A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Seven: The Tides Start Forming

Sina, Jon and Jibran landed hard on the floor holding their heads in pain. Gates walked up to Sina and kicked him slowly, " OI! Sina, what's wrong? Stomach pain?" Gates said not seeing that Sina was obviously holding his head. " Is it gas? Its gas isn't it?"

Cad, Max and Turing Man flew down to where Jon was and Cad Man said in a very panic and pain filled voice (due to poking his eyes) " What is wrong with Jon? Hey, that ryhmes! I bet it could be made into a Dr. Seuss book! Whats wrong with Jon! Catchy name!"

Max Man hit Cad Man again and said, " Shut up you idiot! Turing, scan him and tell me whats wrong with Jon." Turing floated up to Jon and scanned him.

Words appeared in thin air: put "Look up in the sky. That thing up there is doing this. Jon cannot withstand the power of this other Code Warrior."

Cad Man and Max Man looked up and saw that a reaper was floating in the air, with code flying all around him.

" HIM!" Jon yelled in pain. " HIM OW ME!" Michelle ran up to Jon and placed her hand on his forehead,

" He doesn’t have a fever…must be a telepathic thing." She said.

With Cad, Turing, Max Man and Michelle trying to help Jon, and Gates trying to figure out what sort of gas Sina had to release (idiot he is), Jibran yelled in pain, all alone, ignored by all. Finally, Nurdin flew atop Jibran's nose and said,

" Who's feeling all puny now? HUH? Take this!" Nurdin said slapping Jibran in the face and laughing feeling all superior.

Suddenly from above, a loud explosion was heard. Everyone looked up and saw that Eight and Jack were blasting massive amounts of energy at one another. Celine was also starting to join the battle. Rama looked up and said,

" NOT IN THIS SCHOOL!" He yelled and flew up but collided with the shield the other Comrads had placed around the school and the student. " Stupid invisible shield." Rama said feeling his pained head.

Eight flew at Jack with tremendous speed and blasted several beams of energy at him. Jack blocked each of them with his own energy and smiled, " Pitiful!" With that, Celine flew in from the other side and attempted to kick Jack, but he grabbed hold of her ankle and started to twist. Celine was forced to spin in the air and Jack said,

" Now, this is quite unfair. Two against one? I thought you were bound by fairness Eight! I am terribly disappointed but I have to even out the odds, just for the sake of fun!" Jack floated back and snapped his fingers. Another being shimmered into existence. It was Tricia.

" Trish, why don’t you show Celine a thing or two." Jack said motioning towards Celine. Tricia smiled and said,

" Well, looks like this will determine once and for all which bitch is superior." Somewhere across the horizon Britney Spears yelled,

" I AM!" But her voice was ignored in the start of a quick battle between Celine and Tricia who became fast moving blurs of white. Eight and Jack stared at one another, Eight becoming angrier every moment and Jack feeling more confident. As Celine and Tricia flew around like two large flies on too much sugar, Jack and Eight powered up their energies.

" You will not win Eight, you know that. Why waste my time?" Jack asked crossing his arms.

" BECAUSE I WILL WIN!" Eight yelled, a glow of energy intensifying around him. Jack's grin became wider and wider,

" Just look at the fighting Woodlands students. Look at the pain and chaos everyone is in. Look at all the bolts of lightning throughout space and time. Reminds me of a very beautiful thing called chaos. To give more meaning to this whole situation, I present to you this new factor to the chaos." Jack pressed a button on his wrist and Eight stared with horror as millions upon millions of figures and ships decloaked all around him showing no end.

Although he tried not to show his sudden fear for the vast rebel army, Eight did have one word in his head that summarized his feeling, " Crap!" The rebels commenced their attack, bombarding the city and the entire solar system in energy fire.

Galictar fell off his chair and spilt coffee on his shirt. " DAMN IT! Nothing gets coffee out! Blast this system! What the hell was that?"

An officer ran into the room and tripped crashing into the window and flying out into the vacuum of space. Galictar quickly created an environment shield around him and realized that there were many blinking things. He dropped his doughnut and said as he saw the rebels attacking, " Crap." He opened an immediate link with Eight and said, "I think we ought to show Jack what we have."

Eight pressed a button that was on his belt, and millions of other figures appeared. Eight felt more confident as he said,

" Now were even." Jack stopped smiling.

" Don’t you dare oppose me…" He vanished from sight and appeared behind Eight where he punched him hard in the back. Eight fell back but oriented himself and he yelled with absolute fury, " NOW YOU DIE! FOR THE FALLEN!"

As Eight flew towards Jack, him army flew towards Jack's army and Jack released a cry that was heard throughout the area, " REBELS, ATTACK!" Chaos became even more chaos.

" What did you eat to contribute to this gas?" Gates asked the crying Sina. "Was it a sort of gelatin dish? Was it liquid, or solid. Or was it gas itself?" Sina stood up ignoring the pain, held his head and yelled,


" Your gonna release gas through your ears?" Gates asked. Sina blasted Gates away upon that comment. Gates crashed into Nurdin who had just done something messy on Jibran and they both fell into the ground to the left of Jibran.

Sina stood up ignoring all pain and walked over to Jon who was now also ignoring the pain as he said, " We must merge…" He said staring at Cad, Max and Turing. Using every ounce of mind over matter, Jon re-executed the merging procedure.

" ITS MERGING TIME!" Jon yelled. " PROCEDURE MERGE!" Jon, Cad, Max and Turing yelled at the same time. They all flew up into the air towards Code Reaper who was still a little shaky from his trip through the dimensional barrier. A glow of code surrounded them all as the merging process began. Stars, black, spheres, squares and hearts of code flew around them as they merged into Code Warrior once again.

" What is this that you are doing?" Code Reaper asked watching them merge. Sina also flew up and stared into the eyes of his other reality counterpart. For a moment they stared at one another confused due to thinking they were staring in a mirror.

" I don’t remember having pupils…" The other Sina said. Then with all realization they both said at the same time, " YOU!" Sina sensed the grape surrounding the other one. At the same time, their hair went golden and curly, only where Sina's shirt became slightly golden, the other Sina's shirt went plad.

The other Jibran flew down and wiped the Nurdin crap off Jibran. He said, " You slow fool, all the other reality counterparts are up in the air." He kicked Jibran and Jibran got up,

" SHITHEAD! Don’t you dare kick me!" The other Jibran stepped back.

" You don’t ever tell me shithead!" He yelled pointing at Jibran. The two figures floated up into the air and were soon to commence their own battle. Above with them, two massive armies collided and started firing energy one another. The sky and atmosphere became dominant with energy (and some pretty hearts due to the merge). The Woodlands students still fought for no apparent reason and it seemed like the entire planet had gone nuts.

" SHIT! These rebel thingies are blowing up the whole place!" Adit yelled. " I don’t mind them demolishing the school, but the other stuff I mind, to some extent…" He paused awkwardly. " And now were trapped in this shield…HEY FIVE! Open the shield and let me out!" Adit yelled walking over to Five who was furiously trying to block all the energy being fired at the shield.

" Quiet you! I have no time to talk! I need full concentration for this!" At that moment, a blast flew in and hit Nurdin. " He doesn’t matter, but if I don’t keep focused the next person may be someone important!"

" What can we do to help?" Rama asked.

" Anything you can to calm these people down." Five yelled trying to talk and concentrate at the same time.

Rama and Adit stared at one another and yelled at the same time, " HEY GUYS SHUT UP!" That didn’t work obviously and the Woodlands students continued to fight and blast each other with water from the fire extinguishers. They both sighed and tried to get as many people as they could to join their silencing cause.

Roddy ran out the school with many hand guns, " HEY PEOPLES! LOOK WHAT I FOUND!" The crowd in front of the school swarmed Roddy and took a handgun each. " Lets fight these bastards with our own weapons!"

Jia went up to Roddy, " Where did you find so many weapons?"

" In teachers cabinets. They were confiscated by every single student a while back, kinda weird eh?" With everyone holding machine guns and some form of hand weapon, Rama and Adit now had greater control and they yelled,

" EVERYONE! SHOOT AT ANY REBELS! THEY WEAR THE BLACK!" Immediately everyone pointed their guns at where Jon was supposed to be, but he wasn’t there. They all refocused their efforts and aimed outside the shield where rebel ships and telepathic people were flying here and there blowing all sorts of stuff up.

" I wonder where Issaque is now…" Roddy asked himself. His question was answered. At that moment the Earth shook and Roddy saw that a huge army of Gundams led by Issaque had trampled everything in their path and walked all the way to the school. Issaque smiled,

" And they said all that anime would never pay off…In the words of CATS, YOU HAVE NO CHANCE TO SURVIVE! EVERYONE! MAKE YOUR TIME, and in time I mean make your attack…" With that the army of Gundams also flew up and joined the battle.

" OI! How come I don’t get one of those cool Gundams?" Roddy asked disappointed. Issaque was quick to answer,

" Cause you don’t." And that was that. Issaque flew up and joined the battle high above the school which had just become more interesting. The students below continued to fire at the rebels in which all of their bullets were blocked. Suddenly, from the school came a huge fire as Mr. Shaikh came out wielding a rather large machine gun three meters long. He had an evil glare in his eyes as he said,

" Break the laws of physics and come into my reality will you…this is where fish markets get very personal." He ran screaming out of the school and ran in the middle of the shield where he said, " KID! Open shield now!" Three did as he was told and Mr. Shaikh flew out using a jet pack. A glow of yellow energy of electron particles (a shield designed by Mr. Lee) appeared around him and he flew up into the air blasting things up with his huge bazooka. Every once in a while, he would mutter something along the lines of, " HEY BOZOS!!! SHAT AP!!!"

Eight kicked Jack as hard as he could sending Jack flying backwards. Immediately Jack blasted a beam of energy at Eight who dodged it just in time. Both of them flew in the sky with a hatred for one another, unstoppable by anything. Blasting beams of energy at one another, they amongst the brightest objects in the Earth sky.

Jibran flew at his counterpart blasting balls of energy at one another in an attempt to stop each other and get revenge for being called shithead. Sina and his counterpart were doing the same only with a slightly faster pace. Code Warrior and Code Reaper floated in the chaos filled air and compiled to their full powers.

" You must know that I am superior, for when that 0 became a 1, my powers also increased. You have no chance to survive!"

Code Warrior frowned as he heard the HALness in Reaper's voice. It was a voice full of…emotionlessness, and it had to be stopped. He spoke in a voice that was a combination of Jon, Turing, Max and Cad and said, " Maybe, but the process of our merger required a simple loop. Your loop is too complex and absorbs too much memory!"

" Enough talk…I am fully compiled, are you compiled to your greatest extent?" Reaper asked. Warrior replied with a grin,

" Bring it on BIATCH!" They flew at one another and the sound of two very powerful swords clashing seared across the sky leaving a trail of destruction in their paths. Like the sky was torn, they continued to battle.

Galictar looked below the Earth and outside the planet and throughout the whole solar system, he could sense the chaos. The rebels were coming out of somewhere, for they were greatly outnumbered. The perimeter of Galactian ships that was protecting the planet was able to hold of the rebels thus far, but waves after waves of rebels would pour down on them, they couldn’t last much longer.

" If I don’t do anything, things will all go nuts…they already are nuts…they shall proceed to become even nutser! Something must be done." Galictar said. Suddenly a thought ringed in his mind and he sighed deeply. If a sacrifice was necessary to end all this, it would happen.

Several dozen light years away, a Nelcotian scouting ship detected something that it could not believe. It was an immense energy source coming from somewhere rather close. It wasn’t one energy signature, but rather many. Rather than being a weapon of mass destruction, it seemed more likely to be a large war going on involving many powerful beings and many energy based weapons. It had to be investigated.

Far away from all the chaos, the Vortecian named Seth opened his eyes in grief after spending many days in meditation. He looked around the room and saw the many Vortecians staring back at him waiting for some sort of conclusion after so many days of meditating. He finally spoke to them through telepathy,

" They are all here… it has begun." The others nodded and walked out of the room. Soon another army would be headed towards the chaos and the war.

And back on Earth, Britney Spears finally caught a ticket…but it was not for killing those many people as she did, no, it was casual for Americans to kill. This was something greater…a broken light on the car…