye and spun around to see it. A shadow suddenly vanished in the exact location. Realizing there were more important things to do, Jon turned back around and hopped out of the hole in the wall. He flew outside with Sina and everyone else and stared at the chaos that had erupted because of the fire alarm. The Janitors were running around trying to keep the sudden 20000% increase in littering down to a futile minimum, but of course they were failing. Mrs. Brayman was running around in the first floor in circles yelling,

" ORDER! PLEASE! ORDER!! NOOO!! OREDER! BWAH! ORDER!" Eight and his group were actually doing something that caught Sina's attention. They were helping people! They were trying to save their lives. Flying in an out of the school as fast as they could, they brought out with them either a student, teacher, cat, dog, player piano, or one of the prized math award plaques the school had to prevent them from being burnt.

" EVERYONE! WE HAVE TO SAVE AS MANY HUMANS AS WE CAN!" Eight was yelling waving his hands for everyone to see the exit. Of course, people were continuing to create their own exits through the school wall.

It took several minutes before the entire school was outside, and blaming one another for pulling the fire alarm and lunging at one another in a fit of panic. Eight and the others along with Sina and Jon and their group floated above the chaos trying to find some sign of fire. And it was at that moment that the real trouble began. The front of the school was blasted away for some unknown reason and Sina spun around just in time to head Celine yell,

" EIGHT, WATCH OUT!" And with that, a large ball of energy hit Eight square in the chest sending him flying into a nearby tree, smashing it into bits. Eight got up and a glow unlike any glow Sina had ever seen surrounded him. Eight's face showed an anger that was never before seen, and a new being floated above the school. He looked exactly like Eight, only with a scar on his left eye.


" You mean 32?" Graham asked.

" I DON’T KNOW!" Cad Man yelled rubbing his eyes. Having only 2 dimensional arms, his hands poked his eye inflicting pain. Cad Man screamed in pain as Eight flew up towards the other being and yelled at the top of his lungs, " JACK!" It was an anger that was full of fury (duh). Celine and Eight's group floated behind Jack, each of them with a powerful glow of energy surrounding them. Jack grinned and pointed his hands towards where a human female was and she flew right into Jack's grip. Jack gripped her by the neck and smiled saying,

" Human females do squirm nicely, do they not Eight?"

Jon, Sina, Jibran, Cad, Turing and Max Man flew up to where Eight and his group were and they all yelled at the same time, " LEAVE HER ALONE!"

" JACK! This battle is between you and I, leave them out of this." Eight said.

" Now why should I? All you do is give a crappy speech, I love it when humans squirm in pain…" Eight lunged at Jack and freed the girl from his grip and brought her down. Eight flew back up and with absolute command in his voice yelled to those with the numbers on their shirts and said,

" ALL OF YOU! GO DOWN AND CREATE A SHIELD SURROUNDING THE HUMANS! THEY MUST NOT BE HARMED!" All 6 of the figures flew down and placed their fingers on their temples. An eerie clear glow surrounded the six people, and soon, the entire school leaving Jon, Sina, Eight, Celine, Cad, Turing, Max Man and Jibran outside the shield along with Jack who floated beamingly above the entire school.


Jack grinned and said, " Do not tell me what to do human." He pointed at Sina and Sina felt like there was an invisible force holding him firmly. Jack swung his hands around and Sina slammed into a nearby building.

Jon, Turing, Max and Cad Man stared at one another, the time for merger was now. " PROCEDURE, MERGE!" They all yelled at the same time.

At this moment, something very interesting happened…rather four interesting things.

At this very moment, the Jibran from the other reality stepped through the dimensional portal bringing him to this reality. At this very moment, the Sina from the other reality stepped through his mathematical formula bring him to this reality. At this moment, Code Reaper used the open IP port to teleport himself into this reality, thus bringing himself into this reality.

And the 4th and final event was that Jon, Turing, Max and Cad Man didn’t merge. Instead, Jon fell towards the ground covering his head in pain. Sina and Jibran also fell towards the ground holding their heads in massive pain. Eight stared at Jack and saw to his horror something that he had not seen in a long time. The sky turned dark immediately revealing the stars in their glory. But something was wrong. Streaks of lightning were flashing in space. It was not an Earthly phenomenon. It was a sign that the universe had just become unstable.

Three portals opened in the sky and Jibran, Sina and Code Reaper flew out of the portal quite fast looking around and then resting their eyes squarely at Jack. The sky started to rumble and the heavens started to shake. Eight shook his head with horror, and Celine gasped. " NO! NOT HERE TOO!" Eight stared at Jack, who smiled and said,

" Isn't universal destruction a beautiful thing?" Unable to contain his anger any further, Eight gave a cry of fury and flew at Jack.

As Sina, Jon and Jibran cried in pain, as the Woodlands students lunged at one another due to panic, and as things started to fall apart in and out of the school, the universe started to collapse. It had begun…again…