A short time ago in a galaxy right here…


Episode Eight: Eight

It had all begun when Eight had opened his eyes in the cloning tube. A headache had immediately infiltrated his mind as if waking up from a drunken night. He couldn’t remember much, he couldn’t clearly remember where he had been or what had happened before. Suddenly, the green world around him turned to a much clearer color as the cryogenic liquid fell through the holes of the tube. There he stood, and stared at the seven other chambers with much shock. There were people who looked exactly like him in there…he was the very first clone of John Trenmill to awake from hibernation.

It was difficult to accept what they all were, but in the end they did. The only trouble was that at the moment they merely had numbers as their names. Eight had his name from the cloning tube he was in (being the clone chamber activated last). He met Celine and John hours after he exited the cloning tube and was told what was happening. It was after the third world war in which a massive ice age had landed itself over mankind. With it over, the world was ready to rebuild.

About a year later, the clones were diagnosed with a kind of cell deterioration in which caused their cells to rapidly die out. Having become attached to the clones, John worked hard on some sort of solution to the problem. Eventually, John managed to find a way to slow down the cell deterioration until a better solution was worked out. The clones found themselves looking more youthful and it wasn’t until they looked 16 that the solution came. A new wave of self-replicating cells were injected inside the clones to repair the damaged cells. These cells would monitor the body at all time and stop any further deterioration, however the clones were now 16, much younger than the graying John. In the meantime, their bodies went through the normal changes for the age of 16 and the Eight clones found themselves becoming more free and independent.

Celine and the Eight clones were also diagnosed with quick brain development in that the percentage they used their brains increased dramatically making them partially telepathic. Celine had the greatest abilities and in no time, the 14 year old was able to lift objects with her mind. Along side of these events, a strange object was found on the newly floating surface of Atlantis. Sending a crew of scientists to examine the object, Celine, John and the clones followed. Upon their arrival, they found a humanoid being in strange clothing exiting the object. He immediately linked his mind to Celine's who introduced himself as Comrad. With Celine's trust in Comrad, the being was able to link all of mankind into a powerful telekinetic link. Aside from everyone else gaining telepathy, Celine and the Eight clones had their powers greatly amplified, and with proper training, they managed to train to the extent where they could blast energy particles from their hands and hover above the ground.

Many years passed and telepathy and scientific advancements led to the discovery of the 2 neighboring species known as Nelcotians and Draconians. With their ever increasing positive nature, the Earth (now renamed Comraidus after Comrad) joined as allies with the new species and formed one large network of telepathic minds. The first telepathic Olympics were held on the Nelcotian space stadium where neighboring species competed in a variety of telekinetic obstacles (aka. Flying, and actual battles) to demonstrate their abilities. Comraidus having Eight and Celine on their side came in an outstanding first in both the tests for speed, accuracy and overall telepathic ability.

The next big breakthrough was when John announced that he had completed a portal that allowed connection with different dimensions. The worlds in the quadrant of the galaxy watched with awe as it was opened for the first time…they had no chance to prepare for what came next.

Like a swarm of angry bees, a massive army ships and of telekinetic humans flew out of the portal and commenced a brutal attack on Comraidus. Defending their home, all of Comraidus and their allies joined in a battle against these telepathic humans. Then, they saw to their horror a being exactly like Comrad, named Galictar. As the leader of this parallel Comraidus (a place that went wrong during World War II) he intended to take control of this dimension for resources.

Many battles went on and a confrontation between Comrad and Galictar led to Comrad's kidnapping. Despite all other possibilities, the valiant clones armed themselves and prepared to cross the portal where their abilities would be put to the test. Crossing the portal, they successfully sneaked up on the cell where Comrad was and freed him. Rushing back to the portal, the clones and the free Comrad were intercepted by Galictar's most powerful telepaths. Struggling to save Comrad, the Eight clones took on Galictar and the army, pushing Comrad through the moment John found a way to close the portal. The clones were now trapped on the vicious world of Galactia.

Back on Comraidus, every effort was made to destroy the remaining Galactians, and with help from the Vortecians (Comrad's species) they achieved victory. Wishing to save the clones, they reopened the portal and commenced with an offensive to reclaim the clones. Somehow, Galictar had taken control of their minds and they now became evil killing machines. At the moment of climax, Comrad reached the clones' mind and their good nature was returned to them. Galictar however started to influence John, and unable to resist the evil nature that Galictar offered, John smashed himself into the portal, killing himself and destroying the portal just in time. The remaining Galactian armies were defeated and the first Interdimensional war was over. Celine and Eight also realized their love for one another and commited themselves to their love.

One year after the defeat of the Galactians, celebrations are ensuing when from out of the sky, Galactians swarm the Comraidans. TO everyone's horror, they see how John was not killed, and has aided in the development of another dimensional traveler. Still rebuilding, Comraidus is badly outmatched. As Galictar steps through the portal, John reveals how he has completed a time machine which will allow Galictar to change time to his needs. As the universe around them becomes unstable, many people and Three and Eight and flung into portals randomly appearing in space time, sending them to the year 1995. As Comrad makes a final attempt to flee, the Galactians overpower Comraidus and travel back in time.

On Earth now, the clones have blended in with the time line and have no recollection. When strange things start happening, memories return to them as they remember who they truly are. Like a blast from the sky, the warring survivor Comraidans and Galactians clash atop the Earth skies. From out of nowhere, a powerful telepathic being comes into the skies and challenged Galictar. Galictar is defeated swiftly, and the being vanishes. With Galictar gone, the armies are thrown into chaos. With them being weakened, Comrad sacrifices himself to destroy many Galactians. The Clones, Celine and the remaining Comraidans defeat the Galactians and rebuild a portal back home. Three is found to have blended in with the timeline too much to leave Earth now. The others, cross the portal as the timeline repairs itself.

To Eight's horror, they step onto their home expecting it to be as they remember it before the second war. The timeline should have repaired the timeline, but it has not. Their world is in smoky ruins and under the direct control of Galactians. Somehow, Galictar had managed to remain in the timeline and screw things up to his favor. In this timeline, Comrad had fled the planet and Galictar had been on the side of the Vortecians. Eight and the others fly to the new Comraidus to find Comrad. They find him and he tells them the history of this timeline and how Galictar managed to influence the Vortecian high council. As an army of Galactians heads towards the new Comraidus, everyone must prepare for more war. Vortec (leader of the Vortecians) also kidnaps Comrad and executes him in a painful way. Celine and Eight are more determined than ever to get vengeance. At the climax of the war, Galictar and his forces begin to cross a portal to another reality to invade that reality as well, Celine redirects the portal locations to a universe which is completely empty, and all the Galactians and evil Vortecians are flung there and the portal closed. A shrine to Comrad is left on the planet and the populous of Comraidus returns to their ruined home to start once again rebuilding.

Many years pass and there is peace. One day, Comraidus receives a distress message from another reality (the one the Galactians tried to invade but went to the empty universe). This reality, Galictar was executed but not before sending a telekinetic desease through the link. Celine and Eight desperately work on a cure and when it is developed they travel to the other reality and administer the cure through the link. With much appreciation, the other reality promises to help in any way possible for anything Celine and Eight may need. From back home, they receive a message saying that once again they have been attacked. The Galactians had managed to find a way to leave the vacant universe and back into this one. Celine and Eight rush back home to find it in the middle of a chaotic war between humans, Nelcotians and Draconians, VS a large army of evil Vortecians and Galactians. Galictar is spearheading the battle and he was revenge. From out of nowhere, a powerful race called the Xeenith appear above the skies of Comraidus and start attacking both the Galacitans and Comraidans. With things going out of hand and everyone failing to defeat the Xeenith, evacuation begins. As the evacuation is progressing, the Xeenith flag ship unleashes a devastating beam of energy which destroys the planet of Comraidus forever. With their home destroyed, there is a temporary alliance between Eight's forces and Galictar's. The other reality (the one Celine and Eight saved from the desease) also donate their armies to help them defeat the Xeenith. After much running from the Xeenith, the Comraidan forces find themselves on a planet. The Xeenith attack again, this time with a beam of energy that returns all beings NOT from this reality back into their own. Eight's forces are reduced dramatically, and Galictar is forced back to Galactia. He arrives back on his world (a place he dreaded returning) where he becomes face to face with a Comrad Eight gone bad, Jack Throne. Jack has taken over Galactia and is more powerful that Galictar. After much suffering and Jack revealing his cloned telepathic army with his genes (making them very powerful) something happens to Galictar and his bloodthirsty nature is gone and Galictar suffers brain damage. Jack assumes Galictar is dead. Upon waking up, Galictar gathers himself and heads to the only place where he still has some power, he has to get to Eight and help him. As Celine, Eight and their decimated forces fight against the Xeenith, they locate a scientist who is familiar with Xeenith physiology. Getting help from him, Celine and Eight manage to develop a weapon to penetrate the Xeenith ships and defeat many of their ships. Just before they succeed, another army (that look Galactian) enter the dimension and working with the Xeenith overpower them. Eight, Celine and the other clones are taken to a planet where one by one they are to be executed. Just before they execute Celine, a masked figure wearing all black appears and says, " Spare her." He instead points at Eight who is the first to be executed. After much struggling, the masked figure grabs hold of Eight's neck and prevents him from making any escape. He then removes his mask to reveal the face of Jack Thorne (he has been influencing the minds of the Xeenith). Just before the beams of destruction hit Eight, Seven jumps in the way and is killed immediately. The planet shakes as the Xeenith (free for some unknown reason of Jacks mind) start to attack the planet. Jack is forced to retreat and his forces attack the Xeenith allowing time for everyone to escape. Unexpectatly, Galictar appears with a small armada of transports and fighters and offers them escape. While Jack and his forces are busy with the Xeenith, Galictar, Eight and their forces escape the chaos.

Jack's forces defeat the Xeenith swiftly and search for Galictar and Eight. Eight and Galictar have now become allies (and Eight sees the dramatic change within Galictar, but not he nor any one else can explain it). Being injured, their army is intercepted by Jack's and Jack's people beam aboard the ship and kidnap Celine. With his love gone, Eight becomes more disturbed than ever. Landing on a nearby planet to get minerals, Eight and Galictar meet up with another species that fear the Xeenith and will do anything to stop them. Eight trades information to them for resources. Soon, the other reality (the one that was saved from the desease) finds a way to re enter Eight's reality and they set up defenses above the planet's atmosphere. Wanting to destroy Galictar, Jack and his armies attack once more, and to Eight's horror, he sees that Celine's mind has now been influenced by Jack and she fights for their side. Another battle erupts above the skies of this new planet. Desperate to save Celine, Eight falls into a trap in which he is alone with Celine (who wants to kill him) on a completely different planet. Just before she succeeds, John Trenmill appears, sends Celine back to Jack's ship and tells Eight all about what is happening with the universe. Because of all the time travel and dimensional travel, the universe has become unstable and is collapsing. John had become free from Galictar's evil influence when Jack took over Galactian and John had been traveling through many dimensions searching for Jack, whom John is determined is the cause of all the instability. While the war between everyone against Jack's rebel army goes on, Eight hears about how John must find Jack to destroy him. Eight and John teleport into the heart of the battle and find that Jack has also been searching for John (whom he is convinced is the cause of the universe collapsing). Jack, John, Eight and Celine transport on an asteroid where John and Jack engage in a furious energy blade battle. Being quicker, stronger and much younger than John, Jack kills John. Overcome with all the hate in his life for Jack, Eight explodes in anger and using the most of his abilities blasts Jack apart (but not before Jack reveals that he is from the future and that Eight will one day become him). Celine is also saved and the two fly back to the battle to find that Jack's army has stopped attacking (because they were under Jack's direct influence).

With the information John has given Eight regarding the destruction of the multiverse, Eight and everyone else contact as many other species as they can to inform them of the cooperative project of building a massive portal back in time to fix everything that went wrong (John told Eight that the cause of all this is time screw ups was some horrific catastrophe in the past…they must stop this from happening to save the multiverse). As the portal is being built, Eight remembers the times before the wars where he was happy with his life…he worries about becoming Jack one day as Jack predicted. Slowly, other universes enter Eight's universe to escape from the collapse of their universe. They aid in the portal project and the portal is built quickly. With the portal being activated, more dimensions enter this one. Some of the dimensions bring with them warring armies (armies that never defeated the Galactians). With a unified effort, all of the Galactian and hostile armies are destroyed. Eight organizes a meeting between all of the representatives of each universe (over 895000 realities now in this one). Most of the representatives are other versions of Eight. They all meet where they discuss who should enter the portal once Eight and his people are through. Much debate arises over the discussion and being tired and angry, the representatives lunge at one another's throats to get their people to cross the portal. As a final great battle erupts just outside the massive portal (half the size of the galaxy), the multiverse begins to completely fall apart as streaks of cosmic lightning flash across the universe. All the realities start to push and shove their way through the portal in a massive battle as the representatives also cross. Galictar, Celine, Eight and all of the remaining people from their universe begin to cross the portal back in time to Earth where an even larger adventure awaits them…unknown to them, Jack still remains alive and is already in the past.

This is the tale that brought Eight and everyone else to this focal place in time. The battle for all of the multiverse has just begun as Eight, Jack and their massive armies start the largest battle ever in the history of the multiverse. Only this battle isn't the one that truly took place…this battle took place above a world where things are driven by chaos…driven by crazy students who can fly and blast energy out of their hands.

Eight's eyes filled with tears as he remembered the events that brought him to this place in time. As he flies across the sky in a furious battle against the most evil villain he has ever known he finds himself looking below and seeing how bravely the humans are fighting. Above him, the rebel armies are trying to get past the Galactian blockade (defending the skies of Earth). Below him, humans are shooting the sky, and fighting one another. Around him, two armies collide and shatter the sky as Sina, Jibran, Code Warrior, Celine and many others fight their duplicates from other realities. In front of him, on a direct course ahead, is Jack, fighting against them all, wanting the same thing throughout all of the chaos…dominance and survival.

Eight thought to himself, " Crap, and this is just a few of the infinite realities that have merged, what would happen if they all merged in one single universe?" Unfortunatly, for thinking such a thing (because this is a War of Chaos story) such a thing was now bound to happen…


Shit was bound to happen…